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Chapter 12

"He escape."

Those were the words Harriet says, as she stared at the group of adults. Then she realized that the scene before them was too shocking and she agreed. There was an enormous hole in the wall, and on the ground, the remains of Quirrell, those pieces of human flesh, that appeared to be some kind of gelatin. It was not a scene Harriet wanted to be involved with. She knew it would only generate questions and attention to her, to levels she wasn't comfortable with. It would trouble her the secrecy she needed to move around without too much problem. But truthfully, it was mostly the attention she wanted to avoid for now. A hard thing to do, since she was Harriet Potter, the girl-who-lived.

Harriet has to develop his magic more, and not only that. But to care for what she introduces around. If she shows that she could do more magic, well, another type of magic. Well, it would be a hard thing to explain. Harriet groaned as she remembered using a bit of her magic to Hermione back in the girl's bathroom. But it didn't worry her. It was just something small, compared to everything else she could do. If she showed something new around, it would have to be small things. So, she could explain in minor details. Of course, it would be only if it came to pass, but so far, she would be careful.

But since she entered Hogwarts. Attention seemed to be seeking her. Nevertheless, she must act fast.

She would try. As for now, the only thing she was worried about was the scene before her.

It's better to fake ignorance and innocence for now. I can't tell them that I just tortured and murdered a person just like that. They would certainly ask for questions and so much more. I can't be known as an 11-year-old murderer! Ah, I know what to do!

Harriet thought it would be for the best if she could control the surrounding situation. The image she was portraying was important. Also, there was so much more she was trying to accomplish, and having people know she was capable of could be a terrible thing. The enemy can't know my full range of power, and neither my full capabilities. It was the most vital thing for her. Secrecy. And even though she hated keeping secrets away from her parents. It was the only way, at least for the time being. They couldn't know about her.

One day, I know my secret would be out. One day, I would have to show the real me. And if Nazarick arrives… there is a lot I would have to explain. But I hope they forgive me. This secret is too much for anyone, even me. So, for now… let it be like this.

Harriet then just pretended to faint. And with a loud thud, she hit the ground.


Harriet heard her mother's screams as the hands of the red-haired witch grabbed her. Yet, she remains unmoving in her mother's arms.

"Harriet! Harriet!"

Lily wailed as she looked for any injury, and a part of her was relieved there wasn't anything particularly wrong with her. Yet, that golden eye. It worried Lily. What was that? That voice sounded too mature, too old. Lily thought, frantically. Lily saw the face of her child, and she felt the soft breathing.

"Bloody hell! Look at the wall!" Frank exclaimed as he saw the burning and aftermath of a powerful explosion. He could even see the outskirts of Hogwarts from the demolished wall. And the entire hallway was no better.

"Lily, how is Harriet?" James asked with an anxious voice.

"She is alright… she fainted."

James sighed, but the feeling of anxiousness never left, and he could see the same from Lily. Both of them looked at the scene before them. The destruction was clear. They knew it was her daughter, the one who brought down the walls of Hogwarts. There was no denying it. However, the question remained, and it was the feeling they both felt when they stared at their daughter with those strange eyes. Lily and James knew their child was more than just special. They knew that around Harriet's wonderful green-eyes. There was a small golden shape. Yet, they weren't sure of what it was. Lily suspected something. And looking at James, she knew he was also thinking about something. Our daughter is powerful. There is no denying it, but there is something else there. A shape of sorts. I don't know if is another aura, perhaps? The magic around this place feels strange. Unknown. Lily thought, as she still held Harriet close to her.

"James, Lily, take young Harriet to the infirmary. We'll deal with the rest," Albus said, as he stared at the destroyed body of Quirrell.

Amelia kneeled down, and she could smell fire or something alike. There were ashes and signs of seared flesh in the air. The scent was there, and she has smelled it before. Quirrell burned to death. The head of the Auror department thought with a grim face. Yet, there were also signs of dark magic around. Powerful dark magic.

"If the explosion didn't kill him, the fire would have," Shackbolt said, covering his nose.

"Poor bastard," Sirius whispered.

"James, Lily, go," Amelia said.

The Potters nodded, as James carefully took his daughter and left the scene, leaving behind a gruesome passage. And Harriet couldn't help herself thinking that she should be more careful next time. Voldemort is out there, in a misty form. I need to know how and why. Because next time. I will kill him. Harriet thought as she let out a small groan.

Well, hospital bed, here I come.

Harriet sighed as she stared at the roof of the infirmary. The last day was incredibly stressful for her. But everything went smoothly, much to her surprise. What took place next was just as Harriet expected it would. They were all waiting for answers. Harriet had to answer as if she couldn't remember anything, or not in detail. She chose her words carefully and tried to piece them all together.

I remember running to the girl's bathroom because I was following Hermione. The Gryffindor girl, and then a troll, came and attack us.

Harriet told them, trying to not say how she defeated the troll. However, to her surprise and relief, it seemed as if Hermione Granger, lied about the type of magic she used on the troll.

Miss Grangers told us you used the Bombarda spell, a powerful one… just like the one in the hallway for what we suspect.

Oh… I see… Sorry… I didn't intend to kill it. I was worried about us.

Don't worry yourself, Miss Potter. Although unfortunate, you have to use deathly force to take care of a troll. It was a matter of life and death. Please be at rest.

Harriet wondered about the words; professor McGonagall told her.

Why did Hermione lie to them? What could be the reason for it? Harriet thought, intrigued by the decision of the bushy girl. Well, it worked for her, as she could close the knots. She told them that after saving Hermione, they then wanted to reach the Great Hall. But then, Harriet told them, that she felt as if something took her down. As if something took over. Harriet explained in a way it would make it look as if she wasn't really conscious about what happened then. Harriet improvised, saying she could hear Voldemort's voice, and another one. And it was clear that the Dark Lord was in pain and angry. After then, she woke up in the nursery. And it worked, thankfully, but it also seemed to have worked too well. Harriet hoped it would not create a sort of misunderstanding along the way. But then again, who was she kidding?

Ah, I bet they would think that something happen to me. Well, at least my secret is safe for now. It was a close call. I really need to control my anger next time. Also, it seems I owe a favor to Hermione. The fact she lied to them was my lucky shot.

Harriet sighed again. Now there was the whole Voldemort business. After the incident, it became clear that something big was happening at Hogwarts. And well, the letters arrived and so much more. The Prophet was on a rampage and blamed everyone and everything. It was good that Ministry Fudge was capable of shutting all down, in a manner of speaking. It seemed as if he was not having it. The Dark Lord's return was not something anyone wanted to speak of, especially him. Harriet wondered what else was going on behind closed doors.

The corruption was great, and Harriet was right about it. Fudge was doing his best to calm things down, and assure it was only an accident and that it was being taken care of. Also, there were a few people here and there who were rather afraid of the dark lord coming back. So, they help around and provide some donations to the wizard newspaper so they could remain quiet for a bit more. Yet, the problem remains.

"Mm, Amelia must be really busy right now dealing with all the inquiring. How many letters did she have to write to the worry parents? Mm, I think Dumbledore had to use his lovable person to calm things out. But this is only starting, for what I understand… there is going to be a trial soon."

Harriet said as she was rather boring thinking of what if?

"I need to learn more about how he was able to live after being killed."

Harriet whispered as she felt someone coming her way. She sat down on the edge of the bed, already tired of being in such a place for the second time.

"Harriet, are you awake?" Her mother asked.


Harriet smiled as she saw her beautiful mother bringing her breakfast. "I ask the elves to make your favorite meal."


Harriet exclaimed happily, as she could finally eat something worthwhile. Her mouth was salivating at the sight of such a gorgeous plate with five pancakes, blueberries, strawberries, maple syrup, melted butter, and a chocolate milkshake. Harriet wasted no time in eating the glorious breakfast, as Lily giggled at the sight of her daughter eating.

"Don't eat so fast!"

"Sorry, I was starving," Harriet said, with her mouth full, making Lily smile.

Lily sat down next to her, as she was still deep in thought about what happened last day. Her mind, just like everyone else, was on overdrive at the thought of what Harriet did. They weren't sure of what to think. It was hard to comprehend the things Harriet could do. Since that day, so many years ago. It seemed as if destiny choose Harriet for something. Yet, none of them were sure of what it was. Still, Lily did not care for it. She wanted her daughter safe and nothing more.

"Harriet," Lilly called, as the girl turned around and looked at her mother with her mouth full. Those big puffy red cheeks held an innocent face of confusion. And Lily saw it. Both Harriet's eyes were again green. But if she could look closer, she saw the golden circle around them.

"Mom?" Harriet asked, wondering why her mother was looking at her in such an intense way. Lily shook her head and sighed. But quickly smiled.

"Nothing, dear… just looking at those big cheeks of you!" Lily said as she kissed her daughter's cheeks. Harriet giggled at the sensation of the tickles.

"So, mom, where is dad?" Harriet asked as she continue to eat her breakfast.

"Sirius and your dad are currently investigating Quirrell's room. They want to make sure there is nothing there to endanger the students… more," Lily said, with a sigh, as she knew there was going to be a full day of work at the Auror department. Amelia would keep a few Aurors for the time being, perhaps for the rest of the year, if they continue the classes. And she was sure they would not close the school. Fudge is proclaiming nothing wrong happened, and it was all a slight incident. The pig. He rather pretends nothing bad is happening, rather than face the truth. Coward. Lily thought furiously.

"I see. Dad must be pretty busy now," Harriet said.

"He is."

"What about you, mom?"

"Hm, I am here with you… don't you want me here?" Lily asked with a fake hurt voice, to which Harriet smiled.

"I love when you're with me. It's just with everything… I thought you would be busy," Harriet replied softly.

Lily understood why Harriet thought in such a way. Lily was busy, but her kind of work was currently leading to nowhere. Especially if she considered what took place not too long ago with Dumbledore.

"Lily, James, I must admit that I am currently worried about Harriet's condition."

"And what does that supposed to mean, Dumbledore?" James asked.

"Harriet is powerful. There is no doubt about it. She would grow to be more and more strong. But that is not what I am talking about. It's about this strange Aura around her. I suspect she has different auras, or cores. You have felt it, right? How the magic feels different around her."

"We have noticed, yes. We knew that there was something more about her. Her magic was just too powerful for a child, well, for any adult. And, when we came to Hogwarts and discovered that a part of Voldemort lives inside her, we thought it was because of him. But now, we know it was not the Dark Lord magic. But different auras? How is that possible?" Lily said.

"I don't know… I truly don't. It should be impossible to even possess two… and I thought the same as both of you. I believed that in some way, Voldemort left a part of his power when he tried to kill Harriet. The scar was the proof I had. But now, I realize I was wrong. A part of his lives there, in her scar… but it's not the responsible of the auras." Dumbledore responded.

"Then what? Her eye… the way it changed to golden. What could it be?" James asked, frustrated.

"That, I think, is her magic protecting her."

"Her magic? What are you talking about, Dumbledore? You're saying that her magic took over control of her body, and made her do all of that?!"

"James, please calm down."

"Lord Potter, magic is alive, is in all of us. It has an awareness of itself. I believe young Harriet is being protected by it."

"Protected by it? Like… magic chose Harriet as a vessel?"

"Yes, Lily… I think Harriet is one with magic. Or something more. But regardless… the prophecy was right. She is the chosen one."

"Stop it! I don't want to hear about that bloody prophecy ever again!"

"I understand, Lord Potter… yet she won't be able to run from it. It's her destiny."

Lily stared at her daughter, who seemed in her own little world eating with little care as a bit of food was on her cheek. There was no destiny, she was no vessel. She was Lily's daughter, and nothing would change that. Nothing.

"Mom… I wanted to ask you… about Quirrell."

Lily stared at Harriet, who seemed to be thinking hard about what to say. But Lily suspected what was on her mind.

"You did not kill him… Voldemort possessed him. He was already death. He was on borrowed time and nothing else. You heard? You did not kill him," Lily said, as Harriet felt a bit of relief at the way it sounded. While she agreed that Quirrell was a walking corpse. It didn't change the fact of what Harriet did to him. Perhaps she felt guilty. Not of what she did, but of the inability to tell her mother what truly happened.

"Thank you," Harriet whispered, as Lily only smiled at her. "But I killed that troll."

"And you made a bloody mess, that's true," Lily giggled, as she took a napkin and cleaned the little spot where the maple syrup was on Harriet's cheeks.

"Don't worry about it… it was your life. Never apologize for defending yourself. Understood?"

"Yes, mom."

"Good, now finish your meal… because I think your friends want to see you." Harriet smiled as she saw the sun from her window. Well, I hope at least I can have a peaceful time… please, just a few months of peace!

Harriet sighed as she then walked to Great Hall. Few people were there. But she wasn't looking for ordinary people, but her friends. And as she entered the great room, a group of arms attacked her.


The girl-who-lived let a small squeal as she felt the group of friends staring at her, all worried about her well-being. They were asking her about what happened, about what took place with Quirrell, and from what Harriet understood. The history of the teachers told the students was that Harriet saved a girl from a troll attack and that Quirrell was responsible for the incident but died by trying to penetrate the inner defenses of Hogwarts. A rather simple excuse if she was honest, but then again, the rest of the students did not know better. It was better that way.

They have purposely left many things out. Well, this is better. I do wonder, what else did they say about what took place?

"Harriet, are you alright? Are you hurt? Did you eat breakfast already? Do you want your tea, or coffee?!" Hannah, the sweet girl, said. As she seemed more like a mother than a girl. Harriet stared at her, smiling.

"My mom already gave me breakfast, don't worry, mama Hannah," Harriet said teasingly, as Hannah blushed while hugging her.

"Easy there, Hannah, you're crushing her," Susan said softly, still holding Harriet's hand. "You gave us a big scare, you know?" Susan said as she stared at those green eyes with worry.

"Again, it seems as if you have taken quite the liking to do this," Daphne said while crossing her arms on her chest.

"What can I say? I like to live dangerously," Harriet said, smirking.

"Dangerously stupid," Blaise whispered, earning a small slap in the head by Tracey.

"Don't be mean!" Tracey exclaimed, as she then smiled at Harriet. "We are so happy to see you here! And don't worry, none of us are going to bother you with questions about what happen to the troll, that you killed in cold blood by blowing his bloody head off and painting the entire girl's bathroom on his blood and- "

"I think she gets it," Blaise said.

"Alright, there is not need to gather around in such a way," Neville said as he approached Harriet. And without saying more, he hugged Harriet. "You got us worry."

"Sorry, Neville," Harriet said, as she returned the embrace.

"You'll have to do better than that," Neville said, smiling.

Harriet sighed deeply, as she stared at them all.

"Well… it is seems that my actions brought some concern to all of you… I am sorry. I shouldn't have gone to be the hero. Sorry, really… sorry," Harriet said, as everyone stared at her. And after a few long minutes of silence, they all broke down laughing, making her confused.

"I told you she would apologize," Neville said, smirking.

"How many times did she say sorry?" Susan asked while staring at the girl with green eyes.

"Not enough, if you ask me," Daphne said, and while her face was stoic, there was amusement behind her blue eyes. It dawned on Harriet what were they doing to her, and she couldn't believe it. These…! Prats!

"Here, I am giving my heart and soul! And all of you are mocking me!" Harriet exclaimed as the mischievous smile of the kids only made her mad and embarrassed. But she couldn't deny it. It made her feel joyful.

"Stop it! It's not funny!" Harriet huffed.

"It is!" They all said as Harriet proceeded to the table, ignoring them all grumpily. The group of friends followed her as they continue to tease her. Yet it didn't anger her. She was having fun. And soon enough, she noticed a few more Hufflepuff joining the table, older students. They were all looking at her strangely.

"Here she is! The sleeping princess!" Nymphadora said, as she practically brought Harriet's body up and crushed her in a powerful hug. There were times the Metamorphmagus' strength surprised Harriet. "You had me sick worry for you!" The Hufflepuff girl said as Harriet sighed.

"Yeah, yeah… I know, I know… sorry, sorry, sorry," Harriet said, as Dora nodded but kept Harriet close to her. Harriet sat on Dora's lap, and make herself comfortable.

"So, not even the first month… and you have caused a great deal of commotion," Cedric said, as Harriet stared at him and the rest of the older students.

"A great deal of commotion? A Legilimency attack. Three trolls attacking the castle, an inquiring by the auror department, and we may be losing an entire year of school… I must admit… this is the most entertaining year ever!" A fifth-year exclaimed, and the fifth-year Hufflepuff students laughed about it.

"Bloody hell, Potter! What is going to happen next?! A dragon or something?"

"Perhaps, at this point, I won't be surprised!"

"Hey, don't forget she killed a bloody troll!"

They joked around, but Cedric looked at her and gently smiled. "Hey, Harriet, you saved someone's life. That's something commendable. You're a hero." He said as Harriet felt a slight nudge inside her, at the word's hero. Not something she was expecting to be called.

"And a troll killer," another one said, as the rest were laughing.

"A dangerous Hufflepuff!"

Harriet looked around, amused by the way her upper-class housemates were talking about her. It was hard to deny the embarrassment she felt. "Hey, Harriet, are you okay?" Nymphadora asked, as Harriet only sighed, relaxing in Dora's embrace. "Yeah… everything is alright." Harriet said as Dora felt as if Harriet was tired of something. And just like many times before, when Harriet was a little girl, Nymphadora allowed her to rest her head on her chest. Hugged tightly and rest her chin on her shoulder. They would do it many times before Christmas. Dora would bring her to her lap while looking at the fireplace while eating chocolates. Harriet felt comfortable and smiled as the peace of the day went by.

Harriet saw from the corner of her eye the bushy girl on the Gryffindor table, as she seemed rather happy to see her. Harriet smiled.

Thank you.

Harriet mouthed as Hermione seemed confused for a brief second, but then realized what she meant. Hermione smiled and blushed as she nodded. The girl was still unsure of why she lied about the magic Harriet used. She was scared, truly, but then again. Hermione was compelled to do so. She just blurted it. She used a Bombarda spell professor… it was… very powerful one. Hermione wouldn't lie and say she was interested in the type of magic Harriet was capable of doing, but she hoped. The green-eyed girl would teach her. And not only that, she hoped a friendship would grow out of that.

And well, she would be right.

At night, in the middle of the obscurity. The headmaster of Hogwarts stared from the balcony of his office. He was deep in thought, as he was still wondering about what took place not too long ago. He couldn't understand, no matter how much he has tried. Yet the evidence was right there, before him. And it terrifies him and intrigued him.

"Those auras… the golden eye… it must be for something. But what could it mean?" Dumbledore asked no one, as he stared at the sky.

"Perhaps there is a connection between her and the source of all magic… could it be that Gellert was right all alone? About the three powers?" Dumbledore whispered as he remembered the days of his youth. The day his beloved Gellert came with an ancient scroll he had stolen from Durmstrang's forbidden library. A scroll intrigued both of them.

It was supposed to be written by none other than Herpo the Foul. There, in the scrips, the ancient wizard spoke about the mysterious source of magic, and how supposedly it was an entity of itself, capable of understanding, and taking physicall form. Herpo believed that every thousand years or so, magic would choose a vessel in which it would grow. That person would grow up to be a powerful wizard or witch, and it would possess more power than none other would ever have. And would be capable of using the Three powers. But it would take time, as magic had to flourish, making it even harder for the young vessel, since it would make him or her weak for short periods of time.

Herpo the Foul believed such power could be steal if someone could find the vessel at a small age. The old wizard created a ritual in such a case, a very dark and gory one. But one, he knew, worked since it was also one that helped to expand someone's life. But it was changed, so it could take other people's magic.

Someone scrapped away the details. It was impossible to read, yet the fact it said it was possible was enough for the both of them.

Young Harriet has shown such power. And how her young body cannot handle it, yet. However, the question remained.

What those three powers are? The scroll didn't say. It was old and hard to read, as well. There were missing parts. However, it was enough for young Gellert and Dumbledore. They believed it, just like the Deathly Hallows. And Gellert became just as obsessed with it. The previous dark lord believed that if he could find the vessel. And steal its power for himself.

A vessel, Albus… a vessel has content in it and can be taken out. Just imagined Albus… that power. The power to bend everyone to our will!

Dumbledore sighed at those memories. His past was something he was ashamed of, yet he must now understand what was happening. And a worry came to him, as he realized what could happen if Voldemort discovered such information. That scroll… Gellert took it with him. I don't know where it is. But I doubt there is more about the Three Powers, about the source of all magic. I can't allow such information to be known. I can't! Dumbledore thought as he decided to ask for help.

He took the Philosopher's Stone out of the hideout. And wrote a long letter to his friend Nicholas. At first, he thought that destroying the stone would be the best course of action. The death of his dear friend and his wife would have been hard on him, but needed it. But things have changed. And now, Dumbledore was the one in need of help. He trusted Nicholas with the information he would give since, after all, Nicholas trusted him with his life. Still, it worries him. He put the stone in a box and a letter.

"Fawkes, please take this to Nicholas… and wait for an answer."

Dumbledore said as the phoenix took the packaged. "Be careful my friend, please be careful."

Dumbledore looked at the phoenix fly and then started to look around for his books.

"Young Harriet… destiny has chosen you for something beyond any of us."

Dumbledore sighed as he looked at the ceiling. "I must know where Gellert hid the scroll."

He realized the only way to find out was to speak personally with him, and it was something he dreaded. But there was no other way. The only way. The headmaster of Hogwarts would do whatever he must in order to secure the future of magic, and the light. And things were just starting.

"A long road ahead of us awaits, a very long and dark road."

And while Dumbledore was deep in thought about a fictional problem that has nothing to do with the truth. A portrait sneered at him but kept the information close to him as he left his chair and disappeared in the dark. And with that, a whole new set of troubles was just starting, and poor Harriet would be in the middle of it. And funnily enough for all parties. It would be a very confusing problematic destiny. Since it has nothing to do with what Harriet actually was.

The days went by, and soon enough, things became normal. Or as normal as they could be. And Harriet was truly enjoying the peace and quiet for the time being. Well, it was until they announced a new professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts. And, well, to say she was surprised would be a big understatement.

It was early in the morning, in the Great Hall, as she decided to enjoy her breakfast with her family while everyone was still waking up.

"Dad, you are going to be our new teacher?" Harriet asked as James looked proudly at her.

"Well, Amelia wanted to have some Aurors at Hogwarts for the rest of the year, and well, since there was also a vacant position, I offered my help."

"But you… a teacher?" Harriet asked, not believing her.

"What does that supposed to mean?" James asked, offended.

"I agree with Harriet in this one. You? A teacher? Merlin's Beard!" Sirius exclaimed.

"Hey, excuse me, but I can be an excellent teacher! Lily, tell them!"

Lily cringed at the idea of her husband being a teacher, but smiled at him. "I… believe in you… absolutely… yeah."

"My own wife…"

Harriet giggled, earning a stern stare from her father, which, in turn, only made her laugh louder.

"You should know, my dear daughter… that not because you're my beloved, cute and glorious child. I would make things easy for you!"

Harriet only nodded with a big smirk. "Of course… professor Potter."

James smiled smugly. "She called me professor," he whispered to his wife, who only rolled her eyes.

The students started arriving at the hall, and since she finished her breakfast, decided to join the rest of the students. "Well, I am going to sit with my friends… I have spent too much time with old people in the last days. I am feeling the age coming to me." Harriet said, as she immediately left the table, leaving behind the adults gawking at her.

"Did she call us old?!"

Harriet left them smiling at her own little joke, but as she was going by. She saw Hermione sitting alone at the Gryffindor table again. She was the first one of her year there. Remembering the girl's contribution to her history about the troll. It was only logical to show her appreciation. And besides, the bushy girl was cute.

"Hey, there bushy girl, do you want to have breakfast with my friends and I?" Harriet asked, taking Hermione by surprise.

"Uhm, I… I don't know… I don't think it would be a good idea," Hermione stuttered nervously.

"Complete nonsenses, my dear. Here, take my hand if you want to live," Harriet said seriously, confusing Hermione a great deal. And Harriet realized that she must get tickets to watch the movie. She won't miss the premiere of that movie at all.

"Uh, what?"

"Ah, sorry… I thought it would sound cool."


"Forget about it, let's go," Harriet took Hermione's hand, and the poor bushy girl was dragged to the Hufflepuff table where Harriet practically pushed her down and sat her next to her.

"I don't think this is a good idea… is against school rules to sit outside of your house!" Hermione said, anxiously.

"It's only during dinner or special occasions, but besides that, you're allowed to sit at any house table. And besides, I must thank you for keeping those spells I did a secret," Harriet said, quietly. As Hermione wondered why could be the reason why the girl with green eyes would like it that way.

"I was just nervous… scare even. I didn't know what to do or say, and practically say the first thing it came to my head," Hermione replied. "But why the secrecy?" She asked.

"Let's say that for now… is something new. I haven't perfected it yet. It will be a little secret between us, right? We are friends after all," Harriet said softly, as her words sounded like honey to Hermione, who was enchanted by her.

"A-alright!" Hermione said, happy as Harriet's unique aura snared at her. How could she say no to her? Hermione finds out eventually the reason why she couldn't say no to her. Or perhaps she won't. Regardless, it won't matter. As Harriet smiled sultry, making Hermione blush. "But could you teach me? About… this magic?" Hermione asked. Harriet stared at her and wondered if she could do such a thing. So far, she doesn't believe it. However, there was always a possibility.

"We'll see."

"Good morning!" Hannah and Susan said as both sat down, completely ignoring Hermione's presence until they saw her next to Harriet.

"Uh, hello?" Susan said, wondering why was she there.

"Go-good morning, Susan, Hannah," Hermione said, with a hint of anxiousness.

"Hermione, right? Good morning, did you eat breakfast already? Do you want me to serve you some cereal? Or tea?" Hannah said gently.

"Oh, no! No! Thank you! I already ate, I appreciate the concern. Thank you," Hermione said quickly, amused by Hannah's mother-like personality. Harriet smiled, as she knew Hannah's soft nature was something few people had. And it seemed as if Hermione has met no one like Harriet's dear friend. Well, so far everything is going smoothly. However, it would be hard when Daphne comes around. Harriet thought.

"What about you, Harriet? Did you eat breakfast?" Hannah asked.

"I did, with my parents… but I would like a coffee with milk," Harriet said, knowing full well that Hannah would serve her. And smiling jovially, Hannah took her time to prepare Harriet's coffee.

"Thank you, mama Hannah," Harriet said teasingly, making the cute dirty blond girl giggle.

"Don't worry, Hermione, don't be so tense. We will not eat you," Susan said with a big smile.

They relaxed Hermione a bit until two more arrived at the table.

"I am telling you, Blaise. They know nothing about maintenance of high-profile plants. I would never listen to those idiots at the Wizarding Herbology magazine. I don't even know how they got their titles, honestly," Neville said, as he sat down and the dark-skinned Slytherin only nodded.

"Galleons, my dear Neville, the reason of why they got their titles was galleons," Blaise said with a sultry tone.

Hermione went rigid as she saw the Slytherin boy staring at her. Blaise tilted his head and smirk as he saw the Gryffindor girl nervous around him. And like a good Slytherin, he couldn't let it pass.

"Well, well, it seems a little lion got lost, and ended up here," Blaise said, as he practically looked down on Hermione.

"Ah, I-I was with… with-"

"Mm? Please speak clearly, my dear. I don't understand you one bit. Or perhaps, are you afraid of me? I am a Slytherin after all."

"Blaise, don't be mean to Hermione, is not nice," Neville said, with an amused tone.

"I don't know what are you talking about, my dear," Blaise said, faking ignorance.

"Uh, hu, sure. Don't listen to him, Hermione. He is nothing but love, tenderness and high density of sugar," Neville said with a smirk on his smile, as Blaise glared at him.

"You're making a powerful enemy, heir Longbottom."

"Sure, sure," Neville said with a scoff until he turned to Hermione. "I am happy, you're alright, Hermione. A troll is a dangerous creature. We are glad you are without injuries."

Neville's sudden change of personality surprised Hermione. Since, back at Gryffindor, Neville seemed to not truly get along with the rest. He was polite and a bit shy. But here, he looked completely different. Hermione even realized how tall he was. Was he always this tall? Calm? Or did I mistake shyness with patience? Hermione thought.

"Thank you, Neville, if it wasn't for Harriet… I fear what would have happened."

"Well, it's a good thing our heroine was there to save the day," Neville said, as both Hermione and he turned around, only to see Harriet eating. Again.

"Um? Who?" Harriet said as she looked like a rabbit, with a lot of food in her mouth. Those cheeks were surely big.

"Yeah… hurrah," Blaise drawled.

"She just ate," Hermione said, baffled by the amount of food the Girl-Who-Lived could eat.

"You will get used to it," Neville said, entertained.

"Good morning, my fellow students."

Hermione saw a cute brunette girl with the biggest smirk she has ever seen in a while.

"Good morning, Tracey," the group said, except for Harriet, who was eating another dozen pancakes.

"Oh, whoa we have the survivor from the terrible attack!" Tracey exclaimed as she swooped in next to Hermione, making the bushy girl afraid. "Tell us… what happened? Did the troll hit you? What was our dear Harriet wearing? Did she truly explode the body of the troll in million pieces with mind powers and drank the blood?"

"Uh, what?"

"Drank the blood? Why would I drink the blood of the troll?" Harriet said, finally paying attention to what was happening around her.

"They say Troll blood gives you special powers… powers to… uh, have powers."

"Tracey, sometimes, I regret giving you a few of my comics."

"Comics? You read comics?" Hermione said, surprised.

"Pff read? Harriet has collections of comics, and those… Japanese comics."

"Mangas, Blaise, mangas."

"Pff, whatever, those muggle things."

"Those muggle things? My dear, dear Blaise, must I remind you, the fact asked me for some of my BL mangas? Mm? You seem fond of them," Harriet said, as she saw the blush on Blaise's face.

"I was researching… stuff."

"Yeah, I know what kind of stuff you were looking for," Harriet said, almost laughing at the face of embarrassment coming from Blaise.

"What is BL?" Hermione whispered, as Susan lean in.

"Boy's love… you know, cute boy plus handsome boy equals victory," Susan said, smirking. "Although, I am more fan of Yuri myself."

"Yuri?" Hermione asked, making Susan blush deeply.

"Girl's love," Tracey said, smirking. "You know, two girls, with boobs, equal making me feel like the donkey in spring!" Hermione was completely scandalized by what Tracey meant.

"What?! What are you talking about?!" Hermione exclaimed terrified, as Tracey sat on her lap, and dramatically put her hands around the bushy girl's neck, who was blushing and completely embarrassed about what was going on.


Tracey had a pretty voice, there was no doubt, but she would sometimes just scream instead of sing. And well, while she was moving around as if she was in a movie. The entire hall was staring at the first-year student screaming a song, in a ridiculous matter. And it didn't take long until professor Snape arrived at the place, and he could only stare at the girl on the Gryffindor lap screaming like a maniac.

"Miss Davis, what are you doing?" Snape asked, with a very calm and cold voice. Tracey squealed softly as she got up from Hermione and sat down, looking at the ground.

"Uh, nothing sir… just singing?"

"Singing? That was not something I would call an act of singing. You sounded like a young mandrake being ripped apart."

"Auch, but he is right, you know," Blaise said, earning a small slap in the head by Neville.

"Sorry, sir," Tracey said immediately.

"Mm, that would be Five points from… Slytherin, please don't make a fool of yourself again, miss Davis, and don't sing muggle songs."

"Yes, sir," Tracey muttered, although she was wondering something. How does he know is a muggle song?

Harriet snorted as he saw Snape leave, allowing a sense of shame to cross Tracey's face.

"Thank you, guys, for telling me about Snape," she groaned.

"But my dear Tracey, you were just at the climax of the song. We didn't want to bother you!" Blaise said everyone held their laughter.

Hermione was lost, as she was having a hard time understating the group of friends she was with currently. Yet, the arrival of the Slytherin girl with golden hair seemed to change things even more.

"I was writing a letter to my mother when I heard the cries of a banshee, so I assume it was Tracey," Daphne said.

"That's rude!" Tracey defended herself.

"You just lost the magnificence scene, my dear. It was glorious," Blaise said.

"I bet it was."

"And so… mm, you're?" Daphne asked as she stared at the bushy girl with cold eyes.

"Ah, uh, Hermione Granger."

"The girl… well, in any case. Excuse me, you're in my spot."

Hermione then was pushed aside by Daphne as she sat down next to Harriet. The way the girl was acting baffled Hermione. Daphne gave a brief look at Hermione, a warning of sorts. As the blonde-haired girl took Harriet's hand immediately and caressed it.

"How did you sleep well, Harriet?" Daphne asked, completely ignoring Hermione's presence. And Harriet knew it, but a part of her was rather entertained by the sudden dynamic of both girls. So, she ignored it. It was funnier that way.

"I did, thank you, Daphne," Harriet said, smiling angelically.

Hermione may be a bit shy when meeting new people, but she would not forget this. She would have her revenge soon.

"Good, tell me if you need anything, I will get it for you," Daphne said, lost in Harriet's eyes.

"I know you will, thank you."

"If you want, I would-"

Before Daphne could talk, Nymphadora Tonks made her entrance by hugging Harriet from behind. And, not only that, Dora kissed those beautiful cheeks of Harriet while ticking her. The girl-who-lived squeal as she enjoyed the attention she was giving.

"Dora stop, please!"

"Haha, sorry, but I couldn't hold myself. You're too cute!" Dora said, smiling arrogantly while looking down at Daphne. Dora winked at her, knowing she had more privileges than any of them so far.

"So, what's up?" Dora asked, while still hugging Harriet. Making Daphne scoff, and so the rest.

"Oh, I yeah… I know who is going to be the next defense against the dark arts teacher," Harriet said, making everyone intrigued.

"Who is it?" Neville asked.

"My dad."

"What?! Prongs?!" Dora exclaimed, bringing the attention of two twins who were on the Gryffindor table.

"Yep, Prongs. At least it was not Padfoot," Harriet said.

"Really?! Captain James Potter of the Auror Corp will be our new teacher?!" Hermione exclaimed.


"Woah, this is going to be a hard year," Neville said.

"What would that be, Neville?" Harriet asked.

"Well, it's your dad…"

"And he looks rather intimidating, don't you think?" Hannah said as she pointed to the high table. Where, from what Harriet could see, Professor Snape and her dad were having a few words. Or so she thought. The table was tense, as both men were only staring at each other. Or glaring at each other with death stares. Funnily enough, Harriet noticed her mother smiling brightly, as she seemed rather happy.

Uh, well, that's weird.

"In any case, expect Professor Potter to be very mean!"

"Could you charm him into not giving us homework?" Tracey asked hopefully.

"My dear, if anything, I would ask him to do the opposite."

They all groaned kwowing, Harriet would do such thing to annoy them.

"Mm, classes won't start until tomorrow. What should we do today?" Susan asked.

"What about going to the lake?!" Tracey said.

"That sounds great!"

Harriet smiled at the group of friends, as she looked at the high table and noticed that Dumbledore was not there. Um, I wonder what would that old man is. She wondered as she decided that just for today. She would try to relax.

Hopefully, the rest of the year would be simpler for me to focus on other things.

Harriet thought as she went with the kids to the lake, to enjoy the sun before it gets dark.