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Percy walked down to the beach where he had invited Annabeth. His pocket felt heavy. He stopped and took out the small box from his pocket. A ring sat inside, with an inscription: 'Yours, forever and always'.


Percy went to the fountain that sat in the corner of his cabin, which he now shared with two more demigods; eleven-year-old Margaret, or Peggy as everyone called her, and seventeen-year-old Mark.

As he threw a drachma into the rainbow which had formed there, he chanted, "O Iris, goddess of the Rainbow, accept my offering. Show me Lord Hephaestus at his forges."

The rainbow shimmers and shows Lord Hephaestus, his back turned, examining something. His wife, Lady Aphrodite, is standing beside him, also examining the same thing.

"Hephaestus, I am telling you, you should use the green one-"

"But he told me specifically to use the grey one-"

"Yes, but the green one looks so much better-"

Percy sighs, and interrupts them.

"Um, hi?"

Hephaestus and Aphrodite turn around.

"Oh, Percy! We were just examining the, ah, project," says Aphrodite. "I keep telling my husband to use the green stone, but he insists on using the grey one."

"And I keep telling you that Percy has specifically told me to use the grey one!" Hephaestus counters.

"Well, then I have an idea." Aphrodite snaps her fingers and the grey and green stones sitting on the table merge together to form a yin-and-yang-like structure, just with green and grey instead of black and white. "How is it?"

Percy goes speechless. "Well, its, um...what's the word? Perfect."

Aphrodite beams at him as Hephaestus joins the stone to the ring.

"It is the most exquisite piece of jewelry I have ever made!" Hephaestus says. "The ring itself is made from an Atlantean Steel, platinum and titanium alloy. It is inset with pearls taken from your father's palace, Percy." The god beams. "When I told him what I was making, he gave some to me to use."

"And my husband and I have put an enchantment on this ring. When you hold it in your hands for the first time, whatever you say will get inscribed on it!" Aphrodite says.

"When can I get it?" Percy asks.

"We will send it to you by this evening." Hephaestus says.

"Thank you for making this for me," says Percy. "I don't know how I can ever repay-"

"Nonsense!" say Hephaestus and Aphrodite together. "We just want you to succeed in this, ah, endeavor."

Hephaestus and his wife smile as the Iris Message vanishes.


Percy walks out of the elevator and into Olympus. Following him are Leo Valdez and Nico Di Angelo. He stops.

"Come on, Perce, you're going to do fine," says Nico.

"Yeah, Waterboy, just get this over quick." adds Leo.

Percy takes a deep breath and walks until he reaches Lady Athena's library, where they are supposed to meet. He goes in and looks around. The library is large and incredible, easily the size of Central Park. He notices Lady Athena near a table, poring over at least half a dozen books. She reminds him of Annabeth, whenever she is completely engrossed in something.

"Uh, Lady Athena?"

Athena looks up at him and smiles.

"Ah, Perseus. Come on, sit down."

Percy is a bit surprised. Since when did Athena start calling him Perseus? Nevertheless, he sits down.

"So, um, my lady, I was about to ask you, uh..." Percy stammers.

Athena raises her eyebrow. "Yes?"

"I want your blessing to, uh, propose to Annabeth."

Athena's eyes widened. Just when Percy was sure he was going to be blasted to bits, Athena smiled.

"Perseus, I had my doubts about you at first, but now I am sure that you are perfect for my daughter. I give you my blessing."


[The following is a phone conversation]

Percy: Hi, uh, is this Magnus Chase?

Magnus: Yes, who is it?

Percy: It's me, Percy.

Magnus: Percy! How are you? And how are you calling me? I thought electronics were dangerous for demigods.

Percy: Yeah, I know. I'm calling from a phone booth in Manhattan. I only have about five minutes until a monster finds me.

Magnus: Oh, ok. (What? Yes, it's Percy. No, he only has five minutes, so let me talk.) Sorry, that was Jack. He's asking about Riptide. Anyway, what's up?

Percy: I was calling you to tell you that I'm about to propose to Annabeth.

Magnus: WHAT? That's amazing! I know she's gonna say yes! When?

Percy: Around six-thirty.

Magnus: Amazing! Call me afterwards, yes?

Percy: Okay, Magnus. I must go now, there's a couple of empousa coming towards me. Bye!

(Your call has ended)


Percy walks on the beach, sand between his toes. Annabeth is supposed to be here in five minutes. He tries to calm himself down, but finds that he is already very calm. Annabeth is his best friend, his Wise Girl. Nothing can go wrong.

He spots his half-brother, Mark sitting on the beach with someone. Even though Mark was the one who turned all his friends (except for Nico and Leo) against him, it was nice to see him in love. He decides to go up to him and see who it is.

Percy goes up to the line of trees on the edge of the beach and walks from behind them, so that Mark and the girl he is with can't see him. He jogs until he is ten feet away from them.

"Are you sure?" he hears Mark ask.

"Yes, Mark, I'm sure. Next time I see him, I'm going to break up with him. Then we can be together!" Percy realizes he has heard this voice before. Where has he heard it?

Mark answers this question for him. "I love you more than him, Annabeth."

At the mention of her name, Percy froze. It can't be, it can't be, it can't be, it can't be...


Mark and Annabeth turn around to see Percy standing there, eyes wide, a look of betrayal on his face.

"Oh gods, Percy, it's not what you think!" Annabeth says.

"Stop it, Annabeth. I heard everything." Percy takes out the ring from his pocket, shakes his head, and puts it back in.

"You were right, Chase," He says. "Children of Poseidon and Athena don't mix after all."

And he walks away.

Percy goes to his cabin and gets all his stuff. He then walks to Hades Cabin and knocks on the door.

Nico opens it. "Percy? What are you doing here? You're supposed to be proposing to Annabeth!"

"Yeah, about that..." Percy tells him everything he saw on the beach.

By the time Percy is finished, Nico's eyes are wide and his mouth is open.

"What? I can't believe that Annabeth could do that!"

"Yeah, so, can I stay in your cabin for the next week or so? I really can't face either of them right now."

"Of course! There's a guest bed in the corner for whenever Hazel comes by, you can use that." Nico's Face suddenly broke into a smile. "It's like living with an older brother I never had!"

Percy smiled. Nico was doing a wonderful job of cheering him up.


There is a knock on the cabin door. Percy opened it and saw his little sister, Peggy, standing there.

"What's up, Peggy?" He asks.

"Percy, can you teach me how to control the water like you do? Please?" She goes into puppy-dog-eye mode. Percy grins. "Of course! Just go on to the beach, I'll be there in five minutes."

Five minutes later, Percy walks down to the beach to see his little sister standing in the surf, looking outwards towards the sea. He wills a small wave to rise and hit her in the face. Peggy falls down. She turns around to see Percy laughing his head off. "Hey!"

The pair start practicing. They are having a lot of fun when Nico comes running towards them. "Percy! PERCY!"

"What now, Nico?" Percy asks, a bit annoyed.

"Somebody lit your cabin on fire! And Mark was in it!" Nico answers. Percy and Peggy look at each other, horrified. Then the three demigods run towards Camp.

When they reach the cabin, half of it has burned down to the ground. Mark is mostly unharmed, with some first-degree burns on his hands and arms. One of Apollo's sons was treating him. The rest of the campers were standing in a circle around him and Chiron was standing nearby.

"Did you see who did this?" He asks Mark.

"Yeah, I saw him!" Mark replies. "It was Percy!"

Percy can't believe his ears. "Me? I wasn't even here!"

At that moment there is a bright light to his right. He sees an angry Poseidon glaring at him. "Percy, is this true?" Poseidon asks.

"Absolutely not!" Peggy yells. "He was with me the whole time!"

"Don't say a word, Margaret." Poseidon says to her. Percy looks at Poseidon with hurtful eyes. "So, dad, even you also think that I did this?" He asks, pointing at his father's cabin.

"Stop it," Poseidon says, looking at Percy. "You are no son of mine. I hereby disown you."

A silence fills the area as Percy feels his control over water leave him. He takes Riptide out of his pocket and gives it to Chiron. "Then I have no reason to stay here anymore." He starts to walk towards Hades Cabin. As he goes inside and gathers his stuff, he remembers the last time he was feeling so broken...


23 November, 02:15 pm

Percy is going to his mom, Sally Jackson's house for Thanksgiving. He will stay until Christmas, then come back to Camp. As he knocks on the door, he realizes that no one is home.

He lets himself in and washes up. He then starts to lay the table for lunch when there is a knock on the door. He opens it and sees a police officer standing there.

"Yes?" Percy asks.

"Are you Percy Jackson?" The officer asks him.

"Why? What's wrong?"

"I am sorry, but I have some sad news for you. There was an automobile accident a couple of blocks away."

Percy freezes. "Are Mom and Paul okay?"

The officer lowers his gaze. "Both Paul and Sally Blofis lost their lives."


Percy gathers up his stuff and walks up to Thalia's Pine. He stops near it, looks back at his former home for the last time, and walks away.

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