It was gorgeous. Sheer genius.

Ai hummed happily to himself, rocking back on the chair he had balanced beside the table – a table that currently supported a tower of ice cream. Literally. Multiple balls of pastel shades now sprouted out of a wide sundae glass that Ai had thoughtfully liberated from the internet a few days ago, and already a few scoops towards the bottom were melting beneath the weight of the more recent additions.

Brown, green, yellow, pink, even a cherry-red sorbet of some sort - Ai had really gone to town with the flavours, the near-empty ice cream cartons littered round the sundae to mockingly resembling a set of empty coffins. He had been hoping to use all of them up, true. But the additional weight of the sprinkles he planned to add could quickly convert this beauty into another fallen tragedy, subject to the cruel grip of gravity.

Ai frowned, eyes flashing. He had run all the calculations, devised any scenarios on how exactly he should apply the next scoop of vanilla or chocolate or banana, but he still had to be careful, now that he had no longer locked himself inside a simulation. Out here, in the real world, it was not unlike playing a game of jenga. Except the fact that ice cream could slide and melt, and wooden jenga blocks did not.

'I'm not eating that,' Yusaku said. He stood in the doorway, arms crossed, but the glare he wore was only a little harsh. He wasn't angry, Ai could tell. Just being his usual, severe, boring self.

And all Ai did was grin and carefully – carefully - let the ice cream scooper rest on the table. His faithful companion, the brush that helped mould this canvas of art – it deserved a well earned rest! He patted it cheerfully, then turned a snide smile on his partner.

'Ah, my boring Yusaku-chan, how arrogant of you to assume this is all for you!' He turned and shook his head, fighting down the glee that threatened to erupt across his face and transform his smirk into an outright smile. Mostly at seeing Yusaku's frown twist a little more in slight bewilderment. 'Maybe,' Ai suggested, raising a triumphant finger, 'I'm trying to defeat a world record!'

He preened, delighting in the way Yusaku's glare smoothed out into a heavy gaze, passing over his smiling face and analysing it. Because oh, Ai knew, he knew that this wasn't the reaction his partner expected! No, no, he was expecting Ai to play the part of the sulky brat, to whine and wilt into his chest, to wail about how 'mean' Yusaku was and how all his work was for nothing when the love of his life wouldn't so much as deign to taste a single scoop of this masterpiece!

Ai ripped his eyes away and with a flourish a maestro would have been proud of, grabbed a handful of rainbow sprinkles and threw them over the top of his creation. There. Perfect.

'Still,' muttered Ai, tapping his chin as though the thought has just occurred to him. 'It does seem to be a bit of waste.'

And then, with a coy tilt of his head, he leant over. Opened his mouth. And firmly bit into the tower.

Time froze. A bunch of abortive commands ran through his processor, tripping over themselves with urgency and a few error messages popped up as a result. He could felt an icy spot on his chin, a ripple of sheer cold trailing over his lip and down his chin, as well as a bite of pain scissoring across his sensors there, as a delicate brush of information entered his systems.

But not of taste. Or sweetness. No, none of that exploding into him, infusing his data with a new sensory experience. Of course not.

Ai did not allow himself a sad smile. Not when Yusaku's hand was suddenly clenched tight over his wrist, sending a new heat-wave of information pouring into his sensors.

His partner rapidly dragged him from the chair, through the room, pulling him past doors and walls into the grotty, ceramic-coloured box of the shower. And Ai let him.

'Idiot,' hissed Yusaku. But his gaze was concerned, heated even as it travelled over his face, and his slowly-blinking eyes. 'You're not designed for that.'

Not yet, Ai thought, but didn't say. Mostly because of the conflicting messages in his system, still struggling to understand what exactly he'd attempted to do with the mouth the SOLtiS software had helped him form. He was just working on clearing the recent memory cache for that part of him, so that his jaw could remember to actually, well, move again without all the junk data getting in the way, when Yusaku abruptly twisted the tap.

And icy water thundered down his ears.

Ai screeched as his sensors wailed at him. The cold jet of water was everywhere – in his hair, his eyes, down the back of his neck, passing his clothes against him like a second skin. Still, it did help him prioritise getting everything in working order.

He glared at Yusaku from beneath a set of sodden bangs, swiping the fringe that was now attempting to blind him back with a single hand while the other, rather more clumsily than he would have liked, fumbled with the tap and adjusted the temperature to something more bearable.

'You're clearing up that mess, once you get out,' Yusaku informed him tartly, arms crossed once again. And then he seemed to soften – maybe it was the way Ai looked now, half-drowned, with his hair falling into his eyes. Or maybe it was because of all the wet crinkles in Ai's clothes and the way the hue of his lavender shirt became somewhat transparent beneath the thunder of water, turning a rosy, flesh-like colour. Unlike Ai, Yusaku had a genuine libido after all, though he was careful about showing it. Either way, he stepped forward, firmly pressing himself into the shower with Ai, boxing him in.

That was the way he always did things though – both decisive and stern, and Ai couldn't help but be amused as Yusaku's hands found the back of his shirt, as they rolled it up to reveal sodden skin, becoming two nice warm blessings across the curve of his back. And then Yusaku's lips rose against the curl of his own, thoroughly removing the last few specks of ice cream that had somehow avoided the onslaught of water.

'Do I taste sweet?' Ai murmured as Yusaku pulled away.

Yusaku smirked. But didn't answer, preferring to press another kiss into his partner's grinning mouth. Then another and another.

Ai giggled, leaning back into the water, back pressing up against the tiles as Yusaku rose on his toes, all to press a kiss against his closing eyes.

'There isn't a single sweet thing about you,' Yusaku muttered, hands still moving, still curling like a set of bunched wings against the curve of Ai's back. 'Not when you got exactly what you wanted.'

Ai grinned. 'Hey, got you to smile didn't I? That's your first one today! Congratulations!'

Yusaku looked at him a moment, a faint whisper of a line on his lips. One that curled. And then he kissed him again.

Still. Clearing up all that melted ice cream later on? Like he was some Roboppi model? Not fun. At all.

Ai grumbled. Screwed another kitchen towel up in his fist. And started working on his next plan to make Yusaku smile.