Hello Everyone!

This is my first ever story so please bear with me on this. I've had quite a few ideas over the past few months, but never got around to putting even one on paper cause let's face it, every time i try something for the first time it doesn't look good.

So with that out of the way allow me to introduce you to my first project! It's a Mass effect / Wizard101 x-over, not the weirdest idea out there but it's up there.
Now as far as the story itself goes i'm planning to follow the ME canon for the main story with filler and side chapters taking place in the other side of this little love child.


The Universe is a large place. How large? I'm not sure i could really give you a good enough answer. It boggled my mind, made me feel both special in my uniqueness and made me realize how small i am in the vast expanse that is...well the Universe.

Just what was out there? I could easily accept the infinite existence that would elude me for eternity, but that curiosity to at least learn even a little bit more ate away at me whenever I turned my hopeful and unfortunately wandering gaze upwards toward the stars.

But the life of an organic being, a rarity in comparison to the amount of inorganic matter that took presence in the cosmos, was just as chaotically random.
In just a few short years, my life went from utterly boring to utterly life-changing. Adventures and journeys that defied any and all logic, and that you'd doubt unless you saw them yourself.

Now before we begin our story how about i give you a crash course on my background?

My name these days is Isaac Shadowgrove. Weird name i know but there is a good reason i have that. Before we get to why i got my name why don't we start at the beginning?
I was born to Maria and Johnathan Shepard on April 11th 2157 in the Oaken Hospital on London as Isaac James Shepard, didn't really get to know them personally due to a terrorist attack that took place that day and blew up one of the wards .

The lower floors were taken out and the building's structural integrity was severely damaged forcing firefighters that got there to immediately start the evacuation.
As you can imagine not everyone made it out before then whole thing collapsed.

A local gang called the "Tenth street Reds" came in right after and started scavenging for equipment and supplies and found me in my mother's arms, she managed to keep me safe from most of the rubble unfortunately she didn't survive and neither did my father...but i wasn't the only kid they found. Just like with me they found another kid in my father's arms, a 3 year old girl . My sister, Joanna Shepard, although these days you all most likely know her as Commander Jane Shepard, Angel of the Elysium and Savior of the Citadel.

Back then the gang itself was just getting started, no reputation and no big name for the world to be aware of. There were just about 20 or so members during that time and their trade was anything from drug trading to extortion to kidnapping to armed robberies.

One of the older members of the group, a girl named Fez made us honorary members of the gang and they took us back to their hideout. As far as living arrangements went Fez was a big help, she had a tree house near the group's HQ and she let us sleep there . While i wasn't really of any use yet Joanna was made a courier for the Red's. Take the parcel to that address, tell the 'X' member of that 'gang' that the deal will go ahead...you know typical stuff. And that was our life for the next 2 years.

One day a woman named Hannah popped up in the area and started asking around about us. Of course the Red's didn't like it when someone put their nose in their business , especially when that person was asking questions about their "newest little members" , so they decided to lure the woman in and ask a couple questions of their own, in their own terms if you catch my meaning.

So one of them posed as a ' concerned citizen' and told her that he had information about us. He told her about the old tree house we slept in and stayed when there was nothing to do, of course that was just bait to get her away from any eyes so they can have a "talk" with her.

She got there about an hour and a half later only to find herself surrounded by 6 of the 10th Street Red's, all armed with steel pipes they found from a nearby construction site. She also found me and my sister , who were tied at the base of damned tree, just so they could educate us as to what would happen to us unless we cooperated on some of the more violent aspects of the gang.

The moment she set foot in that old park though she knew it was a trap. But she kept walking , even when they started surrounding her she didn't seem to care one bit, instead she just looked right at us and smiled. "So this is where you two have been all these years" she said.

As it turns out she was our aunt and she'd been looking for us ever since the attack on the hospital. That was the point where then gang members tried to attack her. 'Tried' being the key word here, they didn't get too far before she proceeded to wipe the floor with them and made sure that none of them would be getting up anytime soon.

Of course at that point of her career she was N3 so as you can imagine it didn't take any effort on her part. After that little scuffle she untied us and asked "you two wanna come home with me ? ". I couldn't speak proper sentences yet so Joanna answered for both of us with the most emotional "yes" she could muster. About a year and a half later and she had officially adopted us, we were her children in all but blood though that was really close considering she was our aunt.

I was about 4 years old when she told us what happened to our parents, Joanna was somewhat angry that it took her so long to find us. After apologizing to my sister she went on to explain that she'd been hunting down the group that carried out the attack while thinking we all died when the building collapsed. Couple months later when she finished putting them down she learned that while our parent's bodies had been found, ours weren't.

That's when she started looking, praying to whatever god existed that we were still alive. So for the next few years on the day of our birthday ( on my 3rd birthday i found out both me and my sister had our birthday on the same day, imagine the the mess we made competing on who gets to have cake and who gets their present first) we made sure to go visit their graves and pay our respects. Joanna of course knew them a bit so the visits had more of an impact to her then me but i still payed my respects.

On our first visit she also told us how our parent's met. They were both in the military and after a few months they had a bit of a fling. When they found out our mother was pregnant they pretty much decided to have a "shotgun " wedding, really nice one too from what Hannah told us. moving ahead about 3 years our mother got pregnant again and Joanna had a slight reaction to some Eezo exposure so they also took her together for a check up and well you know the rest.

for the next 11 years life went by as normally as you could get, Mom (cause at this point it really felt weird for both of us call Hannah our aunt ) got us enrolled in school in which while we were both good, Joanna had an unnatural talent for sports and while i was somewhat above average myself i leaned towards being a nerd for all intents and purposes. Not that she was a bad student far from it, but it suited us and we just seemed to complete each other. Of course she also kept any potential bully off my back and i helped her in any weird school projects. I was 15 when she told our mom that she wanted to enroll in the military, and boy was mom proud to hear that.

Of course the universe sometimes decides it wants to have a sense of humor of all things and about 2 days later while sleeping i get the weirdest dream.
I am looking at this galaxy from afar, and never before have i seen so much color, it was shaped like a spiral (as you would expect ) with the the colors from the outer edge starting a dark orange yet as it rotates and comes closer to the center in becomes more compact and the color shifts from dark to light orange, to bright yellow, to green and as it nears the center it turns from a sky blue slowly fading into a darker shade.

And then i start hearing an elderly voice saying "you have been chosen" followed by what could be described as the scariest and most exciting train ride i've ever had.

The rest sorry to say i have to divulge at a later time .

A/N : This little story actually popped up in my head and i thought it would be a good start.

As for how it will go, i'm planning to use a first person POV so as to give some context on The MC's story i.e the events of Wizard101 up until Malistaire's defeat which marks then end of Act 1 in the game's story.

After that i will switch to 3rd person and hopefully not screw things up.

Unfortunately in the 8 years i've played this game i've only just recently finished that part of it and haven't yet started the next part so for those of you who have played further and know the plot you can keep mean comments for yourselves. If i do something wrong on the events that transpire feel free to correct me. For the story-writing itself i will most likely make flashbacks instead of going through the entire quest line but i will include parts of them in the dialogue .

As i said in the previous page the main story itself will take place in the ME side following the canon from ME 2 onwards. Side chapters and such will most likely go on the other side for some fun diversions here and there.

Now for the MC himself the description is as follows

Name : Isaac Shadowgrove ( Formerly known as Isaac James Shepard) the latter will be used in the ME side of things after a certain point.

Student or the Ravenwood school of Mystical arts studying as a sorcerer in the school of Balance under instructor Arthur Wethersfield in Ravenwood and
and Professor Alhazred of the order of the fang in Krokotopia.

Attained the rank of Grand master Sorcerer at age 19

Favorite spell : Spectral Blast

Favorite food : Chicken with mashed potatoes.

Personality : Constantly curious will look around at everything and everyone tying to find something new to learn about. Dislikes swears and bad language and will constantly call someone out on it.

If you wanna have a voice for him i'd put...Bobby Edner : The voice of Vaan in Final Fantasy XII or Rick Gomez who plays Zack in Crisis Core. Either way it suits him

Also i'm taking a huge risk but for the story's purpose i will be altering the age gap between the Shepard siblings. I have an explanation for it but you just have to wait and see what that is.

Thanks for listening, see you later