'You have arrived.' The electronic voice chirped from her phone as Weiss pulled down the unpaved road. She peered out the windshield, at the darkened street, noticing a worn dilapidated-looking gate. Flipping on her brights, she could just barely make out what looked like a 6 or maybe an 8 and what could have been a 5 but the rest was completely illegible. 'You have arrived.' The voice chirped again and Weiss let out a sigh, rolling her eyes as she turned into the gate, a decrepit old farmhouse coming into view. Putting her car in park but keeping it running she flipped on the car lights only to be filled with instant regret as a small voice piped up from the back. "Mommy?" Weiss looked over her seat to see her daughter rubbing her eye with a balled fist. "Are we there yet?"

Leaning over, she gently pulled Ivory's hand away from her face. "Don't rub your eyes and no. Not yet."

Weiss leaned over the center console, pulling the blanket that had fallen to the floor of the backseat back up over her daughter's legs. "Go back to sleep."

Pulling away and unbuckling her seatbelt Weiss reached over the passenger seat, opening the glove compartment. She rummaged through it until her hand found what she was looking for. Pulling out a black tactical flashlight and a swiss army multi-tool. Weiss looked down at the two items, a small smile pulling at her lips. 'Winter is nothing if not practical.'

Weiss glanced over her shoulder to see that Ivory was fast asleep once more and, after taking a deep breath, opened the door as quietly as she could. Stepping out of the car into the brisk night air, a shiver ran up her spine causing Weiss to rub her hands over her arms. She clicked on the flashlight shining it across the land in front of her. The area was overrun with weeds, half-grown trees, and felled logs. She moved the light over the ground until it was reflected off what seemed to be a pond near the middle of the yard. She turned toward the crumbling facade of the farmhouse, moving around her car and toward the porch. She moved the light over the front, noticing how the windows and door were boarded up with rotting 2-by-4's. Weiss pinched the bridge of her nose and let out a deep sigh. "Of course it is." Weiss threw her head back, groaning. "Of course it fucking is."

Clicking off the flashlight, she trudged back to the driver's side of the car sliding into her seat and shutting the door behind her. Tossing the two items on the passenger seat, she reached for her phone, pulling it from its dashboard mount. Pulling up Google, Weiss paused fingers hovering over the keyboard, as she thought for a second before typing in 'hotels near me' and hitting search. She watched as the wheel spun several times before pulling up a list of three hotels. The closest was only about 10 miles away while the farthest was over 30 miles. "Okay, okay," Weiss muttered in frustration, before glancing over her shoulder at the sleeping child in her backseat she took a deep breath before clicking on the hotel that was only 10 miles away. She clipped her phone back into its mount just as it chirped. 'Turn right onto county road 49.' Weiss buckled her seatbelt, pulling the cat into reverse and pulling onto what was apparently county road 49.


'You have arrived.' Her phone chirped as Weiss turned into the parking lot. She was surprised at how full the parking lot was given how dead the rest of the town was. Weiss felt a strange sense of culture shock at how quiet and empty the town was. Having grown up in the city Weiss was used to seeing people out on the streets late at night. The fact that there was no one out made Weiss just a little uncomfortable.

She pulled into a parking spot, putting her car into park, she turned it off pulling the key from the ignition. Leaning back in her seat, running her hands over her face and a heavy sigh escaping her lips. "Okay."

"Mommy?" A quiet voice piped up from the backseat. "Are we there yet?"

Taking a deep breath Weiss turned to look at Ivory who was just barely awake, rubbing her eyes sleepily. "Yeah. We are." Getting out of the car, Weiss moved around to her daughter's side of the car. Opening the door she leaned in, undoing the harness on her car seat and picking her up out of the seat. She kicked the door closed as she adjusted her grip on Ivory pulling a hood over her daughter's head as Ivory wrapped her arms and legs around Weiss. Weiss looked toward the hotel, the front of which was lit up enough for Weiss to see the name on the sign by the side of the road. 'Tukson's Inn and Tavern.' under which was a neon sign that read 'No Vacancy' with the no blinking sporadically. Whether the reason it was blinking was because they really had no vacancies or because the sign was broken was yet to be seen. 'Even if they don't have any vacancies they might be able to tell me somewhere that does.'

Weiss walked across the parking lot, approaching the front of the building. She noticed the posters that were plastered on the window advertising things like live entertainment and singles night. She pushed open the door and was immediately taken aback by the obnoxiously loud country music playing over the speakers and just how busy it was.

Weiss took in the people who were spread out across the bar, some lounging in booths or at the bar while others were playing billiards. They looked rougher around the edges and Weiss wondered if this was the only bar in town.

"How can I—" A voice said from Weiss's left causing her to turn her head to a woman who seemed to work there based on the black collared shirt and the name tag that read 'Blake'. "Oh I'm sorry but we stopped serving dinner at 8." The cat ears on the top of her head twitched and Weiss adjusted her grip on Ivory.

"I was actually wondering if you had any vacancies? Your sign out there is kinda misleading."

The woman's face contorted into an expression of understanding. "Is it blinking again?" Weiss nodded mutely and the hostess rolled her eyes turning her head to the side and yelled. "Sun!"

Weiss turned to look just as a head popped out from around the corner who seemed to be the personification of his name. He had golden blonde hair that looked like he hadn't brushed yet today and light blue eyes that shone with enthusiasm.


"The sign is blinking again. Can you fix it?"

"Oh yeah. Sure!" He disappeared around the corner.

"Come with me and I'll check you in." Blake gestured for her to follow and Weiss followed her through an archway, into what must be the inn's lobby. Weiss watched as Blake moved around the counter which Weiss slowly approached. "So, do you want a single or a double room?"

Weiss had to think before eventually saying. "A double please."

"Alrighty. Name?" Blake said looking up at her expectantly.

"Weiss." Weiss watched as she typed her name into the system.

"Last name?"

"Schnee." Weiss reluctantly said, watching as she went to type in her name only to pause, looking up at Weiss the ears on the top of her head twisting to the side as she furrowed her brows.

Weiss watched as she turned back to the computer. "We only have a single room available. Will that be okay?" She smiled in what was an act of passive aggression that Weiss couldn't help but admire. Letting out a sigh she set Ivory down on the counter using her free hands to pinch the bridge of her nose. "Yeah. That'll be fine."

"Mommy?" Ivory's quiet voice said and she looked up, her hood falling off her head and revealing a pair of small rounding ears on the top of her head. "It's loud."

"I know it is, peanut." Weiss ran a hand through her hair. "Just give me a few minutes."

Weiss watched as Blake looked between the mother and daughter for just slightly too long and Weiss placed a hand on the table as Ivory buried her face into her stomach. "Are you going to check me in?" Weiss snapped and Blake seemed to realize that she was staring as she looked back down at the keypad. She typed something in eventually grabbing a magnetic keycard, swiping it through a card reader. She handed the card to Weiss.

"Will that be all, Miss Schnee?" Blake tilted her head to the side slightly, giving her another passive-aggressive smile.

Weiss took the key card from Blake, maybe a little too forcefully, shaking her head. "Yes. That will be all." She picked Ivory up off the counter, causing her to wrap her arms around Weiss's neck.

Weiss adjusted her grip on her daughter moving to walk away only to stop when Blake yelled. "You're in room 206!" Weiss stopped looking down at her daughter whose face was scrunched into an expression of discomfort.

She turned to look at Blake, who looked like she hadn't expected her to turn around at all. "Can you not yell?" Weiss kept her voice calm and even as she took a couple of steps back toward the counter watching as Blake held her ground. "I'm sure you of all people know just how sensitive Faunus hearing is," Weiss peered at Blake, acting as if she'd only just read her name tag. "Blake, is it?" Blake nodded and Weiss smiled at her. "Good, then I will politely ask that you don't yell at me when my daughter is trying to sleep. Thank you very much."

Weiss turned on her heel, noticing the set of stairs near a hallway, and made her way toward it. Trudging up the stairs Weiss hiked Ivory up further keeping her from falling down as her body went limp with sleep before eventually coming to a stop at the top of them. Adjusting Ivory once more before moving down the hall. She watched as the number ticked upward until she came to room 206, sliding her room key through the card reader she grabbed the doorknob turning it and pushing open the door. She stepped into the room letting the door fall closed behind her. Weiss took in the small hotel room which was still completely dark. She took a deep breath, the room smelled clean but also like fresh pine trees. It was a nice smell. Weiss made her way over to the bed, pulling back the comforter and under the sheet before setting Ivory down on the bed. Ivory looked sleepily up at her as Weiss kneeled down pulling her shoes off and gently tucking her into bed. "Goodnight mommy."

Weiss pressed a kiss against her forehead, brushing her hair behind her ear. "Sweet dreams."

Weiss stood up moving around the bed, pulling the sheet down, she climbed in turning to look at Ivory who was already fast asleep. She cupped her face, gently stroking her thumb over her cheek. Closing her eyes, Weiss drifted off into a much-needed sleep.