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Helena opened her eyes to bright fluorescent lighting and concrete walls. She looked down at herself. She was still in a hospital bed, but this was not her hospital.

"What the fuck?" she asked.

She clutched her head in her hands. Her sense were coming back to her all at once. Her brain was on fire.

"Such language," a man said.

She turned her head to the right, trying not to strain her eyes. He looked familiar. Presidential, but his face was almost…blurred? Scrambled?

"Do I know you?" she asked.

"I am pleased to meet you, Miss Stark," he said.

"Why am I here?" she asked.

"Just an insurance policy," he said. "We need to keep things on track, and you are the perfect way to ensure everything goes as planned."

"Okaaay," she said. "Look, can I go to sleep now?"

He seemed to hesitate before grinning.

"Not quite yet," he said.

He made a motion to someone beside her. Hands bore down on her arms, lifting her from the bed. She let out a weak sob. Her body ached, the drugs hung in her system. Two men carried her down a hall as she struggled to lift her head.

They entered a small room with a bed and a metal chair. Another man entered with a camera and a stand.

"This better not be some creepy ass porn shoot," she said.

The men sat her down in the chair with a thud. She leaned back, trying to stop the spinning room.

"All I need is for you to be a good little girl and smile," he said.

She glanced up with what little focus she had. That wasn't perverted sounding at all.

"Joy," she said.

No one seemed to notice her words. She started into the camera for a few moments before a wave of nausea fell over her. She collapsed onto the ground, throwing the chair back, and began to heave.

The man gave a signal and his goons left.

"We'll leave you to rest now," he said.

"Fuck off," she said. "I need medical care. I'm not right, I could hurt someone."

"You'll be fine," he said. "You're little freak out wasn't your disease. Funny to watch though."

The man pulled out a needle and took her arm. He injected the liquid with a grin. What did he mean? Not her disease? How could…?

The door shut, metal hitting metal with a thunderous noise that made her break out in tears, shaking. She lost track of her thoughts. The noise rattled her mind, reverberating through her limbs.

Helena crawled to the bed, pushing herself onto the rough mattress. She held back her wails. She wasn't afraid of being taken. Helena was afraid of what rested in her brain. She didn't want anyone else to fall victim to her.

The young woman balled up on the mattress, holding her limbs tight to her body as she passed out.


"Director Fury,"

"Pierce," Fury said. "To what do I owe the pleasure. Twice in two days, that's gotta be a record."

Pierce brought Fury into side hug, holding up a phone with the video of Helena. Fury's chest tightened. His niece had been taken. She looked weak, in pain, and unable to hold own body weight.

She was supposed to be in the hospital.

"What do you want?" Fury asked.

Pierce smiled and pulled away.

"For you to stay out of the way," Pierce said. "Do that, and everyone lives. Get involved, and this beautiful young woman dies a painful and slow death."

"Her father is Iron Man," Fury said. "He is going to notice and this plan is going to self-destruct."

"Don't worry about him," Pierce said. "Just keep yourself busy and your mouth shut."

Fury watched the man leave. There was no way he would just let his niece be held hostage. Nothing was more clear to Fury now, project insight needed to be stopped. Even at the risk of his niece.

He would have to be subtle. He needed a better plan the sneak messages to Steve or agent Hill.

Fury sat looked out at the helicarriers. Everything he had done for SHIELD felt questionable now and he had brought the one person he cared the most for into the middle.


Helena woke up to an icy glare. She let out a sigh. Reaching behind her head she grabbed the pillow and chucked the lump at the man. He caught the pillow with the metal hand on reflex.

"Hot," she said. "What's your name?"

The man continued staring at her, holding the pillow. She could feel the self-hatred radiating off of him. Now, that she could relate to. There seemed to be something else though. Something in his eyes.

"I'm getting a Klaus vibe," she said. "No, maybe Damon…a hard no on Stefan though."

She had always disliked Stefan, a total ass hat.

Helena pushed herself up, swinging her feet over the side of the bed. The room swayed, her body seemed to lock up on her. For a brief moment she wasn't certain of where she was. She clenched her eyes and looked back the floor. Better this then the shocks.

"Dizzy, dizzy, dizzy," she said.

Helena held out a hand to the man.

"Little help?" she asked.

He stared at her, remaining still. She rolled her eyes and attempted to stand on her own.

"No, no," she said. "Let the woman you kidnapped from a HOSPITAL bed do this herself."

Attractive he may be, but not attractive enough to forget being snatched and dropped into a creepy cell. Maybe.

As she began to stumble, she felt a strong grasp on her waist. Helena looked behind her to see stunning baby blues. He seemed, concerned? Not for her, no, but for his job? Believing the concern was for his job felt better.

"Hey, I might be an inconvenience, but I didn't want to be here in the first place. No victim blaming in this cell."

He scoffed, not to be rude, but to hold back a laugh. Her eyes narrowed. Something about his grasp left her unsettled. Why did he seem so familiar? Like she could remember the feeling of his eyes on her? They stared at one another for a little longer before Helena jumped at the sound of the door opening.

The man she had decided to call Damon tried to let go, but noticed her muscles didn't seem capable of holding her up. He kept his hands on her waist.

The cell door opened with a thud. The man from before walked in with an entourage, fuzzy face and all.

"Hello, Helena," he said. "I see you've met the asset."

"Asset?" she asked.

The man gestured to Damon. Her prison guard tensed, becoming emotionless. Dead in the eyes.

"He's one of the greatest weapons ever created."

"That's a human being," she said. "When did we go back to owning slaves in America? This how you treat the people you hire?"

"A slave?" he said. "The winter soldier is an active participant. He loves his work. Isn't that right, soldier?"

Damon nodded. She rolled her eyes.

"Cause he's gonna say otherwise in front of you. Why the hell would I even trust your word? Even pretty boy is on my shit list. You're kidnappers! I mean, on a whole other level, but still….kinda messed in the head." she said. "Who are you anyway? Some sex slave ring?"

"None of your concern," he said.

"God, you are one hell of a treat."

The men behind him glared back at her. She was being a bit bold, but what did she have to lose? The fuzzy faced man tipped his head to one of the guards who moved towards her without a glance.

Two soldiers lifted Helena off the floor with ease. She was underweight, not much of a challenge for anyone. Being unable to sleep kept her from stomaching food. The alpha remained beside the fuzzy man.

"Hello to you too," Helena said.

"Shut up," one said.

"What a lovely gentleman," she said.

The leader of the group stepped in front, signaling for them to halt. He seemed like a Stephen, pretty at first but an asshole nonetheless.

"Field trip?" She asked.

"Just like your father," the guard on her right said. "Never knows when to shut up."

His fist collided with her face, knocking her head back. Definitely a Stephen. She hissed back the pain.

"Why would I when I can keep getting love taps like that?" Helena said.

She spat blood back at his face.

Stephen jerked his head up. The men dropped Helena. She looked back to see Winter. He was on edge. She frowned. Mad at him or not, she had to be the one person in this place who showed him human kindness.

Stephen's foot rammed into her stomach. She let out a wheeze and a laugh, attempting to curl up. Stephen kicked again. Her head was spinning. The intense feeling of information washing over her.

"Harder daddy," she said.

Helena coughed up more blood, smiling up at Stephen. He looked at her with disgust, stopping his attack. His buddies picked her up again.

"Bye Damon!" she said. "Don't let anyone touch my stuff!"

Helena hung between the soldiers, smiling to herself. She didn't care what they did to her. Anything would be better than sitting in that room. Plus, she was a Stark. She could put up a front with ease.

The group followed the fuzzy man out of the room, down a hall passed soldiers loitering about. She failed to see Damon sneaking behind them.

"This is nice," she said. "I mean, who doesn't love a walk?"

She continued dangling between the two soldiers carrying her. She wondered if anyone back home would notice. If they did, how would they even find her? The Avengers didn't have gossip sessions every weekend. Steve was gone off somewhere. Clint had a family to consider. Her dad. Her dad had too many issues to buckle down and search by himself.

They stopped in front of metal door. When they pulled her in,, her eyes went straight to the large machine in the center of the room.

A chair. The machine was attached to a chair. She began to struggle against the soldiers' grip. No way in hell would she sit in that.

"This is a whole other level of terrifying," she said.

Helena was brought down onto the seat and strapped down. Her heart pounded against her chest to the point the beating became painful.

"We can talk about this," she said. "Doesn't this seem a little drastic."

She tried pleading with the soldiers. They couldn't be okay with this.

"I know we aren't best friends or nothing, but torture cannot be the answer. I can't even lift myself up."

One tied a metal crown on her and the other shoved a piece of plastic into her mouth. Not good. Strands of her hair hung down in her eyesight, catching in her lashes. She twisted her wrists against the restraints until her flesh burned.

"We need a little more cooperation and a little less conversation," the fuzzy man said.

The fuzzy man pointed to someone out of her sight. A loud noise built up behind her.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Was she going to turn into some creature? Be mutated? Would she die from this? She wanted to blame her big mouth for this, but she knew this would have happened either way. This was her first day here, she couldn't have annoyed them this much.

She scrunched up her face in anticipation before the noise became deafening.

Pain. That was all she could focus on. Pain. The tissue of her mind was being decimated. She wanted to cry, to scream, to do anything but sit in this chair. She was a she, right?

The woman struggled to put a coherent thought together. She had to focus on something, anything. But what? A family? Did she have one of those. Her chest rumbled with a sound she didn't recognize.

Who was she?

The noise stopped. Electricity still pulsed through her skin. Where was she? She looked back at the men in front of her.

"What's your name?" a man asked.

She paused, trying to dig through memories that weren't there. Her fingers twitched, charged with an energy that didn't belong.

"I-I don't know," she said. "Where am I?"

The man smiled. He removed straps and unhooked the headset she was in. His face was gentle. Kind. He caressed her face. This man had the answers she needed.

"Your name is Nobody." he said. "You are home, we take care of you. A lot of bad people are trying to hurt you, but we will always keep you safe."

Bad people? Why did they want to hurt her? Her feelings of confusion seemed to melt away when he brought her out of the chair.

What was she asking questions for? This man had saved her. She nodded to herself. They were protecting her.

"This is the asset," the man said. "He stays with you. He teaches you, guards you. Never leave his side."

Nobody stared at the asset. His face was rigged, handsome, but almost afraid. Why would he be afraid?

"What is your name?" Nobody asked.

She turned to the kind man who smiled back at her. He placed a light kiss on her forehead before leaning back.

"Command," he said.