I finally got around to doing this XD

Buildings build friendships too

Percy is the head marine biologist at the aquarium in NYC and when his boss decides to add on the the aquarium, he assigns Percy to oversee the building to make sure it's okay for the creatures. Percy meets the architect, Annabeth Chase. They hit it off, and become fast friends -even though they get on the others last nerve- so they work together great. But then a disaster happens and it threatens to destroy their friendship. Will they be able to come together and overcome the tragedy, or will that building collapse?

Before you ask, no I have no idea what the tragedy is XD. I'm going to try and regularly update this story and the other two, but we will see how it goes. If you have any questions, ideas or anything don't hesitate to review. Even if you want to hate on it you can cuz I need the criticism lol. Stay safe