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Garp leaned back in his chair while rubbing his forehead and sighed deeply. He had just gotten a call from Mayor Woodslap that the upcoming newbies known as the Red Hair Pirates had landed on the island for the final time and were mingling with the populace once again.

Garp at first was skeptical. He thought Shanks somehow heard of Ace's existence and had come to at the very least, meet the boy. But it seemed he was as clueless and carefree as the rumors said. Although Garp was pleased that he had enough spine to stop Luffy from eating a Devil Fruit. He didn't want to burden Luffy that early with attempting to control a power and the exact fruit that was there would've caused some problems. The Gomu Gomu no mi, a fruit that turns the user into rubber. It sounds relatively harmless except for the fact of needing much more food for energy as rubber wasn't the sturdiest of materials. So the body needed more nutrients to hold itself up.

No, instead Shanks had befriended Garp's grandson Luffy. Not that Garp was all too upset really. From what he heard, Shanks was a reasonable man who never rushed to violence. Often opting to use words as a substitute. Besides the fact that he was a pirate, he was a great role model for Luffy, even if he drank a little too much.

But it's what happened afterwards that somewhat angered Garp. About 3 months after Shanks had left and Garp still hadn't come back as Sengoku made him stay at HQ, The Dark King himself had come to Dawn Island.

Luffy, being the little kid he was, thought the man was the coolest person alive. I mean, any child with dreams as big as Luffy's would. The man who stood by the side of Pirate King and stood on equal footing with the greats of their era in terms of strength.

Rayleigh had come to see the boy Shanks had claimed to have inherited Roger's will. To say he was surprised

he held the initial 'D' would be an understatement, especially from the Monkey D family. But a welcome one at that.

Rayleigh was so interested in the boy that he even offered to train him, to which Luffy responded with he'd love too, but he didn't think his ji-chan would appreciate him disappearing without word first. So they agreed that before Luffy set sail, he would train with Rayleigh for three years.

Rayleigh left shortly after but left a Den-Den Mushi number for him to call whenever he was ready for the training to happen. Luffy had Makino sew the small piece of paper with the number on it into his hat for safe keeping.

When Garp returned, he made Luffy promise him not to show his intelligence to the world if he truly didn't want to be a marine. Luffy was a smart kid, like Dragon was as a young boy and the world higher ups would know of his parentage after his first bounty was set. To which Luffy agreed with as Shanks had said something similar about acting dumb so not to draw attention to himself.

Years passed after those happenings. Luffy met a boy named Ace and they drank sake together to signify their brotherhood with a former noble boy named Sabo. They all pledged to be great in their own ways.

Then tragedy struck. Sabo was killed by the Tenryūbito who was visiting the Goa Kingdom. Both Luffy and Ace were distraught by the loss of Sabo, only finding his large goggles he wore on his top hat. Luffy now always wore them around his neck to remember his deceased big brother.

Much more time passed. Garp had started their Haki training as both had tremendous potential. Luffy's being greater due to both his ji-chan's on either side of his family.

Both boys possessed all three types of Haki. Ace had better Kenbunshoku Haki but surprisingly to him, his Haoshoku Haki lacked behind Luffy's. Their Busoshoku Haki was on about equal grounds.

But that's not what excited Luffy the most. Garp had given him a sword for his 13th birthday. The sword that belonged to his other ji-chan. One of the 12 Saijō Ō Wazamono. A meito called Nehan(1). It wasn't a normal sword at all. Only a Supreme King could wield the blade as it required an extreme amount of willpower to use. Something Luffy had plenty of.

After Ace left, Luffy called Rayleigh and told him he was ready for the training. To which Rayleigh told him he'd be there to pick him up in a month.

Garp had tried to refuse at first, trying to get Luffy to become a marine. But Luffy had hell raising blood in his veins and no matter how loyal he proved himself to be, many would still look down on him for his father's actions.

So Garp swallowed his pride and allowed Luffy to train with Rayleigh. If he was going to be a pirate, he'd at least have to be a good one.

After the two years of training in everything from how to run a ship, to Haki, to swordsmanship, and one year spent with the Red Hair Pirates at the request of Luffy, he set sail back to East Blue to start his journey. Before he set sail, they discovered something huge. Luffy had the ability to hear anything, otherly known as the Voice of all things. An ability that he shared with the previous Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, as well as his ji-chan. This was another secret Luffy needed to keep.

After the years of harsh training, Luffy looked very different. He has a slightly imposing figure, standing 6'2" and still growing. He has muscles on his body but they weren't overly massive(2). His chest is slightly broad and lean and he has a 6 pack. On the right side of his body was a complete sleeve of floral tattoos that reached from his collarbone and spread to his wrist and down to his ankle. On the left side of his ribcage is the Jolly Roger of the Red Hair Pirates. He has a round face and a light stubble on his chin. His hair is black and shaggy. On top of which he wore his Straw Hat. His clothing consists of a long red captains coat with an open black shirt underneath. Around his waist is a yellow sash that held his sword. He wears grey pants and black sea boots.

Luffy started his journey from Dawn Island after returning to say his goodbyes to Makino and the mountain bandits.

Slowly but surely he built up his crew. Starting with his first mate, a green haired, former pirate hunter named Roronoa Zoro who joined after Luffy saved his life from a corrupt Marine Captain and later bested him in a duel of Ittoryu v Santoryu. They had a long conversation about Luffy's attitude and how he acts like an idiot to draw less attention to himself. He told Zoro of his family and who had trained him. Quickly building a strong bond between Captain and First Mate. Zoro's goal was to become the World's Greatest Swordsman. So Luffy helped him by introducing him to Haki and telling him how to train it.

Next to join was a redhead named Nami. Luffy had asked her to join when he found out she was a navigator, and while Luffy could navigate a ship, it helped when somebody specialized in it. Her goal was to create a map of the world

Third was a skinny, curly haired teen named Usopp. He joined as the sniper of the Straw Hats after Luffy told him stories of his father Yasopp. His goal was to become a brave warrior of the sea.

Fourth was a blonde cook named Sanji. At first, Sanji wanted nothing to do with the crew of Pirates but later joined when Luffy defeated Don Krieg and set his goal as to find the All Blue.

During the battle, Nami betrayed the crew and stole the ship before returning to her home village where the Fishman Arlong was held up. Luffy and crew came in and defeated the pirate crew while simultaneously freeing almost half of the East Blue from Arlong's grasp. Nami rejoined shortly after and they set their sights for Loguetown.

Both Luffy and Zoro received Bounties for their exploits in the East Blue. Luffy got a ฿40,000,000 bounty while Zoro got a ฿20,000,000 bounty for how easily they made their way through the sea without Devil Fruit powers.

At Loguetown, Luffy found the scaffold where Gol D. Roger was executed and was ambushed by Buggy and Alvida. They had a fight with Luffy barely paying attention and later being placed upon the scaffold. As Buggy lowered his blade to Luffy's neck, a bolt of lightning struck the tower. Luckily for Luffy, he sensed it and covered his body in a shell of Busoshoku Haki and jumped down from the scaffold, only to start a chase with a Marine Captain named Smoker.

But the biggest thing that happened at Loguetown was Luffy meeting his father for the first time. Dragon helped Luffy and his crew escape the island and sent them towards the Grandline, but not before he made Luffy promise to flip the world upside down. He also gifted him something that would be very useful later in his pirate career. The Mohō Mohō no mi or the Mimic Mimic Fruit. It allowed the user to take another's fruit upon their death with their permission. So until he takes one, it's completely useless. He also gave Luffy a letter that explained his family tree in full detail, as well as a way to contact Dragon if he needed him.

The Straw Hats entered the Grandline and met a lighthouse keeper named Crocus. Luffy recognized the name and they talked about the Pirate King as Luffy had spent time with both the First Mate of the Roger Pirates and a cabin boy of the ship.

They then went to whiskey peak and Zoro fought off nearly 100 trained assassins. He showed his progress in using Haki and surprised Luffy. At whiskey peak, the crew meet Nico Robin or Miss All-Sunday as she's known now.

They then went to Little Garden where they met two giants named Dorry and Brogy who had been locked in a duel for over 100 years with no winner.

On the island, Luffy fought against some higher tier members of Baroque works with little problem once he saw his nakama were in danger.

From there, the Straw Hats traveled to Drum Island where they recruited a doctor to their crew. A reindeer named Chopper who ate the Hito Hito no mi, giving him human-like traits. His goal was to be able to cure any disease.

Once they had their doctor and Nami was cured, they set sail for Alabasta. There he was confronted by Smoker once more before meeting with his older brother Ace. They traveled with each other for a short time before Ace got lost in the desert.

They made it to Rain Base a few days later and started the fight with Crocodile, who had underestimated Luffy for not possessing a Devil Fruit. To which he paid the price. He didn't understand why, but Luffy's fists and swords had been covered in a strong black coating that allowed Luffy to hit him despite being a Logia user.

During the battle, Luffy found the king with Nico Robin looking at the Poneglyph that told the location of Pluton. Luffy could hear what it 'said' and waited to see if Robin would truly reveal it's contents. She did no such thing and Luffy was at first surprised, but later found out there was little loyalty between herself and Crocodile when he attempted to kill her after she 'told' him what it said.

Luffy finally defeated Crocodile and saved both Robin and the king from the falling debris. He then invited her to join his crew with a promise of an explanation later on. She accepted and they went to meet with the other Straw Hats.

After hearing of his strange ability to cover his body in a black coating. Sengoku was furious with Garp. The whole of Marineford could hear Sengoku cursing Garp out for letting the boy learn Haki before he even entered the New World and decided his bounty needed an extra raise to show his threat level. No matter what the public thought of the Navy, he truly was a threat in the making.

The bounties came in the newspaper and to say Luffy was shocked would be an understatement. His bounty had jumped tremendously alongside Zoro and had Sanji received his first.

















This made the Straw Hats a more notorious crew now as two members already had bounties that surpassed ฿100,000,000 and two that were close to passing it.

At first, Luffy was worried they had figured out his act and now would start pursuing him more aggressively, but when he read the article that came with the bounties, he sighed in relief. It simply was what happens when you take down a warlord of the sea without a Devil Fruit.

Unfortunately, this now meant that the Navy and World Government knew that he could use Haki, so he decided to be more careful from there on out.

After Alabasta, the Straw Hats sailed to Jaya where they got information on the Sky Island. They also had an unknowing run-in with Marshall D. Teach or Blackbeard.

On Skypiea, they freed the island from the ruler Enel. A man who ate the Goro Goro no mi, a lightning Logia and proclaimed himself a god.

The fight was a difficult one for Luffy. Had he not possessed skill in Haki, he simply would not have survived. The power the lighting strikes provided were extremely powerful. It pushed Luffy's capabilities in Busoshoku Haki to their limits but in the end, the Straw Hats defeated Enel and freed Skypiea.

Skipping Long Ring Long Land

A few days after the Straw Hats dropped anchor at Water 7, Robin went missing. While the whole crew was worried, none were more than Luffy. He knew of her importance to anyone else trying to become Pirate King as the Poneglyphs were needed to find the One Piece, but there was also a tight feeling in his chest when he thought of losing the newest member of the crew.

On Water 7 they had a shipwright take a look at the damaged Going Merry and were told that they'd need a new ship. Usopp was against this so much that he ended up leaving the crew when Luffy said they'd be getting a new ship. But not before challenging him to a duel for the Merry.

Usopp returned that night and lost the duel but Luffy still gave his ship to Usopp. They left and went to a hotel room. That next night, the mayor of Water 7, Iceburg, had been shot and the blame was placed upon the Straw Hats.

They later infiltrated the building that Iceburg was staying in, only to find out that Robin had shot him. After the revelation of Robin's 'betrayal', CP9 revealed themselves to the Straw Hats and Luffy instantly understood the situation. The government wanted her gone as she was a huge threat.

They took Robin and the head of the Franky Family, Franky, to Enies Lobby where they'd be sent to Impel Down. Sanji was the first to follow CP9 and got aboard their sea-train. The others rode on another sea-train to reach the judicial island.

They arrived and made their way into the main tower before facing off against CP9. Before the fight, Luffy yelled to Robin and told her to tell him she wanted to live. To which she did and told them to take her with them. Luffy then told Sogeking to burn the flag of the World Government, essentially declaring war upon them.

Luffy then went on to fight the strongest member of CP9, Rob Lucci. They had a great battle with Lucci pushing Luffy to use a high amount of his skill in Haki. The battle resulted in Luffy's victory and him learning how to use Soru by seeing his opponent use it many times.

They went on to save Robin and escape a Buster Call that was called on Enies Lobby by Spandam. The Going Merry somehow had sailed all the way to the island and rescued the crew from the Navy.

They returned to Water 7 where they had a party to celebrate the rescue of their nakama. After a few days, Garp showed up and dropped the bomb of who Luffy's father is to the rest of his crew. Neither Luffy or surprisingly to the others, Zoro acted surprised by the revelation. They assumed that Luffy had known before and told Zoro before the others had joined the crew. They did have an extremely strong bond.

After their new ship was created, the cyborg Franky joined the crew. His goal was to build the ship of the Pirate King like Tom had.

The new bounties for the Straw Hats were released to the public after the Enies Lobby Incident. Now every member had a bounty, although some were lower than others.

































From Water 7 the Straw Hats sailed to the Florian Triangle where they encountered their second Shichibukai, Gekko Moria.

They had encountered a skeleton named Brook who ate the Yomi Yomi no mi, allowing his soul to find his decomposed body after his death, making him a skeleton.

Luffy ended up stomping over Moria with little to no problems. Moria had tried to steal his shadow to use in the body of Oars, but couldn't beat the Straw Hat wearing youth, showing why he was worth such a high price with no Devil Fruit.

The next crew member he got was the skeleton. He joined after Luffy invited him to become the ship's musician, as well as to ask him about his ji-chan, but that won't be for a while. Brook's goal was to see Laboon again after his crew left the whale at the lighthouse 50 years ago.

After the fight, Bartholomew Kuma arrived to kill anyone who witnessed the defeat of Moria as the Gorosei had predicted his downfall and sent Kuma to clean up.

While Kuma was there, he let Luffy know he was a part of the Revolutionary Army under Dragon and knew that Dragon was his father. Luffy kept that information to himself and they set sail for Sabaody.

Robin felt it was a good time to confront Luffy on why he had her join in the first place back in Alabasta. She wanted to know before they went to the New World, which was right around the corner due to the fact that they were headed for Sabaody Archipelago next.

This ends the summary part of the story and now it's gonna have dialogue and stuff.

Robin knocked on the door of the captains quarters and heard a faint 'come in' from Luffy. She entered and saw him sitting at a table in the middle of the room with Zoro. They seemed to be having a drinking competition of sorts.

Robin blushed when she saw Luffy seated without a shirt on. Seeing his tattooed muscles had her feeling a certain way. Luffy then told Zoro something and he nodded before walking out of the room.

She walked over and pulled up a chair next to him and poured herself a drink before she got to the point.

"Sencho-san, why is it that you invited me to your crew back in Alabasta? We had just finished being enemies and you requested that I join with no hesitation." Robin asked and Luffy downed another saucer of sake.

He sighed. "Originally, I had you join as to prevent others from having you as a part of their crews. Out of every person a captain could want on their crew if their goal is to become Pirate King, you're the most important in the world." Luffy said.

Robin was shocked but then asked. "And why is that? I'm not all that strong?"

"You can read the Poneglyphs." he paused. "Back when I sailed with Shanks for a year, he told me about them and how the One Piece cannot be found without the Road Poneglyphs guiding us there. Now, I have a very rare ability that allows me to 'hear' the Poneglyphs like both Roger and my ji-chan did. So you being here isn't absolutely necessary." Luffy said and Robin frowned.

"But there's another reason I decided to have you stick around, and that's because I think…I think I love you, Robin. I don't know completely as I've never loved someone like this before, but when you were taken by CP9, my heart felt like it had been ripped from my chest. To hear you say that you didn't want to live anymore hurt. But you changed your mind and we saved you." Luffy finished.

Robin was shocked. Luffy loved her? The care-free, simple minded child of a captain loved her? She of course felt some way towards him as well, I mean, he declared war on the government for her so how could she not?

"I-I." Robin stuttered.

"I understand if you don't love me back. I mean, the age difference between us is pret-." He was cut off by her smashing her lips onto his. His eyes widened before closing then and kissing her back. She started to slip her tongue into his mouth and he allowed it. She could taste the alcohol still on his breath.

They broke the kiss and they both blushed.

"I think I love you too, Luffy-kun." Robin said. Luffy just flashed her one of his 'D' smiles.

Luffy then stood up and pulled Robin over to the large bed in the right side of the quarters where she lay her head on his chest. They both fell asleep like that shortly afterwards.

The next morning Luffy woke up with a splitting headache from his drinking. He felt something on his chest and saw Robin's head rested on his muscles, sleeping happily. He smiled to himself before trying to get out of bed as it was already 8 in the morning. Having no success, he decided to wake Robin.

He nudged her shoulder lightly. "Robin-chan, it's late. We have to get up or the others will get worried." He whispered.

"Mmm, 5 more minutes." She said sleepily. Luffy sighed lightly. From what he heard from Shanks and Rayleigh, when a woman wants to continue sleeping, she'll continue sleeping.

After 5 minutes he got up and cleaned his room quickly. Grabbing the empty alcohol bottles and placing them atop a cabinet to keep track of how many he drank. So as to not go overboard and become a severe alcoholic like Shanks is.

Robin got up a little while later and went to freshen up in the women's quarters. Nami asked her about where she was playfully and Robin denied everything with a blush on her face.

Luffy later walked out of his room only wearing a pair of gray jean shorts, sandals and his Straw Hat atop his head. When both Nami and Robin saw him, they blushed profusely. Some asked about his tattoos as they hadn't seen him shirtless before and he said he got them while he sailed with Shanks for a year. The whole crew ate breakfast together before Luffy disappeared back into his room once more.

He started to dress himself in his normal clothes when he grabbed his jacket and felt the letter from his father he received back in Loguetown that he had forgotten about.

He pulled it out of the pocket and sat down at the table before opening it. The letter read the following.

Dear Luffy,

I am writing this as I heard you had come into contact with Shanks. I'm not sure if he even knows this, but Shanks is my little brother and your uncle. Shanks was born Rocks D. Shanks a year before our father was killed in a battle against Garp and Roger.

I had Garp bring me and Shanks to a small island in the West Blue after the battle where we stayed until Roger came by 8 years later and Shanks left to join his crew.

I then went to Garp and joined the marines and quickly rose through the ranks, and within a year I had become a Vice-Admiral. I saw the misdeeds of the Tenryūbito and the government firsthand and decided to create a Revolution against their tyranny.

During my time with the Navy, I had started to see Garp's daughter, Monkey D. Rosa, and later you were born. Unfortunately, Rosa didn't make it past your birth as she had fallen ill midway through, but was determined to bring you into the world.

As it wasn't safe for you to be around me and my army during your early years, I had Garp look after you at Dawn Island as that was the island that Garp and Rosa had both grown up on.

When I saw your bounty poster and saw how much you looked like both Shanks and my mother did, besides not having the red hair, I needed to write this letter to you. Use the Devil Fruit I gave you wisely as it's a one and done type deal.

I look forward to seeing your progress in the world my son.


Rocks D. Dragon.

To say Luffy was shocked that Shanks had been his uncle the whole time would be underselling it. He was at a loss for words. The same could be said for both Zoro and Robin when they later read the letter for themselves. However, one thing was absolutely certain, Luffy's family just keeps getting crazier and crazier.

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Gomu Gomu no Mi - Gum Gum Fruit

Kenbunshoku Haki - Color of Observation

Busoshoku Haki - Color of Armament

Haoshoku Haki - Color of the Supreme King

(1) Nehan - Nirvana. It looks like Shanks' sword but the handle is red instead of green

(2) Think of his build as a smaller Shanks. I also don't plan on him having like Garp's muscle size as it looks kinda excessive but he'll have a decent build. Probably end up about 6'8-9 as well so he'll be shorter than both Garp and Dragon but about the same as Shanks

Ittoryu v Santoryu - One Sword Style v Three Sword Style

Hito Hito no mi - Human Human Fruit

Goro Goro no mi - Rumble Rumble Fruit

Sogeking - Sniper King

Soru - Shave

Yomi Yomi no mi - Revive Revive Fruit

if you read these, you're cool