Chapter 1 Along comes an Ant

Izuku was walking down the street in his street clothes wearing jeans and a dark green hoodie covering his face. With a massive duffle bag on his back that rattled as he walked down the street. The street laps were now turning on as the sun was beginning to set, Izuku could see the last of the sun's glow fade over the house he was eyeing, his target.

Izuku went around the block one more time before finding the right tree to climb outside of the house, Izuku got up the tree and opened his duffle bag revealing several gadgets. 'Current time is 8:22' thought Izuku. 'The target is supposed to get back at nine, that gives me ten minutes to get inside and get to the computer.' he thought as he wanted plenty of spare time to work out an escape plan.

Izuku reached into the bag and grabbed a modified foam disk launcher, originally a today but Izuku turned it into a real disk launcher. He loaded a modified disk into the top tray. Izuku then checked his phone which connected to several small cameras he had already planted around the neighborhood. 'This is going to be easy, this rich neighborhood has the house spread quite far and it's quiet. My only issue is the security system," Izuku took aim with his disk launcher and fired it at the nearby power line, it's transformer. Izuku then pressed a few buttons on his phone, causing the disk to activate, turning power off on the block for a split second, giving Izuku's program a chance to hack the security system.

"This is high end security my client was telling me about, this is pathetic." said Izuku in disbelief. "I could have gotten in here with a screwdriver."

Izuku then jumped from the tree into the backyard before quickly using a pick to get into the back door. Izuku took a quick look around, without touching anything until he found the husband's office, Izuku then did as he was hired to do and searched the husband's computer. Security was easy, but the problem came afterwards. Izuku searched the computer and the emails top to bottom and couldn't find anything. "Looks like I will need to check the husband's phone." Izuku's phone vibrated, Izuku saw that the husband was just down the street. Izuku quickly shut everything down, like he found it before going to the big shiny kitchen that screamed wealth. Izuku saw the gap above the cabinets, he then climbed the cabinets and found the perfect hiding spot, Izuku only wished it wasn't so dusty. The gap was small enough to where he wouldn't be seen but big enough to give him some room.

"You need to relax." came a man's voice from the garage entrance. Izuku leaned forward as he saw a man come in.

Izuku recognized the man as the wife's brother. 'What is he doing here? The wife told

me that the two were friends but I wasn't expecting him to be here.'

"Look I'm just saying she's becoming cold and distant," said another man's voice,

Though Izuku knew this voice, it was the husband's voice. "You think I screwed up somewhere?"

"I think old age has made you paranoid," said the brother. "My sister loves you okay."

'Huh? Is he here to help the husband?' Izuku listened in for a bit as they talked, and the brother switched the subject to sports. 'Wow I guess for once my client was wrong, the husband isn't meeting some girl and the husband seems to be worried about her.'

"Look man, I know you're trying to cheer me up, but what if she does something drastic." said the husband, bringing the subject back to the wife.

The brother walked up to the husband. "Hey my sister isn't here right now. Right now it's just you and me." He said before giving the husband a deep kiss.

Izuku took the picture. 'Well this is a new one, I guess this is what I get for hoping things were going to turn out different this time.' Izuku kept taking pictures of the brother and husband being too close before they decided to take the action upstairs. After Izuku waited to make sure they were gone, he left his hiding spot and left the house. Izuku grabbed his equipment. "Well the wife is going to love these."


The wife didn't love these, Izuku met up with the wife back at the ramen shop which his mother worked at. The wife was holding the printed photos in her hands as they began to crinkle in her hands as she looked at them in anger. "My...own...BROTHER. IS SLEEPING WITH MY HUSBAND!"

Inko coughed getting the woman's attention, the woman looked up and eye'd Inko, who was wearing an apron and bandana for her hair. "Ma'am, I know you're going through a lot but I don't think you would want everyone to hear this information."

The woman looked around seeing while the ramen shop was almost empty there were still two tables with customers, the wife bowed apologetically. "Apologizes," Inko smiled and went to go refill a man's water.

"It's okay," said Izuku, sitting opposite of the woman. "You're not the first to have that reaction and your reaction is completely justified."

Wife straightened herself. "So this isn't your first time you've been the messenger for this kind of news?"

Izuku shook his head, Izuku right now was just pretending to be the messenger. Even though he was the one who did the dirty work, he didn't want to get blamed for it. So he pretends to be the middleman, every now and then his mother would deliver the news or Mr Ramen, the owner of the ramen shop: Ramen's Ramen, and yes Ramen was his birth name. Mr Ramen at first didn't like the idea but when word got out, more people showed up to see peoples reactions, or the people getting bad news began binge eating. Not to mention most of them were rich folk and he didn't mind taking rich folk money.

"No, usually the owner would give the news, but you asked to get the news as soon as it was ready and the owner needs to shut things down for the night." explained Izuku keeping up the guise of a messenger. "Though he trusts me enough to get the money."

The woman nodded and reached into her bag and pulled out an envelope full of cash. "Here you go the agreed upon amount." She handed over the cash as Izuku quickly counted the money and made sure the money was real. Izuku nodded confirming that the amount was correct. She then reached into her bag and grabbed a few bills out from her wallet. "Here consider this a tip, you should find a new line of work before this gets too dangerous."

Izuku took the bills. "Don't worry about me, I got it covered."

The woman then got out of her chair. "Either way, tell your boss thank you for the info, now if you'll excuse me, I have to go kick my brother's ass and divorce my husband."

Izuku watched as she left before he got up, grabbing his bag and was going to head home. "You know she's right," said his mother as she stood behind the counter as she chopped some vegetables, causing Izuku to stop in place. "High school is just around the corner. We have plenty of money now and the ramen shop is doing a lot better. You don't have to keep doing this."

Izuku knew what she wanted and he agreed. There were a few times things got close to going the wrong way, "Yeah don't worry mom. I won't be doing this once highschool starts." This made Inko smile. She didn't like Izuku doing this but she couldn't deny it saved them from going homeless and the cash allowed Mr. Ramen to keep the shop open after all of his money got stolen.

Izuku said goodbye to his mom and to Mr Ramen as he walked across the street to their apartment. It was a small apartment but it was big enough for the two of them. Izuku looked at the wall and saw the torn picture. The part of the picture that was ripped off was the part that his father was in. After Izuku was revealed to be quirkless, his father left him and his mother forcing them to move as they couldn't keep living in the good part of town, also leaving them with his massive debt. They struggled for some time, forcing them to get jobs. Izuku began to do odd jobs around the area, fixing things, minor chores, even tutoring some of the other kids. Though it wasn't enough, Izuku quickly sought other forms of jobs to get money, mostly illegal, nothing too bad but enough to where his mom begged him to stop, so he met her in the middle and started his spying business, it worked better than he expected or even his mother expected. It solved their money problem but it still made Inko worried so Izuku promised that he would quit when high school started. They had more than enough money now to last him until highschool graduation but Izuku couldn't deny he was worried if anything would happen.

No that was a lie and he knew it, he had become addicted to the thrill and knew it was the thing motivating him now. He felt like he was actually doing something, when he found people doing something wrong, it wasn't as good as being a hero but he felt as if it was the closest he would become to one and he couldn't keep doing this to his mother.

Izuku looked around his room and the various gear he made along with several posters of heroes on the wall. "It looks like soon I'll have to throw all of this away." he was clearly sad about the idea of his hard work going to waste.


At the Tokyo airport a man in a white business suit got off of the plan with a big briefcase holding it close as he looked over his shoulder. "That woman better be ready." He said as he rushed out of the airport, as he left several men followed.


(The next morning)

Izuku woke up and looked out his window to see the sun rising on the run down district. In the daylight one could see the mess the place had become with run down buildings, graffiti and all the shady people walking around, though not everyone here was bad.

"Hey Izuku," Izuku heard his name as he left his apartment ready for school at the local middle school. Izuku looked over the balcony to see his neigbor Kenta working on his car. "Hey mind giving me a hand here?"

"Sure," said Izuku as he went down stairs. Kenta's car was a muscle car he inherited from his grandfather, the only problem was that Kenta had no idea how to take care of a car this old. "So what seems to be the issue this time?"

"I don't know," said Kenta scratching his head. "I tried to start it but then there was a sudden pop, and no it wasn't my quirk." Kenta had a blow torch quirk. By snapping his fingers he could cause sparks that would ignite into a blow torch at the tip of his fingers and it makes an odd popping sound.

"Alright, open the hood."

Kenta did so, allowing Izuku to check the engine. "Well do you see anything?"

Izuku began checking and couldn't really see anything wrong. "No nothing yet."

"You sure, maybe you should use your quirk." said Kenta, earning a tired look from Izuku. "What?" he said in confusion.

"For the last time, I don't have a quirk, I'm quirkless." said Izuku for what felt like the thousandth time.

Kenta gave Izuku a deadpan look. "Izuku in the few years I've known you, you've fixed several cars, pipes, electric boxes, toys, even a freakin train. Not to mention all of those crazy gadgets you have. You ain't foolin 'anyone."

Izuku rolled his eyes, he couldn't deny part of him enjoyed the idea of the neighborhood thinking he had a quirk but another part of him found it a little irritating. "Whatever," as he refocused on the car. "Hey I think I see…"

Whistle Kenta made a loud whistle sound. Izuku looked to see one of his neighbors, Hanah walking out of the apartments, Hanah was two years older than him and even Izuku would admit she and her sister were quite attractive, though he knew better than to try and hit on her. Kenta on the other hand as yet to learn such a lesson. To his luck something else came up.

"Excuse me…." The two boys turned to see an old lady, it was Miss Gato, or as everyone called her the local crazy cat lady. "Have either of you boys seen Mr Snowball?"

Izuku froze for a moment and didn't want to say anything, lucky Kenta spoke up. "Sorry Miss Gato, we haven't seen your cat." The cat lady then continued to walk off as Kenta noticed Izuku turned stone face. "Hey Izuku you okay?"

"Quick question Kenta did you hit anything last night?"

"Uh yeah, I was out last night with my cousin, we were going to that new band, the crows, now you know I'm not really into boy bands but I heard there was going to be some hot girls there."

"Not the information I need, what happened while you were driving."

"Right so there I was leaving the concert when suddenly I saw this sweet ass van drive by, near that weird china shop with the weird abstract china sets, if you ask me that is not what I want to be drinking tea out of."

"KENTA, what did you hit?"

"I think the pothole down the street happened right before I parked my car, I was too tired to check what it was."

"Snowball." was all Izuku said, at first getting a confused look from Kenta before the light bulb turned on in his brain, causing his face to twist in horror. He slowly leaned his head into the car and had to stop himself from throwing up. "Yeah I ain't cleaning that."

"OH GOD!" as Kenta looked at Izuku in horror, "That's OH GOD, how do I tell Ms. Gato?"

"No idea, good luck." said Izuku patting Kenta on the back as he wanted to quickly leave the scene. As Izuku left Kenta to his dilemma a man with green skin and two small horns on the top of his head. "Mr. Yamada?"

Mr. Yamada looked at Izuku sheepishly, Izuku could tell he was uncomfortable. "Izuku I need your services."

Izuku was a little surprised, Yamada was one of the few who knew what Izuku did and was not a man that accepted Izuku's line of work as it brought trouble to Yamada's bar and Izuku knew he currently is in a serious relationship with a rather attractive girl. "Okay, what exactly are you looking for, you need me to fix something or…"

Yamada was shifting nervously. "Or…"

Izuku nodded and checked his watch. "I got time, come on let's talk in the ramen shop."


Soon Izuku and Yamada were sitting in the corner or the Ramen shop, each with a cup of water. "So what exactly are you asking for?"

Yamada was silent for a moment. "I need you to follow my girl tonight."

"That's sudden and going to cost extra." said Izuku slightly hoping to deter Yamada, Izuku liked jobs he could plan ahead, sudden jobs had issues.

Izuku took a sip from his glass of water. "I'll pay you ten times your regular rate."

Izuku almost spit out his water, he quickly recovered and swallowed the water, keeping his face calm, this was a business transaction. "I beg your pardon?" Izuku was quite surprised, he half expected Yamada to use his identity to blackmail Izuku. Back when Izuku first started he wasn't careful and Yamada found out, so blackmail wasn't out of the question.

"This is important," said Yamada in a serious tone. "Meg has been acting weirdly lately, I'll admit at first I thought she might have been seeing someone behind my back but now I think it's something else. She's been getting weird calls from her cousin in america, he's been sending her weird books on science and physics. I tried asking her what it was about but she keeps blowing me off and I'm starting to get scared that she may have gotten into something bad. I took a peek at her phone while she wasn't looking and found out she was supposed to meet this guy later tonight while I'm at work, and so I'm asking you to follow her and make sure nothing happens to her."

Izuku was silent as he took all the information in, the logical side of him told him this was dangerous and he should stay out of it but the other side of him said that Meg was now in danger and he needed to do something about, and do something he shall. "When and where is the meeting?"

Yamada grabbed a card from his pocket. "Here is the address and the time is at five."

Izuku took the card. "Alright, I'll look into this."

"Thank you, I'll have the money by the end of the day."


The man in the white suit made his way to an office building where he rented a meeting room with a large desk in the middle. He set everything up in the room and constantly checked the clock. "That woman should be here soon." When he heard a knock on the door, the man instinctively put his hand on his gun, before slowly opening the door revealed a woman. "Meg yes."

The woman nodded. "Rubert, right?"

The man paused for a moment. "Yes, I am Rubert."

Meg raised an eyebrow clearly and could tell he was bullshiting. "Look do you have the money, my cousin told me you would be paying me cash. I don't care who you are, I'll do the job but I need to see the cash. I'm putting a lot on the line here."

"Come in," said the man as he closed the door behind Meg, cutting Izuku off.

Izuku leaned his head around the corner, he was able to follow Meg with ease since she wasn't exactly hiding or trying to cover her tracks. "I need to get in there," he looked around the hall and noticed the above average size of the air vents. "I should be able to fit into that." Izuku turned to see a supply closet with a step stool. To get into the vent. This wasn't his first time using an air vent so he knew how to move without causing too much noise. Izuku quickly found the room with Meg and 'Rubert' sitting at the meeting desk with Meg counting a case full of money.

Meg put a stack of bills back into the case. "Okay all the money is here." Rubert then grabbed the case. "Hey!"

"Don't worry," said Rubert in a calm voice. "You'll get the cash but after the job is done."

Meg slowly leaned back into her chair, clearly still on alert. "Okay, then mind telling me what this job is?"

Rubert slowly put the case down, before grabbing another case. "Before that just to confirm you have a similar quirk to your cousin, yes?"

"Yeah we both have analysis quirks."

"Yours is superior?"

"Somewhat, my quirk allows me to understand complex equations and formulas, as long as I know the basics, it can even fill in some blanks as long as it's within reason. My cousin has a simpler form of it."

"But it can't fill in the blanks, like yours can." Rubert was very interested in that part.

"Yeah but I need to study the subject for a bit and yes I did read those books my cousin sent me." she said, confirming the books.

Izuku didn't like where this was going. 'She can fill in the blanks of missing formulas! Is she stupid, that's an insanly useful quirk and according to Yamada she's working in the mall. That aside, if she can fill in the blanks then that means she can complete or fix any weapon this guy has.' thought Izuku as he saw where this was going. 'This is bad.'

Rubert opened the case inside several things, from what Izuku could see there was some type of suit and several red vials of some sort of liquid. "Me and my associates have been trying to figure out how these vials of red stuff is made, the think tank has identified part of its components,' Rubert put a few index cards on the table in front of Meg along with a small laptop. "What we need you to do is finish them, and figure out how we can mass produce them. Which I will confirm when you plug the information into this laptop simulation."

Meg eyed Rubert, the vials and the suit. "So those vials power that suit?"

Rubert was quiet for a moment as he thought of a good response. "Yes , the vials power this space suit, we hope when you figure it out we can use this to travel to other planets." This was obviously a lie to try and put Meg at ease.

It wasn't working. "Okay let's get this over with." said Meg as she brought the index cards closer. She closed her eyes and activated her quirk when she opened them, her eyes were now glowing green and red. For a few minutes she did nothing, then she suddenly started moving as if she was possessed, Izuku figured her quirk made her go on autopilot as she quickly began to write down chemical formulas and equations down at lightning speed. After she finally had everything written on paper she turned to the laptop and started typing in the formula. Meg stopped before letting out a massive groan. "God damn that was a pain in the ass." as she rubbed her temples.

"Did you do it?" asked Rubert as he looked at the laptop. The laptop began to go through the simulation. "Holy shit."

"Yeah I did it." she groaned through the pain. Izuku could tell there was a drawback to her quirk. Clearly a massive migraine. "Now give me my money so I can go home."

"Once the computer confirms the formula, that's its compatibility with the gear and can be produced correctly." said Rubert as he, Meg and Izuku, still up in the vents, waited for the computer. Rubert had to stop himself from jumping with joy as the computer began to give green check mark after green check mark. "It works, for years we've been trying to crack this and you got it to work." Then a big green check appeared causing him to grin like a child. "You even unlocked the suit."

"Yeah I did now can I please get my money." Rubert pulled his gun out and pointed it at Meg. "Whao, people know I'm here. Shot me and the heroes will be here in seconds."

"Oh I'm not going to kill you, I just need you in one position for my quirk to work." Meg began to feel weird and sleepy. "You see my quirk allows me to erase memories but I can't have you move or try anything in the meantime. So don't worry I won't kill you but you won't remember who I am."

Meg was afraid to move, part of her was feeling weak while another part of her was afraid of the gun. "Wait, what….….money."

Rubert smirked. "You should just be happy I'm sparing your ass." Meg was getting angry but Rubert's quirk was too far gone, Meg's eyes rolled in the back of her head as she lost cousiness, Rubert poked her a bit with his gun confirming she was out cold. "Well sleeping beauty, it's time for you to take your leave." as he holstered his gun and picked her up bridal style. "Thank you because of you, I'm about to become a very powerful man."

Rubert picked her up and carrier out of the room. Izuku took this chance and kicked open the vent. "I ain't giving you that chance." he said under his breath as he looked at the case and the notes. Izuku quickly grabbed the laptop and the notes, storing them in the briefcase. Izuku then grabbed the case and turned to leave only to find the guy in the suit in the doorway. "Hey Rubert."

Rubert pulled out his gun and pointed at Izuku, who in turn raised the case as a shield. Knowing that he didn't want to damage the contents of the case. "Drop the case kid, right now." Izuku began to slowly step back as he thought of ways to escape the room. "I've gone through too much shit to get that thing, do you have any idea how many backs I had to stab for that suit." Rubert began moving forward.

Izuku could feel a headache coming. 'He's trying to use his quirk on me, he knows if he pulls that trigger he might damage the suit and get all of the nearby heroes attention.' Izuku moved quickly to put the desk in between them. 'The headache is gone, it looks like if I keep moving his quirk can't work.'

"Drop the case or else you will be in a world of hell." said the man trying to convince Izuku to drop the case. "You have no idea how many people are trying to kill me for that thing."

"All the more reason I can't let you have this," Izuku was slowly making his way to the door, crouching slightly making himself a small target while also using the table to cover his lower half. 'Just a bit further and I can make a run for it,' as Izuku formulated an escape plan confidante he could outrun the man. Though Izuku stopped as he looked past the man to see a flying man outside of the building, he was wearing a gray suit with a bullet like helmet on top of his head. Izuku recognized the man, a notorious villain from america. "Missile Man" Rubert looked behind him to see the villain flying thanks to two missiles on his back, Missile man then turned his arms into missile launchers and began firing at the building.

Izuku turned and ran down the hall as fast as he could as several explosions went off behind him, but he wasn't fast enough as a missile went off right behind him sending him to the ground. Soon the whole floor was covered in smoke, Izuku felt pain through his body but fought it down as he slowly pushed himself to his feet, Izuku coughed as he tried to look through the smoke, seeing the building having several new hole and he could hear several people screaming in the distance.

"Where is the suit?" Izuku whipped his head around as he heard a deep voice speak english, he saw Missile man holding Rubert by the throat. "I saw you in the airport with the case, you didn't sell it did you? So many people are quite pissed at you for that you know."

'SHIT!' screamed Izuku in his head. 'This guy is a killer and he won't hesitate to kill me.' Izuku's mind raced to think of a solution as his eyes fell to his feet where the case was. 'He also wants the suit, maybe if I put it on he won't kill me immediately and that should give the heroes enough time to get here.' Izuku opened the case and began to put the suit on, as he put it on the suit he noticed the odd belt that the red vials go into and buttons on the side of the gloves, "What is this thing," said Izuku as he put the helmet on, the suit instantly changed to fit him making Izuku wish he had time to understand the suit.

Missile man dropped Rubert, "Come now Randy, hurry up and tell me, it will make your death quirker."

Randy began coughing as he tried to catch his breath. 'It wasn't supposed to be like this, I finally had the suit, I finally had real power. The most I can do is bid my time until I find that dumb kid.' Randy looked up at Missile Man, "I don't have the suit right now, but you'll need me to g-"

Missile Man didn't let Randy finish as he grabbed Randy's face. "What a shame then, I have no need for you." Missile Man fired at point blank range blowing Randy's head clean off, killing the man instantly, without any mercy.

"HOLY SHIT!" screamed Izuku, giving away his position out of shock of what he just saw.

Missile man turned to Izuku wearing the suit, "Ah the suit, perfect. Take it off and I'll make your death painless."

Izuku stood tall and summoned as much confidence as he could, "If you want the suit, you can't kill me." Izuku was positive that this man was here for the suit and wouldn't risk destroying it.

"I can kill you," or maybe not. "Watch" as the man made a Missile and sent it flying at Izuku.

Izuku was frozen as he saw the missile coming at him as his life flashed before his eyes. At the last second before impact Izuku raised his arms to cover his face, accidentally pressed the button on the left glove. The next thing that happened shocked and bewildered Izuku. The missile flew over his head and for a moment Izuku thought he missed but then Izuku felt himself falling. Izuku hit the ground surprisingly hard, Izuku groaned for a moment but stopped as he noticed his surroundings had changed, he was still in the same hallway as before but everything was bigger, way bigger. Izuku was sitting in between the carpet fibers, he could see the several nylon fibers that made up the carpet, as if he was zoomed in on the carpet with a magnifying glass. "I'm not zoomed in, I'M SMALL!"

Izuku realized what had happened, the missile didn't miss, he dodged by shrinking down, to the size of an insect, but Missile Man didn't. "HAHAHAHA, Whoops, looks like I'm not going to get that bonus for bringing the suit back." Missile Man paused for a moment. "What to do now? Hmmm I know I'll blow up the building."

Izuku's eyes almost went wide enough to break the helmet as he saw the man make several missiles. "Crazy lunatic." Izuku turned and tried to jump away, when he did Izuku jumped several feet in the air, which didn't make sense with his current size. 'I'm smaller but I can jump high, my mass must not have changed all that much, I'm like a bullet!'

Izuku was broken out of his thoughts as the Missiles went off blowing holes into the building and sending Izuku across the room. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, YES nothing like blowing things up to brighten the day."

Suddenly something big landed in the building right behind Missile Man. "It's not the fourth of July. Missile Man."

Missile Man and saw someone that put a smile on his face. The number one hero. "All Might, how good to see you again, I haven't seen you since that time you returned to America, when was that again, eight years ago?"

"Seven years ago Missile Man." said All Might not happy seeing the villain again.

Izuku was freaking out All Might, the number one hero, his hero, was standing right in front of him in the flesh. "All Might, he's here." Izuku wanted his autograph.

"Seven years, that's way too long," Missile Man turned his arms into several missile silos. "Then let's celebrate our reunion." Firing several missiles, All Might didn't flee or defend he simply made a massive punch causing all the missiles to explode.

THe resulting explosion sent a miniature Izuku flying until he hit the wall, making Izuku realize he needed to get out of here. "I'm going to die if I stick around here," Izuku watched the battle. "These two are too big for me to be near." Then Izuku spotted something very close to him. "The briefcase." He ran to the case only to find it was several times bigger than him. "Can I carry it at this size?" Izuku didn't know and now wasn't the time to experiment. Izuku looked at the button on the glove and tried to go big, but nothing happened. "What that made me small, so.." he then pressed the button on his right hand causing him to suddenly enlarge back to his regular size. "Whoa it worked." Izuku saw All Might punch Missile Man. "Time to go." Izuku grabbed the case and ran to the stairwell but stopped. "What I need to find Meg!" Another explosion shook the building causing the door to the stairwell to open revealing Meg sleeping in the corner. "MEG!" 'No wonder that guy came back so quick, he dumped her in the stairwell.' as he grabbed her.


With everyone's attention on the fight above, Izuku was able to sneak out the back while carrying Meg on his back. Izuku walked a block away to the bus stop and laid her down on the bench. "Don't worry Meg you're safe now." He said to the unconscious girl. "Alright time to take this stuff off and go home." Izuku opened the case and to his horror, it was filled with cash, not science stuff. "This is the case full of cash, not the one with the laptop." Izuku was freaking out slightly. 'Shit, if Missile man gets his hands on the other case then he can remake this suit, many people might not think shrinking is an op power but the possibilities are endless.' Izuku dropped the other case and ran back to the building. 'I can't let them get that case.'


When Izuku got back to the building, by some miracle it was still standing and the two titans were still fighting. Izuku shrunk down and snuck back into the building past the cops and past a few heroes, including the number three hero Hawks who was using his feathers to get all of the civilians out. 'Good, the building should be empty.' Izuku was able to get back up to where this all started and saw the case in the rubble. He opened it to see the contents were safe and untouched. 'Alright time to get this out of her and to the authorities.'

A massive explosion caught Izuku's attention as he looked upward and saw Missile Man using his missile's to fly in the air while firing several missiles. All Might jumped up into the air and punched the villain down right where Izuku was.

"CRAP!" as Izuku grabbed the case and jumped out of the way, Izuku hit the ground once more. "I'm getting real tired of this." Izuku then noticed the case opened and a small disk with a red dot, Izuku slowly picked it up. "What is this?" Another quake caused by All Might landing, causing Izuku to drop the disk hitting a fallen trash can, shrinking it. Izuku froze in an amazement. "Now I know for a fact I can't let villains have this, what if they shrunk All Might and squash him like a bug." While the image scared Izuku it did give him an idea and he put some of the disks in his pocket.

Missile Man laughed. "Isn't this fun. Just like old times."

"This time though you're on my turf, and this time when I bring you in, I'm sending you to tartarus." announced All Might thought he was sweating. 'I'm nearing my limit here.'

"No this time, I will turn you into a beautiful explosion." yelled Missile Man. "Today we END THIS!"

"HEY" both hero and villain turn to Izuku. "Take this." as he tossed a disk but as the disk left his hand he realized that the disk had a blue dot not a red dot, also the disk missed and hit a piece of rubble at Missile Man's feet causing the rock to grow rapidly and to launch Missile Man up in the air. All Might saw this as an opening and punched the villain into the wall. Izuku froze as he almost grew the villain. 'Okay so red means shrink and blue means grow noted.'

"Thank you, young man," said All Might, giving Izuku praise, "but you should go and help the police. This villain is not someone a rookie can handle, no offense."

Before Izuku could say anything the wall exploded as Missile Man walked out. "Ooo a new toy to play with, wait a minute….that suit." Without warning Izuku charged forward at Missile Man who responded by shooting a missle at Izuku. Izuku shrunk down dodging the missile and surprising All Might and Missile Man. "What where-ahhhh" screamed in pain as the villain felt something like a bullet hit his chest, before Izuku regrew himself giving Missile Man an uppercut, knocking the villain down.

All Might watched in awe. 'A shrinking quirk, incredible. This young hero knows his stuff.'

Izuku shrunk down to miss more Missiles as the villain got back up. 'That was pure luck, how the hell did I do that?' Fear and adrenaline were driving Izuku right now and he had no idea how it was working.

"Where did you go piss ant," yelled the now frustrated villain. He was now firing missiles in every direction randomly trying to hit Izuku, this didn't hit Izuku as he was right below the villain, but it did cause All Might to maneuver away.

'I need to bring him down but how?' as Izuku looked around the room and All Might's position. 'Gotcha'

Missile Man stopped his rapid fire barrage. "Where the hell is he?"

"Right here," Missile Man turned to see Izuku holding a plank of wood and tossing up one of his disks and for a moment he thought Izuku was going to use the plank of wood like a bat and going to shoot the disk at him, but he saw that it wasn't a plank of wood, it was a shrunken big business table.

Izuku hit the disk in the air, regrowing the desk to full size and hitting the villain like a giant bat sending flying. "How do you like that!" yelled Izuku.

Before Missile Man recovered, All Might came up from behind him. "Louisiana Smash," As he hit Missile Man through the floor, crashing him through every floor until he hit the ground so hard he made a crater. "It's over Missile Man, you're done."

Missile Man slowly lifted his head, staring daggers at All Might. "Your right," he quickly reached and grabbed All Might's arm and smiled. "If I'm going down, you're coming with me."

Missile Man's arms began to glow red and All Might knew what he was trying to do. "No, don't you'll kill us both."

"And I'm just fine with that."

All Might tried to struggle but couldn't get out of the villains grip. 'No I'm too weak, I've ran out of too much time.' he realized as smoke was coming out of his body, 'No it can't end like this.'

"GET AWAY FROM HIM!" The two turn to see Izuku running at them with a box in his hands. Izuku jumped into the air slamming a growth disk on the box, expanding it revealing what it really was an elevator cart. Izuku slammed it down right on Missile man, the opened side, sealing the villain within and releasing All Might from the suiciding villains clutches. "GET DOWN!" as Izuku and All Might dove to the ground as the elevator blew up into chunks successfully containing the blast.

Izuku and All Might slowly stood up as they saw the remains of the explosion. Soon Hawks flew down to join them. "Hey you two alright?"

"Don't worry young Hawks, this young hero here saved the day." he said holding his arm out to Izuku.

Izuku probably would have freaked out about All Might praise but "All Might your arm, I'm so sorry."

All Might looked at his arm that Missile man was holding the same arm Izuku slammed part of an elevator to free. It was clearly damaged but not broken. "HAHA don't worry young man this is minor compared to the damage that would have been caused if you hadn't stopped him, thank you."

"He ain't stopped yet." said Hawks getting their attention as a charred man slowly rose from the crater. "How the hell is this guy alive?"

"He's quirk allows him to make missiles, and stands to reason that he is also resistant to their explosions." Said Izuku, causing the other heroes to agree with his assessment, though they could also see Missile man was in no fighting condition.

Missile Man slowly took a few steps forward. "….fuc….ant." as he collapsed to the ground.

The three waited for a moment to see if he would move again, but he didn't. Hawks sent a few feathers to pin him down making sure he wouldn't get back up. "I think he's finally down." as he then turned his attention to Izuku. "So new guy, uh shrink guy. Sorry I don't exactly know your hero name."

"Huh?" part of Izuku froze as he realized that they were asking for his hero name, which he wasn't a hero and shouldn't even be here. 'Crap, crap, crap. What the hell do I say, I'm not a hero and I don't have a quirk, how the hell do I explain this?' as Izuku went into panic mode.

All Might gave a hearty laugh. "HAHAHA in the heat of battle it's hard for introductions," before he wiped a little bit of blood from his mouth. 'I need to wrap this up quickly.' "Thank you Ant for your assistance."

"Oh Man." said Izuku quietly as he realized he still needed to grab Meg.

"Man?" said Hawks confused. "Yo Ant Man you okay?"

"Huh?" Izuku realized they were talking to him. "Yeah sorry, I'm Ant Man, sorry." he said just mindlessly rolling with it.

Hawks was about to ask why Ant Man but All Might needed to go. "Oh I get it, it's because you can shrink down to the size of an ant. I guess that's more original than shrink man."

"Yes," said Izuku quickly. "Sorry, trust me I would love to stay and chat but the reason I'm here is because of a friend and I'd like to make sure she's okay." as he prayed for this to work.

Hawks was about to tell him to clear it with the police first but All Might was all for it. "Of course, go and check on your friend, I'm just happy to see that rookies like you and Hawks are doing such great work. You maybe small but I see big things in your future, Ant Man."

"Thank you so much, All Might," bowed Izuku as he ran off back to Meg.

Hawks watched Ant Man leave. "Uh I know I ain't the biggest one on the rules but do you think the police will be okay with that?"

"I hope so, cause I need to go myself."


All Might then jumped to the sky. "Keep up the good work." All Might quickly found a roof to land on and to turn back into his skinny form. "That was close." He then looked at his arm. "I guess I should go see recovery girl, she won't be happy about this."

Hawks was back at the scene taking Missile Man into custody. "Those two better not blame me if I get more credit for this, also where did that Ant Man guy come from?"

It would only be later that the two heroes would learn that Ant Man wasn't an official hero.


Izuku quickly found Meg at the bus stop and the briefcase full of cash. Izuku switches back to his street clothes in time for Meg to wake up. "Meg you okay?" As he closed the case that had the suit in it.

Meg sat up holding her head. "Oh god I used my quirk didn't I."

"Is this the drawback of your quirk, a massive headache." asked Izuku

Meg slowly nodded. "Yeah, it gives me a lot of brain power but the more complicated the more pain I get and the longer it lasts, wait why did I use my quirk and what are you doing here Izuku?"

'So that's why she doesn't use her quirk.' Izuku thought best to be honest. "Yamada asked me to make sure you were okay."

Meg groaned. "Sorry, I didn't think it would get this crazy."

"Why did you take this job, Meg?"

"One my cousin asked me for it and two money." she said as she slowly stood up. "I loved Yamada but I never lived in such a shit hole before and Yamada knew it, so we tried to save money to move to a better part of the city, but then I learned he wasn't just taking more hours he got two more jobs for us to move. I couldn't let him keep going with it, he was coming home practically dead, I tried to make him stop but he wouldn't, he was giving so much, I wanted to do the same and so I took the job because I was told I would get more than enough money for us. I guess I got screwed over." As she rubbed her temple due to the pain.

Izuku held up the briefcase and opened it revealing a lot of cash. "Not exactly."

"The money!"

"I watched the whole thing, you used your quirk and he erased your memories afterwards and left you in the stairwell, I didn't think it was right to leave you there so I grabbed you and brought you out here."

Meg gave a weak smile, "Thanks, you're a real hero you know that."

Izuku closed the case and handed it to Meg. "You know I'm actually starting to believe that. Come on let's head back for some Ramen, on the house."

Meg eyed him and laughed. "Alright but expect a big tip."

As they made their way back home, Izuku felt he found a way to finally make his dreams come true as the Ant Man.

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