"Would you mind grabbing me a bottle of water, Jack?"

The boy looked up from his textbook and over at his best friend. She was wearing a knee-high blue sundress that was more than a little distracting. The girl never wore dresses and yet now she was. Her creamy white shoulders were on display for everyone to see. Though, honestly, it was only their group of friends in the study room. Not to mention, he seemed to be the only one focused on her dress.

He realized Elsa was still staring at him expectantly. "Uh, yeah, sure." Jack headed out of the study room and down the hall. Thankfully there were free bottles of water in the library so he didn't have to go far. However, the water closest by was not kept cold, unlike the water on the first floor. Jack decided the trip down two flights of stairs was worth a cold bottle. Elsa preferred it cold, after all.

The boy let his thoughts wander as he headed down the stairs. Why was Elsa wearing a dress? The girl didn't even wear dresses to parties so why would she wear one to a study session? Maybe she had someone to impress. Their group consisted of Elsa, him, Flynn, Rapunzel, Anna, Kristoff, Hiccup, and Merida. Flynn and Rapunzel were dating as were Anna and Kristoff. Jack supposed she could be interested in Hiccup, though he hoped she wasn't.

The boy stopped suddenly, his foot already halfway down to the next step. If Elsa could hear his thoughts she would kill him. He was being entirely sexist, assuming a guy of all things had to be the girl's motivation for the change. It was possible she just felt like wearing it. Today it was almost 90 degrees outside so it wasn't like the dress was a strange choice. Not to mention, as Elsa had felt the need to point out earlier, her dress had pockets. The blonde loved anything with pockets.

Jack had reached the bottom of the stairs so he headed over to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. For a moment he wondered if he should grab two just in case she was really thirsty. The boy decided against it though. Elsa was smart; if she had wanted two she would have said so.

With the singular water bottle in his hand, the nineteen-year-old headed back up the stairs and towards the study room. He was excited to arrive at the room even though he wasn't the biggest fan of studying. They would probably be done in about an hour though and then they normally went to get food together. At least the boy had that to look forward to.

Jack opened the door, surprised to see an almost empty couch and several empty beanbags. Only Elsa remained in the room, curled up on the edge of the couch. Her legs were tucked underneath as she stared at the book in her lap. As soon as she noticed the open door she glanced up though, a small smile on her lips. "Thank you, Jack," the girl said she grabbed the water from his hand.

The boy's heart fluttered slightly. For some strange reason, even a simple thank you from Elsa made him feel warm. Not to mention the fact his name sounded so perfect when it came from her lips. Yes, Jack was hopelessly infatuated with his best friend.

He shrugged his thoughts aside, sitting down beside the girl. "Where did the others go?" It was strange for all of them to decide and go do something. Surely they hadn't gone to get water considering that was what he had been doing.

"Soccer game," the blonde replied. "I forgot about it but the others wanted to go. If you leave now I'm sure you can catch up with them." With that said, the girl returned to her book.

Jack thought a moment. It was true he did like soccer. "Are you going to keep studying?" Elsa's nod was enough to convince him to stay. The girl was good at studying alone but Jack knew she still appreciated company, someone to share the silence with.

"I'll stay." The boy grabbed the textbook he had discarded earlier and began trying to read. He had only read a couple of paragraphs when he saw movement out of the corner of his eyes. Elsa had begun to undo her braid, gently running her fingers through it. Jack felt the sudden urge to run his own fingers through her platinum blonde locks.

The girl continued fixing her hair before turning to Jack. Elsa rarely wore her hair down and Jack was starting to think that was a good thing. It framed her face perfectly with its gentle curls from being in a braid. Overall, it made Elsa look more angelic than usual.

"I like having my hair played with," the blonde stated randomly. "Anna plays with it sometimes; it's nice. I wish she were still here."

Jack tilted his head slightly, trying to figure out the proper response. He had the overwhelming urge to offer his services but would that be weird? Sisters could play with each other's hair and that was normal, but maybe it would be creepy for Jack to. Still, the boy really wanted to know if her hair was as soft as it looked. "I could, uh, play with it?" An awkward smile made its way to his face.

Immediately, Elsa beamed at him, her eyes twinkling. "Thank you!" The girl gushed and, much to his surprise, she moved so that her head was in his lap. There was just enough room for Elsa to lay curled up with her head on his lap, her legs pressed up against the armrest of the couch.

Jack's face flushed as he looked down at the girl. They were good friends so it wasn't like they never touched. Still, this seemed intimate, didn't it? If Elsa thought so, she wasn't showing it. Instead, she had repositioned her book in her hands so that she could keep reading.

The nineteen-year-old set down his own book before hesitantly reaching out to where Elsa was. Slowly he grabbed a lock of her hair, gently running it through his fingers. It was even softer than he imaged, his fingers immediately grabbing more of it to tangle themselves in. The boy was careful not to hurt her as he continued stroking her hair. This was heaven.

Getting a bit daring, Jack began to use one of his hands to massage her scalp while the other continued running itself through her hair. And then it happened: Elsa moaned. The girl actually moaned.

"Oh, Jack, that feels good." The blonde leaned into his touch, not seeming to mind that she had just moaned his name. If Jack thought he liked the way she said his name before, well, that was nothing compared to the way she was saying it now. "Hey, Jack?"

The boy was so caught up in his own thoughts and the feeling of her hair in his hand that he almost didn't realize Elsa was asking a question. "Yeah, Els?" Perhaps she had realized this wasn't really platonic and was mad at him for doing it, even though she was the one moaning.

"I have a theory," the girl told him. "I've been testing it recently and I have quite a bit of evidence to support my claim." The boy couldn't see her face but it sounded like she was smiling, that is if her happy tone was anything to go by.

Jack stared at her a moment, his hands still in her hair. "What's the theory about?" he found the topic to be a bit random but Elsa could be like that sometimes, especially if there was something that she had proven true. Jack admired how much the blonde focused on academics.

Elsa didn't answer right away but when she did Jack felt his heart stop. "It's about you." The girl said it casually like it wasn't strange to be coming up with theories about friends. He supposed that really wasn't unusual for Elsa; she had a habit of people watching. Still, what theory could she have about him?

"Oh?" Jack asked. He felt slight panic even if this was most likely some completely harmless theory she had come up with.

"Yeah and I think I'm ready to tell you about my findings." Elsa was still laying on his lap, not facing him as she spoke. "It's mostly small stuff I've done. Like today for example. Rapunzel asked you to grab her a water bottle and you said it was too far, yet when I asked you less than thirty minutes later you agreed. Not to mention, you got me a cold one which means it came from the first floor."

Jack was glad the girl couldn't see the way his face was heating up. "This floor was out," he lied. He didn't understand where she was going with this. Was her theory that he liked her more than Rapunzel? "And I needed to stretch my legs."

"Maybe," Elsa replied, though she sounded unconvinced. "I did more tests though and it was always the same results. If someone else asked you for a favor and you said no you'd still say yes when I asked just moments later. We are good friends though so it is possible you just did it out of respect for our friendship."

Jack's hand was still tangled in the girl's hair but he had stopped moving it. "You don't think that's the case though, do you?" He tried to stop himself from panicking, from jumping ahead. Her theory could have nothing to do with his feelings for her, though that seemed unlikely. This wasn't fair! Hiccup had a crush on her too but it hardly seemed she was studying him.

"I don't," she confirmed. Elsa paused for a moment and Jack was sure she was running through the evidence she had collected. "I tried dressing differently too. At first, I did little things like wearing shorts more often or tanktops. You know, just wearing articles of clothing I rarely wear. Today I took it to the final phase by wearing this dress."

She didn't need to give examples of her dressing differently. Unfortunately, Jack could have come up with them all on his own. Elsa dressed rather conservatively and Jack didn't mind. The blonde was a beautiful girl and looked perfect no matter how much or little skin was covered. That said, though, Jack did still notice when Elsa began showing a bit more skin than usual.

It was far from being scandalous. Still, the day they had gone to Starbucks last week Elsa had been in shorts and a tank top, making it unnecessarily hard for Jack to focus on anything else.

"You looked at me more than usual after that." The girl laughed lightly. "And there is also the fact that you seem to look at me more than anyone else in the group does, except maybe Hiccup."

If she knew that then maybe she was testing Hiccup too. The boy felt rather glum all of a sudden. They were both apparently part of Elsa's study on nineteen-year-old boys. It was stupid that bothered him.

"You were the only one who seemed to notice that day I wore my braid on the other side." Elsa was still listing evidence as if that were necessary. The boy felt his face had warmed considerably, getting much hotter than human faces were meant to. "You glared at Hans that day he flirted with me and warned me not to date him even though I had already rejected him. Overall, everything seems to support my theory."

The girl suddenly sat up, facing Jack on the couch. "Oh, and the blushing," she mentioned casually as she took in the sight of his face. "Any physical contact or compliment seems to result in that." Somehow, Jack's face managed to turn a darker shade of red.

Elsa was the farthest thing from cruel, yet this didn't seem polite. If the girl knew about his crush why was she dragging it out like this? Why wouldn't she just reject him and move on with it? He hardly felt like hearing about how obvious he had been.

"My final piece of evidence though was simple." Elsa's eyes shot down to his pants for a moment. "When I laid on your lap, well, that happened." For the first time since Elsa had begun stating her research, the blonde actually seemed a bit uncomfortable.

However, that was nothing compared to Jack's own. His eyes shot down to his pants in horror where a tent had formed in his brown shorts. There was only one solution to this all. "I'm leaving." Jack would go back to his dorm and bang his head against a wall until he no longer remembered this mortifying experience.

"Jack, wait!" Elsa grabbed his wrist as he went to walk away. "I know this seems, well, mean. I wasn't doing this to embarrass you though. I just noticed things like how you stayed here and studied with me when I know you'd rather go to the soccer game." A decision Jack had come to regret. "Or the way you smile every time I say your name. I just needed to be sure."

The blonde looked desperate and Jack couldn't resist sitting back down. She was right; this seemed mean. Elsa wasn't mean though, far from it. She was the most kindhearted individual he knew which was one of the many reasons he couldn't get over his attraction to her.

"Why?" If it wasn't to humiliate him or hurt him, which Jack was certain it wasn't, then why would she do this?

The girl flushed slightly, twirling a piece of her hair in her finger. "I don't know," she said softly. "Or at least, I didn't know when I started. At first, I thought it just interested me in the same way psychology does but, well, that was proven false a week ago."

"What happened last week?"

Elsa still looked rather embarrassed as she spoke. It was unfair how cute that made her appear. "Anna told me Hiccup has a crush on me. She said it is so obvious and that everyone in our group knows." Jack could confirm that was true. "And yet I hadn't even noticed. I paid attention when you brought me a chocolate bar on the day I had that big test and yet I didn't have the slightest clue Hiccup was interested in me though apparently there have been many signs. Over this past week, I realized it wasn't just you paying extra attention to me; I pay more attention to you too."

The boy could feel his heart beating in his chest. Was she implying what he thought she was? Maybe that was just wishful thinking but it almost seemed the blonde could like him back.

The girl smiled slightly, seeming amused by something. "I thought that maybe I could justify it by saying that this theory simply interested me but now I'm sure that isn't it. Otherwise, I would have felt the urge to do the same to Hiccup and I don't. Not to mention, I've always thought that Hiccup and Merida would be cute but the idea of you with someone else-" The girl stopped, looking away from Jack. "I don't like it."

The boy had the slight urge to laugh. This was all so positively Elsa. She had conducted a scientific study to support her "theory" that Jack might be interested in her. Then, on top of that, Elsa ended up forming some own conclusions about herself using deductive reasoning. It was just like the blonde to use science to comfort her when dealing with something as confusing as emotions.

"So what are you saying then?"

Elsa immediately backed away from him, pulling her hands off his wrist like she had been burned. He hadn't even realized she was still touching him until she stopped. The blonde turned so she wasn't facing the boy anymore. "I'm not saying anything. I can't say anything." It took a few moments before the girl turned back around. Her eyes were wide and fearful, a blush still on her cheeks. "The thing about you it's well, it's just a theory. Even if the evidence supports it, it'd be ridiculous to act upon it."

Jack smiled at the girl, placing his hand on her leg. "And if it wasn't just a theory? If I confirmed it for you?" He asked. "What would you do then?"

The boy could see the hesitance in the girl's eyes as she opened her mouth to speak. "Hypothetically, I guess I would kiss you." Elsa's eyes searched his face and he knew she was trying to figure out how he felt about that.

Jack couldn't resist a small smirk. "In that case, I confirm your theory, Elsa, though you were a little off. Your theory is that I have a crush on you, right?"

Elsa nodded. "That's wrong?" He noticed the way the girl scooted back a bit.

Jack shook his head. "No, not wrong, just not completely right." He looked straight into the blonde's blue eyes, ignoring the knots in his stomach. "It's not just a crush. I'm in love with you, Els."

The girl's eyes widened in surprise as she processed the words. A smile slowly stretched across her face before she began leaning towards him, her eyes closing in the process. Even after everything that had happened, it still seemed crazy that he was actually about to kiss his best friend.

Jack let his own eyes close, waiting with bated breath for his lips to hit the blondes. Her lips were soft, though Jack was hardly surprised; they had always looked soft. What he hadn't expected was how warm they were and how perfect it felt to have them pressed against his own. Elsa Winters seemed to excel at everything; kissing, clearly, was not the exception.

Elsa pulled away, her pupils wide as she stared at him. "I love you too," the girl told him softly before pressing her lips back against his.