Ummm hey, Xonvex here.

Soooo basically I'm making this as an update of where this story is going right now, and when I'll start updating again.

Back in May, I said I'd start updating when my summer started, but that's didn't happen and I'm sorry if I got anyone's hopes up.

I just didn't have the time to write anything, nor did I even watch/read any Anime or Manga since then. I've been working 40 hour weeks recently and whenever I wasn't working, I was just dead tired and/or would spend that time with my family.

But… I recently have been catching back up with One Piece and hope to start writing this again, I even have the tab open with the draft for chapter 10 and I'm ready to start writing it.

I hope for it to be out by the end of August, and once I start writing, It'll just keep flowing on and on. So please, bear with me for the time being, and eventually I'll start back up with updates.