He regrets. He very much regret being here. Harry thinks being an Auror at these times is the most regretful think of all. And being the "Boy Who Got His Parents Killed but lived." Not like he had a choice.

The Ministry yearly conducts a celebration to commemorate the Battle of Hogwarts. A commemorative Ball per se. Usually, he left as fast as he possibly can. But not this year unfortunately. It just so happened that today marks the 10 years of freedom from Voldemort - the bloody Dark Lord.

Harry glared at his dress robes. Newly tailored as per the request of the Minister, and green and silver in color. Apparently, he fits in more by looking like a Slytherin. He can still hear Ron's snickers as he looked at Harry earlier this evening.

The only thing that prevented him from storming of, though, was not the minister's demand that he stay. But because of his incapability to go anywhere that is not a pub. And he knows that he'd just bring trouble to his job if he acted like a mere drunkard than a respectable Auror.

You see, Ginny and Harry broke up 2 weeks ago. And it looks like he wouldn't be seeing her anytime soon.

He just couldn't find it in himself to marry her yet. He's just 27 for goodness' sake and only became an official Auror 5 years ago. His return to Hogwarts was postponed due to the damage done by the war. 1 year it was postponed and another to complete his 7th year and another 3 to complete his training.

He just doesn't think he's ready yet.

Ron's been nagging Harry for a week now because of their break up. And he attended the celebration with Hermione and currently walking towards him now.

"Stop scowling at us Harry." Hermione, the current Minister - erm... Ministress? - of Magic told him. He ran his hair through his head and just smiled in mild exasperation. "You know that we need to do this every year. Personally, I don't want to. But you need to relax and this should be a party for you."

"It's as much a party for me as it is for everyone who was at the battle, Mione. I'm just tired and I want fresh air and out of this stupid robes." He replied.

"True that mate. You look like every bit of a Pureblood git in those robes." Ron laughed. Thank goodness he wasn't heard by anyone.

Or at least, he thought so.

"Weasley, Ministress Granger, Harry, a pleasure to see you all here." that arrogant voice, that sometimes grates on his nerves, interrupted their conversation. The newcomer Kissed Hermione's hand and nodded at Ron. Harry realized that Draco's dress robes are awfully similar in color to his; green and black.

"Draco," Harry shook his hand. "It's good to see that you still haven't succumbed to our beloved Ministress' demands for you to release your elves." Draco chuckled at that.

"What made you think I didn't yet?"

"You wouldn't have been able to take a bath without them."

Draco playfully glared at him. "At least I can bathe." Harry just laughed at that.

Draco and him became close acquaintances due to them being in the Auror department before the git was promoted under Hermione. They occasionally go out for drinks or eat during lunch if given the chance. He is happily married with Astoria Greengrass with a 2 year old child.

Ron never understood why they can tolerate each other but accepted it anyway. Hogwarts have long since passed and rivalries aren't much of an importance now.

"Harry, Ron, Mione, Draco, it's good to see that there are no Wrackspurts present around you tonight." She paused before smiling brightly. She curtsied in her blue dress at Hermione. "Except a few around you Mione."

Harry, Draco and Ron chuckled at her antics. In Harry's opinion, Luna is cute. Although not enough for him to be attraced to her but he considers her as his sister.

Another voice sounded behind them. "It nice to have a reunion with all of you." They saw Neville Longbottom, Blaise Zabini, Theodore Nott and a lot of Hogwarts students walking towards them. Even Ginny was there, though she was slightly glaring at him.

Harry smiled as he looked at each of his former schoolmates. The air buzzed with magic, which is natural since Beltane was just yesterday. He held out his hand in front of his for a while and released a few lights made of magic. He heard Luna release her patronus, a hare, which was then followed by Ron, Hermione, Neville, Draco and almost everyone else.

He can hear the laughter of children who are present. He can feel himself smiling as he watched his stag gallop around them.

Turning, he stared at Ginny who he found staring back at him. Then he spread his arms with a wide grin.

It's good to have a home.