Oh! You're back? Good, now how about we pick up from where we left off?

But before we do I need to confess I am not the most descriptive person around but I will do my best to accommodate for what follows.

One more thing : While I am more then happy to share my life I won't bother you with every part of it. Just where I went, what did I do, what did I learn (assuming I did ) and show you what's out there.

Now where were we? Ah yes hearing someone tell me that i "have been chosen". Chosen for what? At that point i had no idea whatsoever. Now though? Some of the greatest times in the last 5 years of my life.

Oh right, i forgot to mention, at this point in time or rather the point in time in which i'm writing this i'm only 20. Kinda odd don't you think that before i get spirited who knows where i'm only 3 years younger then the now famous 1st human Spectre, these days the age gap between us is about 15 years . Crazy right? Idiotic as that sounds there is very good and logical reason...well logical by my standards anyway.

We're getting sidetracked here so why don't we continue? The moment i heard that my entire being was hurled into the center of this galaxy. These days i make trips ( not drug induced trips get your head on straight) like that without even flinching. But that first time i was screaming my lungs out for it to be over. One would think that being catapulted at light speed would make things end quickly but let me tell you they don't. It felt like forever before it was over and when it did? Everything went black. Shame too, i really liked all the color i was seeing.

Next thing i know i wake up in a bed. Admittedly the softest bed i've ever laid on and that's including the 3 or so bunk beds my sister and i ruined playing before my unknowing and unfortunate disappearance. Anyway it took me a few seconds to get in gear but the moment i do and start looking around i had one of two thoughts.

Either i'm still dreaming and i'm in every bookworm's ideal dream or i was kidnapped. The room itself was quite large. Rectangular shaped with with stone walls that were decorated in a red color with an odd symbol stitched all around the wallpaper and purple lines criss-crossing the whole thing creating a diamond-shaped pattern . Pretty eye-catching. The ceiling itself was of wooden make with 4 large beams acting as a support. As far as decoration goes well as i said before : BOOKS, and lots of them.

On the wall opposite of me there was a bookshelf on either side of the wall . Wooden ones to with lot's of...is that gold? Gold details and filled to the brim with books of varying sizes. Aside from that the only other pieces of furniture in the room were a large table on my left side next to a wooden door and to my right a big red velvet armchair that's looking really comfortable and a small table with a small stack of thick books on it. And on that note there were books all around the room stacked haphazardly.

Unless you've fallen asleep here in which case i don't blame you then you've probably noticed a few things : i've said the words book, stone and wood a lot. The reason that's out of place? We're in the 22nd century where almost every building with the exception of Krogan stuff only has glass and metal as the building materials. And since terminals and the extranet became the norm for humanity books have been all but extinct. Of course they were still around but usually as bedtimes stories for kids. Now i'm not saying that's bad after all the speed and efficiency of an omni-tool or a terminal when it comes to information gathering is something astonishing and even though there's not a feeling quite like having a book in your hands, a place like this belongs in a museum, not a house.

In any case something's not right and just as i get out of the bed and on to my feet someone's knocking at the door. At first i panic because a) i'm in a strangers house and b) i'm alone. So i do the stupidest thing imaginable i hop right back into bed and get into a pose pretending i'm sleeping. The door opens and instead of it being mom that walks through said door to wake me up from whatever fever-dream i probably had it was an old man with a monocle on his right eye, wearing purple robes a tall pointy hat both decorated with a multitude of yellow stars and crescent moons and holding a staff. You know the way wizards dressed in movies and stories some 200 years ago.

I hope you understand that out of many things i had in mind this instance was not one of them. And when i said old? I meant it. Slightly hunched posture , somewhat labored breath, a face so wrinkled you'd think he was a dried plum and hair so white you'd think he dyed them. His voice as a dead giveaway as well, the first thing i hear is " Thank goodness, you're finally awake my dear boy. I was beginning to lose hope" . That was right next to me and wouldn't you know it i jumped upright like my life depended on it.

He sat down on the arm chair and continued " I had Moolinda take a look at you in just in case. No injuries and no one tampered with your mind" . First thing that i get is that i'm in his house. 2nd someone named Moolinda took a look at me. Of course all that came after i very calmly asked " WHO ARE YOU !? WHERE AM I? followed by an equally calm 'what's going on' and any other question that usually comes out.

During that little tirade he didn't even bat an eye and just waited for me to finish. Then he went on to explain how 1 of the guards found me unconscious in olde town and that i've been out for 3 days. Olde town? Where on Earth was i and what kinda name is that? Before i could vocalize my thoughts however my stomach decided enough was enough.

The old man just chuckled and suggested we get lunch. If i knew then what i know now you can bet your bottom coin first impressions would have been quite different. Now though? I reserved my thoughts and just nodded yes. He stood up and motioned me to follow when he got to the door. So i got up and followed him in to a short hallway. What i immediately noticed is the other 4 doors spanning it with 1 right next to mine and 3 more a little further down. The hallway design is the same. same walls, same roof . a long purple runner carpet spanned the hallway with portraits of people and places i knew nothing about. There were also a couple of potted plants between the doors so as to give some more color. During our little walk he tried to ask me some questions. "My name is Merle Ambrose, what's yours young man?" I told him my name and where i was from and i immediately caught his eye narrowing the moment i said the word ' Earth'.

He didn't really seemed suspicious about it though, more so deep in thought which was odd. A human who doesn't know Earth? yeah right. In any case We arrive in the kitchen. Said kitchen however was not how i was expecting it to be. There was a kitchen sink in the far right side of the room with 4 or 5 drawers or little doors? under it. a large stove right across it with a spice rack hanging above it just a little to the right. and 2 large cupboards with a magic-style design on adjacent walls.

In the center of the room was a large wooden dinner table with...a large crystal ball jutting out in the middle. Even the chairs had crystal balls at the top.
And apparently the food was ready cause the old man was moving 2 plates of beef stew accompanied by the cuttleries on the table without ever touching them. At first i thought he was a biotic but the blue aura that usually flared around the user was missing.

He caught my look and asked if i've never seen a telekinesis spell at work. 'Spell' being the main word here and that sent me for a loop . That's i noticed a perch on the opposite site of Ambrose's seat. "Gamma lunch is ready" he said in a slightly raised tone and a white owl with a hat, round glasses and a purple collar with the same pattern as the old man's robes appeared out of nowhere. Of course that wasn't what shocked me. No what shocked me is when the owl looked at me and said "Good to see you're up ". Now let me say that there was a time in which we thought no aliens existed. When we saw them we accepted it. But honest to god talking animals?

I mutter a quick thank you and i slowly take my seat on the table. Stew was good but my mind was too occupied to think about that at the time. So with i gathered my thoughts and asked where am i. Merle said that i was in his house in Wizard City. When i asked where was that he looked at me like i hit my head really bloody hard.

"Are you sure you're alright my dear boy? " his tone sounded full of worry and when i answered that i'm fine he didn't accept that. He muttered about Moolinda missing something, strangely and thankfully the owl stayed silent all this time and he told me to ask away. Every question was met with confusion and cluelessness which only added to my horror. When i asked what year is it he said it's been 4 thousand years since the spiral's creation. At that point i stood up and bolted out of the room trying to get out of the place. I enter a door that led to an office and took the door to the right which took me right outside the house and my eyes went the size of dinner plates at the sight .

The place looked so...old. It looked like a city's central square god knows how long ago. Brick and stone houses with roof tiles of different colors but not a shred of the technology i knew and grew up with. And at the middle of the area was a lake with a small pier, no boats but near the edge on the other side of the lake was a statue with lights dancing around it. I looked back at the house i came out of, it was much larger than the others which made me realize that the old man living here was most likely a mayor or the town's governing leader. 1 minute later he came outside looking stressed and worried, the owl hovering just next to him.

He came next to me, put a hand on my shoulder and asked what happened and if i was okay. At that point i was about to start crying so with all the composure i had i asked in what was pretty much a shaky whisper " You don't know anything do you? About Earth, about anything i asked you?". He took a moment to think of anything to say but he just gave me a nod. I shook his hand off of me and walked to the lake. Since i was still wearing my pajamas i had no socks or footwear to speak off so i just sat on the edge of the lake and dipped my feet in. Seconds later the waterworks started going.

For the next hour and a half he just stood next to me , waiting while i finished bawling my eyes out without uttering a single word. Of course there was nothing to say when confronted with the fact that i'll never be able to go home nor will i ever see my mother or my sister ever again. Still just like mom was rewarded for doing so when she found us, i prayed with all my heart to whatever deity existed that no harm comes to either of them.

So i stood up, looked at him with a face that all but screamed 'i give up' and asked " What do i do now? Where do i go from here?" . Ηis offer was? To enroll into his school, a wizard school to be precise. i accepted the offer the next day on the condition that he helps me in any way he can to find a way home. First step into this new life was consulting the book of magic. Ambrose never really did get a good look on me and while he knew i was a guy he didn't really see defining features ( Blaming his old age for not being able to see well. The only reason i give him that is cause the man is nearing 900! If any Asari caught wind of a human regardless of origin reaching that age they would lose their minds ! )

For those of you who know my sister make her features look half her age ( Please i beg of you not to tell her i said that) , make the face a bit more masculine, take away the freckles around the nose and below the eyes and make said eyes dark blue instead of the vibrant green she had. I also changed my hair from brown to blue and made them shoulder length and spiky towards the end. I was given the school outfit like every other student and was also given the freedom to pick my colors

An open dark red robe with light blue highlights tied around my waist with a rope over a long-sleeved linen color undershirt, sand color cotton trousers tucked into brown low-calf boots with a sand colored shin cover and upturned red and blue cuffs. All of that topped off with the classic wizard's pointy hat. The color's of the hat and the strap matching my robes. And after consulting the book i was sorted into the School of Balance.

Last but not least my name. Isaac James Shepard. I didn't wanna get rid of it but i had to fit in around here. What Ambrose didn't know is that i still had my omni-tool on me (not that he or anyone in the spiral knew what that was) so i wasn't losing or discarding my identity ,which meant i didn't really get rid of anything. So i kept that little tidbit a secret and went on to make the change. Enter Isaac Shadowgrove.

After my makeover was finished i spent the 3 months vacation before the new year started to get acquainted with my new life : Basic knowledge really : History of magic, origins of the spiral, names of different worlds and so on. Then we got to the day before my official enrollment and the Universe or i guess at this point the Spiral decided to throw a proverbial wrench in what a 'regular' entrance orientation.

I believe i'll leave things here to give you some time to process all this. Just like yesterday i'll spill the beans next time! See you later.

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