Percy headed back to his mother's house, after finishing up with the other demigods. His mind whirling with thoughts, and tough decisions. As he walked up to the door, he stopped for a moment, and just drew in a deep breath, while thinking.

'How am I supposed to get mom to agree to leaving the planet with me and the other demigods? She can be just as stubborn as me, she is my mother after all.' he mused to himself.

Stepping into the living room, he noticed Anita was sitting on the couch, watching the TV, Qui Gon was sitting cross legged in a corner, his eyes closed, breathing deeply, he was meditating.

"Hi Percy, where have you been? You and Nico were gone for a while, I thought something might have happened! Where's Nico at?" Anita asked.

"Hey Anita, Nico and I had to run a little errand, but we're okay. We had to stop by somewhere and Nico decided to stay there for a bit. I came back because I had to speak to my mom for a little while." Percy told her.

Lemon + incest

He went to his and his mom's room, the one they have been sharing since he was thirteen years old. He walked in, and shut the door behind him. Pulling his shirt off and throwing it into the laundry basket in the corner, he closed his eyes for a minute. Opening them up and glancing at the bed, however, caused his eyes to widen, his blood to pump faster, his heart beating harder, and his dick to throb painfully, getting more erect by the minute.

On the bed, laying in a very sexy pose, in their best lingerie, were Annabeth, Reyna, and Sally. They smiled at him, before Annabeth told him, "well, what are you waiting for, are you going to come and fuck us or what? Unless you would prefer to watch us fuck ourselves, which mind you we could, but wouldn't it be more pleasurable to fuck us, yourself?" she teased him with a sexy smile.

Percy growled, before walking over to her. That damn minx! Getting to the bottom of the bed, he stopped at the foot, Reyna and Sally seeing this, decided to begin with something interesting.

The two busty beauties, each lifted a foot, and guided it towards his jeans. Sally using her foot, unzipped his pants, letting them fall to the floor, while Reyna used her lifted foot, to pull down his boxers, revealing his very stiff, very long and fat cock. The two traded smirks, before each placed their lifted foot against his rock hard erection, and stroked up and down. Rubbing his cock, while also softly grinding their feet on his balls.

"Oh fuck that feels great. Don't stop, please don't stop." throwing his head back, the young man groaned out loud due to the high pleasure he was getting. Annabeth, seeing the two other women in action, crawled over to him, sexily on all fours, and slid her body up to him, kissing as she went, from his stomach, up to his chest, then his neck for few minutes, before getting to his lips.

A heavy make out session occurred, while the two hot women continued to service his cock with their feet. After a few moments of kissing the beautiful blonde, he pulled away, and lowered his head. Coming down to her bountiful breasts, he captured one of her nipples with his mouth, sucking and licking in it, while using his other hand to twerk and lightly pinch her nipple.

"Ah, it feels so good Percy. Yes, that's it, suck my tits. Fucking suck them!" the gorgeous daughter of Athena called out in pleasure. While Sally and Reyna started rubbing their feet alongside his cock harder and faster, ghosting their toes over the head, as well as over his balls. He groaned, very much enjoying an amazing feeling and sight. His release was building, he could feel it, and the women could feel it as well, given how he started to thrust his cock up and down and the gasps that escaped his lips.

He lets out a moan, "I'm going to cum, all over your feet. I hope you both are ready, I'm going to cover those sexy feet of yours!" his cock throbbed, before, true to his words, long, thick, hot, ropes of sticky white cum shot out and landed over their feet, also managing to get all over their thighs.

The two women licked their lips, before bringing their feet to their mouths, and running their tongues up and down, swallowing every drop of his juice. His dick twitched at the sight. Annabeth dropped to her knees, on the bed, and took his cum covered cock into her hot and wet mouth. Hearing him let out a sharp breath, caused her to smile, before she started bobbing her head up and down, hard and fast.

Groaning, Percy put his hands on the back of her head, forcing her to take him all into her mouth. Glurk! Glurk! Glurk! Hitting the back of her throat and forcing all twelve inches into her mouth. Her eyes watered, she still wasn't used to deepthroating his massive cock.

She pulled back for a moment, to catch her breath, his cock falling out of her mouth, with a loud, lewd, wet 'POP'. She glared up at him, with lust in her eyes, before she placed a hand on his cock, and started stroking him hard and fast, while another hand went to his ball sack, gently fondling it. He thrust his cock up towards her, making her smirk. She leaned forward, flicking the tip with her tongue, opening her mouth, occasionally swirling her tongue around it, sucking on it, before taking the rest of it into her mouth again.

"oh fuck, Annabeth I'm about to cum." he growled out, while laying his hands on her head again. Driving her head down, it wasn't to long before the man came again, his seed flooding down her throat, making her choke a bit, struggling to swallow the vast amount.

His dick sliding out of her mouth, shot a few spurts onto her face, much to the enjoyment of Reyna and Percy, both of whom found it really hot. Annabeth sat back, reeling from the experience, she was panting from strenuous blowjob she just gave.

"I don't think I will ever be able to suck your dick easily. Though I will thank you for the tasty drink." she said with a grin on her pretty face.

Sally was laying on the bed next to Annabeth, with her legs spread wide open, fingering her pussy, staring at Percy and the others with needy, wide, hungry filled eyes. She purred out, "well baby, are you going to come over and pound your mommy's pussy? She really needs and wants it, you know. It's been a little while since you last fucked her, after all. She has needs to."

Percy didn't need to be told twice, he moved over to her, and taking her legs in his hands, he then moved up so that his cock was guided right to her wet entrance. Without even the slightest bit of hesitation, he drove in, slamming his manhood into her.

"OH FUCK YES BABY. YES. THAT'S IT. FUCK YOUR MOMMY, POUND HER PUSSY. OH BY THE GODDESSES. GIVE YOUR MOMMY'S INCESTUOUS LOVING PUSSY A THOROUGH POUNDING. MAKE ME SORE FOR A WEEK. I DON'T WANT TO WALK STRAIGHT FOR A MONTH!" ah he forgot how much of a screamer his mom was. But her screaming was spurring him on, as he slid himself in and out of her, his pleasure building as his mom's wet, slick, and warm folds felt so unbelievably good.

Groaning, he told his mom, "dam you feel good mom. Like really good. Fuck this is great, fucking my beautiful mom, and beautiful girlfriends. Shit I hope this never changes." as his hips kept driving forward, feeling himself about to reach his limit. He told his mom, "MOM, I'M GOING TO CUM. RIGHT INTO YOUR INCEST LOVING PUSSY, I AM ABOUT TO FILL YOUR WOMB UP. I HOPE YOU'RE READY TO BECOME A GRANDMOTHER AND MOTHER TO YOUR SON'S CHILD."

"YES BABY. FUCK YES. FILL MY WOMB UP. PAINT MY WALLS WHITE WITH YOUR CUM. I LOVE IT. I WANT YOUR BABIES. GIVE ME YOUR CHILDREN." Sally screamed out loud. That was all Percy needed, as he sped up, his balls slapping her pussy, making her squeal out loud in more pleasure, as his release was building up, the sound of skin on skin filled the room, as well as the smell of sex.

He felt it, he was cumming. "FUCK HERE IT COMES!"

Sally groaned as his seed flooded into her pussy, triggering her own violent release. Taking a shuddering breath, as his dick continued to fill her pussy, she laid underneath him, enjoying her son and lover being on top of her once again. Hopefully he actually got her pregnant, they've been trying for about two years now.

Pulling out, he looked at Annabeth and Reyna, and asked them, "who's next?"

Reyna smiled lustfully at him, before she crawled onto all fours, and laid her head down into the pillow. He smirked, before lining his cock up with her womanhood, and with a thrust, he entered her from behind.

"ahh, it's so good." Reyna muffled from in the pillow. Percy grabbed her hips, as he started pounding her with reckless abandon, his dick was slamming into her again and again. Lust for his girlfriend was driving him to primal instinct, he wanted to breed this woman, she was already his, and he wanted to keep it that way.

Grunting at how tight she was, "dam Reyna, you're tight as fuck still. How are you this tight?!"

"Oh fuck if I know, but don't you dare stop. You understand me?! I want you to utterly and completely ruin for me any other man, am I understood?!" she snarled back. He smiled, "perfectly, I am more than happy to oblige with that."

Slap! Slap! Slap!

The sound of wet flesh against wet flesh was once again prevalent throughout the room, along with the groans and moans of the occupants. Reyna was screaming into the pillow, "AH FUCK IT'S SO DAMN GOOD. THAT'S IT BABY. FUCK ME. POUND MY SLUTTY NEEDY WET PUSSY. FILL IT UP WITH YOUR CUM. OH GODDESSES YES. BREED ME DADDY!"

"FUCK HERE IT COMES BABE. OH GODDESSES." he roared as he fired into her hungry pussy. Her own orgasm covered his cock, being horny and feeling some more in the tank, he went a few more rounds with her.

She collapsed onto the bed, panting harshly, with a big wide smile on her face, she was stuffed with cum.

Finally, he turned to his blonde goddess. She met his stare with her own, before kissing him. She got up, and walked over to the wall, placing her hands on it, she bent over and stuck her ass out.

"I want it in my ass first, and then I'm going to suck it like I'm mad at it, after that you are going to breed me, got it?!" she growled at him lustfully, with an intense, smoldering gaze of lustful hunger in her beautiful gray eyes.

"Sure, we can do that, but after I do this first." Percy smirked at her, before kneeling behind her, catching her wonderful ass cheeks in his hands, he slapped them a few times, watching as her bubble ass jiggled a bit. He kneaded each cheek, squeezing them a bit, before parting them, and placing his face in between them, kissing and licking her pink, puckered asshole.

"oh, oh, you nasty, naughty little fucker. A nasty little pervert aren't you? Shit that's right, lick me, eat my ass you sick little bastard." Annabeth moaned as she tossed her head back towards him, her ponytail lightly falling on his face.

All that could be heard in the room at the moment, was the slurping sounds that were being made from Percy eating the ass of one of his beautiful girlfriends, along with her moans of ecstasy. Before to long, she squirted on his face, he glanced up at her seductive look that she tossed back at him, a shy loving look in her eyes, while she bit her bottom lip.

"hang on beautiful, I want to taste your pussy again, before I fuck it." having said his piece, he went to town on her vagina, making her eyes roll up into her head, for a moment. Swirling his tongue around, flicking it from left to right, up and down, as fast as he could. He was desperate to taste her womanly juices.

She came all over his face again, he swallowed every bit of it that he could, licking the rest off of his face. Pulling his face back, he got up, shoved his dick right into her wet asshole. "ugh, a little warning would have been nice." she grunted as she felt his massive cock stretching her ass a bit.

"well you are the one who said you wanted it in your ass. I am merely doing what you asked for." he spoke before grabbing her hips, and ruthlessly fucking her. She started screaming her head off, "OH FUCKING GODDESSES IT'S SO DAMN BIG, AND THICK. IT HURTS SO DAMN GOOD. IT'S STRETCHING MY ASS SO FUCKING GOOD. OH GODDESSES, YES, YES! FUCK ME. THAT'S IT BABY, FILL MY ASS UP WITH THAT BIG DICK OF YOURS. I WANT TO FEEL YOUR STICKY CUM IN MY ASS, DO YOU HEAR ME? I WANT YOU TO CUM IN MY ASS!"

Grunting, the young man started pounding her like she was a bitch in heat, grabbing her hair, and pulling as his hips moving back and forth, harder and faster. His balls were a blur as they slapped her ass cheeks over and over again. His balls tightened, he groaned out, "I'm going to cum, right in your ass."

"DO IT BABY. FILL MY FILTHY ASS UP WITH YOUR THICK HOT CUM." she screeched out. Needing no more encouragement, he buried himself up to the hilt, firing shot after shot of his seed in her cock hardening ass. Pulling out, he grinned, as he stroked himself off a few times hard and fast, before a few shots splattered out and onto each of her ass cheeks.

She dropped to her knees, before turning around, and true to her word, she engulfed his cock in her mouth, and bobbed her head up and down it hard and fast, moaning and humming around it. Clearly loving the taste of her own ass, as well as their mixed cum on it. He placed his hands on her head, forcing her to take all twelve inches into her mouth once again, groaning, while staring into her eyes, watching as her lipstick left marks all over his dick, and her mascara was ruined from her tears, truly it was one of the most beautiful sights he had ever seen. He blew his load in her mouth once again. Pulling out, his cock let out a few more strands on her face, again.

She smiled, and wiped her face off, with her hands, licking them clean, before jumping up and wrapping her arms around him, while he thrust his hips up, sliding his dick right into her wet and eager vagina. Pushing her up against the wall, he pulled out and shoved back in, brutally fucking her like an animal. Growling, he hungrily attacked her lips, kissing her, wrapping her tongue around his, sucking on it. She mewled in pleasure, whimpering when he pulled away from her, and tried to pull out.

"Don't you fucking dare pull out! You came in both Sally and Reyna, and you're going to cum in me, is that understood?!" She demanded of him. He smirked at her, "have I ever told you how hot I find you, when you get all demanding like that? Really gets me hard."

She just gave him a look that said, 'really?'

He told her, after a few more thrusts, "I am going to cum babe, dam, I hope I don't get you all pregnant." she whined, "I'm cumming too."

He carried her over to the bed, before setting down, he maneuvered himself, so that she fell on top of him, and looking up at her, he asked her, "will you ride me?"

Staring down at her love, she smiled softly, and nodded. Leaning forwards a bit, and placing her hands on his chest, she got into a more comfortable sitting, with her legs on either side of him, and started bouncing up and down on him. Staring in the mirror on the wall, he watched that beautiful, large, round, bubble ass of hers ripple, as it bounced up and down on him. He would occasionally glance up at her big, bountiful tits, as the tan globes danced and jiggled around enticingly.

"AH, AH, OHHHHHHH" she cried out in pleasure, clearly loving being on top, he grinned up at her, "truly a beautiful sight. Fuck babe, that feels good. Keep doing that, just please keep doing that."

Laying down on his back and letting his beautiful blonde lover ride him for all she was worth, he pushed his hips up, meeting hers as she came down over and over again. He knew he wouldn't last much longer. Fifteen minutes, Annabeth already came twice, flooding him, as well as Sally and Reyna, both of whom were laying next to them, waiting for their next rounds. They were both alternating between looking at his cock, Annabeth's tits, pussy, or her ass. Their eyes were hungry.

Shooting his load into the blonde's pussy, he brought her down for another kiss. Placing his hands on her ass cheeks, he deepened the kiss. Reluctantly pulling back, he looked at her and told her, "I love you." while smiling at her.

"I know." she whispered back, not even needing to say it, he could feel the love she had for him, he could read it from her eyes and expression.

As he got up, he was preparing to satisfy Reyna and Sally some more, really hoping he didn't get any of them pregnant.

Little did he know however, that there was a visitor outside the door, hearing everything that went on, as well as seeing everything.

Padmé had gotten up, she needed to use the 'restroom', and upon her trip back to the living room, she noticed Sally's bedroom light was on, and the door was slightly open.

'I know this is wrong. I shouldn't be doing it! But I can't help it. Why is her door open and the light on, with Sally, Reyna, and Annabeth all in there? With it being this late at night, shouldn't they all be in bed?' the young queen thought to herself curiously. Upon coming to the door, and slightly opening it a bit more, her eyes widened.

She saw Percy having sex with the women in the room. His own mother, even! She watched as his big, fat cock was moving in and out of the women, as his cum poured out of him and into them. She felt herself getting wet, feeling heat down and in between her legs. Her hand unconsciously trailed down to her vagina. Rubbing herself, she glanced around, and upon noticing she was alone, she reluctantly pulled her pants and underwear down, before entering two fingers into herself.

She sat down, and laid her head back, against the wall, as she stared into the room. Her fingers working themselves over as she played with her pussy, and used her other hand, to rub and squeeze her tits, alternating each tit in her free had. Her eyes went wide once again, when she saw the women using their feet and mouths to pleasure Percy.

Her cheeks became flushed, her face was burning as she imagined herself in their places, giving Percy that pleasure, or him doing the things to her, that he was doing with them. Her mouth watered as she watched Annabeth ride him, as she watched him grab each woman's hair, and brutally pounding their asses, as he filled them up. She watched enviously as he came in each of them, in their mouths, asses, and vaginas. Her fingers worked furiously, bringing her closer to the edge of her own orgasm. What really tipped her over the edge though, was when Sally, his own mother, bounced her ass up and down his cock, he came all over her, and then he put it inside her, coming in her. Each woman tit fucked him, much to Padmè's surprise. She didn't know that could be done.

She let out a muffled scream, as she came all over the floor and her hand. Bringing her fingers up to her mouth, she put them in and sucked and licked them clean. She was actually shocked at how good she tasted.

Well that's it this time around.

So Percy never even got to that talk, did he? Well don't worry, the talk with Sally will happen next chapter, as well as the demigods leaving Earth. I'm probably just going to have all demigods and demigoddesses, as well as all goddesses go with them to space, I have reasons for that, if interested in why, let me know and I will explain.

I know his stamina and size are odd or awkward, well here's the thing. His stamina he had 'seals' or 'runes' or 'spells' placed on it, he can remove them at any time. His size while big, isn't the biggest in the world, and it won't grow any more, so yeah, don't worry about that.

Should any of the women be pregnant? I am thinking maybe Sally will.

This isn't the first time any of them have had sex. I personally believe that it is ridiculous, that demigods wouldn't have sex while they are teenagers. Teenagers are already horny, add in their divine heritage? Yea there is no way they haven't had sex yet. It's also not the first time Percy and Sally have had sex, they used to all the time once Percy turned 13 (weird yes I know.) Annabeth has had sex with Sally before, and she has had sex with Reyna before, as well.

Padmé is a voyeur, hm what can I say? I just found the idea interesting.

As for why Anita and Qui Gon didn't hear or see anything? Well the force works in mysterious ways, doesn't it? Plus, Annabeth and Reyna put up a barrier, that would only allow females to see or hear anything. Why? Well they're kinky, and slutty for Percy, lol.