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"So let me get this straight," he said. "You want me to poison a bunch of excellent people and have them turn into Vampires when your world ends?"

"Yes," said the God. "You may also set a timer too"

He stared and said. "You're going to make me a vampire too right?"

"Yes." Said the God.

"Load me up," he said.

And that's when Charles felt weird as his soul entered a very special body and he infiltrated the Whoop holding facility with a new face.

He was on the Prison Kitchen staff, using this position, he figured out which bowl went to a particular inmate.

Out of all the villains, the girls had fought, there was one who he would love to be a Vampire.

And no it wasn't Tim Scam.

It was Hayes with his madness.

Even though he was clearly insane, he at least treats people he deemed important well.

The other villains wouldn't have built a luxurious airliner or underwater hotel just for their prisoners, the guy was mad but he had class.

He secretly poured something into the guys' soup.

He disappeared and reappeared at the Australian branch.


For Brittany of course.

The girl was resourceful and always had a plan that always worked.

He observed once more to see only for his heart to drop when he saw the girl scan any drink or barrage handed to her.

Apparently, she had experienced drugging before and was now, doing it with all her food.

Damn it.

However, her partner Blaine wasn't doing it.

But Blaine was...

Well, the guy had solid gadgets and some good moves but every episode except his first appearance episode, he got his ass beat and he was a terrible shot to boot.

He would rather not.

But perhaps, Blaine will surprise him?

He spiked his food and watched the guy eat it from the corner of his eye.

He then got the lady, who was the head of the sisterhood but was now a normal person.

He got the now-retired three spy women.

He got the Asian smart guy that was controlled by an evil computer virus and many more.

Most were just random people he stalked and thought we're a good fit.

When he had made up his mind that he would not do more, the world ended, and he woke up to the dead surrounding him but not coming for him.

Just waiting with blank eyes.

He got up without fear and went to the Whoop holding cell and as expected the entire building had been abandoned and there was no power.

However, despite there being nobody there to make sure the villains were locked up, not a single one of them dared to bust out.

The swarm of the undead, made trying to break out through the front door, a bad idea.

He found the cell he was looking for.

The madman Heyes was on the floor and wasn't looking so hot.

He hadn't been, since the zombies arrived.

The man noticed him and noticed how he could freely be surrounded and nothing was coming for him.

Hayes said. "Who are you?"

"Me?" He said. "Just somebody who is waiting. Did you like the soup, I prepared a few days ago?"

He saw the guys face, and he smiled.

Indeed how he was feeling right now was because of him.

Charles said. "Actually what's happening isn't bad. I bestowed onto you a blessing. In a few minutes, you will be a Vampire. A general of the Undead and you will be able to walk around freely. But apart from the blood-sucking, it does come with another price. You will remember nothing but your name. You'll still be able to do basic stuff but when it comes to your memory of spending time obsessing over celebrities..."

He saw the man face and smiled bigger.

Hayes tried to get up but his body was heavy like lead and the last thing he saw was his smug ass waving him goodbye.

Charles saw the guy body go still before it twisted, in unnatural ways.

Then there was calmness.

And then the guy's eyes opened and he lifted his head.

He saw that his brown eyes were now red.

Hayes blinked before he said. "My King." He bowed.

The change in Hayes who wanted to rip him apart only a second ago was outstanding.

He suddenly got notified that one of the people who drank his blood, had died and was now a Vampire.

He destroyed the door.

So much for unbreakable glass...

And he said. "Come"

"Yes, my King," said Hayes and then he walked out.

The Zombies cleared the way and the inmates saw them.

"Hey! Help break us out!"

They heard.

But they were ignored.

However, Hayes stopped at a certain cell and it was Stacy, the loony who stole smart people because she wasn't smart enough to stay at Malibu U.

Hayes turned around and she saw his eyes.

When she saw his red eyes, she immediately went silent.

And that's when he smashed through the glass and grabbed her, and then in one swift strike, knocked her out and tossed her over his shoulder.

Charles not caring said. "If your so hungry, perhaps, you will come back for more resources before they waste away in their cages"

They walked to the head prison wards office, everybody working here had either died or fled by now.

Charles sat down.

There was a few undead in the office.

He watched Hayes, lay the unconscious girl on a chair and unravel her neck and then he showed fangs and dug into his meal.

The guy made sure to stop, so he didn't kill the girl.

Charles said. "Welcome to Vampirehood, Hayes. You may use this place as your domain. I am currently meeting every Vampire in the world and will soon put together a Vampire capital. I would like to keep those under wraps from the freedom fighting humans until we're stable"

Hayes said. "I have no problem staying here. My King. If I have an intruder they better be A grade blood or they won't leave alive. This is my house"


So that's what his obsession translated too.

Charles said. "I will now go. There is a Vampire that is just running a mock"

And then he disappeared.

Hayes waited for his food to wake up and when she did, he told the girl what was going to happen now.

She can either agree to be a food source or become a food source for the zombies surrounding the building who would rip her limit from limb.

She chose option 1 quickly and he branded her with a diamond collar, then she was given stylish clothes in all sizes and told to pick.

He said. "I like my things to be nice. Allowing you to have your mind, means you can think of ways to make your blood taste better for me."

He then said. "Now, excuse me, I have things to do. These undead won't touch you. Well, unless you come over here or leave the room"

Having fully terrified her, he went searching for any chemicals in a tube or box they may have left behind.

And then some undead carried supplies from the prisoner activity wing and he saw they had taken some fresh food that you can grow and he broke out several prisoners and put them on food duty.

He ignored the smartest prisoner down below because he wasn't a mourn who would let such a man out.

The undead being here and looking at them was more than enough to get those let out nervous.

Basically, he had destroyed any other substance anyway and dressed them down, putting collars on them.

However, he treated them well, despite the bitting.

He checked on the prisoners down below and basically, taunted them with food and anything they desired as long as it was within his boundaries.

Some gave in right away, others took several days to weigh down.

And then a troublesome food appeared named Man's hand.

This woman had large superstrong man hands with a costume to match, she was not too bright but even she knew to go for the head with the Zombies, so she used her hands to plough through the undead.

"This isn't so tough. I don't know why everybody is so scared. I will be out of here in no time." boasted the girl.

However, suddenly she heard.

"They're not scared of the Zombies. They scared of me" Said Hayes suddenly behind her before with strength far superior to any Human could possess, he knocked her out.

The woman woke up, in some kind of old torture device rack that Hayes had found in the old basement and he had placed her smack in the middle of the building, she was hovered above ground and surrounding her were villains who refuse to give in and those who had.

However, below her was a horror show because below her was a completely flooded bottom filled with Zombies.

Zombies that was looking directly at her and nothing else.

Hayes made his presence known to her by bolting her freakish arms upright.

It hurt, judging from her wince.


Hayes said, turning to his unwilling audience. "Hello. Everybody, we are gathered here to do to witness a public execution of some A-grade food." And then he actually teared up and said. "I will be sad to see that blood go"

He was insane.

But that's what you expect from Hayes.

Man-hands said. "Let me go!"

"In time," he said, wiping the tears away and looking at her. "You are being put to death for causing a disturbance in the way I do things. I let you keep your mind. You could have had food, clothes, a good place to stay, anything you desire and I would have even let you walk around. All you had to do was shut up, do what I tell you, wear your collar and let me drink from you. I am very displeased"

He ignored her yelling as she told him to go to Hell.

He then turned to all of them and said. "So since this girl is so proud of her hands, let's see what she can do without them when faced with the mindless undead again." Before he said. "And for any food who wish to take half her punishment so she can keep her arms. Please step forward, now"


Nobody did.

Not a single one of them was a good person, they all had tried to kill somebody in their lives.

Why the hell would they take having their arms ripped off for Manhand's?

Hayes said. "No? Well, let's see how many turns it takes for those arms to come off, shall we? This is going to be fun"

He turned around to the wheel behind him and he turned it and said. "One"

Her arms were forced to straighten and the grip was tight.

He hadn't left the wheel with his hands.

He turned it again and said. "2"

That's when the tough girl started yelling. "It hurts!" As her arms were pulled.

He ignored her and turned it again and said. "3".

She let out the most horrific scream they had all ever heard.

Her scream went through the entire prison and those alive enough to be affected by it cringed.

Some may not be able to see it, but they could hear the heavy wheel turning as Hayes said. " 4"

Man hands let out more bone-chilling screams, tears rolled down her eyes as she screamed for him to stop.

He said, still not leaving the wheel. "Oh, my. Are you commanding me, Human, to stop? Do you think, you Humans are still in power? How amusing that a Human thinks they're worth more than being Food to a Vampire." And then he turned it again and said. "5"

And she let out more horrific screams, prisoners blocked their ears and closed their eyes, especially those who had never thought about torturing somebody or in this way.

However, the presence of the undead made sure they couldn't run from their spot.

Her arms were starting to bleed.

This woman who was so arrogant before was now begging for him to forgive her, she was now even calling him Master.

He said. "Oh, it looks like you've finally realised your place. But it's too late. I could have given you the world but instead, you decide to make me mad. This is my house! And if I don't like something in my house, then I get rid of it." And then he turned the wheel and she screamed, as he said. "6"

He heard a pop and suddenly he had a smile on his face.

Her arms were no longer attached to her body and both of them knew it.

He said. "Oh...did I just hear a pop? Well, it looks like this is going to take 7 turns to rip those arms off."

And then with true heartlessness, he got out an empty bottle of wine opened it up and then stationed it stand under her closest arm.

It was then that everybody understood, whoever Hayes was before, he was gone now and now there was a Monster in here.

He actually whistled as he turned the wheel for the final time and her arms ripped from the rest of her body in one horrific scream.

The blood came flowing down from the rip and it began filling the bottle until it slowed down.

She was pale, barely conscious.

But her hell wasn't over.

He said. "Now, let's see. How well, you fight without your arms." He then turned to his audience and said. "Now, let the games begin"

And then he started laughing that mad laugh of his as he loosened her neck and legs.

She screamed as she went down and all the prisoner could her scream mixed with Hayes mad laughter as she went down and met her fate.

All this time, the Zombies had been smelling her blood, sweat, and tears, they had been hearing both of them make noise.

Of course, they were rowdy.

For those who managed to watch her final moments, they witnessed the rowdy Zombies come for her, while she screamed for help.

The whole Prison heard her screaming and then it suddenly went silent and they all felt a chill.

She was gone and the only thing left off her were her arms.

The board she used to be on was now bloody.

Hayes merely caped the bottle with her blood in it for a rainy day.

He turned to them and said. "I am going to leave these hands up there. Let this be a reminder to you and all the other prisoners, to never get on my bad side. I own you. If you don't like it...well I'm sure the Zombies below will be more then happy to take you"

Silence, as they all looked at him with fear.

He said. "Nobody else, going to do something I dislike? Good. Now, find some way to get the electricity back on. I don't care if you have to build a giant wheel and take turns. Get that power back online!"

He then walked back to the prison chef guards room.

When he was gone, certain people just collapsed.

Some vomited, while others just prayed this was a dream.

But this was no dream.

They were trapped here with that monster and his army of the undead.