Elsa Winters

Jack gently caressed Elsa's palms, her heart barely managing to contain itself as he did so. Elsa was only nine, and her parents told her she did not need a boyfriend until she was older, but what did they know? Jack was perfect to her! He would start playing with her at recess and their parents were friends, so they could have play dates outside of school too! Everything would be absolutely wonderful!

The young blonde focused her attention on Jack's eyes. Honestly, his eyes had a weird way of making him seem fun. Maybe it was just because she knew him, but his eyes warned of trouble: pranks. He was the class clown, so to speak, and now he was hers.

"You're amazing Elsa!" Jack exclaimed, guiding her closer to the nearby lake in his backyard. He gently wrapped her arms around her waist. "You like me, right?"

Else smiled, hardly noting that he was still moving her closer to the water. "I love you!" Slowly, she leaned in to kiss him, her eyes closing in the process. She had never felt so much excitement in her life!

Jack's hands had shifted on her body, and suddenly they gave her a gentle push. Elsa's brain processed the action a second too late; her feet had already lost balanced. She sat there, soaked in water, her once closed eyes filling with tears.

"Jack!" She cried out. Maybe he had done this on accident.

Jack merely chuckled. "It's not my fault you're so gullible!" A few of Jack's friends appeared from the bushes. They all began to laugh, taunting her.

Elsa knew she had been stupid! Jack was mean! His friends were mean! The tears stopped flowing from her eyes as she felt her fist become clenched.

"I hate you!" Elsa yelled, charging at the boys. Despite her best efforts, they easily avoided all of her attacks. Her soaking wet dress was weighing her down, and she was already slower than the boys. She huffed in annoyance, feeling embarrassment creeping onto her pale cheeks. This day had been awful!

"You cannot be serious, mother!" Eighteen-year-old Elsa Winters huffed, struggling to keep her voice even. She felt her mind replaying the incident that had occurred between her and Jack when they were kids. It would be silly to still resent him for that; however, Elsa was well aware he was still an obnoxious trouble maker with no regard for anyone's feelings. The girl was lucky to have learned that at age nine as most girls still hadn't gotten the hint.

She glanced back at her mother who seemed a bit unsure of how to respond. The woman smiled gently at her daughter. She knew her mother likely felt bad about this all and there was not a real reason to get upset with her. Elsa could not help it though, not when her mother was the one sharing the news.

"Now, Elsa dear, hear me out on this," The woman tried, pushing a loose strand of hair out of her eyes. Her mother's hair was in a sophisticated bun but a few rebellious strands still ran free. "You know your father is business partners with Jack's father. It would be childish of you to not try and form a relationship with Jack." Her mother explained. Her mother's large blue eyes were pleading. Still, no matter how reasonable her mother made this sound, Elsa would not be fooled, especially not with her mother's careful use of the word childish. Even before she was 18, she was not allowed to behave as a child would.

Maybe that was why Jack had been such the perfect friend for Elsa when she was younger. Her life was composed of rules and boundaries. Every single minute of Elsa's life had been planned for her since the moment she was born. Jack was the only exception; he was the chaos she needed.

"You still treat me like a child, so I don't see why I should act like an adult!" Elsa rose from her chair, her frustration beginning to overpower her. She forced herself to take a deep breath, even though her mother would not mind her outburst. It was her father who expected her to keep her voice steady. "I would love to help father with his company, but do Jack and I really need to start dating in order for them to merge? It's not the nineteen hundreds anymore!"

"I know sweetheart," Her mother admitted. "And your father and I do not expect much, at least not anytime soon. All we ask is that you become reacquainted with Jack and spend some quality time with him. You guys got along quite well as children."

The blonde resisted the urge to roll her eyes. "Yes, we did, but we do not even speak anymore. It would be preposterous to date him after not speaking to him for almost ten years." Elsa's eyes focused on her dresser. Her mother had brought in an old photo of Jack and the blonde, as they laughed together at some long-forgotten joke.

The blonde could not help but smile at the photo. Of course, the blonde was not still upset about his little prank but it did end her most sincere friendship. Jack was someone she could be herself around and there hadn't been anyone like that since he left. Even with her sister Anna, Elsa still felt she had her guard up.

"I'm sorry," Her mother tried. "Jack and his family will be here today at three for the party, and I expect you to put some effort into this."

Elsa watched as her mother left the room, biting her tongue to avoid a snarky remark. Why did her parents expect her to date someone, especially Jack, just so merging the companies would be easier? Elsa had meant what she said: it wasn't the nineteen hundreds. The whole concept was repulsive, yet Elsa knew she did not have it in her to protest. If they wanted her to date him then she would try.

Sighing, Elsa stepped into her walk-in closet, pulling out her light blue summer dress. The cut was just above her knee, and the design was simple and innocent; Jack wouldn't get any ideas. The most scandalous aspect of the dress was the cut-out shoulders, that exposed a bit of her creamy white skin. Still, it was far from inappropriate, as Elsa never had much of a risky style. In the end, how bad could this be? With any luck, her parents would see her and Jack had no chance and then this whole mess would be over.

Elsa resisted the overwhelming urge to run miles away from this ridiculous party. However, for once, it wasn't the small talk that was getting to her. Elsa had only been here seven minutes but that was seven minutes too long when Jack was involved.

"C'mon, stop pouting Els." Jack laughed once again. "You clearly like me. I mean, you're even exposing shoulder."

The blonde rolled her eyes for the one-millionth time; he was so annoying. However, the girl could not help noting she was not even pretending to like him. If it was anyone else, she would not let herself roll her eyes. "I was foolish to ever look at you in that light and you know that. I wouldn't even be speaking to you if it wasn't for the fact that my parents wanted me to."

Jack chuckled, his signature smirk on his face. "You're always such a good girl." He leaned in close to the girl. "I could fix that, you know?"

There was nothing to fix in Elsa's opinion. She took his apparent insult as more of a compliment, as there was nothing wrong with pleasing one's parents. "I suppose I should be more like you then? Should I disregard everyone's feelings and play harmless pranks? My parents would hate if I turned into you." The girl gasped, the next course of action was so obvious. "That's it!"

The white-haired boy raised a brow as he straightened his tie. He was wearing brown pants and a nice white dress shirt with a red tie. "Princess has an idea, does she now?" He was still smirking at her.

"If my parents think you're turning me into some idiotic and rebellious teenager they'll realize they shouldn't force me to be around you," Elsa explained. It was so simple. All her life her parents had taught Elsa to be the exact opposite of what Jack was.

She noticed her parents were trying to be discreet as they watched her and Jack out of the corner of their eyes. Perfect. This would be easy. If they realized what a bad influence he was then they would put this nonsense behind them and merge the companies without her help.

"My parent's little angel has retired until further notice." With that note, Elsa leaned in and forced her lips onto Jack's. Seeing that he would make out with any girl at any time, he did not resist but rather added more passion. It was funny because if nine-year-old Elsa could see her now she would think it was a dream come true. In reality, it was a nightmare.

Slowly, Elsa dared herself to peak out of the corner of her eye at her father; he was already glaring at them. This would be a piece of cake. Elsa smiled slightly as she pushed her lips back onto the boys.

Jack laughed slightly as he pulled away. "And I thought this was going to be boring."