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Chapter 10

Down in the dungeons were the potion master and head of the Slytherin house. Rest for the day. Severus Snape sat on his chair, looking at the Pensieve device before with irritation and confusion. Severus meditated about the last few days and the strange feeling of anxiety and consternation he felt. For a strange reason, he has been experiencing strange headaches and strains on his mind, things he was not unfamiliar with but came out of nowhere. Severus, being who he was, immediately took the precautions necessary to make sure no one bewitched him.

Severus could figure out if someone tried to use a charm on him, even an Obliviate. Since he was a master in Occlumency, discovering a false memory wasn't too big of a deal. Yet, there was something wrong. He could feel it. Severus has watched all of his memories from the last week and found nothing.

Those who were masters in Occlumency could pinpoint a false memory without too much difficulty. It comes with experience, of course, it took a lot of patience and knowledge about how a brain works but it was possible. Severus had to learn it the hard way. The dark lord, Voldemort, loved screwing with the minds of his victims. To destroy them from the inside out. Severus saw it too many times. That's why he wasted no time in learning those arts as fast as he could, but he knew that someone like Voldemort could easily destroy his mind shields. Yet, it was better than nothing.

So with that in mind, Severus took anyway to defend himself from an intrusion inside of his brain. However, it seemed as if wasn't enough. Well, it was never enough for someone as paranoid as him.

"What could it be?" Severus asked to no one but himself.

A false memory may look like a normal one, but there were a few differences. When using a device like a Pensieve, someone could see it. It looked fabricated; the voices sounded distorted, as if someone were experimenting with them. Their mouth movements would not match what they were saying sometimes. The view of the memory would look as if you were watching a movie, as the muggles would say it. But it had a feeling as if there was a second movie playing in the background. That was the overlaying of the fake memory on the real one. Severus knew that even the most powerful wizard couldn't just erase the memory and creating a new one.

It was not how it worked. Yes, you could easily erase memories, but that leaves a hole in a person's remembrance. That's why it was better to erase a part of a person's recollections about a situation and just add an altering version of a reaction or a situation to change the perspective of such a moment. And Severus knew a wizard-like Dumbledore would be superb at changing bits of distinct moments to fit his needs. That's why Severus has spent the last few days re-watching every single moment of the week repeatedly, searching for anything. For any lack of coherence about his behavior or interaction. But there was nothing. Nothing at all.

"This make no sense."

Severus muttered, as he once again tried to recall what was he trying to achieve when he went to talk to Dumbledore. He wanted to help Lily and her daughter, Severus also wanted to find a way for him to evade Potter and Black suspicion. But as Severus was thinking about it, he couldn't help but find it odd. Those thoughts and memories of him felt strange. Yet, no matter how much he inspected those memories in the Pensieve, he finds nothing. Severus could even remember what he felt those days and could recall every detail of his meeting with Dumbledore.

So he was being paranoid, or something else was happening.

"My memories don't look altered at all. Every sensation I felt that day is normal, and while I see the images. I can't find anything out of normal. But why do I feel, so… anxious? My mind and brain look normal, and there is no trace of charm lingering there. Magic leaves marks, and memory charms leave one that is pretty obvious, I have seen it and feel it many times."

Severus whispered, feeling aggravated by the whole thing.

Severus knew that his mental shields were strong enough that even if Dumbledore or Voldemort dare to invade his mind, he could defend himself for a short while. Yes, he would lose no matter what, but his shield could take a few hits before being destroyed. So, if Dumbledore used a memory charm on him, why are his shields with no damage? There was nothing of sorts around his Occlumency walls. Not even a scratch.

"I don't like this feeling at all…"

Severus sighed as he sat down on his chair, pondering about the last week with exhaustion. But then, as he was brooding about his situation, someone knocked on the door.

"No student visitors after 9 pm," he said.

"What about an old friend?"

Severus world stop, as he listened to the voice behind the door. He has never moved as fast as he did that day, as without even thinking twice he opened the door only to be received by a pair of green eyes staring at him.

"Hello, Severus, how are you today?" Lily asked.


Severus could only say as he couldn't understand why was Lily there. However, the red-haired witch tilted her head as she was looking at him with a soft smile on her face. Severus could feel his heart beating as fast as the last day he saw her, yet he couldn't take his eyes off Lily's hand. The witch has her wand out, and for the looks of it. Lily looked ready to fight anyone.

"Severus, do you have a moment? I want to talk with you."

Severus nodded as he opened the door for her, allowing his childhood friend to enter the room. Lily looked around and sighed. Truth be told, she did not know why she came here. But there was something she needed to know, to ask. Hopefully, it won't be a waste of time.

"Nice room… oddly quiet," Lily said in a very awkward voice.

"It serves its purpose well enough," Severus replied with the same type of voice.

For a moment, both only stared at each other, not saying a word. But it was Lily who broke the silence.

"Severus, look…" Lily was about to speak, but Severus stopped her.

"Forgive me," Severus said.

Lily, shocked, only stared at him, not thinking he was going to say that, at least not at the beginning. "What?" She asked.

"Forgive me for everything… all of it!"

Severus exclaimed as he could feel the rush of guilt coming out of his heavy soul. For years, he thought about what he could say to Lily and for almost a decade his mind couldn't shake the look of Lily when he called her Mudblood. There were too many things he regretted, but one of them was the fact he was the one who tipped off Voldemort about the prophecy.

"Severus…" Lily spoke, but once again Severus cut her off with his ramblings.

"Lily, please! Believe me when I say this, but I regret everything… all the things I did. No matter how much I say this, but I'm truly sorry."

Severus looked down at his fits, remembering all the things he did all the way back.

"Severus, look at me," Lily said.

Severus obeyed as he could only stare at those big green eyes, who were looking at him in such intensity, that Severus thought for a moment she was inspecting his soul. But there was something else. More than that.

"Severus, what happened in our fifth year at Hogwarts, was not the reason I stop talking to you. It hurt, I will not lie, but, I was afraid of you."

"Afraid?" Severus asked back, confused.

"Your eyes, that day when you call me… that. I saw only hatred in your eyes. The same look, like many of the Slytherin gave me when I was with you. You remember, don't you? How Malfoy, Rosier, and the rest would look at me. At that moment, I thought you were like them. That I lost you to them."

Lily whispered as she recalled how many times she tried her best to move Severus away from them. But to no avail, Severus' need for power and knowledge was bigger than his love for Lily. Well, it was half true. Severus wanted power, but it was to impress Lily. To protect her. It was Severus' line of thought back then.

"You were always following Malfoy around until he graduated. Then it was Rosier and Avery. They were so hostile towards me and the rest of Muggleborns. In our fifth year it only got worse, and you know it."

Severus cringed at the memories of those years that came to him. "I know," he said.

"Then it happened, what James did and the rest. I know, believe me when I say this. But I knew then, you were just humiliated and furious about what took place. But I could not keep ongoing with you. It became to much for me."

"Then why you seem to only grown fond of him?! The same person who bullied me! Bloody hell, you marry him!" Severus snapped back.

"So you forgive him for all the things he did back then, but not me?!"

Lily gazed at Severus with such intensity but say nothing. Severus controlling some of his emotions back apologized, yet Lily kept on staring at him. Like she was waiting for something, and the Potion Master felt an icy feeling running through his spine. Those green eyes were looking at him, mixed with feelings of anger and sorrow. Then she sighed.

"James was an imbecile and brainless idiot. He was arrogant and pranked people a lot. I know that much, but so were you. Don't act all noble, Severus. Do you remember, what you did to that poor Hufflepuff girl back in our fourth year? That was not a prank, it was a cruel, horrible thing you did to her. Losing all her hair and teeth for an entire week, and made her have two long dog ears. The entire school made so much fun of her she had to move out from Hogwarts. That was you pranking people."

Severus said nothing, as he looked down, ashamed of that incident.

"I did my best to stop it, both of you. The more year went by, the more crude and awful your prank became. Don't go on acting as if you were a saint in school. But you know? James grew out of it. He did became a better person and tried hard to make amend to the people he prank by his sixth and seventh year. But you… if there was an opportunity for you to be better and show me you change, was then. Yet you did nothing but join Avery and his gang and terrorized the first years from all the houses until we graduate!"

"You were awful to everyone! To all those kids! And you didn't seem to regrett anything!"

Lily yelled at him, as Severus felt the sudden surge of power emanating from her.

"I'm sorry," Severus said with a croaking voice.

Lily took her hands to her face as she tried to calm herself. Severus could hear a faint sob coming from her. He wanted to hug her, but that was not something he could do. Not with his hands, his bloody hands.

"Perhaps it was my fault…" Lily said as she sat on a chair, looking at the ground for a second.

"I sometimes think about what would have happened if I had forgiven you then, perhaps… maybe things would have been different. For all I know, I could have saved you from joining the Death Eaters. I don't know anymore, but the only thing I know is that, I lost my best friend."

Lily said as she kept on looking at the stone on the floor, wondering about the past.

"It was not your fault, it was my doing… I did all those things because I was angry. At everything and everyone. I had nothing but you, and losing it… I should have done better. If I could change things, I would but there is not such a thing. I can only ask for forgiveness, and hope one day you truly forgive me."

Lily stared at him, wondering about how much has he changed. She wanted to do just that, to get her best friend back. But it was something more complicated than just forgive him. There was a lot she must know at first.

"Perhaps… Severus, I want to forgive you. But I feel as if I don't know you. How many times we fought against each other during the war? Mm? I know we sparred many times then," Lily said.

"A few times, yes," Severus replied, almost cringing at each word.

"So, tell me… I want the truth. Why you became a spy for the order? Why the sudden change of heart?" Lily asked.

Severus sighed deeply as he stared at Lily, dreading the question. Yet it was an opportunity to come clean about something. He thought about the prophecy. That awful thing. He looked at her, and taking a chair, sat right in front of her.

Here it comes. This is my only chance. Please, I hope you understand.

Severus told her all, and it was not even the Prophecy thing but also what he did to join The Death Eaters and all. But an odd feeling came to him, like he was forgetting something. Yet he kept ongoing, telling all he could, feeling the weight of his should getting lighter. However, it could not be said the same about Lily and her reaction. She just sat there, listened to him, not moving, not saying a word. When it came down to the prophecy, Severus saw how tight Lily was holding her wand. Yet she didn't scream or cursed him.

"So that's why, he asked me to stand aside," Lily said.


"You asked him to spare me, didn't you? Voldemort gave an opportunity to move aside. Not that I would, of course. I rather die before I allowed him to hurt Harriet. But it was because of you, James and I… and Harriet almost got kill."

Lily stood up and walked around the room, muttering and breathing hard.

"Lily, please, I swear it. I didn't know it was your family. The moment I discovered it was Harriet, I beg Dumbledore to save all of you. Please forgive me."

"But still wanted him to spare me, but not my family."

"I... yes... I know."

Lily glared at him for a long moment. Once again, Severus did not know what was Lily thinking. She was one of the few people he couldn't read. "It all goes back to that bloody prophecy," Lily muttered.

"Severus, I can't in good faith trust you now. I don't know you anymore. I don't even know which side are you on, Dumbledore or Voldemort."

"Please, Lily, give me a chance to make it right! Let me prove it to you! Please, I beg of you!"

"How do I know, you're speaking the truth? How could I believe in anything you say?" Lily asked.

Severus looked at her, and muttering, he moved his wand. A beam of light came, and suddenly a doe appeared. Lily gasped at it, not knowing how to react.

"Because I love you… I always had. I know it doesn't mean too much now, but believe me!" Severus exclaimed in anguish.

"Oh, Severus… I never wanted to hurt you. But my feelings for you were of a brother. Sorry."

"I know, still there is not a day that goes by that I can't think of you. I'm not asking for anything, just to let me have my friend back. Let me show you and prove to you I have changed," Severus said as he was practically on his knees, begging for just one chance, one. Lily stared at him and searched for anything in his eyes. She sighed and took Severus's hand.

"Only one chance... just one time."

Lily stared at him, and sighed. Maybe I'm to good of a person... perhaps is a bad thing. I don't know.

"Prove me, that the boy I knew is still there somewhere. If you want my complete forgiveness… show me."

"That's all I need."

Lily sighed again, as she felt tired suddenly. Truth be told, she wanted more allies and to figure out ways to stop Dumbledore from plotting or scheming out things. Severus was perhaps the only person capable of knowing what was the old wizard trying to do, but she was also feeling horrible, using Severus in such a way. But Lily was honest. She wanted his friend back, but wanted more inside information. Perhaps I'm a Slytherin all along. Lily thought with a grim look on her face.

"Severus, is late… let's talk tomorrow, should we?" Lily said with a smile.

"I… I would like that," he said.

"Goodnight, Severus."

Severus nodded, but there was something he must do first. "Wait, Lily!" He called.

"Mm, what?"

"Lily, there is something else… there is something you must know, before you leave. It's incredibly important."

"What is it?" Lily asked.

"The Philosopher stone is at Hogwarts right now."


Harriet stood from her bed, carefully making no noise. It was late, but it was the only hour in which she could practice her magic with no interruption from her dear friends and family. A smile escaped her mouth as she saw Susan and Hannah sleeping position. The red-haired girl always seemed to sleep like a princess, with a peaceful face and soft breathing. Hannah, however, was the opposite. She had her mouth open and was snoring. Sprawled all over her bed with no guilt on her face.

Harriet smiled at them and wished them goodnight.

It wasn't hard to sneak out during the night. Harriet only needed to be aware of the patrols of the Head boy and Head girl, and that awful annoying caretaker. But if she was honest, encountering her parents in the hallways of Hogwarts was truly terrifying, so Harriet hoped it never happens. Yet she moved out into the night. Harriet knew exactly where to move so masterfully. Harriet went on and, like dust in the wind, she evaded everyone and everything.

Harriet arrived finally at where she does most of her training.

"The Room of Requirements, what a marvellous place."

Harriet whispered as she saw how the wall transformed into an enormous door, allowing her to enter the strange room and closing behind her. However, she wasn't paying attention to the pair of red-haired twins, who could only stare in amazement at what they saw. They were going to remember this moment for a while.

Inside the place, Harriet smiled at the place, knowing full well no one would bother her here. Finding such a room was truly a lucky thing for her. Harriet wanted to find a place where she could practice and experiment with her magic. So she took an entire day trying to find anything, an empty classroom or perhaps a secret chamber. It was a castle, after all. But she couldn't find a proper place for her. Until yesterday, when she was walking around in the seventh-floor corridor and was muttering to herself about searching for a place to practice. Then it happened, a door appeared before her and discovered this wonderful place. There she came upon a strange book, an old book detailing what the room was, and more details of Hogwarts. What was the book doing there? On the floor? Harriet was not sure, but it proved useful.

Harriet sighed, as she felt a bit tired. It's been around a week since the incident. Truly, the week felt long and tedious. The school was still being patrolled by her parents, and some Aurors, but she knew that the interrogation has reached a dead end. And not because her parents weren't capable of doing a good job interrogating people. But, because of the Prophet and the Ministry of magic pleads. The public went mad at the attack on her persona. Yet, it brought a hold to the investigation.

The ministry of magic wants to keep everything under control, mostly quiet. Harriet has a lot of fans so they want to make sure whoever did it gets caught. But Fudge wants us to hurry and do whatever is necessary to control this mess. But Dumbledore is making things hard.

He is a pain in the ass!

Yet we have found nothing, and we have interrogated all the teachers so far. There is something more going on here. Amelia gave us the freedom to use Veritaserum. But so far, all the teachers are clean… even Snape.

Prongs, we both know that a master in Occlumency could trick Veritaserum easily. Besides, Snivellus is a master in Potion making, he could create something that could protect him from it too. But if we use Legilimency…

We can't do it, and you know it. You know the laws… we are not on a trial yet or trying to get a confession from a criminal, we are just investigating, so far. No matter how much I want to use it. Besides, I… I don't think it was Snape.

Are you certain about it?

Yes… Well, Lily will talk with him… If there is someone who could make him speak about something, is Lily.

Are you sure? Don't you think is dangerous allowing Lily to speak with him alone?

Please, Padfoot, Lily is a dangerous woman and you know it. However, I think we should keep an eye out for this other teacher. This Quirrell guy. There is something about him that makes me feel tense.

You feel it too, eh? He acting like a normal stuttering fool. But I think he is a phony.

Yeah, let's focus on him. I think he is hiding something. Hopefully, he would let something slide, giving us an excuse to take him into custody so we could… interrogate him our way.

Harriet recalled those words she listened to when she sneaked out one night during the week. Sirius and her father James looked annoyed and frustrated. But she was glad they were doing fine. She, too, felt something odd from that strange professor. It was the reason; she was practicing with her magic, and why she decided that waiting for something to happen to her could lead to her death. Or worse, the death of a loved one.

Harriet understood that her cautiousness led her to almost certain doom. She worried too much about not overextending her summoning slots that she forgot a key detail. This was not a game anymore. Harriet had to protect herself in any way possible. So with that in mind, she summoned her last item. For a while, she thought about the perfect item to use. It had to be something that could not only protect her life but also work with her other two items.

[Phantasmagoria] and [Elise The Spider Queen] were perfect for monitoring, spying, and creating defenses around a place. Both of them work together in such a way she could exploit their abilities. But now she needed something more aggressive. Something that could protect her from any danger and those she cared about. That's why she summoned a peculiar Cash Item of her. [The Fallen King of Heaven and Hell]. One of the most expensive Cash Items in her possession. Harriet knew she could not use any skill, or item, for her own protection. Like an armor, or a ring, or even scrolls to heal her or something. Nothing. But, that's doesn't mean she could not summon something that would have all of that and protect her without actually using it on her. Meaning that her summons would be her first line of defense. Her guardian in the flesh. Technically.

I wasted so much money trying to get this item. Those damn Gacha games! But this is one of the rarest and most expensive Cash Items in Yggdrasil. Well, Shooting Star is the best Cash Item in the game without a doubt. But [The Fallen King of Heaven and Hell] Could be easy in the top ten. Or even top five.

"Well, I know now, I am in expert hands."

Harriet said, smiling, looking behind her at the dark silhouette in her shadow. Wherever she went, her new bodyguard would follow her. On her shadows, on every corner of Hogwarts. The fallen king would protect her, with no one noticing he was there. A silent fallen angel. She told him to remain hidden, and only act on her defense when she called him, order him to do something or in an emergency. For now, that it was. Otherwise, if a kid decided to prank or act annoying, like Draco Malfoy or that a prat of a red-haired boy. Well, it won't end well for them.

Harriet ignored it for now. Her mind was focusing on the matter at hand.

"Well, let's see… how should I do it?" Harriet muttered.

"So far, I have tested using normal Yggdrasil spell with my wand without success. They won't work if I keep trying to make them work the same way I would if I was in the game. But then again, the magic here is so strange and volatile. Perhaps I should use a different way?"

Harriet thought she could explain the difference between Yggdrasil magic and the one in this world in two ways. One, Yggdrasil Magic, was easier to use. She did not need to learn hand movement or any pronunciation or intent. Only to visualize the spell and the MP it requires and that was all. And that this world magic was harder to master. It was weaker, yes, but it was also more complicated than just saying the spell name.

"I can't use Yggdrasil magic in my current form… but If I could recreate a Yggdrasil spell here, it might bring a new light to my power and ability. But how? What am I doing wrong?" Harriet asked.

Harriet brought her wand out and pointing it to a dummy before her, she said. "Arcane Bolt!" And nothing happened.

Harriet was trying first to think about the Yggdrasil ability as she would to casting in this world. Yet it didn't work.

"Perhaps, is because is not in Latin? Or maybe is something else… Mm, what could it be?"

Harriet did what she always does and walked around the room, pondering about what she was doing. Again, she stood in front of the dummy and sighed.

"Well, should I do it in Latin?… well, let see. Arcane bolt, ah, the translation would be, Arcane Fulmen? Arcane Fulmen iniectum? Or something like that? Ah, I remember now, is Fulgur Arcane."

Harriet took a deep breath. She allowed her mind to visualize the spell. How it was back in Yggdrasil. The shape, and all of that. Then she tried to feel the magic of her human body to conceptualize it. Her core and her self. With that in mind, she pointed her wand at the dummy, and using all of her concentration, she yelled.

"Fulgur Arcane!"

Yet nothing happened.

"Argh! What am I missing?!"

She yelled, frustrated by all of it. Harriet dropped herself to the ground, annoyed and tired. There she sat on the cold floor, just looking at the dummy before her. "You're so lucky, you stupid manikin." She said.

Half an hour went by, and Harriet was still sitting on the ground, thinking. Pondering and cursing herself.

"So is not Latin, but something else…? Urgh! I can't use cast it as a normal Yggdrasil ability because I will die! And I can't cast it as a spellwork because it doesn't work as a normal charm here! Then how do I make it work?! This is so bloody infuriating!"

Harriet exclaimed as she behaved like an angry toddler on the floor. Then it hit her. Harriet got quiet and thought about something out of the box. An idea that emerged within her. A strange one at that.

"Maybe… I should not think of it as separate entities, but… something new. An union of both types of magic?"

Harriet stood up from the ground and looked at her wand. Deep in thought.

"Could it be, that my magical core and MP are different things? Two separates sources of magic? Then, perhaps I could use both sources to mediate between my spells? I can't use Yggdrasil magic without hurting me. Maybe the MP has something to do with it. Maybe, having two different cores of magic is hurting this body. Like if both were competing inside of me when I'm casting a spell. It could explain why, when I use a normal charm is a lot stronger than normal, and why using a Yggdrasil ability cause so much harm."

Harriet whispered, as she could feel something. She was close to something important. A revelation.

"Or perhaps, I'm using my magic wrong."

Harriet took a deep breath and tried to think about her MP and magic core as two distinct entities. Instead of thinking of how much MP she needed to use in order to cast a spell. Like she would normally do. She would visualize both her MP and Magic core as if were two bars of mana. Of unique color. She closed her eyes and allowed her mind to relax. Harriet then saw two lines, well she felt as if something was surrounding her. Like auras of sorts. A blue one, and a red one. Harriet knew how much MP does [Arcane Bolt] needed. So she thought about an equation, for example, if the lowest tier of [Arcane Bolt] required 10 MP points. She would think as if she was using 10 points of MP and 10 points of Magical Core while casting the ability.

Harriet knew she was using game logic to cast a spell, but, well, it was the only thing she could think of right now.

So, taking another deep breath, Harriet raised her wand and concentrate on the dummy. She kept on thinking of the two magical bars representing the two sources of magic. Envisioning it, like she was back in Yggdrasil. A feeling of anxiety rushed her. But she kept aiming at the dummy, and with one last sigh, Harriet cast a spell.

"Tier Magic I… Arcane Bolt!"

From the tip of her wand, a bolt of lightning came. Hitting the dummy and creating a hole in the poor thing and destroying it after. Harriet, for a few seconds, could not believe what she was witnessing. But then she let a huge cry of joy. Especially since she noticed that her body was fine after using a Yggdrasil spell.

"I did it! I did it!" Harriet exclaimed happily.

She jumped around, laughing aloud as she kept on yelling in joy at her success.

"Bow down to the Master of all Magic! Screw you, stupid dummy! You're not a challenge to me!"

Harriet smirked as she could feel as she was finally making progress.

"Well, let's see what else can I do. But first I must do something first!"

"Take that, you feeble dummy! You are nothing to me! I have all the power!"

Harriet yelled arrogantly as she kicked around parts of the dummy until she hit a sizable piece of wood. Way bigger than her tiny little toes, causing her little pinky toe to face the full force of that enormous piece of rubbish. Harriet let a yelp of pain as she fell to the ground, holding her foot.

"Ah! You stupid… little… Argh! Shit! Cunt! IT HURTS! MY LITTLE BLOODY TOE!"

Harriet would keep on practicing and learning more. She would surprise her enemies. Of that, Harriet would make sure. Hopefully, none would use such an attack on her. Harriet's feet were small, after all.

Voldemort groaned in frustration as poor Quirrell could barely move. The night was ending, and the Dark Lord's patience was running low. To be attached to a useless person like him was something he wanted to avoid, yet Voldemort had to do it. Otherwise, his plan would be for nothing.

I must hurry, with the Aurors here I can't move freely.

Voldemort thought as he sneered at the way Quirrell was trying to feed off the unicorn.

"We must hurry, Quirrell… we can't wait more. Our plans need to change," Voldemort hissed.

"But my lord… the Aurors are here, and Dumbledore…"

"Silence! We can't waste more time! If we wait more, they would grow more suspicious of you. We have to find the stone now! Forget the planning! Use the troll now! And head to Dumbledore office, he must have it there!"

Voldemort wanted to wait until the end of the year when the defenses of the Stone were set. They were not something he was worried about. Voldemort suspected Dumbledore was using a powerful charm to hide the stone in his office. But he was not the most powerful Dark Lord in history for nothing. Yes, he would have to show himself for a brief period. Something he wanted to avoid, that's he wanted to prepare himself before. He planned to wait until Dumbledore followed through with his plan to hide the stone behind some defenses, away from him. Then wait for the last ICW meeting at the end of the year, where Dumbledore would be forced to leave Hogwarts and take that as an opportunity to steal it.

But things were different now.

Every day I waste is another failure.

"My lord, what is Dumbledore is carrying the stone? What could we do then?" Quirrell asked.

"Don't trouble yourself with that… just do what I say."

"Yes… my lord," Quirrell said weakly.

"It's time… to see my loyal spy…"

Voldemort hissed. He couldn't waste more time. It was now or never.