Duke Dean's Caravansary

Norman unwrapped the wolfskin blanket to reveal the expensive hat lined in fur, and a whip made of leather. He picked up the hat and tossed it to Dean, who caught it in one hand and observed it with his one working eye, distaste showing on his face. He took the whip from Norman, examining it.

"Look at these presents," Dean mused. "Surely Count James realizes his mistake in getting rid of these by now."

Norman hummed. "Our lord likes the Monberts, respects them. But only I can solve this issue. No one but me."

Dean narrowed his eyes. "You'd do well to remember that the time I gave you ends tomorrow, Norman. If you don't, the Mombert's wrath will burn the entirety of the Hogwarts tribe."

Norman smirked, "You'd burn with us, Sebastian."

Rage took over the duke's features. "How dare you?" He flicked the whip in anger.

Norman paced in front of him, "Don't try and tell me that the King knows about this. Your manpower alone is not enough to take the prisoners from the tribe," Norman spoke harshly. "You need to raise an army." He straightened, "I am aware that you have forces strong enough to crush them, but the King needs to be informed first."

Dean gritted his teeth. "Fine. Since you aim to cooperate, tell me. Who did this?"

Norman stepped closer to Sebastian, leaning into his space. "Count James's son, Harry."

Sebastian's face hardened with the promise of death.

Harry strapped the saddle to his horse, tightening the buckles, the sound of his alps training behind him filling his ears.

Draco paused the swinging of his ax when he noticed the young woman they rescued walking towards them, something red and stringy in her hand.

Draco looked at Cedric and Ron, who were too focused on trying to hit each other to see her. He called to them, "Guys, come on." Draco nodded for them to walk away, Harry not paying attention.

When he noticed them walking past him, he turned around in confusion, his face softening when he saw the red-haired beauty coming toward him with a shy smile.

Harry's breath hitched when she stopped next to him and his horse.

"I heard you're setting off soon," she said.

Harry nodded, still trying to gather his thoughts.


He frowned slightly, not liking the idea of leaving her so soon. "We will leave for Mounaterra as the sun rises tomorrow.

Her mouth quirked up, "Are you prepared?"

"Us alps are always ready for anything," Harry said proudly, his ego reaching the skies when she laughed lightly.

"Everything does seem easy when you get used to it," she said with a slight hint of sadness Harry did not like at all.

His eyes bore into hers, "Sometimes it gets harder when it's all you know."

He saw her throat work as she swallowed, looking away.

Harry snapped back to life when his horse neighed, and he turned to give it some water.

Ginny took the moment he was distracted to sneakily slip the red tassel into the pouch attached to the saddle of the horse.

She smiled slightly at the image of him finding it, hours later, wondering where it came from.

"May you have a good journey," She said, looking up at him. He glanced at her, his eyes filling with tenderness. "May the sun not burn your skin. May the wind not make you cold. May the stones not hurt your feet. May your journey be as swift as water, and your return just as swift back to your tribe."

Harry smiled at her, his heart seeming to beat for a whole new reason. "My horse will take me to my destination and bring me back safely," He promised.

Ginny nodded, "Your parents will be happy."

Harry glanced at her for a long moment, studying her. "And you?"

The sadness came back to her eyes. "Me?" She laughed uneasily, "I will be long gone."

Panicked gripped Harry, "You cannot go!" Ginny blinked at him. "Before I come back," He added, trailing off. He scrambled for an excuse. "Your father would not be fully healed. He needs time to recover."

Ginny dropped his gaze. "I hope you have a good journey, Harry."

She hesitated slightly before she walked away.


"There is something I wonder about," Norman said, tilting his head. "Are the prisoners somehow related to King Albus Dumbledore?" He asked Sebastian.

"That does not concern you."

"Right, I know that." Norman put his hands up defensively as the venom in the duke's tone. "But if you are going to successfully take what you want with my help, then I have one, very, very small condition."

Dean raised his eyebrow.

A cloudless and dark night sky covered the Hogwarts tribe. Sirius glanced at his old friend's third-born son, worn down with years of battle and death.

"Harry, Ginerva and her family mean to me what my late wife and daughter, Astoria, mean to me. Don't you worry about them," Sirius tried to reassure him.

Harry glanced at him wearily but grateful, "I appreciate it."

Count James and his wife Countess Lily woke with the early rays of the sun to bid their son farewell.

"My life, my son, my dear, precious son, I hope your journey is easy for you," Lily said to her Harry. "The fate of Hogwarts is on your shoulders, so don't you dare bow your head, nor give a promise that you cannot keep. Stay strong, and focus on what needs to be done."

Harry smiled, "Thank you, Mother." He kissed her hand, then turned to his father. Count James gripped his shoulders, looking at his son with pride. "Godspeed, my child." Harry was pulled into a hug, his father's simple farewell enough to tell him the level of trust and responsibility he was putting in him.

Harry pulled away, then nodded his respect and farewell to his parents as he raised a fist to his heart, then turned around and walked out of the main tent.

Outside, he mounted his horse, waited for his alps to get on theirs, and then they began to ride the path that led to the rest of the world.

Along the way, they passed by Bill, who was eyeing Harry with disdain.

Harry's eyes slid away from his brother only to land on Ginny, who stood outside watching him with a sad smile.

I will ride tirelessly to see you again, Ginerva, I swear it.

Ginny sighed as if she could hear his thoughts. Godspeed, Harry Potter. I'm glad for once that I'm not the one doing the leaving.

They both failed to notice Gabrielle eyeing them with disgust. They also failed to notice Alastor standing behind Ginny's tent, watching her.

Near the main tent, Fleur trotted up to her husband, glancing at the dust left behind by Harry's and his crew's horses. "While you were being punished for rebelling against your father," she said, looking at Bill with disdain, "the little lord went and became the ambassador."

Bill scowled at her and walked away.

As Harry, Draco, Ron, Cedric, and Ilyas rode out of the tribe, two masked men rose with their horses to follow.

"I knew you would come," Dean said, lazily eyeing Titus as he strolled into his throne room. Dean grinned wickedly, "Welcome."

Titus sat down on the furs that were placed on the floor. "Look here, Sebastian, I don't care about the prisoners. They ran away on your territory. We did our part. All I need from you is the name of the person who killed my brother."

Dean chuckled mockingly. "You're impatient to be a hangman." Rather, a hung man.

Titus' nostrils flared. "Be careful to not let the noose of the hangman come around your neck."

"Don't blame me for your clumsiness. The very knights you brag about could not even deal with a few trifling alps. Hogsmeadeian alps," Dean spat.

Annoyed, Titus inhaled. "What do you want in exchange for his name?"

"I'll give you more than that," the duke sat forward on his throne. "I'll give him to you directly. This isn't a business deal. Just think of it as…a man helping his friend when he's in pain," Dean smirked.

Titus' lips flattened into a straight line. "We pay back those who help us."

"Excellent," Dean smiled, toying with him.

Titus glared at him. "The name," he growled.

Dean licked his lips, a smile curling them upward. " James and Lily Potter's third-born son...Harry."

The two masked men slowed down a bit to allow Harry and his men to speed up before following them once more. They couldn't get too close to them, or they'd hear them and likely slaughter them to pieces.

The rug shop in the tribe was buzzing with energy. Some women worked on dying the wool, others on weaving them into rugs, and Countess Lily was examining the finished pieces with Hermione's assistance.

Astoria and Ginny walked by, and when Lily noticed, she called Astoria over to quickly check the patterns of a new batch of rugs.

Astoria glanced at Ginny, "I won't be long, yeah?"

Ginny nodded, standing and looking around at the people around her. She frowned when Fleur strolled up to her, her face set in stone, yellow veil flowing behind her in the light breeze. "When are you leaving?" She demanded.

Ginny jerked her head back at the venom in her tone. She narrowed her eyes at her, "Whenever my father deems it fit."

Fleur raised her brows, "Don't try and stand 'strong' because people do not stay in a place where they are not welcomed. If there is any ounce of you that is capable of feeling shame, then you will leave at once."

Ginny frowned just as Lily noticed the two women, then slowly stood up as she narrowed her eyes at her daughter-in-law.

Fleur continued, "It is customary to not tell guests to leave. That is why everyone is staying quiet about this." She took a look around, and raised her eyebrows at Lily before turning back to Ginny. "Besides, is this what you consider proper behavior in return for us giving you food, our own tent to sleep in, and dressing for your wounds?"

Ginny began to shake.


"You go about flirting around here while blood is being shed around this tribe. Blood. Go back on your way."

Ginny swallowed her tears before turning on her heel and rushing away.

Lily's face hardened as she stood up, and Astoria turned in confusion when she saw Ginny leaving. "Ginny? Ginny!" Astoria rushed after her.

Fleur smiled triumphantly, but it was wiped away when Lily barked her name. "Fleur!" Fleur lowered her head and dutily approached her. "Yes, mother?" Although she wasn't her blood mother, Fleur and her sister Gabrielle called her that as a form of respect. "What did you say to the girl?" Lily questioned.

"I told her what she needed to hear, mother, nothing else."

Celina raised an eyebrow. "And you think that it is your duty to tell her what she needs to hear?"

Fleur boldly held her gaze. "Someone had to. I am thinking of the future of the tribe. She should have heard this long ago."

Lily nodded pitifully, then shook her head in exasperation. "Such a shame. The daughter of the Count forgets our tribe's customs. She talks on top of the words of her forefathers." Lily's face wrinkled in disgust. "Come to your senses, Fleur."

Fleur glared at her for a moment, before she turned around and walked to the weaving area in the corner, where Gabrielle was working.

She glanced at her agitated sister in curiosity. "What happened?" Gabrielle asked.

Fleur didn't spare her a glance. "Mind your own business," she snapped.

Gabrielle huffed.

Titus stopped his pacing in front of Dean when a guard came in to murmur something into the duke's ear.

Dean shooed him away, then looked at Titus with a slight smile. "It seems Harry has set off with four of his alps."

Titus snapped forward. "Where is he headed?"

"To Mounaterra."

Titus straightened, "I shall take my revenge with my own hands. An eye for an eye."

"I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Titus."

He jerked back. "What? Why?"

Dean sat up on his throne. "I reign over these lands. Me. In my borders, only I can use force." He pointed to his own chest. "Our plan will be disrupted if word gets out that I collaborated with a Templar to shed blood. Corbian blood, especially."

"This man killed my brother, Sebastian," Titus argued. "I want you to bring him to me. Alive."

Dean smiled wickedly, "Don't you worry. I'll present him to you like a sacrificial lamb."

Titus smirked as he nodded his agreement.

Hogwarts Tribe

"Duke Dean is fully convinced, my lord," Norman said to James. They sat in the main tent, James seated on the leader's seat, and Norman on a cushion on the ground. "He wanted us to look after the three of them until they recovered."

James nodded, "Did you manage to learn who our guests really are?"

"No, my lord. But if they were able to involve the Momberts, then they must be important. This issue seems serious."

They were interrupted by Jack Wyatt coming in through the flap of the tent. He nodded with a fist to his heart, "You asked for me, my lord."

James nodded, then looked to his brother, "Go and rest, Norman, you must be tired from the road."

They both stood up.

Norman nodded, eyeing his brother as he led the doctor through another flap in the tent to his room. Once they disappeared from view, Norman snuck to the entrance of the tent, waving with his hand to one of his own guards to watch the entrance.

To alert him if anyone came his way.

Norman quietly stepped toward the flap to the other room, standing near it to listen to their voices from inside.

"I need you to help me get rid of this damned carbuncle, Jack," He heard his brother say.

"Of course, my lord. I will do my best."

Norman's eyes widened as a big smile took over his face. He walked back outside, stopping when he saw his guard. "You will keep me informed about everything," He demanded.

The guard nodded. "Yes, sir."