Elsa Winters

Elsa had officially survived an entire week dating Jack Frost, though it felt like a lifetime. In fact, when she woke up on Saturday to a call from Jack, she could have sworn it had always been this way. It was strange how talking to Jack became a habit in such little time.

"Heading out to hang with you 'boyfriend'?" Anna rolled her eyes before looking back down at her fashion magazine. "I won't wait up, assuming you're planning to break curfew again."

The blonde resisted the urge to respond with something equally as sarcastic, clenching her fist slightly instead. Anna hadn't warmed up to Jack and it seemed she never would. "I doubt I'll be gone for more than a couple of hours. There is no reason to miss curfew." Elsa sighed slightly.

This seemed to catch her sister's attention. "Oh? And why's that? Not trying to get out of this relationship anymore?" She raised a brow in suspicion.

"Jack and I are just friends." Elsa rolled her eyes. "Mother and father had a talk with me last night. Apparently, they've realized that I'm an 'adult' and should 'be treated as such'. I no longer have a curfew." The blonde felt her annoyance rising again as she remembered the conversation. Despite their initial shock when Elsa missed curfew, they still didn't seem against her dating Jack.

Her sister let out a groan, throwing her magazine beside her in frustration. "You missed your curfew all week and got rewarded for it." She shook her head slightly. "You should just give up with this plan, Elsa; in their eyes, you can do no wrong. Skip school and they'll probably give you a medal."

Elsa's gaze softened as she gave Anna a look of concern. She knew her sister thought that the blonde got special treatment and maybe she did. As the heir to Winters' Enterprises, the girl spent more time with her parents than Anna did. However, that came with a ridiculous amount of pressure. Due to the fact that her parents viewed her as the perfect daughter, Elsa was constantly forcing herself to be what they expected. Turns out perfect is an impossible goal.

Not knowing how to respond to Anna's comment, the blonde decided to work around it. "I should go; Jack is waiting in the driveway." She smiled softly. "I love you, Anna."

Hesitantly, a smile made its way to the junior's face. "I love you too." Even if the two sisters felt worlds apart sometimes, they did care about each other and they knew both their roles had their downsides. Elsa bore the responsibility of being the daughter shoved into the spotlight; Anna dealt with the loneliness of being the daughter no one ever saw. Even if they didn't feel the same, they still helped each other deal with the struggles of being a Winters and, for the most part, that was enough.

"Hey, Jack," Elsa greeted as she got into his car. She slumped down into the chair, glad to be with Jack. Emotionally, the girl was exhausted and she didn't want to force a smile onto her face.

Jack eyed her a moment before pulling out of her driveway. "Everything alright?" His attention shifted between the road and his temporary girlfriend.

The girl merely shrugged. That was a loaded question Elsa didn't know how to even begin to answer. Her sister had finally returned and yet she felt further away than she had in the summer. Her parents were constantly discussing her but rarely talking to her. Worst of all, the person Elsa felt closest to right now was her fake boyfriend. She laughed bitterly, not even caring that Jack was giving her a strange look.

"I know things have been different recently, with Anna coming back and us dating." He turned a moment to give Elsa a smile. "If you ever want to talk about it, I'm all ears. Despite common misconceptions, I really am a great listener."

Elsa nodded. "You are," she agreed. The blonde had been able to talk about her feelings more in the past week than she had all year. She was used to listening and sometimes people forget those listening also want to be listened to sometimes. "Same goes for you, you know?"

The white-haired boy smiled at that. "Yeah, I know." The pair fell into a comfortable silence after that, listening to the music playing. Nearly 15 minutes passed before Jack cleared his throat. "We're almost there."

He had insisted on taking her to a cat cafe that had opened up. He hadn't been yet but found the concept adorable and, according to Jack, between the cats and Elsa they would reach the maximum level of cuteness. The blonde blushed slightly at the memory.

They got out of Jack's car Frostbite -the name still made the blonde smile- and headed towards the door. The building itself was brown and narrow, the name Meow Cafe written in gold, cursive letters. Elsa smiled to herself as she looked at the door which had the shape of a cat carved into it.

However, her smile quickly widened until her mouth was left hanging open in shock. This was incredible! The entire place was decorated with a fairytale theme with mystical-looking trees coming out of the wooden floor. The seats in the room were tree trucks and, once they got into the main room, there were little ledges on the walls where cats were laid.

Elsa crouched down onto the floor, sticking her hand out for a small white cat to sniff. The animal meowed gently, rubbing against Elsa's hand before fully plopping herself onto it. The blonde felt her heart melt as the cat began purring.

She glanced up at Jack, wondering if he was seeing how cute this cat was. However, he wasn't even looking at the animal. No, he was staring at Elsa, a gentle smile on his face. "Beautiful," he whispered, his voice easily expressing his awe. The blonde found it was strange he was complimenting the cat while staring at her.

"He really is," Elsa agreed, her attention turning back to the cat.

A young woman with short brown hair approached them, smiling. Glancing at her nametag, Elsa realized her name was Katherine. The brunette reached down and petted the cat gently. "His name is Olaf. He's an absolute sweetheart but he has been here for three months and still hasn't been adopted." The cats here were from an animal shelter and customers could adopt the animals. It really was a beautiful concept. "I'd adopt him myself but I already have three cats. My husband will kill me if I come home with another one."

Elsa smiled at Katherine a moment before petting Olaf again. He was the cutest cat she had ever seen and she was already in love. "My parents would never let me get a cat," The blonde admitted with a frown. "Though you're so cute I'm sure even they would fall in love with you." The cat meowed proudly as if it understood Elsa's compliment.

"May I speak to you a moment?" Elsa was surprised to see Jack was addressing Katherine, leading her away as soon as she nodded. The blonde frowned slightly in confusion.

She continued petting Olaf, watching the pair out of the corner of her eyes. Jack was being very friendly with Katherine, making the woman laugh and smile. However, she was at least 6 years older than Jack and her wedding ring was clearly visible. Maybe Jack just missed flirting and wanted to do it with someone who didn't know about his relationship with Elsa. The blonde frowned at the thought.

As if sensing her annoyance, Olaf began doing circles around Elsa, rubbing against her body. He titled his head slightly and it seemed like he was questioning the blonde on what was wrong. She couldn't help smiling softly for a moment. However, the smile slid off her face as she realized Jack and Katherine had disappeared from her view.

She waited for over ten minutes, just sitting on the floor and petting Olaf. Where had Jack gone? He wasn't a homewrecker, was he? That went beyond breaking rule #1.

Elsa shook her head. Even if she wasn't sure how much she could trust Jack, she knew he was a good person when it came down to it. He wouldn't wreck a marriage. He wouldn't even cheat on her in their fake relationship. If they had any hopes of being real friends, the blonde would have to stop doubting him constantly.

Still, she couldn't help the relief when Jack appeared again, Katherine nowhere to be seen. "What was that about?" Elsa asked, petting the purring cat. She looked up for a moment, taking note of Jack's shy expression.

He was nibbling his lip slightly, one of his hands reaching up to rub the nape of his neck. "Just talking," he finally mumbled, quickly looking away. "So, uh, anyways. We should get some food or something."

He grabbed a menu off one of the nearby tables. Elsa was aware he was changing the subject, but let him do so anyway. Besides, there wasn't a particular reason for her to insist on knowing what the conversation was about. If anything, she'd come across as jealous which she most certainly was not.

"Are you hungry? They're more about their drinks but they have some sandwiches and pastries as well." Jack lowered the menu, pointing to the sections so that Elsa could look.

The blonde had eaten breakfast earlier and it wasn't even noon yet so she wasn't feeling particularly hungry. She glanced down at the menu. "Just a drink is fine." Her eyes landed on a promotional picture of a double chocolate shake. Elsa was practically drooling just from the sight of it. "I want that." She pointed at the image.

The boy's eyes widened in surprise, a fond smile lighting up his face. "And here I thought you'd grow out of your chocolate phase. I used to have to hide my chocolate when you'd come over!" He laughed, looking up as if recalling the memory. Elsa smiled too, knowing Jack's version was far from the truth.

9-year-old Jack ran into his room plopping on the bed, Elsa following shortly after. He smiled at the girl and, naturally, the girl returned it.

"Shut the door," he urged Elsa, his eyes darting around suspiciously.

The young blonde did as she was told, already beginning to smile wider. She knew what happened when they closed the door.

As expected, Jack walked over to his closet, still looking around as if they were in a spy movie. Hesitantly, he reached towards the back, underneath a pile of clothes and pulled out two Hershey's bars. The boy handed one to his friend, his eyes sparkling.

Immediately the girl snatched up the content, ripping it open. She plopped a square into her mouth practically moaning with delight. Her parents could be rather strict about her sugar intake which was a shame since Elsa had a major sweet tooth. She loved chocolate almost as much as she loved Jack.

She shut her eyes, savoring the content. She could feel Jack's eyes on her but she didn't mind in the slightest. It always felt good to have his attention. She plopped a couple more squares into her mouth before realizing she needed to use the bathroom.

"I'll be right back," She told her friend, already heading towards the door.

Jack nodded. "Make sure to close the door." His reminder was unnecessary though as she knew the door was to remain closed when chocolate was present.

She crept around the corner to the bathroom, noticing Jack's parents were in the nearby living room.

"I just heard the door shut," Jack's mother announced with a laugh.

Jack's father looked less amused, frowning slightly in the direction of Jack's door. Elsa was thankful she was out of view. "Should we let them be in there with the door shut?" He asked his wife. "Elsa is a girl."

At this, Jack's mother started laughing even harder. Elsa preferred her to the father; she had a wonderful laugh. "Darling, they're children. I don't think we need to start banning closed doors quite yet." Elsa wasn't sure what she was implying yet the girl still felt herself blushing. "Besides, we both know what they're really up to."

"Isn't that worse? Jack is rotting his teeth with all that chocolate and he thinks he's being discrete." Did they actually know what she and Jack were up to?

Jack's mother merely smiled. "I think it's good for him to be a little rebellious. He's always been such a rule follower, doing exactly what we ask-"

"That's great!" Jack's father argued.

However, her friend's mother seemed sad. "His whole life is planned. Isn't it nice that Elsa is important enough to him that he saves his allowance to buy chocolate bars for her?" Elsa felt her heart flutter. She had never thought about how Jack got the chocolate. "Being friends with Elsa is one of the only choices Jack has been able to make."

"You're exaggerating, dear. Jack has plenty of choices." He seemed to notice his wife was going to object and added more. "Though if you want to turn a blind eye when Jack sneaks away at the store to buy chocolate bars then so be it. I want you both to be happy."

"I know." She smiled again. "You know what would really make me happy? A foot massage."

Jack's father rolled his eyes playfully, already reaching for the lotion. Elsa was suddenly uninterested in the scene in front of her though, heading into the bathroom. Jack's parents knew what they were doing? It was strange that their secret wasn't so secret. Still, the blonde couldn't deny how special she felt all of a sudden. Who even cared if they knew?

"Your parents always knew what we were up to," Elsa told the boy, still smiling at the memory. She noticed his surprised face. "I heard them talking once when I went to use the bathroom. Your mother told your father to let us continue anyways."

Jack frowned in confusion. "Why would she let us get away with it? She was the one most against me having too much sugar." He thought a moment before adding, "Actually, she still monitors my sugar intake." That made Elsa chuckle slightly.

"Actually, she said she thought a little rebellion was good for you since you were such an obedient little boy." She laughed slightly, noticing the way Jack was pouting at the description. "She also thought it was sweet you spent your allowance on chocolate bars for me," Elsa added with a blush. It really was sweet, after all.

"Your eyes always lit up when eating it," Jack admitted, his hand rubbing the nape of his neck. Elsa noticed he had a blush of his own. "I couldn't help but feeding your addiction. Still can't," he added with a wink. Before Elsa could stop him, he was heading over to the counter and ordering the drink she had requested.

He came back quickly after, handing Elsa her drink and a small bag while sipping on his own drink.

She frowned. "What's that? Just a drink was fine."

Jack merely smirked. "Open it before you say that." he gestured to the bag which Elsa hesitantly opened. She shouldn't have been surprised to find some sort of chocolate pastry in there. Jack really was feeding her addiction.

Elsa considered being stubborn, but why deny her happiness? She got up from her spot on the floor and headed to a nearby table, setting down her drink and pastry. "Thank you." Elsa gave him a sincere smile before taking a bite of the pastry. It melted in her mouth, making the girl actually moan at the taste.

Jack's eyes widened as he chuckled awkwardly. "Uh, that good?" He asked hesitantly. Elsa nodded eagerly, shoving a piece into his mouth. He chewed a moment, seeming to appreciate the taste. He locked eyes with her before letting out an overdramatic moan to mock the blonde. "I guess it is that good." He smirked.

The blonde rolled her eyes, sipping her drink which was equally as good. By the time the pair left the cafe, she was filled to the brim with happiness. Between Jack, Olaf, and the chocolate, she almost couldn't contain the joy she was feeling. However, it only increased when a familiar song began to play in Jack's car.

"Grease?" Elsa questioned, her brow raised. It didn't seem like Jack's kind of movie.

The boy shrugged, a faint blush on his cheeks. "I can't help it." He gently tapped to the beat on his steering wheel, smiling softly. However, he soon opened his mouth, surprising Elsa as he began to sing. "I got chills, they're multiplying! And I'm losing control cause' the power you're supplying, it's electrifying!"

Elsa's eyes widened in surprise, staring at Jack a moment before internally shrugging. She liked this song too; why not join in? "You better shape up, 'cause I need a man," She began, surprised with the confidence her voice possessed. Elsa knew she had a good voice; still, she was usually hesitant to sing in front of others or just to sing anywhere but her shower. "And my heart is set on you. You better shape up; you better understand. To my heart, I must be true."

Jack seemed gobsmacked, her jaw opened wide. He almost missed his cue. "Nothing left, nothing left for me to do." He quickly flashed Elsa a smile, his eyes fond as he looked at her.

They joined together for the course, surprising Elsa with how wonderfully their voices fit together. Jack really was a good singer. "You're the one I want! Oo-oo-oo, honey!" They continued singing, Elsa feeling strangely content. She never would have seen this coming, her singing a duet with Jack after leaving a cat cafe, yet she wouldn't change any part of it.

"If you're filled with affection you're too shy to convey, meditate in my direction; feel your way!" Elsa continued, moving to the beat of the music.

Jack let out a yelp much louder than the music, startling Elsa into a laugh.

Jack, however, kept on singing. "I better shape up, 'cause you need a man-"

"I need a man who can keep me satisfied."

Jack smirked slightly. "I better shape up if I'm going to prove-"

"You better prove that my faith is justified." The words felt strangely relatable, almost as if they really meant what they were saying. That was a ridiculous thought though, wasn't it?

They continued singing together, both of them goofing around. Elsa was surprised to find she didn't mind how childish she was being. This was Jack though; it was okay to let her guard down with him. He didn't expect her to be the Winter's heir. He saw her as an 18-year-old girl with a chocolate addiction and Elsa loved that, maybe even loved him for it. Of course, it was purely platonic. One could love their friends.

"Oh, yes, indeed!" They finished together, smiles on both of their faces.

It was funny they weren't even on a real date because Elsa was starting to think no date would ever compare to the "dates" she was going on with Jack. For some reason though, she didn't have it in her to care, even if this ruined dating for her. It just made her feel too warm right now to fret upon. Dating Jack Frost was a drug Elsa could get used to.

Maybe that was why when they got back to her house the blonde leaned forward and planted a kiss on his lips. It was different, more tingly than the blonde remembered kissing Jack to be. Even after she pulled away, the feel of Jack's lips on her own lingered.

The boy smiled yet was still noticeably confused. "I didn't think your parents were home." It was true they didn't kiss on the doorstep unless Elsa's parents were home to see.

The blonde felt herself blushing despite herself. "They're not," She admitted. "I owe you a kiss though, remember? For telling Anna." In all honesty, Elsa hadn't been thinking about that when she kissed him. It was almost like she had forgotten a fake date didn't require a goodbye kiss.

Still, Jack nodded, seeming to accept her reasoning. "Only one?" He pretended to pout and the blonde resisted the urge to give him another. Yes, Elsa was quite certain the cats and chocolate had been enough to drug her as that was the only logical explanation for her strange desires.

That was why she pushed them aside, heading inside. Anna was nowhere to be found, thankfully, as Elsa didn't want to try to explain their kiss. The blonde didn't even want to dig too deep into it herself. She wasn't naive enough to think Jack felt anything towards her other than friendship. He treated her nicely but that was because that was what friends did. Being in a fake relationship was confusing though and the blonde wondered how long she could keep up the relationship before the lines between friendship and more than friends began to blur.

The blonde sat down on the couch, staring at nothing. Silently, she prayed her parents would cave soon. Otherwise, Elsa felt she would get too used to the role she was playing.

Author's note: I know I haven't updated this story in a while. I just finished my first year of college and things got crazy hectic (finals are stressful). That said, I'll try to get back to updating on a somewhat regular basis.