I no longer care. I'm gonna write so much shit, and not one of ye bastards can stop me. The Gods command it, and I will obey.

Dom swung his massive axe downwards, cleaving the final Beowolf of the once massive pack in two. He smiled at the victory over the evil monsters, his blue eyes shining, before turning his attention to his ally in the clearing. His sister and partner, Magnolia, was also in the middle of finishing off the Alpha with her bladed staff, twirling it with ease and dancing between its wild swipes while stabbing it repeatedly.

She would occasionally activate her Semblance, allowing her to transform into a purple ghost, the same color of her hair, and pass right through the Grimm's strikes, though she couldn't hold it for long. Before long the Alpha let out one final howl before succumbing to its numerous wounds. Magnolia gave it a light kick to confirm it was dead before smiling brightly and turning to Dom.

"Ha!" He cried out in victory, raising his weapon and beating his chest, his fist impacting with his leather jacket. She rolled her eyes and blew some of her hair out of her face, dusting off her nature styled dress.

"You're always so dramatic." She teased, and he laughed as he hooked his axe on his back.

"It was a massive pack, am I not entitled to a little celebration?"

"Not until the twins are done taking care of any stragglers. Speaking of those two, you know where they are?" Right as she asked this question, their attention was grabbed by something coming through the forest. It sounded large, prompting Magnolia to get in a combat stance and Dom to draw his axe. After a moment, a large Deathstalker strode out of the treeline, chittering incessantly. But they were relieved to see the twins atop its back, Ocelot using his Semblance to control it, though with great effort, his eyes glowing blue. His cat ears were also twitching quite a bit, a sign of his strain.

"How's it going?" The other twin, Orwell, shouted from atop the beast, his face obscured by the makeshift gas mask he liked to wear. He hopped off and rolled his shoulders, adjusting his white t-shirt and dusting off his torn up jeans. He quickly checked his serrated sword before sheathing it at his hip. Ocelot released his hold on the Deathstalker, causing it to cry out and quickly disintegrate while he slid off.

"It's a good thing this fucking thing decided to show up last. I was already tired enough, I didn't need to deal with that thing." He groaned. His face was also obscured, but only by a bandana that covered just the lower half of his face. He was decked out in light leather armor, being the only armored member of their Team. His dual daggers were sheathed at his hips, ready to be drawn and used at a moment's notice.

"Alright, is everyone good?" Dom asked, but Orwell spoke up.

"My Aura got shattered over there." He said casually, making Ocelot grumble while pinching the bridge of his nose.

"He jumped into the middle of a group of Beowolves and nearly got torn to pieces. He'd be dead right now if it wasn't for me." He quickly explained.

"What? Berserker is so much fun!" He defended himself. His Semblance only came into effect when he Aura shattered, putting him in a Berserker state where his body becomes insanely tough and his mind blocks out all pain reception. While in that state, he could take on Ursa Majors with his bare fists if he really wanted.

"Well, if you're good for the trek back, I don't have any complaints." Dom re-sheathed his weapon and began walking back to the transport spot. As they walked, his sister started chewing Orwell out, making him chuckle lightly.

"You seriously could've died. I get your Semblance is powerful, but even you have your limits. I'd rather not have to bury a teammate because they couldn't learn their limits." She scolded him, and he ran his hand through his dirty blue hair that ran down to his shoulders.

"Sorry, but trust me when I say that I wouldn't have jumped it if I'd thought it was too much for me." He apologized.

"Lies!" His brother called back, undoubtedly smirking under his bandana.

"I'm gonna smear skunk juice in your mask!" He fired back, most likely also smiling.

"Well, my point still stands. Just be careful, ok?" He gave her a thumbs up, and she smiled.

They walked for an hour longer, bickering and talking amongst themselves as they made their way back to the pickup point. But the entire time, Ocelot couldn't help but feel like they were being watched. There was no sign of anything following them, and the vast majority of Grimm were neither smart nor stealthy enough to properly stalk prey, but even through this reasoning, he couldn't shake the feeling. But since none of his other teammates seemed to notice anything, he decided to just ignore it.

"Team DOOM to pickup, we're nearly there." Dom spoke into his Scroll, speaking to the pilot of the Bullhead meant to take them out of there. "You warm the engines up?" There was no response. He looked at his Scroll to confirm there was a connection, but there wasn't any sound coming in from the other end.

"Ron? You there?" He questioned, but yet again received no answer. He looked down in confusion before Magnolia spoke up.

"Maybe it's just the spotty reception. We are pretty deep in the forest." She reasoned, and Dom nodded in response.

"Yeah, you're probably right. We'll have to get walkie-talkies for me and him after this so this doesn't happen again." They continued walking for a few more minutes before they made it to the clearing. They exited the treeline to find their Bullhead inactive in the middle of the small clearing, but no pilot in sight. This put them all on edge, as he'd always greet them when they returned, but now he was just gone.

"Shit, something's off here." Ocelot stated, placing his hand on the pommel of one of his blades.

"Yeah. Magnolia, Orwell, you stay out here and keep an eye out. Me and Ocelot are gonna check out the Bullhead."

"You got it man." Orwell said as he drew his sword and began scanning the treeline, Magnolia doing the same. The brute and rouge entered the aircraft, weapons drawn and moving slowly. The lights were all off, the ship being entirely powered down.

"Ocelot, you hear anything?" Dom asked, and the resident Faunus strained his ears to see if he could pick anything up. After thirty seconds of nothing, he looked back to his leader.

"No, the most I can hear is dripping water, oddly enough." He reported back.

"Alright, I'll check out the cockpit, you check out the cargo bay. After that, we'll-" He was cut off by a loud booming gunshot, followed by Magnolia screaming. The two looked at each other before turning back and sprinting for the exit. They emerged out into the clearing, only to find Magnolia standing with her hands over her mouth, breathing rapidly while looking over at Orwell.

Who was laying face down in the grass, a bullet hole right between the eye.

"Orwell!" Ocelot shouted, rushing over to his fallen brother.

"Shit, everyone get back inside, now! There's a sniper!" Right as he said this, another shot rang out, the round hitting Magnolia in the side and sending her tumbling to the floor. It hadn't shattered her Aura, but he could tell it had heavily damaged it. Growling, he ran to his sister's side and activated his Semblance, Forceful Honor, summoning a red shield in front of the two.

"Get up Mag! We need to get the hell out of here!" He shouted, her struggling to stand from the pain.

"Orwell, h-he just-" She stammered out, but Dom cut her off.

"He's dead now, we'll come back for his body later, right now, we need to leave!" She nodded and half-sprinted back to the Bullhead, back to safety. Dom was right about to Ocelot, who was kneeled next to his brother and screaming for him not to die, before a third shot met his ears and hit the rouge square in the chest, shattering his already weakened Aura. The bullet knocked him back, spraying blood on the green grass.

"Ah, fuck!" He screamed out, indicating the shot to not be immediately fatal. Dom made his way over to him, keeping his shield up the entire time. But concentrating on his shield slowed him down, and by the time he was three quarters of the way there, a fourth shot rang out, nailing Ocelot in the head and silencing him.

"Fuck!" Dom screamed, the twins now dead side-by-side. Half his team, wiped out by some dipshit sniper in the woods. He looked to the forest, but couldn't see anything except the greenery. He began to back away to the Bullhead when the unseen enemy fired again, round aimed for his head. His shield blocked it, but he could see the ripple of the bullet impacting, and the force almost made him buckle. No wonder it did so much damage to Magnolia's Aura, despite it being almost full when she took the hit.

He finally managed to make it back to the Bullhead, back to his sister. He closed the door right as another shot was let loose, hitting the metal door and putting a sizable dent in it. He locked it before turning his attention to his sister. Magnolia was sitting on the floor, crying from losing two of her teammates on one mission. This was just meant to be a simple Grimm purge, who was this guy attacking them?! And they would soon get their answer.

As Dom was looking through the window, trying to see if the mystery attacker would reveal themselves, his wish was granted. From the treeline, a man emerged. He wore heavy full body bullet-proof armor and a ballistic mask, all painted deep black. Underneath the armor, he could see the man sported extremely pale skin, and was wearing a grey undershirt with black jeans. He was holding a massive sniper rifle, but he could see the stock of a second weapon poking over his shoulder.

The rifle was painted grey, with some carbon fiber throughout. It had a folding stock that was currently unfolded, and with a logo he didn't recognize. On top was a large scope, which was equipped with a digital screen atop that as well. The rifle was equipped with an angled grip on the underbarrel, a laser sight on the side rail and a bipod in front of the grip.

He was about to step outside and attack the man, but then he saw him hold something up with his right hand. He squinted to see what it was, but his eyes widened in horror when he realized it was a detonator. He barely had time to yell before the entire Bullhead was consumed by a great ball of fire.

Hunter-76 looked on with satisfaction as the Bullhead exploded, moving slightly to the side to avoid a large piece of debris flying towards him. He holstered Nemesis before drawing his sidearm, the revolver Orbit. He double checked the chamber before moving towards the wreckage. He activated his Semblance, No Survivors, and his eyes took on a dull black sheen, scanning the bodies for any signs of life. First were Ocelot and Orwell. They'd taken powerful sniper rounds to their brains, so he wasn't surprised when his Semblance reported they were dead as dirt. Next was the sister and brother. Looking around, he found the body of Magnolia, a chunk of metal embedded in her abdomen, her dress torn and bloody. She was KIA.

And next was the brother. He hadn't been able to get a shot on his Aura, so he was expecting him to have survived the blast. And after looking around the wreckage for a moment, he was proven right. He found him, propped against some large metal fragments in the ground, covered head to toe in charred skin. He wouldn't survive long, but 76 didn't take chances. He spun the barrel of Orbit before aiming it at the head of the former team leader. The barely alive man slowly lifted his head with great effort, looking at him with hatred and defiance. 76 respected that, fearlessness in the face of death.

"W-Why?" He rasped out, and his answer came in the form of hot lead to the skull, putting him out of his misery. He reloaded the spent shell before holstering his revolver and kneeling down before the corpse. Searching him briefly, he found the man's Huntsman ID. Charred black and burned to shit.

A trophy's a trophy. He thought with slight annoyance before taking the card and placing it in his pouch. He went back to the other bodies and did the same with them, searching and retrieving their IDs. Funny. The SHD Agents had watches, and these Huntsmen and Huntresses had simple IDs. He wanted to take their weapons, but lugging around that much weaponry when he wouldn't even use it was pointless.

As he stood from his final victim, 76 turned his head to the sky and saw three Bullheads coming his way. He reloaded Nemesis before making sure his Spas-12 was fully loaded with shells. He wanted to continue the hunt, to bring fear into the hearts of these Huntsmen, but he was on a schedule. The man who'd hired him to take out this specific team was paying him handsomely to do so, and who was he to turn down a good payday?

And after the contract was fulfilled, he would resume the hunt, doing what he did best.

Killing those who thought themselves unkillable, and relishing in the rush it brought.