Read Iruma-Kun so now I wanna do a story about it.

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With the first few days of school behind them the students of Babyls Demon School parted ways as a large, lumbering figure stepped down the hall. It towered over the other students despite being only a Frist Year, at it's body intimidated all those in their presence. A head like a deer skull, a body looking like it was solid as oak and covered in barky skin, long lanky arms capped with claw like wooden hands that reached passed its knees.

"Hmm." She demon stepped passed someone only to bump them with his hand "Oh…sorry."

"Watch it you oaf." The woman said.

"Right, I'll be going." He spoke with a slow deep voice.

Leshrac Belphegor, that is the name of this massive boy. He comes from a family that dwells among the demonic forests. Despite his imposing frame Leshrac is quite peaceful and soft spoken in things, getting in the way is easy when you're so large and scaring people is easy when you look the way his family does.

"It's be best to just stay out of the way." He lowered his head to get through the door to the library.

Leshrac's POV

I took a seat in the back of the library, at least here I wouldn't be in the way.

"She called me an oaf." I tapped my chin "That was actually nicer than most."

Lumbering, oaf, giant, huge…I've been called all those things, different variations on big and huge, enough to be a problem for other people. I can't do much about always being in the way.


I looked over and heard someone making noise, in a library no less. It was a short boy with blue hair trying to reach up and get a book far too high up for him.

That's that honor student kid…Iruma…

"Don't climb on the shelves." I grabbed the book "The basics of botany?"

"Oh thanks." Iruma said as I lowered my hand down "I have a class on it so I wanted to prepare."

"Plants are not simple things; reading won't make that clear." I scratched my nose "They live and breathe like we do."

"Yeah, that's right." He smiled.

He's not freaked out by how I look?

"Iruma-chi! There you are!"

"Be quiet, this is a library." I leaned down at the waist "Oh it's you Clara."

"Lessy~" she jumped on my back "Ya!"

"I am not a tree for you to climb." I grabbed her by her collar and held her up.

"Oh you know each other?" Iruma asked.

"We're neighbors!" Clara yelled.


"Conversation outside." I told her.

We moved our discussion outside onto the lawn.

"Lessy and I are neighbors." Clara told him "He's always super fun to play hide and seek with, he always wins though."

"The forest is my ally." I told her.

"Yeah, but then you totally stopped hanging out with me since school started."

"It's been two days." I told her.

"Two days too long." She climbed on my back and grabbed my antlers like they were handlebars "Do the thing! Up high! Iruma-chi you too!"

"What do you-whoa!" he said as I picked him up and put him on my back.

"Hang on then. I'll show you my Bloodline magic." I nodded "Gigantify (Enlarge Self)."

By legs shot up like the trunks on a growing tree allowing us to tower over the treeline and see around.

"Yeah!" Clara cheered "So high!"

"We're really high up!" Iruma clutched closer to my shirt.

"My family has the ability to grow parts of our body to a giant size." I explained "So by growing my legs we can see over obstructions and get a view of the school. I should shrink back down though before it causes a scene."

I dropped back down to a normal size and took the two off my back.

"That was awesome!" Iruma said "Being big like that must be great."

"You think so." I shrugged "Most people think being so big is easy, that I can reach anything, lift anything, fight anything but just cause I'm big, that I'm nothing more than a lumbering tree that's only useful for making a big splash in a fight, other than that I'm only in the way. No one wants to hear what Leshrac thinks, what are his hobbies, they just want him to move that boulder, or get that ball out of a tree."

"Well, what do you like?" Iruma asked.


"You said no one ever askes, they just want you to do stuff for them." He laughed "I kinda know the feels, but I'm curious what do you like?"

"What I like, well…" I hummed and pointed at his book "I like plants, trees, bushes, flowers, the forest is home and if you listen and care for it sometimes it will tell you things."

"Silly Lessy plants can't talk." Clara laughed.

"It's because you never stop talking to let them get a word in." I told her.

"Hehehe maybe." She laughed.

"You can talk to plants too?" Iruma asked.

"Not really, I talk to them they don't talk back." I explained "Sometimes they rustle in the wind, or the birds chirp in the trees, that's how you know their listening to you. You were looking into botany right, if you need any advice you can ask, I don't know how helpful I'll be though."

"Azu!" Clara cheered "Over here."

"Iruma are you cold?!" another demon ran over with his hands lighting on fire "You're talking with that goliath."

"GRR!" I growled a bit standing up and knocking Clara back.

"Lessy!" she yelped.

"It's you, I saw you use that fire on the first day." I looked at the slender boy with pink hair "Keep that back."

"Lessy hates fire." Clara clapped and pushed Asmodeus away "Cause he's all wooden and stuff."
"Fire is no toy." I leaned over to look him in the eyes "So don't go throwing it around willy nilly. I should be going anyway."

"Oh okay, thanks for the ride before." Iruma waved.

"Sure, no problem." I nodded walking off "Any time."


Thank you for reading. Feedback is appreciated. Feel free to message me any questions or concerns.

I read Iruma-kun and really liked it so I wanted to play around with an OC story, it's been a while since I just did a fun OC story rather than a sexy story. I ended up basing Leshrac off the Leshen from Witcher 3, I thought it gave off a cool "Spooky and huge" demonic look that was more abnormal than just a humanoid with different hair colors.

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