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Chapter 7 Pool Test

"CANNON BALL!" as Akihisa splashed down into the pool with his avatar causing a large splash.

"Nice one Akhisa," said Hideyoshi.

"Way to go stupid," cheered Hazuki

"I can do better," said Yuuji as he got ready to top Akihisa's jump.

"Hey aren't we supposed to be here for a test?" asked Yuuko to the teachers. "Why are you letting them goof off?"

"Oh relax," said Mia as she and Yui started to set up a small table. "We weren't able to set up early so we need a minute to get the computer up and running, so just have a bit of fun, jump in the pool and get used to the water." As Yuuji and his avatar made a big splash.

Yui helped by grabbing some clipboards and an umbrella for the small foldable table. "Don't worry we should be up and running in a moment."

"I hope so," Everyone turned to see the head teacher of class 2-A Youko Takashi. "Because the principal is expecting results from all of this."

"Oh hey Youko," as Mia greeted the teacher using her first name which somewhat annoyed the other teacher. "What are you doing here, clocking in some overtime?"

"No, just setting up for the assignments for the upcoming months, I came out here to see your experiment." said Youko as she noticed Yui looking away nervously. "Is there something wrong, Ms. Takeuchi?"

Yui blushed for a moment as tried to cover herself. "Nothing."

"Oh Yui is just a little embarrassed because she accidentally grabbed an old swimsuit that's a little snug." said Mia.

"Mia! Don't go around telling people, especially not our co-workers."

"Oh relax it's an honest mistake and you look fine," said Mia calming her friend down, before turning to the kids. "Hey, do you guys think that Ms. Takeuchi looks good?"

All the girls started to compliment the teacher as they told her she looked fine, though Yuuji did scream as Shouko poked his eyes, AKihisa smiled. "You look great, I think that swimsuit really works for you." Yui couldn't help but blush at that as she was reminded of her and the boy's situation.

"I couldn't agree more," Said Hideyoshi before noticing Kouta was twitching, "Hey you doing okay." Kouta's eyes darted between all the girls and their swimsuits causing his blood to his head and to his noise launching him in the air. "And he's blasting off again."

Youko watched the boy blast into the air before turning to the other teachers, "That aside, why are you two wearing swimsuits, you're not jumping in the pool are you?"

"No, but I wouldn't be too surprised if the pool comes to us." as Mia pointed to the pool.

Youko looked to see as Kouta came crashing back down hitting the pool hard enough to send a wave crashing towards them. Youko yelped and shut her eyes as she waited for the water to hit her, but it never came. She slowly opened her eyes and noticed she was completely dry. "Huh?"

"Hey you okay?" asked Akihisa as he with the help of his Avatar held the umbrella that Yui had just put up, using it as a shield in front of Ms. Takahashi.

"Way to go Akihisa," Mia cheered. "Nice going with the fast reflexes."

Akihisa blushed. "Aw shucks, it was nothing."

Youko cleared her throat, "Thank you, Mr. Yoshii. You have saved my wardrobe."

"Eh, don't mention it," said Akihisa as he put the umbrella back. "Just be careful when you're in the splash zone."

That got a small chuckle from Ms. Takahashi. "I will," she then turned to her fellow teachers. "Very well I will leave all of this to you."

Yui gave a polite bow, "Don't worry we'll take care of the students."

"And we'll get some great data from them." Mia opened her laptop.

"Very well I will see you all later." as Youko headed back to the main building.

"Alright let's get on with the experiments."


Soon the pool was filled with several floating cube floats. "Okay as you all know I have made all your avatar's equal strength of a 100, and I've made it so that you can have some feedback, including pain, so be careful," said Mia as she held up several blindfolds. "The first test will be getting across the pool blindfolded."

"Blindfolded?" said Yuuji.

"How will we know where we're going?" asked Yuuko.

"You will be using your avatars." said Mia, "I bet you guys didn't know about these little features but your avatars can swim."

"Whoa really!" said Kouta, surprised.

"Well duh," said Aiko. "Didn't you see Akihisa and Yuuji jumping into the pool with their avatars or were you too busy looking at our bodies?" as she leaned forward slightly showing off her body.

"I don't know what you're talking about." He said as blood started to leak blood from his nose.

"Kouta clean yourself up," said Mia as she grabbed a clipboard, "Alright let's start with Minami, Heimji, Akihisa, and Hideyoshi.

The four of them were soon in the water with their eyes covered and their avatars in the water beside them. "All four of you make sure to be careful," said Yui. "Begin."

Soon all four of them started moving but not all of them went straight it was clear that this challenge would be even more tricky than they had anticipated, Hideyoshi started swimming in circles, Minami had quickly verified right running right into Heimiji causing both girls to fumble as they bumped into each other.

"I don't get it, what's the point of this?" asked Yuuko. "They're just bumping into each other like idiots."

Mia smiled as she pointed. "Not all of them."

They looked to see Akihisa already swimming halfway across the pool with his avatar swimming slowly in front of him slowly pushing the floating cubes to the side or pushing them towards Akihisa showing him the way to swim. "HUH! HOW! I THOUGHT HE WAS AN IDIOT!"

Akihisa stopped in the water. "Huh is someone talking about me?"

"He actually responds to that?" said Aiko.

"That's because he's stupid," explained Hazuki.

Himeji turned to Akihisa's voice. "Aki? How are you so far away?"

"Yeah how'd you get so far?" asked Minami as she held onto Himeji's arm.

"Oh I just used my avatar to feel what's up ahead," said Akihisa. "Just follow my voice and put your avatars in front of you and use their sense of touch to guide you through the floaties."

Soon both girls had their avatars move in front of them as they followed Akihisa's voice. Though both girls stayed close to each other "Hey I think I'm starting to get the hang of this?" said Minami.

"Yeah me too," said Himeji

"I think I'm getting this," said Hideyoshi but unlike the others, he was holding his avatar and using it as a stick.

Akihisa was the first to make it to the other side of the pool. He took off his blindfold and saw that he made it first. "Ah yeah, buddy we crush it." as he high fived his avatar before he pulled himself out of the water. "How'd I do?"

Mia looked at the data before giving him a thumbs up. "You did great, Yoshii," said Yui speaking for Mia who was nose deep in her laptop.

'This is much more interesting than I first expected.' thought Mia as the others got to the other end of the pool.

"Here let me help you." as Akihisa held out his hand.

"Thank you," said Himeji as he helped pull her out of the pool.

"Yeah thanks, Aki," said Minami before he helped her out of the pool.

"I got it," said Hideyoshi as he pulled himself out of the pool.

Yuuko looked at the pool before turning to Mia. "What minute, what gives, I thought our avatars didn't have a sense of touch."

"They don't," said Mia as she kept her eyes on her computer. "The avatars can't convey any form of sense back to the user, but it can make a signal to your unique brain waves to emit a form of pain, this is calculated by servers that determine in the field how fast something is moving and how hard the pain signal should be."

"But they're not in any pain, are they?" asked Yui, slightly worried about the students.

Mia looked at Yui. "Let me ask you if someone slaps you super lightly, is it still a slap or a tap?"

"A tap," repeated Yuuko as she realized what it was. "Or just a sense of touch, you turned the avatars into a form of extended sensor."

"Like a walking stick," said Shouko.

"Somewhat," said Mia as she typed on her laptop. "It's just one of the ideas I thought we could use the avatar system."

"Wow," said Aiko as she understood what they were doing. "Something like if tuned right could help out those who are visually impaired."

"Yep," as Mia smiled at her. "Now I need a bit more data, and it's your guy's turn."


"Okay, moving on to test number two, this time your avatars will be standing on top of the cubes and you'll be playing a small game of catch," Mia held out a small ball in her hand. "Just pass the ball to and from each other until I say stop."

Soon all of them were in the water with their avatars on a cube passing the ball to each other. It seemed simple at first but soon everyone found it difficult to keep at it. Hideyoshi couldn't get his avatar to throw the ball properly, constantly missing. Yuuji accidentally threw the ball hard and his avatar hit it back even harder causing the ball to fly right in his face. Shouko tried to throw the ball but she could never get her avatar to catch it. Himeji kept throwing the ball higher and higher each time and her avatar was following her lead, forcing her to back up and fumble if Akihisa didn't catch her.

"Whoa, are you okay?" he asked.

"Yes I'm fine," said Himeji, blushing.

Yui watched this and had to ask. "So what's the point of this exercise?"

Mia watched the students as a majority kept screwing up. "Well originally I wanted to see if they could use the sensor signals from the avatar's to adjust their throws correctly back to them but it seems only some of them can do it." as she noticed that Aiko and Akihisa were the only two to continuously throw the ball back and forth to their avatars.

"So is this exercise a bust?" asked Yui.

Mia hummed for a moment. "No not exactly, but this does make me wonder…" as she thought for a moment. "I think I know the next exercise we're going to try."


"For this exercise I want all of you to try and solve a Rubix cube," said Mia as she held up a Rubix cube as Yui handed the cubes out to each student. "The deal is here, you can't turn the cube yourself, your avatar is the only one that can turn the cube."

"Is that it?" asked Yuuko. "This will be easy." Not knowing how quickly she would be eating those words.

Akihisa looked at his cube, nervous. 'Oh man I was doing so well in the past two exercises,' He then noticed his avatar looking at him. "Don't worry we'll do our best." as he handed over the cube to his avatar. "Okay let's take this one step at a time and look this over." as his avatar started to turn the cube in his hand giving Akihisa a good glimpse of the cube, "Okay let me think for a moment."

"No, not that way."

"Huh?" Akihisa then looked around and saw that everyone was struggling. "What's wrong?"

"Turn right," demanded Shouko of her avatar and her avatar slowly turned over the cube.

"No, don't spin it," said Yuuji as his avatar started spinning the cube around.

"Just hold it steady." as Kouta moved around his avatar rather than have his avatar turn the cube.

"Hey, teacher lady, what's happening?" asked Hazuki.

"That's what I want to know?" asked Yui. "How are they struggling with this?"

"They've never done anything with precision with their avatars before," said Mia as she looked at the brain wave data on her laptop. "Having the avatar move and just swing something around is simple but having them hold an object and move just a piece of it with hands that are clearly small and being controlled remotely through brain waves is far more challenging and clearly frustrating." as the brain waves for Yuuko started to spike.

"Come on, come on," Yuuko muttered as her avatar was moving slowly to turn one side of the Rubix cube. 'I've done this, hundreds of times, how is it so difficult for an avatar?'

"Oh sweet, just got a second side done," said Hideyoshi as his avatar held the cube and expertly turned the cube in his avatar's hand. "Now how do I finish the other sides."

"Oh nice job Hideyoshi," said Akihisa. "I only got one side done on my cube." As Akihisa's avatar held up their cube.

'They are already finishing sides,' thought Yuuko as she looked back to her avatar slowly finishing the second line of one side. The sight only made her angry as she felt her pride wounded. "Come on, you idiot work faster," she shouted at her avatar getting everyone's attention.

Mia looked down at Yuuko's chart as she saw something unexpecting, "What the? It's repeating?"

Yuuko's avatar began to twitch and fumble. "Don't just freeze like a moron, turn the stupid cube you dumb avatar!" The avatar glitched for a moment before it turned and threw the Rubix cube at Yuuko's head.

"YUUKO!" yelled Hideyoshi as he looked at his sister.

"Yuuko are you alright?" asked Aiko.

"You're bleeding." Shouko pointed out as a small strand of blood started to leak from her forehead.

"I'll get the first aid kit." as Yui went to grab the first aid kit.

Yuuko ignored all of this as she just stared at her avatar who just stared back. She didn't even feel the blood on her head until someone grabbed her hand, she looked to see Mia right next to her. "Yuuko are you alright?"

Yuuko rubbed the blood off of her forehead. "I'm fine."

Yui came by with the first aid kit. "I got a bandaid."

"I'm fine!" shouted Yuuko as she started walking away from the pool causing her avatar to disappear. "Just give me some space."

They all watched as she left, Mia bent down and grabbed the Rubix cube that Yuuko was working on. "Yui have you ever seen anything like this?"

Yui shook her head. "No, I've never seen an avatar attack their user."

"What just happened?" asked Aiko.

"Maybe her avatar got angry with her," suggest Yuuji as his avatar hopped on his head.

"I don't think that was the case." Mia went back to the small table and grabbed the laptop. "I think Yuuko got angry with herself." She then showed them the data. "Take a look at this, Yuuko's brain waves echoed for a moment as if part of her was yelling back to her."

This confused everyone but Hideyoshi, "She was yelling at herself and her avatar lashed out at herself for it."

"Her anger for not meeting up to her standards caused her avatar, who is being controlled by her brain, to attack her. At that moment she was her enemy." said Mia as she started to understand what had happened, "Her subconscious gave into the self-doubt and the self-hate she had towards herself."

"Still we should check on her," said Yui. "As her teachers, we need to go check on her, the rest of you- what a minute, where is Akihisa?"


Yuuko was lightly punching a tree as she thought over what just happened. "You idiot, you just humiliated yourself in front of everyone, in front of the teachers, in front of your friends. I looked like more of a fool than my brother, I was more of an idiot than the dumbest kid in our school." as she punched the tree hurting her hand and tears to form in the corner of her eyes. "And now you're trying to punch a tree-like an idiot."


Yuuko turned to see Akihisa looking at her, she quickly whipped the tears from her eyes, "What do you want?"

Akihisa slowly raised his phone. "You want to watch a cat video?"

Yuuko blinked for a moment as she made sure she heard him right. "What?"

"I got a bunch of cat videos right here, one on a keyboard another stealing a fish, oh and this one's wearing a funny hat." as Akihisa showed Yuuko the picture of a cat wearing a goofy pinwheel hat.

Yuuko couldn't help but laugh as she saw the photo. "That's so stupid," she said between giggles.

"There you go, doesn't that feel better?"

Yuuko stopped laughing at that. "Thanks, for an idiot you're not so bad."

"Anytime, I may not be smart but I can at least try to cheer a friend up."

"Huh? Since when are we friends?" asked Yuuko, "You're from class F and I'm from class A, why would we be friends?"

Akihisa tilted his head, "Well why not, just because there are few differences doesn't mean we can't get along, I know nothing about photography but I still hang out with Kouta, I'm not as hardhead like Yuuji but he's still my best friend and Hideyoshi can out dance and sing me any day but were still friends."

"While that all may be true that doesn't mean we have anything in common."

"Well, their Hideyoshi." pointed out Akihisa which just made her angry. "Did I say something wrong?"

Yuuko sighed. "Me and Hideyoshi have nothing in common, he sings and can dance, perform any piece, he knows exactly what he wants to do with his life."

Akihisa then realized why Yuuko hated Hideyoshi. 'She doesn't know what to do with her life, she's a genius but has no direction, she's smart but doesn't know what to do with it, Hideyoshi on the other hand has always known what he wants, he has a talent that he's been practicing for years. She resents him because even with all her hard work she doesn't have anything to go forward with.'

"Look, just forget about this and let's head back." as Yuuko was about to leave.

"I wanna be a chef," Akihisa said suddenly.


"But right now I'm trying a new project with videogames."

Yuuko gave him a strange look. "Okay?"

"Well I figured with all this serious talk we should change the subject," said AKihisa. "So how about what to do in the future, but I don't know but hey we got plenty of time, right we still got a whole year of high school left, we should enjoy it while we can. Who knows, maybe by finding what we enjoy we can find our direction."

"What we enjoy." Repeated Yuuko as she thought about the books she's always reading. "I doubt what I enjoy can be a good direction."

"What are you talking about, with your brains you could probably make anything work," said Akihisa causing Yuuko to blush and her mind to wander for a moment.

"Shut up, you're just talking nonsense." as Yuuki with a pure red face walked back to the pool.

Akihisa let out a held breath. "I think that worked."

"So do I."

Akihisa jumped. "Wha, Hideyoshi!? When did you get here?"

"The first thing I heard was you saying you and my sister were friends," said Hideyoshi. "Thanks. That was the first time I'd ever seen my sister like that. I think she needed that."

"No problem." said Akihisa. "I always look out for my friends."

Hideyoshi smiled, "Thanks." as they made it back to the pool.


"Well thank you all for the help today," said Mia as they all left the school. "I got a lot of data today. Be careful on your way home and I'll see you all on Monday."

"Take care, every one," said Yui as the teachers waved off the students.

"Bye." as the students left the teachers as they went on their way home.

After the students left the two teachers went back inside the school. "So Yui, what are you doing for the rest of the night?"

Yui tilted her head, "I'm afraid I don't have anything going on tonight, why?"

"Well I just reset everyone's points back to where they were, I got the data saved on the cloud so I was thinking of celebrating tonight with a few drinks at my place, what do you say?"

"Oh a girl's night, well it has been a while since I've had a good bottle of wine. Sure why not," said Yui

"Great," as Mia took out her phone, "I'll send you my address."


"Bottoms up," As both Mia and Yui emptied both of their glasses.

"Ahh, it's been a while since I've drunken like this," said Yui as she started pouring herself more wine.

"I don't think drinking like this is such a bad thing as long as you limit it to every now and then and not a weekly thing you know."

"Agreed," as Yui started drinking again. "I might not be able to make it home tonight."

Mia drank a bit. "I don't mind if you want to stay the night, you can take the bed and I can take the couch unless you have someone waiting for you."

"Oh no, I got no one right now," said Yui as an image of Akihisa popped in her head, as her mind wondered what kind of relationship they could have.

"Oh I know that look," said Mia, giving Yui a sly smile. "Who's the boyfriend?"

"Not a boyfriend," Before Yui gave a tired sigh, "To be honest I have no idea what he is to me, I slept with him and we haven't talked about it at all. I have no idea how he thinks about me or what I think about him."

Mia considered changing topics but decided to go for it. "So what's this guy like?"

"He isn't very smart but he has a good heart, he's always there for his friends and even if he doesn't succeed he always tries his best," Yui felt her heart warm as she spoke about Akihisa, 'He hasn't even blackmail me or asked to sleep with me again.' "He doesn't even seem to have a bad bone in his body."

Mia took a sip of her wine. 'Yeah, Akihisa is really a great guy.' Mia chuckled, "Guys like that are hard to come by."

"Yeah," agreed Yui as she took a long swig from her drink. "Though I don't think it will work out between us," she said clearly sad with her words. "There are just too many hurdles to overcome."

Mia thought it over, "Wouldn't that just make it more worth it. I mean if you could just find some way to make it work would you go for it?"

Yui thought it over as she drank silently. "I think I would, if he accepts and loves me then I think I would."

Mia then threw the curveball. "What if he has a girlfriend?"

Yui gave her a look, "Well of course I wouldn't break them up, I'm not going to such lengths."

"What would you do if he said he wanted to date you and his girlfriend?"

Yui choked a little on the wine. "Okay, I think you've had enough to drink."
"No seriously, what would you do if he asked for something like that, would you be okay if he dated other girls if he still loved you?"

Yui grumbled. "I'm too drunk for this kind of topic."

"I think you mean too sober." as Mia passed another bottle over to Yui, who to her surprise started drinking directly from the bottle. "Hey, leave me some."

Yui then passed the remaining half of the bottle to Mia who decided to follow Yui's lead and finish off the bottle. "How about you, what would you do if your boyfriend asked if he could sleep with other women?"

"Depends on the woman, I guess." as she put the bottle down. "Hell, I would ask if I could join in."


"Hell yeah, at the university all the guys either have their heads stuck up their asses or old farts. Neither would treat women like us right and they sure as hell wouldn't satisfy us," said Mia as she felt the alcohol kick in. "Bunch of pencil dicks."

Yui laughed at that. "Pencil dicks ha."

"Seriously the only people that would give me anything fun would be the other women there at the university, though I guess I really shouldn't say that since I haven't accepted any of their offers."

Yui looked at her in surprise. "You've been hit on by other women!"

"Yeah, has any nice young lady hit on you before?"


"Would you wanna?"

Yui tried to think it over before a part of her said fuck it. "Get a guy involved and I'd say yes."

"How about with me?" asked Mia, giving her a flirtatious smile.

"Sure I wouldn't mind sucking off your milkers." as Yui reached out and started to grope one. "These babies look good."

"I know," as Mia pushed herself closer to Yui and put a hand on her leg rubbing her thigh, slowly moving under her skirt. "Your legs are amazing."

Knock Knock

They both turned to the door, "Who's that?"

"I don't know," said Mia as she stumbled to the door. "Hello?"

"Hey Mia it's me," came Akihisa's voice. "I was wondering if you still had any soy sauce, I ran out."

Mia smiled. "Hey Yui, come over here."

Yui stood up and stumbled to the door. "What's up, is it a delivery boy?"

Mia opened the door. "It's Akihisa."

"Ms. Takeuchi!" as Akihisa was surprised. "What are you doing here?"

"Akihisa?" Yui blinked for a moment before grabbing his hand and pulling him inside and slamming the door shut.

"Ms. Takeuchi?" before Akihisa could ask anything else. Yui slammed him against the door and forced her lips onto his started a heavy makeout session. Akihisa still had no idea what was going on but his instincts were driving him now as he wrapped his arms around Yui's waist and started kissing back.

Mia was watching all of this and was quickly turned on as she thought of a way to speed things along. "Here let me help you." as she slipped her around Yui and up her shirt groping and massaging her breasts from behind. As she did so, she undid the woman's strapless bra and took it.

Yui stopped and turned her head. "Mia?"

Mia dropped the bra."I just thought we should give him the full show of your new tits." She then reached around and pulled Yui's shirt down revealing her breasts to Akihisa. "Well, do you like?"

Akihisa just gulped at the sight. "Oh yes." as he stared at them causing the lower part of his body to go wild.

Yui pushed her chest against Akihisa. "Oh he likes." as she felt his lower region. "What a naughty boy." she then leaned in and whispered. "Would you like me to do something about that?" Akihisa could only nod as the words got caught in his throat. Yui then slowly lowered herself to his pants before pulling them down revealing Akihisa's member eager and ready for more. "I knew you were a naughty boy." as she took his member in her hand and started to rub it up and down. She kept it for a few seconds before she started to use her tongue to lick it up and down the shaft.

"Oh god yes," muttered Akihisa as he felt a surge of pleasure.

"Don't let go just yet," as Mia took off her shirt and bra completely. "We have only just begun." as she gave Akihisa a passionate kiss.

Akihisa returned the kiss as he moaned into her lips as he felt Yui starting to suck his dick. 'This is truly a dream come true.' he thought as his hands explored her breasts. Soon he was at his limit as he grabbed the back of Yui's head and pushed his member further down her throat, unleashing his load. Yui did her best to drink every drop but some escaped her lips and landed on her chest as Akihisa pulled away. 'That was amazing.'

"Oh we're not done yet," said Mia as she knelt next to Yui and pressed her lips against hers, sucking Akihisa's cum from her mouth. The sight alone made Akihisa hard again as he watched his two teachers make out. Mia then stopped before moving down to Yui's breasts, licking every drop that landed on her chest, making the other woman moan. "They're all cleaned up." as Mia finished the last drop.

Both women then stood up but kept their breasts extremely close to each other. "Does this mean the real fun begins?" asked Yui.

"Oh yes," said Mia as she turned to Akihisa who looked ready to go again. "And it looks like he's ready to go all night."

"Absolutely." as Akihisa forgot all about anything else as he knew what he was doing for the rest of the night and he was going to enjoy it.

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