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Hades steps inside.

Hades: Percy... I don't think Mark is a son a Poseidon. I think he's a son of Hecate.


Anya POV

Percy looked confused. I looked around to see the others' reactions, but they were gone.

See? This is why I have trust issues!

That and the fact that Alex backstabbed me once. Like, literally, she stabbed me in the back.

But I digress.

Percy was still processing while Hades looked at his wrist as if he was checking the time. "Oh dear, I'm late." He looked up at Percy. "As much as I want to stay and discuss things further, I'm late to the monthly meeting of looking for you. BUT I won't be telling anyone your whereabouts just yet," he hastily added. "Ciao!"

Hades then vanished in a puff of smoke.

Well, I think you should look after you *ahem "friend" here.

"Shut up, Neph."

The rest of the day was basically just Percy being angry and everyonr avoiding him like the plague. Even Julian, Cleo and Felix, who arrived an hour after Hades left, picked up on it.


I was about to walk into the library when I heard someone from behind a vase. So, of course, I went to check it out.

"Julian? Felix? What are you doing behind the vase? Wait- where'd the vase even come from?"

"Cleo made it," Julian clarified. "We're hiding from Percy."

"He looks really angry." Felix added. "So, can you just go on and calm him down?"

I raised an eyebrow. "And why am I being the sacrificial lamb here?"

"Because he likes- Gods, they're oblivious," Julian ran a hand over his face. "Because he's never angry at you."

And that's how I got stuck calming Percy down.

See? Trust issues.

I'd barely stepped onto the library floor aka Geb's face when I had to duck as a paperweight flew over my head and smashed to bits on the wall behind me.

"Go away."

Percy was sitting with his back to me, which begs the question of how did he see me coming? Meh, I'll think about that later.

'I come in peace," I said. "And I bring blue pancakes."

I walked up to him and sat down in front of him. He was looking down at an empty scroll.

I put the Tupperware box down on top of it and opened the lid to reveal -gasp!- blue pancakes.

Percy quietly took one and started to eat it.

"Hey," I kept a hand on his shoulder. "You okay?"

Percy sniffed. "Yeah," he nodded slowly. "I think I am."

By nightfall, Percy was back to happy mode and everyone stopped avoiding him. After dinner, Felix dragged Cleo, Carter and Zia (who had returned around 7 in the evening) to his room to watch Happy Feet for the twentieth time (he's really obsessed). Julian, apparently, had carried Felix around the museum on his shoulders and had gone directly to sleep.

Sadie, Walt, Percy and I were playing Senet in the Great Room with Percy and I on one team and Sadie and Walt on the other. We were gambling over chocolates. Nephthys was mulling about in my head. It was a typical Friday night.

Until it wasn't.

I'm going to try something. Don't scream.

I furrowed my brows. "What?"

Everybody else looked at me.

"Why are you all looking at me? Nephthys just told me that she was going to try something and instructed me to not scream-"

I was interrupted by Nephthys standing on the game board. Walt promptly fell off his chair.

I sprung off of my chair. "Nephthys!" My voice got three pitches higher. "What are you doing here? Wait- how an I not dying?" I looked down at my hands. The fingertips looked slightly grey, but otherwise they were perfectly normal.

Walt got up. "So, it worked?"

Nephthys got off the table. "Yes, it did."

"What are you two talking about?" Sadie asked, standing up. "And why did no one know about this plan of yours?"

Sadie POV

So, apparently, since Anya's immortal, she's stopped dying.

Wait, that came out wrong.

Okay. Remember the curse thingy? So, apparently, since Anya's spent more than six months being immortal, the curse is slowly fading away over time.

Why am I narrating? Anya's having a breakdown in her room. Percy's trying to calm her down. Walt and Nephthys are trying to explain the whole damn thing to her.

Oh, wait, they're back.

Anya POV

Okay. So.

Yeah. That happened.



That had to be the most dramatic day we've had in in two months. After I finally figured everything out and stopped having a breakdown, Percy went to Felix's room to get Carter and Zia. We all discussed everything. And a couple hours later, Nephthys left.

I still can't fully believe it. Me, alone in my own head. Gods, that sounds wrong.

I'd gotten really used to the idea of having someone else in my head.

I talked to Walt. He said that I would still have some degree of power over water, but my magical strength would decrease considerably.

Then the first thing I did was that I called Magnus, and talked for, like an hour. He told me he'd try to tell the Allfather about the situation. And he did.

And from now on, I'll spend most of my time in Valhalla.

For now, I'll just go back to my prophetic dreams.

I hated the third pov, so, yeah. Back at 1st.

This is honestly the horrible-est chapter I have ever written.

I had (have) writer's block for this story. I've detailed the next stories, like every moment of them, but I just can't think this one out. So this is the second to last chapter of this story. Of course, there's a last chapter then an epilogue (aka something to spin off of). Then I'll be going on hiatuses (Hiati?) because midterms! Yay! (no.)

I actually started reading AO3, so that's another reason why I wasn't posting chapters. Then I realised that if I don't post my chapters, my readers are going to be furious. So, really really sorry!

Also, some changes to that timeline I made: Rosemary dies on the Kalends of August 2018, roughly half an year before what I wrote in it.