Ok, this is not a story.

It is so that I don't have to write a single message in every of my story. And no, I am not dropping them. It is not about that.

I thought about starting with about the things I hate in the fan fiction stories.

Naruto Crossovers:

First of all, I love Naruto crossovers, especially with one piece and marvel.

I just don't like when it is an 'Oc' with a name of 'Naruto'.

You can literally swap the character's name with any other and the story would remain same. There won't be an iota of difference.

The only reason I can think of is why people do it is to increase their reader base. And when someone points is out to them, they get defensive.


Gamer regeneration rate:

I also love gamer stories. I just hate the fact that the writers don't think or calculate the regeneration rate and many other things.

For example: I took it from a gamer story which shall remain unnamed.

HP: 100 (HP regeneration rate: 10 HP per second)

Suppose the gamer is at 1 HP just one the verge of death. That means the dude is gonna be alright in '10 seconds' all the while lying there. That's like Wolverine level of regeneration.

That shit isn't possible in any world without any power. And people of that world are gonna notice that very quickly. But surprisingly they don't.

And even if the regeneration rate is 10 HP per minute, he would be back to full health in 10 minutes. While that ain't wolverine level of regeneration, ain't much worse.

And this happens in 90% of the gamer stories.

The similar thing happens with MP, SP, or any other P's.


Another thing I hate in the gamer stories is their INT and WIS stat.

They literally have passed at least high school in their previous life and have about or more than 18 years of memories.

And then they start with INT of 1 or 2 at level 1.

That shit shouldn't be possible. At those stats, their minds shouldn't even comprehend their shit from food. But, they don't have any problem thinking about their future in the new world.


I hate this pairing from the bottom of my heart. And do you know the worst part is?

This pairing's story is the leading story of fan fiction site with more than 32k favorites and 18k followers. I admit the writing is good but the core reason doesn't change.

Draco Malfoy detests even thinking of Muggleborns breathing in same air as him. He thinks of them as a lesser fellow than him for crying out loud.

Then why the hell would he like Hermione Granger: The girl who showed every pureblood by topping the classes, the girl who is a friend of his rival, The girl who punched him, The girl who was tortured by his aunt.

It just doesn't make sense.

And it just screams 'Toxic relationship' to me

The same thing is with any Hermione/Death Eater pairing.

Harry/Male pairing

Now I am not against homo people. In fact I very much like lesbians (Lol)

I just hate that they don't mention about the pairing in the summary so that I can avoid it.

And the worst part is, most of their stories are very well written. I have yet to find a decent story that tells about time displaced Harry during Tom riddle's time. They all are Harry/Tom pairing stories (which I also hate from the bottom of my heart as they are literally enemies so why would they start loving each other. It just screams toxic relationship to me).

Reedemable and Caring Snape

I have lost count of how many stories I have encountered which feature a 'Caring' Snape.

I literally can't imagine it. Like seriously, those dialogues where he softly tries to comfort harry who just flinched at everything during the initial chapters of the story. I couldn't help but cringe every time I read them.

Then there are Harry/Snape pairing.

The urge to vomit increases every time I happen upon these types of stories.


Self-Insert stories

Now, I don't hate Self Insert stories. In fact, I love them as my readers would know. They are my guilty pleasure.

I just hate that the Si's of many stories choose to tell their favorite characters about their otherworldly origins.

And there isn't any of the identity crisis, no personality change in the story's characters. It's like they shrug about the fact that their entire existence is someone's imagination.

And the last but not the least thing I hate is the fact that fan fiction site doesn't allow us to block any story. I hate that I had to comb through many of my hated stories unless I filter my specifications. And there is the risk that I might miss some good stories due to it.

Also, I know I will be getting a lot of flake over this. But 'Meh'.

I also wanted to ask where I can challenge the readers to write the story of a given plot (I read like a half dozen of stories which was a challenge by Reptilia-something).

Like seriously, I have tons of ideas but not enough time to write. So I just decided to put them out. I probably would do it in the next chapter if I don't find a solution in the comment section.