Bugs was walking round Toon Town Park, deep in thought, casually kicking rocks out the way. He was meant to be finding Elmer and apologising, but he had no idea what to say. The bunny was realising that, impossible as it sounds, he'd never really HAD to apologise to anyone before. He'd offended people in the past -quite frequently, in fact - but very often they'd say it was there fault [even if it wasn't]. The only exception to that was their creators; Bugs had frequently had to apologise to Chuck and the rest off them but they'd made it quite clear that if he didn't he'd be grounded/not allowed to act for a set time, so.

He tried to think of people he'd had arguments with in the past and how he'd dealt with it then. Daffy immediately sprung to mind; they had a 'serious' argument roughly once every three days and it was usually resolved within the next 48 hours. There were two outcomes to a fight with Daffy. Number one, either he or the duck would come up to the other after an appropriate amount of time had passed and say something along the lines off: "So, erm, I heard Disney's doing a picture about a flying elephant? Maybe they're finally hoping to make something people won't forget in ten years?" and they were buddies again. On a few occasions Daffy seemed to have a weird pang of conscious and threw himself at the rabbits feet, wailing. "Oh Bugsy, ol' pal, ol' buddy, ol' Pal - Can you ever forgive me?" Bugs would take out a carrot, chew it, then say: ""Eh, why not?" And they would carry on like usual.

This though, this was different. But why? Why? He stopped dead as the lightbulb went on over his head for the second time in an hour; he didn't want to lose Fudd's friendship, they'd known each other for a long time now - 14 years in fact - and had always understood each other. They also had a good chemistry- hark why they kept getting cartoons together. Really, all this cooking thing and 'escorting Fudd to and from work' thing had done was add a new level to their already-fairly-good friendship.

For instance, Fudd - Bugs had discovered - had quite a wicked sense of humour. He could imitate other people very easily and - unlike some other toons - keep up the imitations for quite a long while. The ineffective hunter was dopey, sure, but also quite sweet in his own, bumbling way. Bugs had a smile on his face just thinking about the first time he'd ever attempted to cook...

[In Elmer's kitchen]

"Eh, are ya sure ya want me messin' up yer kitchen?" Bugs asked, looking around Elmer's neat, unnaturally white kitchen.

Elmer smiled. "It's a kitchen, Bugs. It's designed to be messy. Now, I thought we'd stawt with something simpwe. Pasta and Meatbawws. Now-" The older toon indicated the ingredients neatly laid out on the counter. "They'we fwozen, so aww you have to do is cook them. It shouwd take about twenty minutes. Now-"

"Hold on, Doc." Bugs interrupted. "Shouldn't we be dressed, proper like?"

Elmer looked at him, cautiously. "Not weally. You don't need any cwothes for cooking. Proper cwothes, I mean." He clarified, blushing deeply as Bugs looked at him mischievously. "But, if it'll make you feel more comfortable-" He said, reluctantly. "Apwons are in that dwawew. Huwwy up." He added, sharply.

Still grinning, Bugs spent a good few seconds searching through the drawre and selecting his favourite apron while behind him Fudd started weighing ingredients.

"Hey, Fuddsey-" Elmer sighed and turned. Bugs was posing with his hands on his hips, wearing a red apron which had the image of a women [without the head] on it. "Whaddya think?" He asked, eyes sparkling mischevously.

Elmer blinked and closed his eyes, then opened them again. No. Bugs was still posing except now he was grinning at him, unnervingly. Elmer folded his arms. "Twust you to find that one..." He said, through gritted teeth.

"I wouldn't have thought this was your style, Doc." Bugs said, teasingly.

"It's not." Elmer hissed. Bugs looked at him curiously and the human toon felt forced to explain. "Brian* bwought it me fow my 16th. I got the impwession it was meant to be a joke, though-" Elmer put his head on one side and looked at the apron, thoughtfully. "I was never quite suwe what the joke was. Anyway." He said, clearly trying to regain control of the situation. "Awe you happy to stawt now that you'we properly attiwed?"

And for the first time in his life Bugs Bunny actually cooked something and felt happy doing it. Cooking with Chuck had been quite a tense experience, his father spending much of the time just barking instructions at him, but this was better. Elmer took him through the steps slowly and carefully and didn't even mind Bugs singing while the pasta was boiling. As a matter of fact he'd even joined in, much to the rabbits delight, and they'd had a nice duet. Their voices, Bugs remembered thinking, complimented each other quite well...

Coming out his thoughts he'd realised that - without his conscious knowledge - he'd walked all the way to Fudd's house. Well, when in Rome and all that...

He knocked the door and stood back. Nothing happened. He tried again, looking around nervously. He half expected to see Sam leaning out his window with binoculars. He knocked for the third time, this time with a lot of force, which was a mistake. He was hopping around clutching his hand [those humans who said 'toons can't feel pain' had NO idea what they were talking about] when he heard a cautious. "Bugs? Awe you awwight?"

There were times he worried about Elmer's observational levels.

After a short, highly sarcastic [on his part] exchange, Elmer helped a limping Bugs into his house and sat him on the armchair. "Do you need some ice?" The dopey hunter asked, hovering around anxiously.

"Eh, I'm fine." Bugs grunted.

"Awe you suwe?"

"Yes!" Bugs said, exasperatedly. "I'm fine! Now, willya sit down? I wanna ta talk ta ya."

Elmer looked at him, eyes brimming with curiosity and sat on the sofa.

There a silence. Bugs blinked as he realised that the older toon was really just waiting for him to speak. If it had been Daffy, or Sylvester or even Porky sitting opposite him they would have been talking for two minutes now and Bugs would just be nodding and waiting for them to wrap up. But now the ball was firmly in his court.

"O-okay." Great. Now he was impersonating Porky. Just what he needed. "Look. Eh...that...argument we had. Oi, eh, guess it was kinda-" Geez, was Elmer really going to make him say it? Bugs gave the photographer-turned-hunter his best 'pleading' look hoping that the other toon would take pity on him and just accept his apology. However Elmer seemed to mis-understand his look entirely and just indicated for him to carry on, with a small hand-gesture and a soft smile.

Dammit, Fudd. Bugs thought to himself. Why'd you have to make life so difficult!?

"-kinda my fault." Bugs said, playing with his gloves and not looking at the ex-photographer. "I-I shouldn't have sent Daffy ta Pistols but Oi only did it cos I didn't want to leave you alone while I went off an' dealt with him. You get me?"

Elmer looked at him with an unreadable expression. Bugs, unsure if he was getting though, carried on, voice getting progressively higher. "You'd had a shock an' oi didn't want to leave ya alone in mah house. So oi sent Daffy. I thought he could take care off himself! How was oi ta know he was gonna get chucked through your boudoir wall!? He..." Bugs stalled, trying to think what he wanted to say. "...He was meant to get rid of Pistols somehow. I dunno how oi was thinkin'. Anvil him? Hammer him? Annoy him ta death?"

"Bugs." Elmer said, gently stopping the rabbits rant. "Awe you twying to say you're sowwy for sending Daffy to fight a toon two times his height and thwee times his weight?"

Bugs nodded.

Elmer nodded and leaned back into the cusions. There was a slightly-tense silence then, just as Bugs was about to suggest he pack his things and move to Antarctica, the older toon spoke. "Weww. Thank you for your...apology." Bugs nodded. "And I suppose, seeing as we'we being open and honest, that I shouldn't have towd you not to be funny. I know you can't help it. And I shouldn't have yewwed at you like that." Elmer sighed and looked at the 'wabbit'. "Do you forgive me?"

Bugs blinked. "Bit formal, Doc." He said, lightly. "But yeah, cause I do." They looked at each other, then Elmer stood up and hesitantly held his hand out for a hand shake. Bugs stood up as well and they shook hands. Then Bugs laughed and pulled the hunter in for a hug. Elmer was clearly surprised by said hug, but returned it easily.

"By the way." He added, once they'd let each other go. "What happened to Pistols? No ones bothewed to teww me."

"Oh, he's going ta jail." Bugs said, easily. "The proper one, I mean, with the competent guards and proper security an' all."

Elmer gave a sigh of relief. "Oh, that's good. I was wowwied."

"No need ta be worried." Bugs said, firmly. "Trust me, he won't be bothering you again. Now..." He made a show of looking at his watch, despite the fact he still didn't know how to tell time. "...seeing as it's late, can oi suggest we get dinner at 'Bosko's'?"

"As long as you're paying." Elmer said, dryly.

Bugs laughed and Elmer smiled.

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