! CONTAINS HEADCANNONED IDEAS ABOUT LIFE ON QUARTON (as we are fed merely scraps in the actual show)!

takes place whenever the guardians were corrupted idk the ep number

The sky was overcast and the ground was fogged, much like Guren's mind.

He was currently stuck between thinking about battle strategies (no one else ever seemed to think about them, as they always just blitzed ahead and won) and listening to his teacher drone on about... uh, the Greeks...? Something about the Romans conquering it. Battle... strateGreeks...

Nevermind, he was now thinking about neither of those things, as his head was starting to hurt.

Turning his head, he continued to look out the window, watching the clouds darken until it pittered into a light rain. He watched as the various people on the field ran for cover as the light pit-pat turned into a heavy, thundering, thump-thump.

"Yo, Guren. Our bricks are glowing. We should probably go before we can't exit without being soaked to our undies. Earth. To. Bravenwolf. Bricks. Glowing." A glimmering blue brick was waved in Guren's face, breaking his concentration.

Guren jumped, twisting his torso towards the jokester of Benham Middle. "Ah!" He tore his gaze from an agitated Ceylan to the empty classroom. "Ah." He looked back towards Ceylan. "Um," he looked to his pocket, where there was a strange red glow pulsating quickly through the denim. "...Oops."

"Whatever you were brooding about better be worth my socks getting drenched." Ceylan walked over to the window, peeking out. "Wheeew! Toxsa could seriously drown out there!"

"...'Brooding'?" Guren made a face.

Ceylan stood staring out the window. "Yeah. The face you make. You crinkle your eyebrows, you bite your lip, you fold your hands on top of each other, rest your chin on your hand, and you block out your surroundings. You make it a lot. Probably a thinking face." He turned around, arms behind his head. "I personally don't do that, thinking, makes me regret things." He headed towards the door, his hands falling back into his pockets. He stopped, just before crossing the frame. "You coming?"

Guren stood up, and hurried over. "Why do you know my facial expressions? That was a lot of details I didn't even know."

Ceylan shrugged, and the door slid open. "You're next to the window. What else am I supposed to stare at? Class is boring." He walked through, keeping the door back for Guren.

Guren scowled at him, walking past. "Your grades are terrible. You should be listening."

"Your grades are a lot better, and you aren't listening." The door shut behind them with a whoosh.

"I think I can take one guess as to why that is."

The mall was about as busy as it always was on a Friday afternoon, partly because of the covering that had come out when the rain picked up, but mostly because it was, well, Friday. Pushing through a crowd was never easy for Guren, so he let Ceylan do the hustling and bustling, while he apologized to anyone who gave the joker a bad look.

After what seemed like hours of pushing, the crowd dispersed a bit as they walked towards the foreboding old junk shop that had only one person standing outside, gawking at the things in the shop but not daring to go inside.

Ceylan opened the door as the guy walked away, tapping on his wrist in a hurry. "Aw, and here I thought the kook was gonna get a customer. Guess the 'Friday Buzz' wasn't enough for him to risk his life." He snickered.

"The shop isn't life threatening! Kinda... creepy... but, not dangerous!" Guren scowled, walking through the door while looking at the collection of what could really only be grouped together as "junk".

Ceylan put his arms behind his head as he walked through the door, snarking back a "The portal to Quarton begs to differ." He closed the door behind him, looking around. "Guess we're the first ones here. Maybe Toxsa really did drown."

"Don't say things like that!" Guren playfully punched Ceylan in the arm.

"Hilarious." The two turned their heads to the door as its bell dinged. A kid with a head of spiky green hair who looked dismal, as usual, poked his head through, raised eyebrows barely visible behind his black bandana.

Ceylan shrugged smirking a little more. "Sure is. But seriously, we haven't had rain like that in years probably."

"You are quite right, as I can't remember a storm that fierce since I've been here. It seems to have passed, but that could just be the fabled 'calm before the storm.'" Ceylan jumped as White appeared out of seemingly nowhere right behind him.

The frazzled joker spun around. "How'd you do that?!"

"Maybe it's his level-20-kook special ability." Toxsa muttered.

"Oh! There you are!" Guren ignored the banter and turned to the old man. "I was wondering where you would pop out of! What's happening on Quarton?"

White glanced at the three of them. "I would divulge in that information, but it seems one of you is missing."

"'Divulge'?" Toxsa and Ceylan looked at each other, eyebrows raised in confusion.

Guren continued to ignore them, which was getting increasingly harder due to the lack of Chooki's playful logic to keep him sane. "I can call him, he's probably not far." Guren tapped on his watch and pulled up his contacts.

"No need for that, dude." All of them looked at the door as the bell dinged, with a soaked athlete dripping under the frame. "Got caught in the crowd, pushed into a clothes shop or something. Couldn't get back out, even through pushing, so I had to wait until there was an opening." Chooki moved his hands around animatedly flinging around water droplets as he stepped into the shop, another bell dinging at the door's closure.

Toxsa hopped off the stairs and stood next to Ceylan. He pointed towards Chooki and said, "And about how long did this take? I'm thinking, too long, as I beat you here." Toxsa raised an eyebrow, a smirk dancing on his lips.

"It's not a competition..." Guren muttered, as Chooki crossed his wet arms, smiling.

"Have I ever lost to you before?"

Toxsa's smirk straightened out as he crossed his arms. "Well... technically no..." he huffed, but rolled his eyes as Chooki turned to White.

"Got any towels? I think I speak for most of us when I say I. Am. Soaked." Chooki fought the urge to shake his ponytail off as White nodded and headed to the back.

"Soaked to your undies?" Ceylan offered, leaning on a table.

Chooki gave him a smirk and said, "Well, I'm not gonna go into detail..." He flicked water at the jokester and added: "Weirdo."

Ceylan snickered as White came back with towels. Chooki grabbed the top towel and rubbed his head with it vigorously, his hair puffing up when he took it off. Toxsa joined Ceylan in snickering as Guren looked to White with an eyebrow raised.

"So... ready to 'divulge'?"

White turned away from the knights. Guren smiled as Toxsa playfully flicked him in the head, full on laughing at this point alongside Ceylan. Chooki merely shook his head, but there was some amusement in his eyes.

"This is no laughing matter," White's tone made the knights jump a bit, as they all turned to him. "We don't have the guardians to depend on if things go too far south." He turned back around to them, a weighted look dampening the shine in his eyes. "Be careful."

"Geez, is that what you wanted to divulge-ify?" Toxsa snarked, his attempt at a cocky tone betrayed by the wavering in his voice "We know not to 'die'. Isn't that, like, rule numbero uno?"

"Is... is there anything else to tell us...?" Guren frowned, as White usually wasn't the mood dampener.

The older man turned back to the wall. "Boreas is leading the attack."

Guren could feel the chill in the room seep into his skin.

The knights looked at each other, confusion and fear visible on their faces. Then Chooki shook his head slightly and made a half-smile. "Guess we gotta kick his bot. Let's go." He motioned towards the portal room door.

They ran to the mechanically locked door. Guren stopped in the entrance after the others had gone through, and looked at White, who was staring at the empty glass case with an unreadable look on his face.

'He must really be worried,' Guren thought, frowning. 'But... Boreas wouldn't kill us... Would he?'

"You comin', Tenkai Slow?" He heard Ceylan yell from the portal room, followed by impish snickering.

He felt the warmth return to his cheeks. Maybe it would all be okay.

"I'm coming!" Guren tore his gaze away from White and ran to the portal room. Thinking about his possible death wouldn't do him any favors. It would in fact hinder him. He pasted on a smile to keep the mood up, as he heard more laughter from the portal room.

He'd be just fine as long as his friends were by his side.

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