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Chapter 2

The sound of a crying baby woke a red-haired woman up. She sighed tiredly, and the morning sun was barely showing. Next to her, James groaned, knowing full well what time it was. Their daughter was a natural alarm, that was for sure. For the last months, Harriet would wake up at the same hour every day. Never failing at all. James joked about how it seemed as if their dear daughter was used to wake up to these ungodly hours. Like she was preparing to go to work. And, well, they were right.

"Five in the morning again?" James muttered.

"Yes… Five in the morning, sharp as ever, dear," Lily replied as she stood up.

"I will get the coffee," James said with a tired tone in his voice.

"Black, no sugar."

"Oh, starting hard today, uh?"

"My breasts hurt because of the milk, what do you think?"

"I can help, if you know what I mean," James smirked at her wife, but the only thing he earned was a pillow in the face.

Lily yawned as she approached her daughter's room. Harriet's crying stopped as Lily entered the room. It was always the same, Harriet would cry for a few minutes, and stopped instantly when she saw either James or her. Lily didn't want to admit it, but her daughter was strange. It was a horrible way to say it. But there was nothing else Lily could think of. Harriet didn't cry too often, in fact, the only time she cried was when it was time to clean her. Then it would take hours before she did it again for the same reason.

When it was time for breastfeeding, Lily felt as if Harriet didn't want to suck on her tit. It was strange, almost as if was ashamed of doing something like that. Then, her cute baby would try to communicate with them. Strangely, Lily may add. Harriet would point things out. Like, if she wanted a toy, she would make faces and point her small finger at that toy. Or if she was uncomfortable about something, she would make that twisted face of disgust. It was funny sometimes.

But what truly made things stranger than most was how frequently James and she would feel as if Harriet was paying attention to anything they say. Maybe it was Lily's imagination, but she felt as if Harriet was something more. Call it mother instinct.

"Hello there, princess!" Lily's tiredness vanished as she saw the cute baby girl in her crib, looking irritated that she took a long time to come there.

"Did you piss on your diaper? Did you poop?" Lily cooed.

Harriet had a face of disgust and annoyance, as she was practically saying, what do you think? Lily however thought those faces were so cute.

"Let's get you nice and pretty!" Harriet let a huff, that as a baby it sounded really weird. Lily looked at her with a smirk on her face as she took care of her child's necessities. Lily hummed a song while changing the diapers of Harriet. It was one of her old favorites from Elton John and Kiki Dee. And as she was singing, Lily noticed how her baby seemed in peace. Almost as if Harriet knew what song it was. But that couldn't be possible. She has never sung that song to Harriet. But, for some odd reason, Lily shrugged it off. Maybe she did while pregnant and if those magazines she bought were saying the truth. Maybe Harriet recognized it while Lily carried her.

Whatever it was the case, Lily kept on singing, loving the effect it was having on Harriet. She looked happy.

"Don't go breaking my heart~!" Lily sang while tickling Harriet who couldn't hold her laugh. The joy that came from such action brought a smile to Lily, who kissed Harriet's chubby cheeks.

"Aren't you the most precious baby ever? Yes, you are! Yes, you are! Look at you! All nice and pretty!" Lily said, kissing Harriet repeatedly.

Yet for a moment, a painful hurt in Lily's heart emerged. The look of her daughter smiles, those gorgeous eyes full of joy and love. Everything brought a horrible reminder to Lily. That outside of the walls of that house, a war was raging. People were dying, and the worst dark wizard in history was looking for Harriet. The weight on Lily's shoulders grew as she wondered what could she do to secure her child's safety. But then again, the thought of leaving Harriet alone or losing her was such a cruel thing for Lily.

Lily's tears fell, and it took a few moments for the young mother to realize it. That was until she felt the soft hand of Harriet grabbing her finger. The eyes of the child stared at her.

"Sorry, mommy was crying. It's okay… I'm okay. Everything will be okay," Lily said while trying to hold her tears back.

Harriet's face looked trouble, worried, and depressed. For Lily, to see her child with such a sad face was heartbreaking. How could she allow it? Lily pushed her sorrow down, refusing to make her child cry. Lily needed to be strong for her. She had to believe everything would be fine.

"See no more tears! Mommy, it's fine!"

Yet, Harriet didn't seem to believe it one bit. And she didn't, what Lily wasn't aware of, was that Harriet felt distraught to see her like that. The reason for it was because of the painful memories of Harriet's other mother. How the poor woman would hold everything inside of her to avoid worrying her daughter, too. The strained smile, the empty eyes, all of that brought such a horrible feeling to Harriet. The reincarnated baby was afraid for Lily. She was afraid for her mother.

How couldn't she? The thought of losing the only resemblance of a family Harriet has ever experienced was a horrible idea. She has never felt so beloved in her life. Perhaps it was her baby-like mind that made her feel so exposed, so fragile, so attached to both of her parents. Or maybe it only reflected how much of a damaged person Harriet truly was, that just a simple show of affection, of love, made her feel so connected to them. It was hard to know for sure. It could be both true, but whatever the case was, Harriet didn't want to lose that feeling. She didn't want to feel alone anymore.

That thought broke her down. Memories of her being alone in her department while contemplating suicide. The suffering she had to endure in her work. How the only people in her life that meant something to her slowly fade away. Leaving nothing but shadows and memories. How could somebody blame her to feel like that? Harriet was holding to all she thought was safe. She craved love, happiness, affection, and at this point in her life, she couldn't care where it came from.

"Oh, sweetheart, I'm sorry," Lily whispered, slowly embracing her crying child.

"I'm here, everything will be alright. Mommy, it's here."

Harriet wept in her mother's embrace, not caring if she was a grown woman in the body of a baby. Right now, the feeling of love she felt while being hugged by her mother was enough for her to calm down. The last time someone hugged Harriet was when her other mother was alive. And that was almost two decades ago in her old life.

"I'm here."

Harriet relaxed, getting a hold of her feelings. Lily smiled and kissing her daughter's forehead, the young mother brought her child down with her. Since soon, family friends would arrive for breakfast.

At the table, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin sat there with big goofy smiles as they saw their friend's daughter play with a golden snitch. Well, it looked like it, since Harriet had a frustrated face as she kept trying to catch it. Like an annoying mosquito flying around her. It was irritating for the young girl to have an annoying golden ball with wings flying around her when she was trying to pay attention to what the adults were talking about.

"Look at her, she is going to be a seeker, I'm telling you," Sirius said.

"You think so?" James asked.

"Of course she will! Look at her reflexes! She is natural," the godfather of Harriet boasted with a proud smile.

"I don't know about that, she is more of a chaser," James said.

"Aren't you saying that because you were a chaser?" Remus added while taking a sip of his tea.

"The best chaser in school may I add!" James replied.

"I would say you were the second best, at school," Sirius said, making James scoffed at the absurd idea.

"And who was the best, Padfoot?" Asked James, insulted.

"Me, of course!"

"No, you bloody aren't!"

"Not cursing in front of Harriet!" Lily yelled from the kitchen.

"I'm the best chaser, and there is nothing you can do to change it!" James lowly hissed.

"May I remind you, how the last game against Ravenclaw went? Don't you remember, oh best chaser in school?" Sirius growled back.

"It was raining! I couldn't see properly!"

"No one could see properly, you wanker!" Sirius said.


"Knob head!"


Remus only kept on drinking his tea with a big smile, ignoring the ongoing barrage of insults, knowing full well how it would end. On the other side of the table, Harriet was hearing everything with admiration. British people and their insults are the best! She thought.

Yet it stopped when both Sirius and James' mouths disappeared from their faces. It startled Harriet, still not used to the magic of the world. She was learning something new every day. However, what truly terrified her was the look of her red-haired mother, as she strolled to the table holding her wand in the air while floating plates of food arrived at the table. Lily was angry.

"What. Did. I. Tell. You?" Lily hissed.

James pointed his finger at Sirius, who did the same. Both mouthless adults kept on throwing hand signs at each other. Resembling two mute mimes. Harriet found the entire exchange hilarious. Remus, who was Harriet's opinion was the most mature of the three of them, only smiled at Lily.

"Thank you for the breakfast, Lily," he said, ignoring the looks of Sirius and James.

"You're welcome, Remus," Lily replied.

After a few minutes in which Lily and Remus enjoyed the silence, the red-haired mother decided that it was enough, and with a flick of her wand, their mouths came back. Padfoot and Prongs moved their jaws around, feeling numb and annoyed.

"So, McGonagall thought you that spell, eh?"

Lily smiled at her husband. "She wanted me to keep you in check," Lily said.

"Great, my own wife is against me."

"Still... I'm the best chaser," Sirius muttered.

"No, you're not!"

"Wanna fight?! Let's go!"

"Let's go you four-eyed git!"

"Enough!" Lily yelled.

"He started it! Say something to him!" James whined.

"I'm only stating the truth!" Sirius replied.

"What truth?! You wanker! Tell me!"

"You can't handle the truth!"

"Be quiet, the both of you!" Lily yelled.

"Ah, what a peaceful morning," Remus said smiling.

As the morning passed by, Harriet felt as if everything, for the first time in her life, was fine. It has been months since she had learned who these people were. From what she knows, they went to Hogwarts together. A school of magic that Harriet was sure she would know more about in the future. There her father and godfather grew close as a brother and formed a group with Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew called The Marauders.

A group of friends who loved to prank people, students, and teachers alike and help Remus Lupin in his affliction.

What type of illness affected the kindest person of the Marauders? Harriet didn't know, but it must be something regarding Lupin's scars. It was those moments where Harriet hated being incapable of using her magic. If she could only use an ability like [Detect Curse] or something similar. Harriet could not help him out, the only thing she could do was to stare at the fatigued face he sometimes wore.

It was not fair, Remus was a thoughtful person and incredibly patient. He reminded Harriet of Yamaiko, the loving and kind teacher back in her old world. Remus wanted to help always, sometimes he would babysit Harriet, telling both young parents to take a break. He would occasionally read stories to her, something Harriet enjoyed a great deal. Books were Harriet's favorite pass time and both of her parents had an extensive collection of them. Lily especially was a huge fantasy nerd. She had an amazing taste for books. Recently, Remus has been reading to Harriet the Hobbit. A muggle history he was enjoying too.

Then, there was her godfather, a very important title in the Wizarding World as far as she knows. Sirius Black was a free spirit. A man who enjoyed life and everything around it. Harriet, at first, was not sure what to expect of him. But after expending more time around Padfoot, she learned more about him. That man's love for his friend was intense. Sirius would die first before allowing something to happen to either of them. There was no doubt in Harriet's mind about it. Oddly enough, Sirius reminded her of Peroroncino, just a bit. Not the pervert side, although for what she knew, Sirius was quite the ladies' man. He would do goofy smiles and faces just to make Harriet smile.

He would transform into a dog, something Harriet wanted to know how he does it, and lick her face and carry her on his back. Much to her dear mother's exasperation.

Either way, there was something in him that made Harriet feel safe and happy. Really weird.

Now, the last two members of the Marauders were an odd topic for Harriet and for different reasons.

Harriet didn't trust Peter Pettigrew. Everything around him stinks, metaphorically. She has seen men and women like him in her workplace. They would gladly throw someone under the bus just to save their skin. There was nothing else for her to say about him. Just that she didn't like him.

Then, there was James, her father.

Harriet didn't hate him or dislike him. There was just a block on Harriet's mind that didn't allow her to trust him. She wanted to give him a chance, but the memories of her other father were on repeat in her mind. How he would punch her, insult her, sometimes even abuse her. The idea of now having a loving father who cared for her and loved her was impossible for Harriet to accept. She was afraid of being hurt like last time. Harriet didn't know how to open herself up to James.

But she would take her time. Step by step, slowly but surely. James didn't distress her anymore, she even felt comfortable when he carried her around. So, perhaps in a few years, she would call him father without fear or pain.

Now, Lily, her mother.

Lily was a beautiful person, a loving wife, and a mother. Harriet would never forget her other mother, never. She would carry the memories of that person with her for the rest of her life. But she allowed Lily inside of her heart, Harriet couldn't deny the connection between them. Again, Harriet didn't know if all was because she had a baby-like-mind or something. But it was the truth.

They were her family, despite everything.

She liked them, Harriet truly enjoyed being near them. Did she love them? No. Would she allow herself to love them in the future? Definitely.

Harriet came to that conclusion a while ago, they offered her a chance to experience what a loving family was. And although Ainz Ooal Gown would forever be a part of her, right now, she was here with these people. And she would enjoy it. So smiling, at the silly jokes of Padfoot, of her mother chastising her husband, and Mooney laughing at his friend. Harriet would be something she never could. A child.

However, it all came crashing down, since in less than a year the war raging outside the walls of Godrick's Hollow grew more fierce. And soon on Halloween eve, Harriet Potter would change history.

Harriet stared in frustration and desperation at her parents, as they were arguing what to do.

"Please, Lily, it's the only way!" James hissed, tired of everything.

"I don't trust Dumbledore, not after what he did!" Lily replied in tears in her eyes.

James flinched at her voice. The dead of Marlene McKinnon, one of Lily's best friends, along with her entire family devastated his wife. It was one of the few times in which they left Harriet with a muggle family, under the watchful eyes of Arabella Figg, to fight Death Eaters.

James would never forget the scream of pure agony as Lily held the dead body of Marlene, who was pregnant at that moment she died. Lily fought back the Death Eaters with the strength of 100 men. She was a demon in every sense of the word. But what truly changed how she, well, both of them viewed Dumbledore was when Lily and he were so close to killing Antonin Dolohov and Evan Rosier. The old wizard blocked their spell with a wall, giving enough time to the Death Eaters to fly away.

Why? well, because they couldn't kill people under Dumbledore's orders.

That enraged Lily to no end; it took Alice, Amelia, and James to calm her down before she decided to Avada Kedavra Dumbledore's ass. The old wizard's excuse for stopping them was that they couldn't lower themselves to the level of killers. They needed to capture those criminals and show that the Wizarding World has laws and justice. James admitted that, before he would agree with Dumbledore. Laws were there for a reason, but, now?

After seeing what those Death Eaters did to an entire family?

No, he won't allow it. He didn't enjoy killing, but he would do it to keep his family safe. They were fighting a war, a war against people who care too little for rules and law. It's kill or getting killed, nothing more and nothing else. Voldemort was eliminating families left and right, and now they were targets.

"I don't trust him with this either, but we need this. Alice and Frank are doing the same," James said.

"Lily, please this will work! No one would suspect a thing, it's the perfect plan!" Sirius said.

"The Fidelius Charm, it's the best, and you know it, please Lily, I don't know what else to do," James begged, and Lily bit her lips. She knew he was speaking the truth. What else they could do?

Without any other way to defend themselves, that charm was truly the only thing they got.

"Peter, are you sure about?" Peter only nodded, avoiding the gaze of everyone.

"Yes, it's… The best," he said.

Harriet shivered at that. She didn't like it, not at all. "No, Pa'oof, no, no. Do'n o' it!" Harriet said, getting frustrated at her voice. No matter how much she tried to speak properly, her mouth didn't cooperate with her. She yelled again, trying to stop them, but it didn't work.

Lily brought Harriet to her embrace, "It's okay, I won't allow anything to hurt you." Lily whispered to her child.

"It's okay, let Padfoot take care of everything," Sirius said warmly, completed misinterpreting what Harriet actually meant.

"They know we are close, James, they will go after me. So, having Peter as the real secret keeper, it's a good idea. Trust me," Sirius said with a voice full of confidence.

"What about Remus? Shouldn't we…" James painfully asked.

"James, the fewer people know the better," Sirius said, hiding hurt in his eyes. Ever since Dumbledore told everyone in the order that there was a spy among them. Paranoia settled inside of him. He didn't want to believe Remus was a spy, he didn't, but he has been away from there for a while. What else should Sirius think?

"Lily…" James looked at her wife and daughter.

"Let's do it…" Lily said as she kept Harriet in her arms.

"We trust you, Peter, I know you won't fail us," James said smiling, no one noticed the pain in the smallest of the Marauder's eyes.

"Of course, you know you can trust me."

Harriet wanted to scream at them for not listening to her, but there was nothing she could do now. She was powerless to stop it. She saw the eyes of relief in Peter's eyes, but not because of his friend's safety, but something else. And soon she would learn why.

Harriet felt that something was wrong. It was hard for her to explain it, but the air was dark. The night was unnaturally long, and her parents felt the same way as her. They were currently in the living room, trying to appease their worries by reading a book to Harriet. Normally it would be one of those nights, the one-year-old would love. But not now.

"How are you feeling?" James asked softly to Lily.

"Like crap," Lily replied.

"Watch your language," James mocked, to which Lily giggled.

"Don't worry, everything will be alright," James said, kissing Lily's cheek.

Both of them were tired of it all. Tired of hiding, of feeling persecuted. They only wanted to be a normal family, but the war, the dead around them. It was getting too much for them. The only thing that was worth it, was the child. It was the reason they kept ongoing. The reason they fight.

Lily smiled at him feeling, he made her feel strong, that everything would truly be okay.

"I hope so…" Lily said as she kissed James.

Harriet groaned, at the sight before her. They were truly in love with one another.

"No, do'n, do'n," Harriet said with a disgusted face. Truth be told, they embarrassed her when they kissed in front of her. It was the same when they have sex. Harriet would hear everything at night sometimes. It was such an uncomfortable thing for her to listen. And it was not because she wanted hear such thing. They were just really loud, especially her mother, she was very vocal.

"What? Our daughter finds it disgusting?" James asked with a smirk on his face.

"Indeed, she does, what do you say, James? Should we kiss our baby too?" Lily replied with a smirk of her own.

Harriet grumbled loudly as both of her parents kissed her chubby cheeks. Yet, she couldn't help herself but love it. Sadly, it didn't last for long.

They stopped when they felt something approaching their home. Chills ran through their bodies and then, out of nowhere, someone blasted their door. James stood up and from the edge of the room he saw two red eyes looking at him, James knew who those eyes belong to.

"Lily, take Harriet and go! It's him! Go! Run! I'll hold him off!"

Lily had no time to think, as she took Harriet went off, leaving James behind.

Harriet was in shock, but it took no genius to know that Peter betrayed them. She felt as everything was crashing down, and for one last time, she saw the eyes of James, her father. He smiled at her, a charming smile while he muttered, I love you. Lily with no time to mourn, ran to the second floor, sobbing loudly as she could hear the Killing curse being used. James... Oh god, james.

Harriet's heart clenched, as she could feel behind the door that her mother was fortifying, that her father was dead.

No, no, no, no. That was all Harriet could think.

Harriet was in the crib hearing the steps of someone approaching the room. Lily knelt down, looking at her daughter with a sad smile, while tears fell down her cheeks. Green eyes met green eyes, both full of tears, full of sorrow and heartache.

"Mommy loves you. Daddy loves you," Lily whispered.

Inside of Harriet, something was twisting, something long forgotten. Those months full of happiness, joy, and wonder. Were now vanishing in front of her.

"You're so loved, my dear child. We love you."

No, no, no, no. Don't leave me… No!

The door blasted open. There she saw it. A man with a long cloak, a horrible face resembling anything but a human, and red eyes glared at her. Harriet was scared, she truly was. But she was more afraid for her mother, who stood before her. Not moving an inch.

"Move aside, girl," the man hissed.

"No! Don't kill her! Kill me! Kill me instead!"

"Move, I won't repeat it again!"

"No! Don't kill her!"

"Enough of it… Avada Kedavra!" A green light came out of the man's wand, hitting Lily right in the chest. The woman who raised her in this world and loved her like no other was laying on the floor, unmoving, cold, and dead. Harriet, for the second time in her life, saw the death of her mother.

Harriet cried loudly, watching Lily's body in front of her.

No, please don't go!

"Stupid girl," the man hissed like a snake.

Harriet's soul twisted. The nights her parents would stay with her until she was sleeping. The days of them walking in the small park enjoying the afternoon. How her father would prank her mother. The goofy smiles and faces, all of it, was repeating inside her head. Like a movie going on fast-forward.

"Such a waste… A stupid girl."

Those words snapped something inside Harriet. She glared at him. At the greatest dark wizard of all time, Lord Voldemort with such deep hatred, that even the dark lord felt disturbed at the sight of such baby powerful gaze. Perhaps the prophecy was right all along. The man thought as he pointed his wand at the baby.

"Mm, a waste of potential, truly..."

Harriet kept on glaring tears in her eyes.

I kill you… I will kill you. I will destroy you, annihilate you! Harriet thought, filled with grief and hatred. The eyes that once were green were now shinning in such a deep golden color it puzzled Voldemort, who stared at the baby girl wondering what was happening. I WILL KILL YOU! EARTH, HEAVEN, AND HELL WON'T STOP ME! I WILL FIND YOU!

"Only I can live forever."

Voldemort ended it all, and with one last word, he sealed his fate. "Avada Kedavra!" He yelled as the green light came out of his wand, hitting Harriet directly. Yet, the result was another one. The curse itself rebounded on the baby, but it was with such a force that the room almost exploded. Voldemort's body disintegrated, leaving nothing, not even ashes, his soul flew away in pain.

He would ask himself what did happen for years. That was for sure.

The aftermath of it left a very wounded and confused Harriet behind. She was in pain and bleeding from a scar on her forehead. Yet it was not the cause of her pain.

The room was devasted by the blast of pure raw magic. The one-year-old was on the floor moaning in pain.

"Mom…" She whispered, crawling next to her deceased mother.

Harriet hugged her, crying loudly, but then a sound brought her to a sudden stop.

[Event Completed]

Updating Stats.

Name: Harriet Lily Potter (Aka Galadriel Melkor)

One of the Almighty 41 Supreme Beings. Guildmaster.

Job: Demon Empress Title (Blocked)

Reincarnated Title (Unblocked)

Arcane Magic Warrior (Blocked)

Arcane Loyalist (Unblocked)

Residence: Godric's Hollow (Currently) The Great Tomb of Nazarick (Inaccessible)

Alignment: (Blocked)

Racial Level: (Blocked)

Job Level:

Wizard 1

Arcanist 5

Battle Mage 10

Magic Warrior 5

Arcane Master 10

Others (Blocked because No Racial Level available) (Warrior Job Blocked) (Armored Mage Warrior Blocked) (Warlock Blocked)

Ability Chart: (No complete)

Arche-Demon Authentic From (Blocked)

Resistance: (Blocked) (Human Form vulnerability) (Cursed)

Harriet stared, shocked by it, but then her mind quickly went to her inventory. She prayed, god she begged for the possibility of reaching her inventory. And she let a huge cry of relief when she could reach into her pocket to pull out an item that could save her mother and father's lives.

Harriet was not thinking straight, she was in so much pain, and could barely move. There was no way to know if [Resurrection Scroll] Worked here, but even though they did, she could barely move by herself. Harriet was slowly fading away. So, she used [The Resurrection Angel] That was practically the same thing, but with the difference, that it was an AOE scroll of one use capable of reviving low-level NPCs or players. It was the first time she thanked the devs for cash items.

With the last strength in her body, Harriet used [The Resurrection Angel] She only needed to tap the scroll one time, and suddenly a beam of light appeared, a spirit type angel slowly raised from the ground as it blessed the ground, the house and everything around it.

Far away, few people saw the emerging light from the house. Especially one man with a white mask who whispered Lily! and another one who worried for her friends' lives and his goddaughter.

Harriet's consciousness was faltering, but she could feel her mother slowly breathing again. It worked, she thought with a smile. Her HP bar was dangerously low, but it was a good thing, at least she could see it again. Kind of.

I just need to sleep a bit, that's all. Harriet thought as she fainted next to her mother. She did not know what would happen in a few hours.

James Potter's consciousness was floating around in the nothingness. Everything was so peaceful, but then a light was visible. He didn't know what was going on. The shade of a person was trying to reaching him, an angelic form embrace him and pull him out of the void.

He woke up, feeling numb and disoriented.

A voice rang in his head, like an echo of sorts. "James! James! Please don't die on me! James!"

"Padfoot?" James replied with a groan.

"Thank Merlin's bear! James, you are alive!" Sirius exclaimed, sobbing. The moment he couldn't find Peter was in his home, he knew something was off. But then, watching the destruction of his friend's house, Sirius feared the worts. He ran in with his wand ready to kill anyone there, but the only thing he discovered was a ruin and his friend on the ground.

"Lily! Harriet!" James yelled, remembering the attack.

He wanted to stand up, but his body wasn't capable of doing so. Sirius helped him, and together they walked up the stairs, both held their breaths as they entered the room or what was left of it. Everything was destroyed like an enormous explosion took place there. How the house was still standing? They didn't know.

"Lily!" James exclaimed as he saw his wife and daughter on the floor.

Lily moved, and just like James, the entire ordeal disoriented her. "James?" She called.

"Lily, please tell me are you fine? What about Harriet?!" Those words woke her instantly, she glace around in panic her until she felt something in her arms. It was Harriet, she was bleeding and was pale.

"Harriet?! Harriet, please wake up baby!" Lily frantically exclaimed.

They noticed the nasty scar on her forehead, but what completely took them off guard was a string of white hair on their daughter's head. It was just above where the scar was.

"She is breathing, but barely!" Lily said, ignoring the hair for now.

"Sirius, we need to get help! We need to get to St Mungo's! Call the Aurors, get Amelia!" Sirius obeyed, and using a Patronus charm, he sent a message. The group slowly went down, deciding to leave the ruined house before something else took place. The last thing they needed was a Death Eater raid.

"What happen to Voldemort?" Sirius asked.

"I don't know…" Lily and James weren't sure what to say, but they were sure of one thing. They died. But something brought them back. What it was? They didn't know. However, they would take to any god or eminence for that. As they approached the clearing, an unusual person was there, waiting perhaps.

"Hagrid?" Lily asked, baffled by his presence there.

"Lily! James! Yer both'live! Dumbledore told me yer both would be dead! I'm so glad yer both alright!" The half-giant said with a thick accent.

The group was not sure what to think. How could Dumbledore know something like that? How could he know Voldemort attacked them? Why was Hagrid there? Those questions and more appeared in their mind.

"Why are you doing here?" James asked suspiciously.

"Ah, well, Dumbledore wants young Harriet to live with her aunts! A safe place he said," Hagrid said happily.

"Aunt? My sister? Petunia?! She wanted Harriet to live with my sister?!" Lily replied, not believing what she was hearing. She was embracing Harriet in her arms, not wanting to let her go. The thought of having her hateful sister taking care of her daughter was unbelievable. There was no reason for it to happen. Both Lily and James noted it in their wills. That in no circumstance should their daughter be left with them.

"What is Dumbledore thinking?" She hissed.

"He only wants the best for the young Harriet!" Hagrid tried to defend the great Albus Dumbledore but with no success.

"Well, you can tell him to-!"

"Lily, not now! We need to take Harriet to St Mungo's!" James called, stopping the tirade. He truly wanted to know what was Dumbledore playing at, but right now, his daughter was the top priority.

"Tell Dumbledore we are going to speak about this, later," James said with an almost hissing tone. There was truly a lot he wanted to know.

Hagrid sighed as he was not sure what was going on, but he nodded to, watching the group leave. He would have to tell Dumbledore what happened.

Yet, it would only take a few hours before the entire Wizarding World woke up to the news of something great. A baby defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort, the greatest dark wizard in history. How? No one knows, but no one cared. However, what they knew was that Harriet Potter defeated him and survived.

They called her, The-Girl-Who-Lived.

But for the parents of the girl, there was no time for celebration. It's been three days since the event that put Harriet into the books of history took place. Three long days of her not waking up. Lily would not leave her child's side in all that time. She sat there, holding her hand, humming songs, hoping she would wake up soon.

But nothing. The healers said that they have seen nothing like it. It was a sort of coma.They didn't know what was going to happen. No one did. So it was only a matter of waiting and see what unfold.

That didn't embed well with both Lily and James.

And what was worse.

The whole Wizarding World wanted to interview them as if they were heros. Something they hated with a passion of a raging demon. Lily burned some letters and broke some cameras. She was not having it. Her child was in a comatose state, and they wanted to take pictures of her? How dare they?

Besides, she didn't trust anyone with her daughter's safety

Not counting that the war not over yet, Death Eaters were still around. Some of them tried to take revenge on them. Just yesterday, a group of Death Eaters led by Bellatrix Lestrange, Rodolphus Lestrange, Robustan, and Barty Crouch Jr attacked the hospital intending to kill the girl and to find out what happened to their master. Thankfully, James, Sirius, Remus stopped the attack until Alastor Moody arrived with reinforcements. A fierce battle ensued, and it was there, in the halls of St Mungo's. Frank Longbottom killed Robustan Lestrange, and with help of a young Amelia Bones, incapacitated the rest of the Death Eaters. It was the victory that cemented the end of the war. Or that's what the Prophet claimed.

However, there was still danger lurking. Amelia and a few other Aurors were always patrolling the hospital. Making sure there was no danger anymore. Besides, Amelia wanted to make her friend feel safe now more than ever. The war has taken a huge toll on all of them. Including her, too.

But for the young couple, it was not the Death Eaters they were only worried about.

"Are you sure about this?" Remus asked in a painful voice.

"What else do you think, Remus? Why would Dumbledore do something like that?" James said as she sat next to Lily, who was looking out of energy. Pale and weak, he held his hand, trying to bring some comfort to her, and it did, but barely.

"I don't know… I don't want to believe it, but everything makes sense," Remus said.

"Everything leading to that night was to perfect, don't you think?" Sirus said as he was uncomfortable with the bandage around his neck. A lovely farewell gift from his beloved cousin Bellatrix. She almost decapitated him with a cutting curse. He like many others was not happy with the punishment of the rest of the Death Eaters. Although a lifetime in Azkaban sounded horrible. Sirus believed those people deserved to die. Especially that traitorous rat who was hiding somewhere.

"It does, truly… But why? Why would Dumbledore be so obsessed with Harriet?" Remus said, trying to understand the mind of the man who allowed him to study at Hogwarts.

"Control, he wanted control," Lily said in a tired voice.

"Lily?" James softly asked.

"I don't consider Dumbledore evil… But I think he truly believes he knows the best. That everyone should listen to him and his advises. He wanted to shape Harriet into something, like the next gigantic figure of light or something I don't know. Don't you remember how he wanted us to put Harriet with Petunia because he thought living with us would be bad for her? That the fame would go to her head? As if I would allow it?" Lily hissed angrily.

"Yeah, it makes little sense," James said.

"I know I was a git in school, truly. And I don't want my child to be like me."

"Yeah, we were really… Not nice," Sirius muttered.

"However, I think there is something else going on. Dumbledore, it's aiming at something…" Remus added.

"What could that be?" Sirus asked.

"I don't know… Truly, but I think there is something he wants."

Lily and James stared at each other, not knowing what could it entail.

"We won't allow it to happen. We won't allow Dumbledore to control our child at his will," they both said.

"And you won't be alone," Sirius said.

"No, you won't be," Remus followed.

"Whatever it is, we are in this with the both of you," James and Lily smiled at both of them, and as if was providence, they all hear a small groan. Immediately, Lily and James jumped at the small crib where their daughter was resting. And it was like an enormous weight of worry and suffering left their shoulders. Their baby, Harriet woke up.

And she was very confused about all.

She stared at them, and for a moment she didn't seem to understand what was going on. Then it dawned on her, the memories of what happened. Harriet sobbed, looking at them.

They are alive! Everyone, it's alive! Harriet thought as she sobbed, feeling relief and happy. And she was not the only one thinking the same. Both Lily and James thought the same as they held her close to them. Crying with the rest of the people in the room.

They were together now. Their family was complete again.