It was the day after the Batman last episode lost heroes, after the justice league defeated Hugo strange, Batman and the others decided to let only one of his sidekicks join the league they where put to a obstacle course test, batgirl wanted to plebe part of something big and robin was hoping he would meet others hero/ sidekicks his age. Batgirl bragged about her being on the league and she would miss robin. She cheated by pushing robin, the league sawed how great she was, Robin was sent home to live his life as a kid and to protect Gotham when The Batman can't. When he went home, he began to felt lonely, sad

With The Batman and batgirl gone with the league, he had no one to hang with, no one to talk to. He felt empty like something, was missing inside him, one day a girl will change his live.

Jessica DiCicco plays ravenRobin was doing patrol around Gotham, still having the empty feeling inside, no one in Gotham like him or want to have him around since they prefer batgirl than him.


He then heard someone screaming, he hops on top of a building, he looks around to see where that screaming was from. He sees a girl running from two police officers, she looked scared. He shot out his robin grabbing hook swung down and handed in front of her.

Girl: ahh

Robin: whoa, whoa, it's okay, I'm not gonna hurt, I just wanna help, you okay

Girl: (she looked up and saw him) it's you, the boy from the circus

Robin: (shocked) what how di-

Police officer: you stop right there

she panicked and ran in to the streets, she ran far away from until a large truck came.

Girl: ahhhhhhh(he swooped in a grabbed her)

She clinched tight to him, he landed on the ground. She let go as He gently puts her down, she back up a little looked at starts to cry as she hugs him, Robin got surprised, he hugged her back, making her feel comfortable.

Robin: are you okay

Girl: (looks up at him)

Robin:if you're in trouble I can help you, I just want to help

Girl: okay, but can we talk somewhere private

Robin: sure

Dick(POV)-Ten minutes later I changed but except instead into my normal clothes, I dressed up a black clothing since she was a goth, I had to admit out of all of the goths in Gotham, she was cute. I put on my shades, looking for her.

Girl: (piss)

Dick: huh(I see her coming out of an alley

Girl: I already know who you are, so you don't need to hide your identity from me.

Dick: let's talk

Girl: okay

We went to a small diner,a waitress came to us

Waitress: what can I get you too,

Dick: I'll have a club soda

Girl: I'll just a coffee, plain

She left

Dick: so who are you and how do you know who I am

Raven: my name is raven and I'm in danger, there this bad man that wants me

Dick: why

Raven: because(sighs) I'm... different

Dick: everyone's different here

Raven: NO you don't understand, look give me your hands

I gave her my hands, she pulls them having me pulled closer to her face, puts both palms on the side of my cheeks, she puts her forehead on mines. Everything went black and I saw what she was, she was... a demon, I then saw and heard her screaming in pain.

Dick: ahh (I pulled back) you're a demon

Raven: yes I know I'm a freak

Dick: (putting my hand on hers) I don't think that

She smiled a little, then it turned into a frown

Raven: you're not a afraid of me, why

Dick:(getting closer to her face) because I seen things stranger than a demon

We smiled at each other for a few minutes, our waitress came with our drinks sawed us.

Waitress: awwww, young love

Dick: so what's a girl like you doing in Gotham

Raven: well I had a vision, I was supposed to dream about the world's greatest hero to save me, then I saw you, I boy who lost his parents and wants to protect the world

Dick: (I think she preferring the Batman) I think you got the wrong hero, you want The Batman (or batgirl)

Raven: my visions never lied, (puts my hand in hers) I know what everyone says about you, but I don't care what they say, you're a great hero, you did save me from that truck

Dick: it's my job

Raven: besides you didn't care what I looked like

Dick: I don't judge,(I smiled), so why where, you running from the cops,

Rachael: can I see your eyes

I slowly remove my glasses, showing her my eyes

Rachael: their beautiful

Dick: thanks (smiling bashful)

Raven: I was looking for you, and my demon side warned me I got scared and panic

Dick: hmm,( I see her covering her face more) why do you cover your face

Raven: because, I'm afraid of showing my monstrous face

Dick: (I reach up to remove her hood)I bet you're beautiful, without the hood on

Raven: NO don't (I removed the hood)

Dick:whoa (I take it back, she wasn't cute, she was beautiful)

I smiled as she turned

Dick: you should wear the hood down more often

She smiled bashful

Raven: if only their were people like you

Dick: so do you have a human name

Raven: no

Dick: well we can give you one, hmm

I thought for a minute and noticed her hair.

Dick: how about Rachael

Raven: why Rachael

Dick: because it's beautiful name, like you

Rachael: (giggles) Rachael it is then

KevinMichael Richardson plays Trigon

At the train station a certain man in a suit comes out, ring, ring, he pulls out his phone

Caller: have you find her yet

Rick:not yet sir

Caller: we'll find her, we can't risk her getting help, not while everything's in place, find her and bring her home

Rick: yes sir

Caller: and don't fail me

Back with dick and Rachael

Rachael: wow, it must be nice to have a millionaire dad

Dick: not really, it gets lonely, I don't have anyone to talk to

Rachael: I know how you feel growing up I didn't have any friends

Dick: what about your family, speak of which do they know where you are

Rachael: (she looks down) I...don't have one

Dick:(gasp) you're a orphan

Rachael: yeah

Dick: I'm so sorry how did your parents die

Rachael: my mother died trying to protect me from my dad, I remember as a small child, my dad wanted to use me as a weapon to destroy the world my mother had other plans for me,she took me away from him, she ran as far as she could take me, she put me down on someone's doorstep and knocked on the door. I was taken in by this nice young woman, who knew what I was, but still loved. When I was taken in for custody. My mother put a spell on my dad and banished him to the underworld, she died only to sacrifice herself for the world and my safety.

Dick: what happened next

Rachael: on my tenth birthday, I came home, only to find my adopted mom Roseanne dead, shot in the head, by Rick flag, a man who teamed up with my father, I tried to run away, but he shot me down with a tranquilizer gun, he brought to a place called Cadmus. (I knew that the one look on her face, made me think, she needed me) he would torture me to get my powered to work, he would electrified me just for the fun of it.

Dick: that is sick

Rachael: then one day when I turned 13, I finally had enough. My demon side told me to escape, so one night she made me dream about you, so I escaped and took a bus to Gotham and that's when I found you.

Dick: it must've been terrible

Rachael: it was

We walked when, something caught her eyes

Rick: (he turned to see her, and runs)

Rachael: (gasp)

Dick: what, what is it

Rachael: RUN

She grabbed hand and runs into alley, he followed.

Rick: (he blocked us) you can't escape your fate Rachael

Dick: (I get in front of her) leave her alone

Rick: beat it kid, this is between me and her

Dick: you want her you'll have to get through me

Rick: have it you're way

He came closer, I grabbed a trash canlid, and threw it at him,

Rick: ahhhh

We ran, he got up and started chasing us, I stopped

Dick: go I'll stop him

Rachael: but dick

Dick: GO

He ran passed me, I tripped him, he tried to punch but years training with Batman had me going. I punch him back, in the chest,nose, mouth, below the junk, and face, I punched him over and over, over. Until he grabbed both of my hands and tried topin me down, I was going to slam him against the wall, until he elbowed me in the head, I collapsed on the floor. He then stomped on head with his foot, making me go unconscious.

Rachael: dickkkkkkkkkkkk

I could hear her screaming my name as the blurry vision of the guy running away with Rachael, a few minutes I came out of unconscious, running out of the alley, I went back to alley to changed, I got onto my robin cycle. Looking for her, I thenspotted herand the man, going into the abandoned warehouse. i followed to see a bigger man inside bigger than the man draggingRachael

The man had white slicked back, a brown shirt,slacks, and dark dress shoes.

Trigon: so you finally returned, (coming out of the shadows) what took long

Rick: sorry we had trouble, a certain otherwas getting in the way

Trigon: I told you to come (walking up to her) and what do you do, talk to some boy (turns his back to face the window) what was his name

Rachael: I'm never telling you,(crossing her arms)

Trigon:(bends to down to her, it looked like, he was reading her mind) (gasp) A SUPERHERO, no daughter of mine's will be dating a superhero.

Rachael: we're not dating, but please keep him out of this I don't want you hurting him

Trigon: I know what is in your heart raven, I saw the way looked at you, besides he's just like those other boys you met in school

Rachael: not robin,

Trigon: so he's named after a bird, what kind of person would name a girl Rachael really, he's nothing but a small sidekick

Rachael: he's different from the others, he's kind, sweet and doesn't care what I look like

Trigon: (grrrrrr) if I didn't know better raven I say you had feelings for this boy, I need to move now (opening a portal)

Rachael: he's gonna stop you father cause he's a hero

Trigon: he'll never get past my minions

I took down out his demons with one punch,

Dick: time to rescue Rachael

I ran only to find her being sucked into a portal

Trigon: let's go,

Rachael: I'm not destroying the world, I won't

Trigon: I will not my daughter ruin my plans cause, of some boy say she's great, besides you have nothing in this world you have no family I'm all the family you need,

That right there, made her realize that she was alone, that all the bad, needed to suffer, she then started to say a chant as if she had no choice

Trigon: that's it raven, fulfilled your destiny, and destroy the world, you will never will lonely

I felt the earth started to shake, I need to take action

Robin: you're wrong she has me, (I threw my Robinrangs at him, he fell down in front of Rachael,

I ran to talk to Rachael

Robin: Rachael, don't do this

He then charged at him, and hit me with his elbow

Trigon: stay out of this boy and you won't get hurt

I threw my robinrangs at him, he blocked them,

Robin: who are you

Trigon: I'm her FATHER now beat it punk

Robin: oh I don't think so

I ran making him chase I held on to a pole, swung and kicked him in the jaw, he fell back when I got a closer look of him. I was shocked to see that half of his face, was a demon

Robin: (gasp)

Trigon: whats wrong, don't like what you see

He transformed into his true form

Robin: who are are you

Trigon: I am Trigon, Master of the dark, destroyer of dimensions, enslaver of civilization, and I will not let some PRETTY BOY SIDEKICK, GET IN THE WAY, he punch me hard in the chest, sending me flying across the room.

Robin: ahhh(I got up, painful)

He went up to finishing me, I pulled out my sleeping pellets, I throw it at him.

Trigon: (cough,cough,cough)

He fell asleep on the floor.

I ran towards Rachael to stop her. Soon the whole building was shaking,

Rachael: Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos, Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos, Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos,Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos, Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos

Her voice started to get louder

Robin: Rachael, Rachael

I ran, grabbed her by the shoulders

Robin: Rachael, hey(her demonic side spoke to me)

Demon: you're going to die , there's no saving her

Rachael: (crying in fear) get out of here robin, save yourself, I'm nothing but a monster and that's all I'll ever be, nobody wants me around nobody wants a demon for a daughter.

Robin: I'm not going anywhere

Rachael: you have to, I'm not worth it, I was created to destroy the world, and that's all I ever be.

Robin: Rachael

Rachael: I don't wanna hurt you(tears rolled down her cheek) the world needs you

Robin: listen, you wrong, your dad's wrong, I need you, you're never alone, you have me.

Rachael: (sobbing) but what about my demon side

Dick: I don't care if you're a demon, I like you just the way you are

Rachael: but what about my powers, they were ment to destroy the world.

Dick: listen, (placing my hands on her cheeks) you could use your powers to be like you're dad, or you can use them to save innocent lives and become a hero, (whispers) I think people will come around to liking you.

Tears ran down her face

Robin: you're not a alone, I'm here, you have me, I'm not going anywhere, here I am, (I pulled here into an embrace hug)

I felt her tears falling on my shoulder

Rachael: (sobs,sobs) you're not afraid of me

Robin: ... I never was, you're okay

Her dad got back up and tried to attack me


Rachael: no father


We both punched him, he fell backwards, into the portal, he grabbed on tight of the concrete ground.

Trigon: this all you're fault boy, one day robin I'll return and I will make you pay.

Rachael: I don't think so dad (she kicks him, having him fall inside the the portal)


Rachael: Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos(closing the portal)

We fell down and looked at each other , she hugged me I returned the hug and let go,

Rachael: wait what about rick

Robin: leave this to me

A few minutes later, Rick heard what happened to Trigon and went back to taking Rachael back to Cadmus, I changed back to my normal clothes (the black cool ones) I told her to go in the train, he followed, when went inside to grab her, I grabbed Rachael, and we ran out in time for the doors to close. He banged on the doors wanting us as the train leaves we waved bye at him.

Dick: don't worry, wherever he's going he won't be bothering you anymore

Dick/Rachael: (giggles) he he ha he

I walked her down the train station for her ride

Rachael: what are we doing here,

Dick: I felt bad for what happened to you mom, sooo I had you put up for a adoption, lucky there's a women named Melissa who lives In Detroit. Your train is one it's way.

Rachael: so I guess is this goodbye

Dick: yeah

Her train arrived

Rachael: will I ever see you again

Dick: in your dreams

Rachael:(giggles) hehehehe

Dick: hahehe

She turned her head to the side

Dick: but hey, if you ever in trouble , or that Rick guy is bothering you or if you need a friend to talk to (giving her my phone number)

Rachael: thanks(taking it as she gives me hers) her

Dick: thanks(ohh) and here (giving her one of my robinrangs) something to remember me by

Rachael: wow, thanks dick, I'll never forget you

She hugs me again

Rachael: don't forget me

Dick: I could never forget a girl amazing as girl

We let go and she smiled, she reached up to my face. And pressed her lips against my cheeks

Rachael:(smooch) (she left a lipstick mark on my face)

I touched it and watched her leaved

She stopped and turned to me.

Rachael: ohh and robin, you may not everyone's favorite hero here, but to me,you're my hero Bye

I watch her leave and walked home,only to find Bruce and Oliver siting on the couch talking

Bruce: hey dick how was you're day

Dick: fine I guess

I went up to my room, knowing I would spend the rest of my days alone. I hung a picture of raven on the wall and put the lipstick mark next to it.

I may not be the greatest hero but at Least I'm a special hero to someone.

I went to sleep knowing I will never find anymore people like Her. Or so I thought

Back downstairs with Bruce

Bruce: he seems kind of lonely

Oliver: you know Bruce me and the rest of the legue think it was time for him to meet our sidekicks.

Bruce: hmmm, I guess it would be nice for dick to meet kids his age and that are super

Oliver: so it's agree , tomorrow he'll meet my sidekick speedy

This was the beginning of a new team.