Okay! So, one of the reviewer told me I can't exactly challenge the readers in this story and would have to do it on my profile page. The thing is it would be quite lengthy and most don't actually read profiles.

So, I would write my story and the readers could pick it up from there.

So, here are some ideas for some stories. Obviously, I can't give time to them due to time constraints. So, I thought about giving them out. If anyone wants to start a story after reading it, they are welcome to try. Just mention my name at the start (lol).

Harry Potter:

It was 2003.

5 years have passed since he won the battle against Voldemort.

Initially, it was hopeful that things would change but they didn't.

While death eaters couldn't bribe their way out, many like-minded got off with a slap on their wrists. Shacklebolt couldn't do anything as their was no concrete proof. How could there be? Most of the muggleborns were dead after living in the concerntration camps. Females violated and dumped. Even now, half of the muggle-borns were 'missing'.

More the fool him, that he stopped Malfoy's incarceration. Nothing changed.

Malfoys laid low for a couple of years and then turned back to how they were.

Malfoy senior was on his way to get back his previous position as the puppet master who controlled the minister and ministry. And now he was teaching his son to be the same.

They resisted but in the end, nothing changed.

Shacklebolt lost the elections and malfoy's puppet became the minister.

Now Malfoy could order him by whispering sweet words in minister's ears. It had taken all of his auror traning to not kill him on the spot.

Slowly things started to change. Muggleborns started to lose their jobs for one reason or other. All the progress Shacklebolt's ministration had with Werewolves disappeared overnight.

He couldn't see the history repeating itself.

No, that's not right.

He was just like others, trying legally to win the battles.

But an old lady taught him.

She asked where her daughter who was taken in the concentration camp was. Why were her kidnappers not behind the bars?

How could he tell that a muggle's testimony is invalid in the courtroom? How could he look in her eyes and say that she didn't got violated before dying.

This magical society was like a rot.

And he was determined to carve it out.

Okay so this is a time-travel/ dimension travel story.

Harry starts killing the purebloods who he thinks were guilty. He finds the stone and uses the dead people to find links, etc.

He made their murder look like accidents. But in the end, he gets careless and captured by Susan Bones who reluctantly reveals his killing spree as she felt he was in the wrong.

He gets sentenced to Azkaban but get out after copying Sirius' animagus trick and kill some more purebloods. He gets captured again after killing his last target and to get a permanent solution, he is thrown in the veil.

There he meets death who mocks him for getting all 3 of his artifacts.

Death tells him that anyone who collects them would become its slave as it had essence of death a little bit.

He forcibly reincarnates Harry in

HP World: He is born a body of 11 year old in 1982. As all the things have happened, he can't save his parents or any other people. This time around he is more academically studious as he kicks himself for getting caught. If he would have been knowledgeable, he wouldn't have got caught.

Still, he saves Sirius after a long battle (of 2 years) after presenting Pettigrew (who he steals from Weasleys after befriending Charlie and going to his home) to Andromeda Tonks who is a lawyer in Wizarding world (Also she is only the person he trusts the most as he got to know her for 5 years after the battle).

The Hat can't recognize that he had time travelled.

Unfortunately, for him, Sirius comes under Headmaster words and doesn't adopt Harry.

He can't do anything for his past self and decides to help harry discreetly. He starts to hate Dumbledore as he doesn't punish Snape, Bullies even after getting proof.

Pairing: Hadrian/Tonks (and he doesn't feel guilt for Remus as Remus abandoned the current Harry even after being in contact with Sirius)

HP World: He is born in 1910's. He helped France and other countries against Grindlewald. He also kills Tom riddle while he is working in Borgin and Burkes when he sees that Tom Riddle is on the path of being same dark lord. By that time, Tom Riddle had created 2 horcruxes. So he destroyed the ring in Gaunt Shack and Diary in Tom's belongings. He also grew to dislike Dumbledore on his pacifist approach.


Westeros: As a wildling. Anything except a stark. He also gets to know that Death reincarnated Sirius too in this world 8000 years. Here a single year is equal to 1000 years in his previous world.

Now if anyone has read 'HP reincarnated into Domeric Bolton', good for you because it will have some of its elements. I recommend it.

He carves out a kingdom after being born in 270's. He made a wand with a wierwood tree branch and his blood. Obviously, his crude wand is quite weaker than his previous wands. So, he practices wandless magic away from prying eyes. He also carries a dozen wands in case it breaks due to higher concentration of magic.

He also is a warg. His companion is a direwolf.

The pairing would be Hadrian/Val where Harry is only a couple of years older than Val.

Here he will obviously not disclose his reincarnation knowledge to anyone and there would be no bullshit about how Bloodraven knows it.