Chapter 2

Doctor Crusher pov

I was shocked when the patient, now identified as Percy Jackson said the year was 2011 and not anywhere near the 24th century. I was a little horrified thinking what were the borg doing on earth during that time? So, I asked to see where he is from to see if somehow, he was in the arctic? "where was your last memory from?" To which he answered "I was somewhere in the arctic." I shared a look with the captain worried as to how he managed to get off world as all the borg were eradicated from there. He was starting to look weirded out by how confused we must have been looking so the captain said "the year is 2379 and you are aboard the USS ENTERPRISE-1701 E in med bay." At that he started freaking out as probably would I if I discovered I was traveled hundreds of years. Then he started laughing hysterically denying the possibility of that.

He was laughing so hard he might stop breathing for a moment so I gave him an anesthetic

to put him asleep to make sure that would not happen. I said aloud "how is he here, how. He should have not been able to leave earth much less to the neutral zone of all places if he is truly from 2011, it should be impossible." To which he replied "I do not know but I will have to contact Starfleet command to see how we proceed in the meantime you should go and check up on this Annabeth friend of his to make sure she is alright." So, I started off to go and check up on her.

When I got there, I was surprised she was awake and looking around. So, I went over there and asked her basic medical things like "are you alright" and, "do you have a headache." To which she replied yes and no to all of these things. Then she asked "Where is Percy is he alright, is he here?" then I said "he is alright and asleep." To which she replied "oh thank gods.". when she said that I was thinking, gods interesting, maybe they are Hindu? And after going through roughly the same thing as I told her friend minus the laughing, I offered her something to eat and drink to which she accepted. While she was eating, she asked "where is Percy is he still asleep?" to which I replied "yes he is still asleep, you can visit him later if you want." And she said "yes I would very much like to see him later, thank you."

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