This story is a little different than my other Hunchback story. This follows the events of the Book. And its more a Sequel if you like. I wrote it in german and translated it with google translator but I corrected a little bit before have fun with this Story of the Hunchback, witch is a little different, I think :)lg, Rebecca

I was as happy like a little child because today I would meet Jasmine for the first time. We have known each other from Facebook for almost a year and invited her to Cologne. Of course I wanted to show her everything that makes my city so special and that means something to me. Of course I picked her up at the main train station because she had come with a Bus. Days beforehand I had racked my brain about what I wanted to show her. Most important of all, of course, was the cathedral. The center of our city and our first way. But to enter the cathedral turned out to be difficult because a huge crowd had formed in front of the gates. At first we thought it was a street artist who caught the attention there. But it was not so. Loud laughter could be heard mixed with the sound of woe from one person. Somehow I was able to take a quick look at what happened there.

"Someone is getting beaten up there," I said, horrified.

Jasmin took out her cell phone: "Then we'll call the police."

"By the time they are there it's all over.", I replied and then briefly saw the face of the beaten man and briefly exposed my heart.

"What is it?" Asked Jasmine who saw me freeze.

I took her aside.

"I don't think so ... This is Quasimodo ..." I said to her and looked indecisively at the crowd.

"Are you sure?" Jasmine asked in disbelief and looked at me as if I didn't have them all anymore. I turned away and fought my way through the crowd. I screamed as loudly as possible: "Stop it!"

The guys who beat up Quasimodo stopped and looked at me. One of them came up to me, there were three of them and they were obviously drunk.

"What do you want? Get out of here and don't spoil the fun!" Said the guy in front of me.

Police sirens rang out and the guys ran away. The crowd dispersed and now Jasmin came up to me.

"Respect. I would never have dared to do that," she said.

"You know ... Nothing means more than Quasimodo for me," I replied.

"Are you really sure? I mean ... Maybe you just imagined ..."

I looked around and couldn't see him anywhere.

"I assure you I've seen him! Maybe he's hiding somewhere."

"Where should he be?" Asked Jasmine.

"I think there is only one possibility here ..." I said and looked at the cathedral, "come on!"

So we entered Cologne Cathedral. Actually, I wanted to show Jasmin around here a bit, but I only had a different priority now. I looked into every corner until suddenly I saw movement and a shadow. I walked towards it slowly. To the right of the altar behind a pillar, Quasimodo crouched like a beaten animal.

I waved to Jasmine and she came to me. Now I slowly stepped up to Quasimodo.

When Quasimodo saw me, he backed away from me.

" Don't be afraid." I said slowly because I wasn't sure if he could hear me.

I reached out for his hand. Quasimodo looked at me and I was shocked because his face was smeared with blood.

"I'm not hurting you," I said.

"It really is him ..." said Jasmine who knelt next to me and handed me her tissues.

I grabbed them immediately and blot Quasimodo's face. He had a wound on his temple and forehead. Certainly a few more wounds but that was hard to see so soon after the brawl.

"Thank you." Quasimodo said slowly. You could tell that he wasn't used to speaking.

"Do you understand me?" I asked.

"Yes. I read from my lips," he replied.

"Very well that makes everything a lot easier." Said Jasmine.

"I'm Regina." I said. "And that's Jasmine."

"Hi." Said Jasmine and waved to him.

"Come on. Somebody has to look at this," I said.

Quasimodo backed away as if I wanted to keep hitting him.

"No, I won't hurt you ... I want to be your friend ..."

"I don't need friends ..." Quasimodo said with such bitterness that my heart ached.

"Do you know how you got here?" Asked Jasmine.

Quasimodo shook his head.

"Where were you before you found yourself here again?" I asked.

"In Mountfaucon. I thought I was dying next to my beloved Esmeralda ... but then ..."

"Did you found yourself here.", I finished his sentence.

I looked around hard. Sure, Cologne Cathedral was a cathedral, so it was the only place here that Quasimodo seemed familiar to. But ... he couldn't stay here. There are no more bell ringer ringing the bells with their physical strength. Now machines did all of that. But the world outside frightened Quasimodo, after all, from the Middle Ages he had suddenly landed in the future.