Summary:Henry gets a message from Dumbledore to help protect Harry Potter, and can choose anyone of use to take with him to Hogwarts, secrets are revealed and love is found but most importantly family sticks together.I REALLY suck at summaries guys I'm sorry but if you find it interesting ... go ahead, Enjoy ; )

ouat and hp don't belong to me.

Ok so before the first chapter is posted there are some things I need to straighten out about the story.

1.) In ouat it starts around season 4, Robin left Regina and went to New York with the real Marion.

2.) In hp it starts around the beginning of chamber of secrets, where Harry and Ron come to school with the flying car.

3.) Sorry...I tried it just... happened, Henry is supposed to be 14, but stuff happens and he wound up being 12 with Harry and Ron : /

4.) Regina doesn't go to New York to save Robin he's fine, Rumple is still banished and the queens of darkness never happened ( and never will )

5.) All Gryffindor classes that were shared with Hufflepuff are changed to share with Ravenclaw.

6.) Which pair should I do Regina/Emma ( swanqueen ) or Regina/Snape ( ? ). and the other pairing is a friendship pair?

7.) There will also be a sorting ceremony for the new arrivals and, I'm really sorry but Regina's going to be in Slytherin, NOT because she was the Evil Queen but because most of her personality reflects a Slytherin, Ok...Ok.

8.) Should I add Zelena?

9.) It's rated T but will change to M for later chapters.

That's it should I continue?