When I woke up the next morning, I had an insane headache. But before I had to call for help, my hangover medieval breakfast was waiting for me. Which I devoured and then left the tent after half an hour.

"Hey, Regina!", Jasmine shouted and came running towards me: "It's about time you wake up. I've been through the night and I've been awake longer than you.", She said with a grin.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"1 o'clock noon.", Said Jasmin with a quick glance at the clock.

"We should go back," I said, "Quasimodo will be worried."

"Oh, he knows that we can take care of each other." Said Jasmin.

"In a time strange to us? Let's go!" I said and grabbed her arm. Jasmine let herself be dragged along somewhat stubbornly. One of Clopin's "bodyguards" from yesterday brought us back to the surface.

Here we found our way alone by looking out for Notre Dames Towers.

We entered the cathedral and went up the steps. When we came out of the south tower and walked across the upper gallery, the bells began to ring. We pressed our hands to our ears and felt the vibrations that the bells made in the ground below us. It took 5 minutes before the bells fell silent again. We took a deep breath and went on. When we arrived in the north tower, Quasimodo suddenly jumped from above us directly in front of us and looked at us questioningly: "I thought you have returned to your time."

"No, not that. But I found something.", I said and took his hand, "Would you go on a trip with me?"

Jasmine looked at me speechless and Quasimodo seemed to look at me amazed.

"Where to?" Asked Quasimodo.

"To Reims," I said.

"No, I vowed never to leave the cathedral again," said Quasimodo.

"But there is also a beautiful cathedral in Reims," I said.

"No, I'm staying here."

"The truth is ... I'm trying to find your parents."

"I don't need parents. I don't need anyone.", Quasimodo said and turned away from us.

"And now what?" Asked Jasmine.

"He can't be convinced. But 2 women who go to Reims alone? Too dangerous at this time," I said.

"Wait a minute, maybe he'll change his mind." Said Jasmine.

I went to our cell and sat down on the bed thoughtfully. I questioned my decision that if Quasimodo didn't want to see his parents, there was no point in looking for them any further. But I worried about what would become of Quasimodo if we left this time. In addition, I was concerned with why we have not caused a space-time paradox so far. Since we were here, it was like we belonged to that time ... What could be the reason for that?

Quasimodo was annoyed at Regina's words. She wanted to find his parents. What for? After all, they had abandoned him. He hated her for it. He hated them for putting him in this world at all ... He was sitting on the balustrade, leaning against one of the gargoyle figures. As motionless as he stayed, you could have mistaken him for a gargoyle. Then Jasmine passed him. She stood next to him by the balustrade and tapped him on the shoulder to make him look at her.

"You know, Regina didn't mean to upset you. Everything she does, she does for you. You mean more to her than anyone else. She wants you to be fine and you have a bright future. She doesn't want you stay alone. That's why she wanted to find your parents. "

"I don't need parents," said Quasimodo.

"But everyone needs company. You too.", Said Jasmine, "It may be that you grew up here, but you are not a stone figure like him.", She pointed to the gargoyle. "You are a person like us. People need other people to whom they can confide. Otherwise the soul suffers from loneliness."

Quasimodo looked thoughtfully at Jasmine.

"Admit it, you often felt alone up here, didn't you?" Asked Jasmine, "Until you met Esmeralda. Quasimodo turned his head and looked at the horizon.

"Esmeralda ..." he muttered.