The plot was developed after I watched this TV series whose name I forgot. Note, don't judge the story until reading to the end of the chapter. Just something you should know, there's a word you may not recognize; alps. In this story it means warriors. An alp is one warrior.

Also, the tents are not like the ones you may imagine. These ones are large and round, like nomad tents. They're all the same in size except for the tribe leader and his family's, that one is a three-roomed tent.

Just for clarification =)


1225, Hogwarts Tribe

Sirius thrust the metal into the fire pit. After a moment, he pulled it out using the tongs, then set it down on the wooden stump. Harry was already prepared to start, mallet in hand.

He picked up the other one and gave it to Sirius. One hand on the pliers to steady the metal, the other getting ready to swing and hit. Harry nodded, "I'm ready whenever you are."

Sirius went first. He struck the metal soon-to-be sword with the mallet and let out a grunt, then allowed Harry to have a turn. They kept at it, molding the metal into the shape of the weapon desired.

Soon, it was all bent up and curved into a sword. The hot metal sizzled as Sirius dunked it into the water.

Harry grinned, "Even the iron couldn't stand your hits, Sirius." He used his forearm to wipe the sweat off his forehead and put his mallet down while Sirius was busy unwrapping a sheepskin package.

He took out a sheathed sword and held it horizontally with his two hands. He walked up to Harry, "Take a look at this one," He said to him. Harry stared in awe, then took it and unsheathed it to look at the blade.

Nice, smooth, silver, sharp.

"This is magnificent. I pity the enemy who this will be the death of," Harry smiled, green eyes shining.

"It's a sword deserving of you. May it be wrath to the tyrants and the sound of the oppressed by your hands."

"Thank you, so very much."

Sirius shook his head. "I'm ready to sacrifice myself for you, Harry."

Harry unbuckled his own sword from the side of his belt, then fastened the new one respectively.

He gave the old one to Sirius, who put it off to the side. Sirius went over to the clay jug swinging by the metal chain hanging from the pole. He pulled it off and took a drink of water.

Turning to Harry, he held it out so he could wash. While pouring water for Harry to wash his hands and face, he nodded to the three individuals packing their horses and weapons. "What's the matter with your men? They seem restless."

Harry glanced over at Cedric, Draco, and Ron. "We're going hunting. They're getting ready," He replied, using the towel to dry off.

"Are there any animals left to even hunt in this famine?"

Harry picked up his bow and attached his quiver to the other side of his hip. "You're right, but hunting keeps the alps fit."

Sirius lowered his voice, "It's better if we find a way to keep the tribe alive as well."

"That can only be determined how at the headquarters tomorrow," Harry assured.

Harry wore his bow on his back as Sirius spoke, "If we don't migrate from this highland before winter comes, we'll be doomed. You and I both know it. But if you say you might know a solution, tell us."

"My brother Bill knows more about this matter than I do. If you wish, speak to him."

"With Bill?" He asked. He threw his head back in a mock laugh. "No, he'd never breathe a single word."

Harry shook his head and chuckled lightly.

Fleur took a sip of the soft, creamy yogurt as she watched her husband, Bill, lay a sheepskin sheet flat out on the grass, just outside their tent. "Is this what you bought for forty coins?" She asked, her blue eyes sharp.

He turned to her, his red hair flying in the wind, "This, is called a map."

"What is it used for?"

"Look, we are here," He pointed to a place colored into the map. "Right at where these mountains are."

He looked up, then back down. He pointed to another place, "This is Mounaterra. This is Drusan. There is Irocia over here. And this, this is Cavalon, where the king's palace resides."

Fleur rolled her eyes, "You need to let go of the kings and the khans and tell us where the tribe should migrate to, Bill. The elders are having a blonde moment, and your father is quiet. He's sitting in his tent like a groomed owl."

Bill took Fleur's hand and squeezed lightly. "Where is this place?" She asked.

"Everyone will know tomorrow at headquarters."

A smile slowly spread on Fleur's face. "So you did find a place?" Bill rolled up the map and grinned mischievously.

"Where is it? Please tell me!" He was about to answer when he saw Harry wearing his bow walking out of the blacksmith booth towards the horses and his three battle-buddies.

Fleur followed his gaze and stood with him. "Harry!" Bill hollered. He didn't hear him. "Harry!" He tried again. Harry looked up. "Where are you going?" Bill asked his younger sibling.

"We're going hunting, brother!" He shouted.

"This is not the time to go hunting, we have headquarters tomorrow!" Bill threw his arms up.

Harry smiled, "Let the headquarters be yours and the hunt mine, brother."

Bill chuckled and Fleur smiled reluctantly.

"Alright, but don't go too far. Go quickly and return quickly," He replied, just as Gabrielle, Fleur's younger sister, walked around the side of the tent holding some rugs.

She saw Harry and smiled excitedly, fixed her veil and gown, then walked forward to get closer to him, she watched as he checked the buckles on his horse.

Fleur noticed and watched the two with a smirk. Harry went to the other side of his horse, oblivious, to where Ron, Draco, and Cedric were waiting. Cedric was holding a chunk of dried meat, he sniffed it.

Ron laughed, "What are you doing with that beef? We're going hunting, did you forget?"

Harry chuckled.

"We won't let you starve during the hunt, don't you worry," Draco grinned.

Cedric faked offense. "How can you call a valiant a valiant if he starves while he is hunting, Draco? Besides, this is just for the road."

"It's impossible to relieve your hunger, isn't it?" Harry stifled a laugh. "Come on, guys." The four mounted their horses.

"Your man is going," Fleur told Gabrielle, a brow raised. Gabrielle had been lusting after Harry since they were younger, yet she was so blinded she didn't see that he thought of her as no more than a sister. Fleur went to stand next to Gabrielle as they both watched the men prepare to leave. Fleur looked at her love-blinded sister, then back to the little puffs of dust the horses left as they rode.

As they left, villagers along the edges of shops and tents bid them goodbye. They all had hope, maybe the son of the leader will be able to bring back some kill. They journeyed out, Harry in the front, Cedric in the back, and Ron and Draco on either side.

Amanos Mountains, Templars Castle

The large brick castle sat across the long bridge, the bridge that connected it to the rest of the world.

On the inside of the castle, tens of soldiers paced in their white uniform, their white cloaks branded with a large red cross. With their swords clipped to their sides, they were ready for any battle, any attack.

Some paced on the balcony, some paced just outside doors that led to the inside, some paced the bottom and top of the stairs. Some paced on the courtyard, some in the gatehouse, and others on either side of it. Two stood guard at the outside of the doors to the whole palace.

What none of the guards noticed was the black-cloaked man scaling the outer wall. They didn't notice him jump over to the inside, on the top of the balcony, not until he uncoiled the whip from around his arm and used it to hang the nearest soldier from it. He easily disarmed another soldier coming at him, and slit his neck.

He jumped over the side of the rail and landed on the courtyard floor. As all the soldiers crowded around him with their weapons drawn, he pulled down his hood. Immediately each one of them knelt down, bowing their heads to their commander.

He ripped his cloak off him and threw it to the ground, looking around angrily.

"Guard duty is your pride! Guard duty is your honor! If you betray your pride and honor, your death will not come from the enemy, but from me!"

The sound of horses riding hard echoed in the forest. Harry, Ron, Cedric, and Draco rode deep in between the trees, trying to look for some deer, something, anything.

The mountain bridge connecting the castle to the rest of the world was now occupied. Four horses, two soldiers, the king, and his niece, the princess. They steered their horses past the gatehouse and into the courtyard.

The previously-black-cloaked man awaited their arrival and knelt down like the other guards standing in the yard. The four newcomers stopped their horses, and the king noticed the hanging man. The previously-black-cloaked man stood and walked in front of the king's horse. "You have honored us, King Bartemius."

"That honor belongs to us all," The king replied, as he dismounted his horse.

The previously-black-cloaked man went around to go assist the princess down. When her feet landed on the floor, she turned in the previously-black-cloaked man's hold and looked at him closely.

"General Titus," She nodded.

"Princess Elanora," He mirrored her expression.

He held his arm out, and she took it. "I hope your journey went well," He said.

The king interrupted, "Is everything alright, Titus?"

"We are safer than ever, sir. So I'd assume it's safe to say yes."

It seemed Elanora just now noticed the hanging man. She raised an eyebrow at Titus.

Titus led Elanora and followed the king inside. The main doors were opened for them.

"Your chambers are ready, sir. Would you like to rest before lunch?" Titus asked.

"Elanora may rest, we have work to do," He replied, looking over his shoulder.

"As you wish."

The king went on and left Titus and Elanora to themselves. The princess went down into a low curtsy. "With your permission, I will take my leave," She said.

Titus nodded as she left. He followed the king to the throne room, where the soldiers opened the doors for them, bowed, and closed them as soon as they were in.

"What is the latest update on the prisoners?" The king asked.

"I gave that duty to my brother, Quirinus."

King Bartemius walked up the platform and sat on his throne.

"Quirinus and the soldiers accompanying him will hand Arthur and his family over to Duke Dean. As for the others, I have waited for you," Titus continued.

Bartemius nodded his approval, "Good."

The soldiers and their leader sat tall on their horses. The ones walking beside the wheeled cage would tease the prisoners whenever they got bored. Inside the cage sat three people, all covered in dirt and grime, dressed in ripped clothes.

The brother of King Albus, Crown Prince Arthur, his oldest child, sixteen-year-old Princess Ginerva, and his eleven-year-old son, Prince Jonathan. His white-bearded face was pulled into an exhausted frown. Where could these soldiers be taking them? Who else wanted them?

Well, that question was obvious; everyone. Arthur and his two children were one of the most powerful people in the world. They were of great importance, and of course, there were people who wanted their power, and they would do anything to get it.

"Where are they taking us, Father?" Prince Jonathan asked.

"To our palace, son."

Jonathan looked from Ginerva to their father as if to see if he were joking.

"We will be free there, right?"

Ginerva looked away. "Until eternity, son," Arthur replied. "Until eternity."

Jonathan smiled.

Ginerva made eye contact through the bars with a soldier walking next to her. She turned back to her family, "So our fate was to return to Cavalon like this," She said bitterly. "To the palace where we were born and raised, to be killed by my uncle."

"I won't let anyone harm you or your brother, my pearl."

The three of them heard the lie in that.

"This way, Duke Dean will be dependent on us more than ever," Bartemius said. Titus nodded as the king continued. "It's very important for him to win the favor of King Albus."

"Duke Dean's senior role in the Mombertian palace will relieve us," Said Titus.

"Yes, it most certainly will."

Duke Dean's Caravansary

Inside the brick inn, Duke Dean sat in his chambers, on his "throne." It wasn't a throne, just a wooden block with a cushion on top and a thin backboard.

Dean sat back lazily, enjoying having servants bustling about following his orders. "We did everything as you commanded, sir."

"Alright!" He thrust his arm out in a gesture made to get rid of the annoying man. "Exciseman," The man bowed before the duke. "Are all the tribes paying their taxes?" He asked harshly.

"We can't control them, sir. They're always on the move."

"Which is the biggest tribe?"

"Hogwarts Tribe, sir. They ran away from the Mongol invasion."

"Who is their leader?"

"Count James, sir."

"How many tents?"

"Two-thousand tents, but they are well respected, sir."

"Do they pay their taxes on time?"

"They do, sir."

"Good. Then they shall pay their taxes earlier this year."

"But, sir—"

"You heard what I said. How will this country, Hogsmeade, remain standing? Inform all the tribes in the region immediately."

"Yes, sir."

"Where the hell are those Templars? We need Arthur and his son killed."

"And the girl, sir?"

Dean smirked. "I'd like to have some fun with her. I'm going to make her my wife, Princess Ginerva. Yes, she will bear my children, raise them. I'm going to make her mine. All mine."

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