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It had been an extremely frustrating hunt. So, Sam and Cas were not surprised and said nothing when Dean announced, "I'll be in the garage giving Baby some TLC and checking if anything else in there needs fixing."

jack piped up, "I'll go with you." The glare he received told him immediately that he'd said something very wrong. Sam and Castiel had the same expressions on their faces that they did that time he unknowingly picked up that cursed marble.

Sam prevented his kid's murder and said, "Actually, Jack, I need your help with something in the library, and then we can watch another episode of Clone Wars. Does that sound good?" Dean stormed off without another word.

Jack turned to the guardians that weren't currently a threat to his life and said, "I don't understand, what did I do?" his expression was a combination of kicked puppy and Cas's perplexed head tilt.

Cas replied, "You didn't do anything Jack, it's just when Dean's angry and he goes to the garage he needs to be alone."

Jack looked more confused and pointed out, "I thought he went to the Dean Cave or his room when he was upset, and we've all joined him in those rooms before."

Cas explained, "The garage is different. You know how you learned on YouTube that people do yoga or meditate to calm down and get control of their emotions. Well, for Dean fixing a car or doing maintenance on the impala is his version of that."

Sam added, "Right, and if he's emotional enough to need to do it, stay away, for your own safety. "

Cas nodded and said, "If he's angry and goes downstairs to the shooting range, we go somewhere outside of the 5-mile radius for the same reason."