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Chapter 13: Fireside Study

"This is crazy," said Benta as he started putting his stuff in the van. "I mean this is just nuts."

Izuku came down the stairs and put his back in the back of the van, "Benta calm down, we're just going over to Endeavor's for a study session, we might not even run into him."

"' Might' being the keyword here," said Benta. "Why are we even trying this, I mean can't you just shrink down and sneak into his house, why are we going full size, taking a risk running into the guy who wants to throw us in prison."

"We need to do this so we can make some rich friends that can help legitimize us, so we can do something with this place and sell something, Endeavor is a risk we are going to have to take if we want to make everything were doing legal, Ant-man and Ant-hill stuff included."

"I know but it's still nuts."

Standing not too far away from the van were Kenta and Genta watching Benta's freak out, "Hey how much you want to bet that Benta's going to blow it somehow." said Kenta.

"I'll take those odds," said Genta as he took out a few bills. "I'm sure I'll boy will come through, I put 5,000 yen he'll come out cool as a cucumber."

"I'll take those odds," said Kenta as he matched the money on the table. "I doubt they get arrested but I'm sure something will happen."

"Gee thanks for the vote of confidence guys," said Hanah as she walked to the van with her sister right behind her.

"For that, you two are cleaning the gym while we're gone," said Sarah. Kenta and Genta looked at each other for a moment before shrugging.

Unbeknownst to them both Benta and Izuku heard them talking. "Oh man, why did Kenta have to say that. I don't know if I can do this, I'm used to being the guy in the chair not the guy in the field."

"Hey the field is just a study session with people our age, it will be a cakewalk. Not to mention you will have a computer in front of you when your studying, because..."

Benta sighed, "Because I'm the one with online homework."


"Which doesn't even make sense, since I never even finished high school."

"True, but your smart enough and tech suave enough to pull it off." said Izuku but he could see his words weren't exactly comforting him. "Look Benta just relax, chill man, everything will be alright okay, just stay calm, maybe crack a joke or two and everything will be alright, okay?"

Benta was silent for a moment, "Okay."

"Don't worry everything will be fine. I'm more personally worried about the other two that are coming."

"You mean your old friend," asked Hanah. "Bakugo, right?"

"Yeah come on let's go pick him up," said Izuku as he signaled Benta to get into the drivers, as they were going onto public roads Izuku couldn't drive, even though he knew how, but Benta was old enough to drive and had a real enough fake drivers licenses to work with. "Come on time to roll out."


"About time you got here," yelled Bakugo who was waiting in front of the ramen shop waiting for them. "What the hell took you so long?"

Those who didn't know him just gave him a deadpan stare for a moment, "So this is Bakugo." said Sarah.

"Yep," said Izuku as he leaned his head out of the van and saw his mom and Mitsuki in the Ramen shop looking at them giving them a wave. "Okay, time to get moving, Bakugo you can get shotgun." as Izuku moved to the back to sit in between Hanah and Sarah.

"Good," said Katsuki as he sat in the shotgun seat, "Who are these extras?

Benta looked at Bakugo, "Extras?"

Izuku quickly put his hands on the sisters' shoulders to calm them down as he chose to ignore this to move things along. "The driver is Benta, a senior in high school." He then gestured to the sisters, "This is Sarah and Hanah Hea. They're also in high school, there also coming to the study sessions as well, so behave."

"Tch, why should I," retorted Katsuki. "I shouldn't even be here, I can study fine just on my own."

"Then why are you here?" asked Hanah.

"My hag wanted me to come, so I could watch Deku," said Katsuki as he kept his eyes forward.

"Deku?" repeated the sisters, before they quickly realized they were talking about Izuku.

Izuku snaked his hands into there's stopping them and causing them to blush slightly, "Benta, I think we should head off."

"Right," as Benta started to drive to the other side of town.

Izuku for a moment thought he should keep his mouth quiet but thought it would be best to ask, "So Bakugo, how's your recovery going?"

Bakugo tilted his head back for a moment stopping himself from blurting out some insult. "Fine, I don't need a crutch anymore and my body is pretty much healed, I should be able to take the UA exam here soon."

"Good then you'll be happy to know there are going to be some UA students at the study group tonight," said Izuku.

Bakugo then turned around to look at Izuku in the eye, or trying his best to in the low light. "You serious?"

"Yep, also some of the other students are kind of rich, I don't know if they have a stick up their ass but I suggest keeping the voice low."

Bakguo turned back, "Great a bunch of rich brats." Bakugo was silent for a moment before deciding to speak. "Deku, if this happens again, tell me first and not my mom."

Izuku raised an eyebrow, "Not my fault she was on the phone with my mom when I told her about the study group, she's been calling my mom every day since the last time I saw you, is she still trying to get us to move in with you guys?" Izuku felt the girl's hands tighten for a moment before quickly relaxing.

"Yeah about that, my mom has been looking into apartments for you two, even been looking around your new college."

Izuku groaned, "Great, just great." The trip was mostly silent after that with only the radio being the only thing playing. Benta kept his eyes on the road, Katsuki kept his eyes on his phone as he wanted to avoid conversation as much as possible. In the back, Izuku felt his girlfriends leaning on him as he held their hands. 'I should really take them both on a proper date, maybe to a movie.' as Izuku made plans to take some time off for his girls.

"Yo, Izuku I think we're here," said Benta as he slowed down the car.

Izuku leaned forward and saw the massive house in front of them. "Yep that's the house in the photo Natsu sent, that's Endeavors house."

"ENDEAVOR!" yelled Bakugo. "When the fuck did you say anything about Endeavor?"

"Oh right I guess I didn't tell you about that, the one I'm helping today is Endeavor's son, so behave." Said Izuku before he noticed another car parked outside. "Oh, there's Ochako." Before they all got out of the van and he waved at the car.

The car's passenger door opened as Ochako stepped out. "Hey Izuku." waved Ochako.

"He,y Ochako." waved back Izuku greeting the girl as he did the car driver's side door opened as a grown woman stepped out that looked like an older version of Ochako. "Oh, you must be Mrs. Uraraka, a pleasure to meet you." As he gave her a proper bow.

"Pleasure to meet you as well," replied Mrs. Uraraka, returning the bow. 'So this must be the Izuku, my daughter has been talking about. I thought he might just be a smart kid but if he's connected to whoever owns this house then he might have some potential.' Mrs. uraraka cleared her throat. "So Izuku are you really going to be tutoring several kids today?"

"Oh yeah, I've done it before, three of the four I came with I have tutored before, so a few more shouldn't be" that was when Izuku turned around and notice something. "..a problem." 'Oh no.' thought Izuku as he saw Ochako staring at Hanah and Sarah with them looking back.

"What the hell is up with the chicks?" asked Katsuki.

"How the fuck should I know?" said Benta.

Ochako looked between the two slightly nervous. 'Are they twins, they both look beautiful, with great hair and better bodies than me, but they're high schoolers, they should have boys their own age right?'

Hanah and Sarah both quickly glanced at each other after looking at Ochako, as they both had the same thought. 'She's too innocent.' as they felt somewhat pity for the girl as they noticed several details, 'New clothes, a new haircut, all to impress her crush. She has no idea that her crush has lived a life she couldn't possibly understand.'

Izuku looked between them, 'I should do something right? I've seen this before, even on jobs before but I've never been in this scenario, what should I say.'

"Hey," said Natsu as he waved to the group, getting their attention.

"Hey, Natsu." said Izuku as he waved back.

"Is this your study group?" asked Natsu.

"Yeah, this is-"

Bakugo cut Izuku off and stepped between them. "Are you really Endeavor's brat?"

Izuku quickly grabbed Katsuki's ear and pulled him aside. "Sorry about him, he kind of the problem child of the group." as Izuku ignored the insults coming from Katsuki's mouth.

"Uh it's fine, Senpai." said Natsu before turning to Katsuki. "and yeah, Endeavor is my dad."

"Senpai!" Thought everyone as they heard it from Natsu's mouth.

"You don't need to call me that., said Izuku but couldn't help but feel a little bashfulness at someone older than him calling him senpai.

"Well you are already a university student, while the rest of us are in high school," said Natsu before noticing Katsuki and Ochako. "Or in middle school."

'This kid is really a college kid!' Though Mrs. Uraraka. 'Maybe Ochako has picked a winner.' "Have fun," waved Mrs. Uraraka to her daughter as she told her she would pick her up in a few hours.

"Anyway, we should probably head inside, the others are inside already correct?" asked Izuku.

"Yeah the rest are inside," said Natsu as he ushered them inside.


Natsu brought them to a big room that was clearly a dining room to eat meals on a long traditional short table with several high school students seating around it drinking tea. "Everyone allow me to introduce Izuku Midoriya, the kid with the big brain that just got into college."

The rest of the high schoolers were slightly awed by that fact. "Are you really a college student?"

"Yes I am, I got confirmation the other day," said Izuku holding up his phone showing that email saying he passed the test. "And you are?"

"Oh where are my manners," said a lanky blonde who judging by his clothes as he wore nothing but named brand material, was filthy rich. "My name is Toto Yen at your serves."

"Yen?! As in the largest bank in the country and in Southeast Asia, Yen." said Izuku as he then recognized the boy. 'Oh, this is the idiot from the Christmas party.'

Toto looked down slightly, "Yes, that's the one."

"You okay?"

"Yes, it's just lately I don't feel up to the Yen name."

"Well what do you expect," said a boy sitting next to him with scales running along with his hands and face, with fangs poking out of his mouth, "The guy was partially mugged inside his own house."

"Actually Gator, it was at my grandfather's house but still, I had everything taken from, I was knocked unconscious and stripped down to my undershirt, it was utterly humiliating," said Toto with slight tears coming out of his eyes.

"Hey calm down, it's not your fault your grandfather's Christmas party was attacked," said a girl with short red hair trying to comfort the boy, before turning to Izuku. "Hi, I'm Yuyu Haya, a second-year at UA high."

"UA HIGH!" said Ochaco and Katsuki as they saw a girl who might one day be their senpai.

"Oh did someone mention our school," They all turn to see a girl with blue spiral hair coming down the hall with two other girls behind her, "Hi I'm Nejire Hado. Natsuo, your sister just got showing us your house, this place is big, oh are you guys the ones we're studying with," she then noticed Izuku, "Oh are you the really smart brain boy?"

Izuku opened his mouth for just a second, "Uh I'm-

She then moved in front of the sisters, "Oh wow, are you two twins, you're hair is amazing, do you both have like twin quirks or can you read each other's minds?"

The sisters blinked. "Uuuh."

Nejire then moved to Bakugo. "Wow your hair is so spiky do you have a porcupine quirk?"

Katsuki's face suddenly filled with tic marks, "What?"

Nejire then moved on to Ochaco, "Oh Hi there, you are just adorable, oh gosh I just want to know everything about all of you."

Ochaco blushed, "Wow you are really bubbly."

"You must be the one with the writing problems," said Izuku.

Nejire turned back to Izuku. "Oh wow, how did you know?"

"Lucky guess."

"Yeah, it's true, according to Present Mic sensei I have an 'Ooh butterfly problem'," explained Nejire before she noticed Benta. "Ooh, who are you?"

"Oh uh hi, I'm Benta," he said slightly nervous.

"Hi, I'm Nejire."

"I'm pretty sure they all know that by now." said a young woman with large furry ears who was slightly older than Nejire as she pulled the blue-haired girl back. "Sorry about my former kouai, she can be quite a lot to handle."

Natsuo waved it off, "It's all good, Bani." Even though she wasn't talking to him.

'Judging by that goofy grin, this must the girl he likes.' Izuku stepped forward and put his bag down on the table, "It's alright but we should be moving this along," He then turned to the group he brought, "This is Benta, Hanah, Sarah, Katsuki, and Ochaco. The latter two are trying to get into UA."

"Oh wow, new first years," said Nejire as she went back to the two to Katsuki's annoyance. "It feels like it was just a year ago I was the first year."

"That's because we were first years a year ago." Pointed out Yuyu.

"What's with all the noise?" They all turned to see a boy around Izuku's age that had white and red hair and a scar on his face looking at them.

"Oh hey Shoto," said Natsuo surprised to see his brother. "Uh, this is the study group I mentioned that would be coming by."

Shoto looked at the group. "Oh, I see."

Izuku could tell there was some sort of tension between the family, maybe something he could use. "You want to join us?"

Shoto looked at Izuku. "What?"

Izuku locked his fingers together before stretching them, "What subject are you struggling with?"

Shoto raised his eyebrows, "I'm not struggling at all...wait are you the tutor?"

"You bet, class is about to begin, so I suggest you grab your books," said Izuku he took out a notebook and looked over the students in front of him. "Gator, right? What subject are you struggling with?"

Gator was caught off guard being put on the spot. "Uh, chemistry, none of it makes sense to me."

"You're a racing fan right?" This surprised the boy, "You're wearing a racing watch and your shirt has formula one on it. Write down a series of racers and their vehicles, we'll match them up to chemicals, if you can remember a racer then you can remember a chemical."

"Uh, okay," said Gator as he got to work.

Izuku moved to the next one. "Yen, whatcha got?"

"uh history sir," said the boy as he fumbled to get his world history book out. "I know Japanese history but world history is messing with me."

"Association," said Izuku. "Compare what was happening at the time in Japan with the rest of the world, that might help you if think of the trade routes that might help with your family's background in business. You're on the industrial revolution, study the chapter and I'll quiz you later."

"Wow!" said Nejire as she got close to Izuku. "Your moving quick."

"According to the brief description, Natsuo gave me you have a paper on early days of heroics due in two days."

Nejire brought out her paper, "Yeah unfortunately I had to start over when my friend Mirio pointed out I went off-topic way too many times. I'm writing it on paper first before I type it out. Did you know that the clothing industry had some major hurdles during the dawn of quirks? They cou-"

"ah stop right there," said Izuku cutting her off as he put a hand up in the air. "Yes," as he moved his hand right, "No," as he moved his hand left. "Yes...No...Yes...No." he said as he moved his hand back and forth.

Nejire quickly began following his hand with her whole body as she muttered Yes and No back at Izuku.

"Good, now apply that to your paper," said Izuku as he handed the paper back while keeping up with his hand movement. "Just keep those two words in mind as you write."

Nejire then started writing her paper down. Yuyu and Bani looked over Nejire's shoulder and noticed she was staying on topic. "How the hell?" asked Yuyu amazed.

"What is this sorcery?" asked Bani, "I've been trying to tutor this girl for years, how?"

"Oh we are just getting started," said Izuku. "We still have over two hours and I plan on cramming as much knowledge into your brains as possible within that time."


Fuyumi couldn't help but be impressed by Izuku, she had been watching from not too far away as Izuku began to tutor the others, he kept them all focused while also giving them plenty of room to breathe. Even her brother Shoto had decided to come and get some advice on some homework he was working on. From one teacher to another, she was incredibly impressed that she started taking notes on Izuku's tutoring. 'He must have one incredible brain quirk to be able to juggle so many different topics all at once, the only ones he hasn't really been focusing too much on are Shoto, the loud boy, and the guy on his computer who looks like he's working on some sort of online assignment.' As she watched him move from one student to the next, she noticed he flipped between pages on a notebook. 'That must be his notes on each subject, I wonder how he has them organized?'

As if reading her mind Izuku looked over at Fuyumi. "You got a question?"

"Huh, oh no, I'm sorry just ignore me, don't let me distract you," said Fuyumi trying to wave it off.

"Kind of hard, since I see you staring at me from the doorway." explained Izuku confirming that he noticed her, "You have a question right."

Fuyumi was caught off guard a bit, "I well, uh, I'm sorry I'm an elementary school teacher and I'm just curious how you're able to move between everyone so well?'

Izuku thought about it for a moment, "Practice mainly, prepping a cheat sheet also helps." as Izuku pointed down at Yuyu's paper, "Double check that and show your work please."

"Cheat sheet?" asked Fuyumi.

"Here," as Izuku handed over his notebook for a second before looking down at Natsuo, "Not bad, you got all the letters correct, just don't forget the commas."

Fuyumi looked at the notebook, each page was dedicated to each person, with a brief description of their personality and interest along with what subject they need help in. "How did you get all this?"

"Natsuo," as Izuku inspected Toto's work. "Good job but make sure you spell the countries correctly." as he pointed to the textbook. "I learned the best way to teach someone is to know them, so I just asked your brother for some basic info to help me out. If you know your students then you can communicate with them better, when you get right down to it that's what teaching is, communicating knowledge in a way someone can understand it and remember it."

Fuyumi could only stare in amazement at Izuku. "Wow, how long have you been tutoring, to come up with this?"

Izuku thought it over for a moment, "I've been tutoring for a long time it was my first real job to earn some extra money." As Izuku thought back where he tutored some kids back at the Ramen shop, which is what Turk wanted. "Why do you want me to tutor the other kids, who are they?"

"You're a smart kid, Izuku. I thought you wanted a job that wasn't dangerous that could give you a lot of money," said Turk as they talked back at one of the Turk's hideouts.

"You're right I am smart, those kids I've been helping, they may have been born in the trash pit but they're different, confident, ridding their parents, it's them your after."

Turk laughed, "DING DING DING, you are correct my young friend, their parents all have connections with the gangs and other higher figures in the Trash Pit."

Izuku thought it over, "I haven't even met some of the parents, I'm a distraction. You've just been using me to make opportunities for you to spy on them."

"You are smart, don't worry nothing changed, just keep doing what your doing and don't act suspicious." Izuku kept glaring at him. "Hell looks on the bright side, you've been helping dumbasses, get a chance at school, ain't that something."

"I want a pay raise," said Izuku firmly.

The Turk frowned, "Izuku, you're smart, so you should know that all you're doing is being the distraction, that's your place and you get paid accordingly, you ain't the one get the information I need."

Izuku thought for a moment, "Then what information do you need?"

The Turk was surprised for a moment before smiling. "I knew I liked you." That was how Izuku got his first job to truly spy on someone.

"Izuku, are you okay?" asked Natsuo.

Izuku quickly noticed everyone was looking at him, "Oh I'm fine, just lost in thought. Now where was I." as Izuku grabbed his cup of tea only to find it empty. "Oh, I guess I'm out of tea."

"Oh here, I can get you some more," said Fuyumi as she handed the notebook back. "You all can keep studying."

"Hey sis, how about just bringing the pitcher out, we can refill them ourselves," suggested Natsuo.

"Okay, just don't spill on your homework."

Gator twitched at that comment and looked at his homework. "Just on the safe side, do any of you guys have a drying quirk." This made a few of them chuckle.

"Just drink as if you're a dinner party," suggested Toto as he drank from his cup with his pinkie extended outwards. "That works for me."

"Okay come on we still got work to do," said Izuku as Fuyumi brought the pitcher to him. "Thank you."

Before Fuyumi could respond a booming voice cut through the house. "FUYUMI! Why is the entryway filled with shoes? Who is-" They all turned as the number two hero walked into the room followed by three of his sidekicks. Endeavor looked at the group. "Oh right, the study group." said Endeavor as he remembered what Natsuo had said.

Benta went pale as he felt a lump in his throat, "Endeavor."

"Hey Dad, what are you doing in here?" asked Fuyumi slightly nervous.

Izuku quickly looked at Natsuo and Shoto and noticed that both of them were looking down and not looking at their father in the eye. 'I see Endeavor is having family troubles huh.'

"Wow, it's really him the number 2 hero," said Ochaco under her breath as she looked at the pro hero in awe.

Endeavor heard this and quickly raised his hand. "Don't get up I don't have time for an autograph, I just came by quickly to grab something from my office."

"Uh, sir what are you getting," asked Kido. "You kind of just rushed here suddenly."

"I remembered an old classmate of mine, may have a quirk that can help us in tracking down Ant-man," said Endeavor. Izuku instantly gave Benta a look that said calm down and don't freak out, he quickly glanced at Hanah and Sarah and they kept their cool but Izuku could tell they were sweating a little. "You three stay here, while I go grab my old contact list."

"Yes sir," said Burnin as she saluted her boss as he walked away, towards his office. Burnin looked at the group. "Ah, so you guys are doing an old fashion study session huh, wow some of you look young. Nice job Natsuo, way to lend a helping hand to your juniors."

Natsuo scratched the back of his head, "uh, I'm not the one running this session."

"Really, then who is?" Everyone in the group besides Bakugo pointed to Izuku who gave her a peace sign. "WHAT!"

"Is this kid even in junior high?" asked Onima.

Izuku got a tic mark for that comment but quickly brushed it off, "No I'm not in junior high, my name is Izuku Midoriya and I'm in college." This fact just shocked the sidekicks.

"It's true," said Natsuo, "He's our senpai."

"Speak for yourself," said Bakugo.

"Yeah, he's super smart and big-brained." Commented Nejire.

"It's true," said Gator, "He might be young but he's defiantly smarter than us."

"Oh really," as Burnin thought of some questions, "Okay smarty pants what is 12 x 12."

"144," said Izuku quickly as he poured himself some tea.

"That was too easy Burnin, anyone who knows their timetables could have figured that one out." said Kido who thought of one, "What is 38 x 64?"

"2432," said Izuku quickly before taking a sip of tea, non-cholent, which just surprised the group even more.

"Forget math," said Onima as he thought of a question. "What is...the chemical formula for coffee."

"8 Carbon molecules, 10 Hydrogen molecules, 4 Nitrogen Molecules and 2 molecules of Oxygen," Izuku said without blinking, while everyone just looked at him wide-eyed, even Katsuki was shocked.

Kido turned to Onima, "Is that correct?"

Onima slowly nodded. "According to my coffee mug, it is."

"It is," commented Izuku.

"I think I'm out of questions."

"Same," said Kido giving up.

Burnin however wanted one last try. "Name all the Greek gods."

Izuku raised an eyebrow, "There's way too many of them to list so I'm just going to list the main ones, Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Athena, Ares, Hermes, Artemis, Apollo, Hephaestus, Demeter, Aphrodite, Dionysius, Hades, and Hestia."

"HA, you forgot about Neptune," shouted Burnin, thinking she had won.

Fuyumi raised her hand getting the fire girl's attention. "Burnin, Neptune is a Roman god, not Greek."

Burnin blushed, "I knew that, I was...just trying to test you guys."

"Enough Burnin," said Endeavor as he walked into the room, "You're trying to match wits with someone who clearly has intelligence quirk." Endeavor then looked directly at Izuku. 'This boy, I don't know why but I don't like him, my gut is telling me something is off about this one.' Endeavor narrowed his eyes. "So you're the university brat that is here to help my son."

Izuku kept his face neutral under Endeavor's gaze, he could tell Endeavor was sizing him up. "That's what I'm here for, don't believe me, you can ask the table."

Endeavor then looked at the other kids and notice a clear difference between the table, "What schools do you kids go to?"

"Rozaryu Middle school, sir," answered Ochaco with a cheery smile.

"Aldera Middle school," said Katsuki as he noticed the look Endeavor was giving them. "What the hell is with the look?"

"It's because we're brats from the street," said Sarah as she and her sister gave a look back at Endeavor. "We might not be from some fancy academy like some of the others here but that doesn't mean we bite."

"So can you stop giving us the stink eye," finished Hanah, "We're from Saint Grace."

Endeavor's glare didn't fade in the slightest under their remarks, it was making a few people in the room nervous, Burnin stepped forward. "Look ladies your school has nothing to do with this, so I suggest you show some respect."

Both sisters kept quiet but it was clear that they didn't respect Endeavor, in fact, they downright hated him for trying to arrest Izuku but right now they knew it was better to keep a lid on it at the moment.

Endeavor then scanned the table when his eyes settled on the one that looked uncharacteristically nervous and out of place. "You," as he pointed at Benta. "Is this brat really here to teach my son?"

Benta started sweating as a million thoughts ran through his head, his eyes darted all over the room as his eyes landed on the sisters that told him not to say anything, then on Katsuki, for some reason, that gave him a face of what the fuck do you want from me, Ochaco looked slightly confused and Izuku just gave him a look that said remain calm, then Benta remembered what Izuku had said earlier. "No, he' date your daughter."

The moment the words left Benta's mouth the room became utterly silent as the boy just thought he fucked up as Izuku just gave him a shocked look.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" as Gator, Toto, and Katsuki started to bust up laughing, even Endeavor's sidekicks started giggling a little as they all took it as a joke.

Fuyumi on the other hand turned bright red, "Huh, wait what?"

"She's turning red," pointed out Nejire while she laughed.

"Nejire don't," said Yuyu as she herself tried not to laugh.

Ochaco was blushing slightly, "Oh it was a joke." as she gave a small smile.

The sisters blushed as well, but some of it was out of jealousy and a bit of annoyance. "Idiot." then muttered under their breath.

Endeavor just sighed, "Dumb brats." he muttered.

"Wait are you really dating my sister?" asked Shoto with a neutral expression.

Izuku looked at the boy for a moment to see if he was just trying to add to the joke but no, Shoto looked serious. "Seriously?!"

Endeavor's eyes snapped open.

'Well might as well roll with it.' thought Izuku. "Yes, Shoto, I am dating your sister who I just met for the first time today," said Izuku voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Oh," said Shoto before giving a small bow. "Welcome to the family."

The room went silent again as all eyes turned to Shoto, 'He can't honestly believe that can he?' thought everyone. Even Fuyumi and Natsuo were shocked but slowly depressed as they realized their little brother was being completely serious.

Izuku almost couldn't believe it, 'What the hell is up with this kid, only a moron would believe something like that, is he really that socially inept.' Thought Izuku before collecting himself. "Shoto, you don't honestly-" Izuku stopped as he looked and saw Endeavor standing right behind him. "Endeavor."

Endeavor without warning reached down and grabbed Izuku by his hoodie and raised him off the ground to the large man's eye level. His actions caused the room to go on alert as everyone started freaking out.

"Dad stop!" yelled Fuyumi as she grabbed her father's arm. "It was a joke."

"Yeah, dad stop, he's just a kid," beg Natsuo as he tried to step in front of Endeavor.

Benta even tried to grab Endeavor's leg, "I'm sorry, I was just trying to be the funny guy for once."

"Boss, don't fry the kid," said Burnin.

"Yeah, your daughter's an adult, you should trust her decisions," said Onima.

"What the fuck," said Kido to his friend. "Are you okay with this?"

"What no, I was trying to say trust Fuyumi, to not date someone over ten years younger than her."

'Over tens years, how old do they think I am?' thought Fuyumi for a second. "Dad, please drop him."

'What the fuck is wrong with this guy?' Thought Izuku as he carefully controlled his ants as he had them just outside the room, including a shrinking disc in his hand. Izuku had yet to use ether as he waited for Endeavor's next move but he hadn't, which irritated Izuku as he had to force himself not to react. 'What the fuck is he doing?'

"Seriously." was all Endeavor said for Izuku to realize his mistake.

'Fuuuuck meee, that's what I said after the damn armadillo guy freaked out, and I repeated myself just now in front of him, if I go down I'm kicking that armadillo's ass.' Thought Izuku as he tried his best to keep his face neutral.

Luckily a new face got between them. "Hey, can you please put Midoriya down," asked Nejire who was upside down.

Izuku blinked as he realized she was floating upside down and literally stuck her head between them, 'Now that's an interesting quirk.' Thought Izuku before he felt Endeavor suddenly let him go and gravity grabbing him. Izuku was more focused on Nejire's quirk he didn't have time to catch himself so he crashed on the table causing the pitcher of tea Fuyumi brought to splash all over him.

"Sorry," was all Endeavor said as he looked at Izuku, 'This boy... could he be Ant-man? No, maybe, my gut is telling me he's something that I should be concerned about, I'll watch him for now.'

Benta and Fuyumi helped Izuku to sit up while Ochaco offered him her handkerchief, "Thanks," Izuku quickly used the cloth to wipe the tea off his face before glaring back up at Endeavor.

'A challenge.' Endeavor smiled. "Good eyes, boy." before turning around and walking away, "Natsuo, keep an eye on him."

"Huh?" as Natsuo was perplexed by his dad's actions. "Why?"

"And don't let him into Fuyumi's room." Endeavor shouted back.

Everyone blinked for a moment as they processed what happened. "I think he likes you," said Shoto getting all their attention.

"What?" said Izuku. "Why?"

Shoto looked at the stunned sidekicks, "Isn't that what dad said to you guys when he hired you guys? He said he liked the look of your eyes"

Kido and Onima looked at each other for a moment while Burnin stared off into space for a second as they all realized, yes that's exactly what he said.

"WAIT HE'S SERIOUS?!" shouted Fuyumi as she looked Burnin.

Burnin looked at her before looking at Izuku then at Natsuo, "We should... we should catch up to Endeavor." as Burnin turned and ran down the hall.

"Best of luck kid," said Onima

"See you later," said Kido as they followed Burnin.

"Wait, tell him I'm not dating anyone, tell him I'm not dating!" yelled Fuyumi as they left.

Izuku turned to Benta, who after seeing Izuku glare got on his hands and knees and bowed. "I'm sorry, I just saw the tensions were rising and everyone was glaring and suddenly Endeavor was looking at me and I had no idea what to say and I thought I should calm things down with a joke, but brain didn't think when joke was made."

Yuyu looked confused and asked, "Why are you talking like that?"

"He does that when he's flustered or panicked," explained Izuku.

"Well I thought it was hilarious, four eyes." said Katsuki as he patted Benta on the bag, "It will be years before Izuku bags a girl and I was able to get a pic of Endeavor holding him Darth Vader style." this earned several looks from around the room

"Darth Vader style? what is Darth Vader?" asked Toto.

"How do you not know what Darth Vader is," asked Nejire "I thought everyone has seen Star wars."

"We can fix that later," said Izuku as he handed Ochaco back her handkerchief, "Can I please get like a towel or something."

Fuyumi then remembered that the pitcher of tea was poured across the table and Izuku was still soaked in tea. "Oh my, yes, I am so sorry, I'll be right back." as she ran to get a towel.

Natsuo then grabbed some napkins and passed them to Shoto as they cleaned up the tea, luckily none of the homework got ruined. "I am so sorry about this, Izuku," said Natsuo as he helped clean up the table. "I didn't think my dad would actually jump the gun like that."

'He didn't,' thought Izuku as he checked his hoodie, "It's fine, I guess he was just being a dad." The brothers stopped for a second at that comment before Natsuo started whipping down the table again, this didn't go unnoticed by Izuku who took off his hoodie, "Man even my shirt got soaked. Anyway, I just got a little wet, no harm no foul."

"Uh, Izuku." as Sarah got his attention.

"What?" Izuku then noticed that Hanah had taken her phone out and taken a picture, "Why did you just take a picture?" He then noticed everyone else was looking at him and Katsuki's eye was twitching and Ochaco was turning bright red. "Ochaco are you okay?"

" your um..."

"You are jacked," said Nejire as she invaded his personal bubble. "Oh wow, you're like a mini Mirio, just more green."

"Who?" asked Izuku before Nejire started poking Izuku. "Hey what are you doing?"

"Yuyu, Bani, come feel this he is rock solid," said Nejire with the same innocence as a child which made Bani facepalm.

"Nejire!" yelled Yuyu as she went over and reached around Izuku and grabbed Nejire's hands, "You can't start poking people without their permission."

It was at that moment that Fuyumi decided to walk right back into the room. "Alright I have the tow-" Fuyumi stopped as she saw the sight of Izuku in a wet shirt, in between two high school girls that were holding hands around him. 'What?...How old is he?' as her face turned red.

Izuku could feel two sets of eyes bore into the back of his head, Izuku didn't need to turn around to tell that his girlfriends weren't happy and that just made him feel worse. Izuku quickly reached forward and took the towel, "Okay I didn't want to take a break this long but let's add another five minutes on to it." as Izuku started walking down the hall. "I'm just going to go clean myself up."


Nighteye sat in his office as he went over his notes, "Tracking Ant-man is nearly impossible inside the Trash Pit, none of the traffic cams work and almost nobody is willing to talk to us."

"Well look on the bright side, sir." said his intern Mirio. "Now that proper heroes have gone into the trash pit, more people are coming forth more and more about criminals instead of being quiet."

"I guess that is a good thing," said Nighteye before the office phone started ringing, "Mirio, could you get that."

Mirio picked up the phone, "Hello, thank you for calling the Nighteye agency my name is Mirio, how can I help you today." Mirio had to quickly pull the phone away from his ear as he heard yelling. "Uh, sir, Endeavor wants to talk to you."

Nighteye was a bit surprised as he didn't expect Endeavor of all people to call him, "Put him on speaker." Mirio hit the button. "Hello, Endeavor, why are you calling me?"

"We need to talk Nighteye." said Endeavor over the phone.

"And what is it that you wanted to discuss with me?"

"How tall is Ant-man?"

Nighteye raised an eyebrow as he wasn't expecting the question, for a moment he questioned if he was really talking to Endeavor. "Mirio, grab and read off the official information given to us by the police."

"Uh right," said Mirio as he quickly grabbed the Ant-man file which was easy as the file hadn't been put away for weeks. "According to the police file...he's heights not reported! According to the file, height was not recorded due to his quirk changing size. What?"

"Since he has a quirk that changes his size, recording it is pointless cause his quirk has proven to change to a variety of sizes usually that are small than what he is, but it means they couldn't accurately figure out his base height," explained Nighteye.

"They haven't but you have," said Endeavor. "Even though you have refused to work with my agency, I know you have also kept looking into the identity of Ant-man. You've been keeping track of all his movements, how tall is he usually?"

Nighteye thought it over for a moment, 'Endeavor wouldn't ask this unless he had some sort of idea who Ant-man might be or at least a way to narrow down the list.' "I estimate his height to be around 170cm."

"170cm you say, then are we sure we are talking about an Ant-MAN?" said Endeavor emphasizing the 'man' part of Ant-man. This made Nighteye think for a moment, but left Mirio confused.

"Uhh, I've only heard his voice via recordings but his voice sounds like a guy and the way he speaks doesn't sound very feminine," said Mirio giving his two cents.

"No, Mirio that isn't what he's saying, are you, Endeavor. Your implying that Ant-man isn't an adult but a teenager," said Nighteye as he thought over the information.

"Yes, we always figured he was young but we never thought to look at the teenagers in the Trash Pit. With how to matriculate the villains controlling the trash pit were, none of the adults were willing to risk anything to let people know about it, but a dumb brat on the other hand," said Endeavor.

"Would be far more reckless," finished Nighteye has he had to agree with Endeavor's idea but that left one question. "Where did you come up with this idea?"

"Saint Grace academy," said Endeavor. "Have you ever heard of it?"

Nighteye was frozen for a second before he grabbed his laptop and furiously started typing, Mirio was confused, "Saint Grace? That doesn't sound like a hero school and since when does Japan has a Christian religious school?"

Nighteye stopped and turned the laptop around showing a picture of an old beat-up school building. "Since the Trash Pit, Saint Grace academy the only school in the entire area, it was one of the locations we looked at as a staging ground to take back the town but the chief of police decided to use the police station as he wanted to turn it back into a symbol of order, there is no website or real record of it existing anywhere outside, we only really know it exists because of the kids informing us of it and providing its location."

"So that's why it sounded familiar, must of read it in the police report. Has anyone gone there yet?" asked Endeavor.

Nighteye checked his computer for a moment as he searched the records that the police had provided, " one has gone there or made contact with any teacher."

"I guess they all have been too focused on the criminals and gangs, to check up on the school," said Mirio.

"Maybe or maybe this has something to do with the nuns," said Nighteye.

"You mean the ones, Hawks' sidekicks mentioned," said Endeavor, while he was angry that Hawks let Ant-man getaway he still made sure that information was properly shared between agencies. "That would make sense if the nuns ran some sort of school called Saint Grace."

"With this information now, I assume you are going to the school, I and All Might will be accompanying you," stated Nighteye clearly a fact and not a request.

Endeavor was silent for a moment as he thought it over, he hated the idea of working with All Might but he did like the idea of having Nighteye owing him. "Fine I'll wait for you but you and All Might better be there in the morning."

"We'll be there. Just don't jump the gun, Endeavor," said Nighteye as the line ended. "Mirio, go and tell the others, we're heading out early tomorrow, I'll contact All Might."

"Yes sir," said Mirio as he wondered what would a school in the trash pit was going to be like.


Izuku found himself in the Todorki's bathroom as he tried to quickly tried to dry out his shirt, "Damn. this tea is just not coming out." As he tried to ring out the tea from his shirt he caught a glance of himself in the mirror, and his own reflection surprised him. 'Wow, I really do have muscles, I mean I always was in good shape cause of my old job, but I guess when I became Ant-man it kicked things into high gear. I look like I work out regularly and that could be a problem, how do I explain this.' Izuku thought it over for a moment, 'Nope, I got nothing that can explain this. Maybe no one will ask about it, hopefully.'

While Izuku was thinking of a way to move on to a different topic, he heard a knock on the door, "Hey Izuku you doing alright?" came Natsuo's voice. "I got an old hoodie you can wear."

Izuku opened the door, "Really thanks." as he took the red and white hoodie.

Natsuo then bowed, "I am so sorry about my dad, I didn't even think he was going to be here tonight, I can't believe he just picked you up like that."

Izuku put on the hoodie, "It's alright, I guess he was just being a dad when he heard his little princess was dating." Natsuo was silent at that comment. "I'm going to take a guess here and say that your family has problems."

"Yeah." was all Natsuo said.

"I won't pry, but you should really talk to your brother more," said Izuku causing Natsuo to look a little surprised. "He actually believed for a moment that I was dating your sister and it was kind of clear the two of you haven't hanged out much. I think you should fix that, it might do you both some good."

Natsuo thought it over for a moment, "Yeah, I'll try that."

"Good," said Izuku as he patted Natsuo on the arm.

"Hey Izuku!" they both turned to see Benta walking towards them, in a quick pace. "Hey Natsuo, would you mind giving us a second, so I can quickly talk to Izuku."

"Uh sure, I'll meet you guys back in the dining room," said Natsuo as he assumed Benta just wanted to quickly apologize.

But Izuku knew it had to be something, with how pale he looked. "Benta what's wrong?"

"This." as he signaled for Izuku to quickly follow him around the corner down the hallway where he points at a picture. "Take a look."

Izuku looked at the picture, "It's a family photo what's-" Then Izuku saw it, the boy next to Natsuo. White hair, Turquoise eyes, and he was about the same height when they first met. "Holy shit!"

"Yeah, that's him right, I would never forget those dead eyes," said Benta in a quiet voice.

"Yeah, that's Todoroki. Fuck I knew that name sounded familiar," said Izuku as he remember the young boy with the white hair that was covered from head to toe in bandages. "I knew this family was fucked but damn."

"Well what would we do now?" asked Benta.

Izuku thought quickly with this new information. "Do not say a word about this to anyone, you understand. I need to make a phone call. Go back and tell everyone I just got a call from my mom, and don't mention him, okay."

Benta nodded. "Okay."

"Oh and one other thing, has Bakugo mentioned or spoken about my quirk?" asked Izuku.

Benta shook his head, "No he hasn't brought it up, why does that mean something?"

Izuku groaned, "Yeah chances are he wants something, shit. I'll have to deal with that later."

"Okay, I guess that's something else we'll just have to add to the list," he said before quickly heading back the way they came.

Izuku quickly looked around and made sure he was alone, he quickly took out his phone and dialed a number. The phone rang a few times, "Hey I need someone located...Yeah yeah, I don't give a shit, tell Turk I need him to locate Dabi for me...Yes, that Dabi who do you think I'm talking about...I don't care if he scares the shit out of you, tell Turk I need him found, talk to the nuns if you have to just find him...yeah this is big, and yes I am serious, just tell Turk this is needed and I have a good reason, we might have a way to get the heroes by the balls with this one...Yeah, I'm fucking serious, just find Dabi." Izuku then quickly hung up the phone. 'Oh Endeavor you might be a pain in my ass but you might be the emergency ticket we need.'

As Izuku was about to make his way back he heard a small thud, out of curiosity Izuku walked down the hall a bit as it opened up to an outside garden where he saw Fuyumi sitting on the edge of the floorboard with her head against a support beam. Part of Izuku told him to just walk away but another part of him told him as a hero he should help, then another part of him told him he was already screwing over this family anyway, which just made him feel guilty, the fact he might have already pissed off Sarah and Hanah just made him feel worse.

"Ah screw it," he said as he approached Fuyumi. "Everything alright?" he said getting her attention, "I hope I didn't cause too many problems for you today."

Fuyumi quickly waved "huh, oh no, you didn't do anything, I mean not really, I was..." Fuyumi sighed as she leaned her head back on the support beam, "I overheard you talking to Natsuo, I heard you call me daddy's little princess."

"Uh sorry, I didn't-"

"No," she said quickly cutting him off. "It's not your fault, it's just my family has been through a lot, after my mom had to leave, he's been distant, I would go weeks without seeing him and there were times where I thought he would just forget about us."

"So when he picked me up like a rag doll and I mention him being a bit protective of you..." Izuku trailed off as he knew he hit the nail on the head.

Fuyumi grumbled a little, "I have never once thought he would do that, I've never brought a boy home and this was a joke and I'm sure some part of him knew that but he still grabbed you...and I don't know how I feel about that."

Izuku paused for a moment as single thought went through his mind, 'Am I really about to defend the guy who is trying to throw me in jail.' Izuku groaned. "Look I'm not an expert when it comes to fathers, mine ran out when I was five, so I don't exactly have a good track record with them...but your dad hasn't left you, he still comes home and clearly he is worried for you and he does remember what's going on in your guys' lives, he remembered somewhat that Natsuo had a study group, so that's something." as he tried to help but Fuyumi didn't look convinced. "Look I don't know how broken your family is-"

"My brother is dead," said Fuyumi.


"My mother is in the hospital."


"My brothers are so distant I have no idea what they're thinking."

'Okay she's breaking.' thought Izuku as he bent down to her level.

"And to top it off my dad is never around and now he just acted like a father for the first time in years and I don't know how to process this." Izuku grabbed one of her hands before quickly raising his hand and giving her a hard painful high five. "AH, ow what was that for?"

"To bring you back to reality," said Izuku before sitting down next to her. "Look your family is broken, but they're all here. I personally don't know how damaged it is but you still live with them, those bridges have clearly not been totally destroyed yet, so right now I guess you just need to decide whether or not you want to cross those bridges or leave, reconnect with your brothers, dad and mom or just move on, make your own family." Izuku then looked at her directly in the eye. "Though all that is your choice, you're a big girl, you just need to find the strength to back up whatever you decide."

Fuyumi was speechless at Izuku's words, she heard each word and wasn't about to forget it but the words left her with one question. "How old are you?" Izuku raised an eyebrow. "I thought you were my little brother's age but you sound so mature."

Izuku chuckled, "I've been getting that a lot lately, I guess I'm quite mature for 15 year old."

Fuyumi's eyes went wide. "You're 15!" 'He's only five years younger than me! When I saw his face I thought he was younger than Shoto not older, that I look at him despite his face his eyes do give off a mature vibe.' as she looked into his green.

"Uh, Fuyumi."

Fuyumi then realized she had been staring at his eyes for about a minute, "I'm sorry I just got lost in thought is all."

"Understandable, you have a lot to think about in the meantime, I should be getting back to the others." said Izuku as he stood up and reached into his pocket, "Here, if you ever want a good bowl of ramen, look up Mr. Ramen's Ramen, it's a shop I work out of on occasions, if you need me you can find me there."

"Thanks," said Fuyumi as she watched Izuku walk back to the others. 'You know he's almost an adult, maybe in a few years...AH don't think like that Fuyumi, that's bad, just bad.' as she mentally scolded herself.


Tick, tock, tick, tock

Went the clocks in the room. In the center of the room was Timebomb with his eyes blindfolded, surrounded by the old fashion clocks, hearing them tick, for awhile he waited until in a flash his hands moved around the clocks, stopping their timers. He then waited again for a few seconds before stopping more clocks until the ticking ceased.

Timebomb took off the blindfold and checked all the clocks, they were all stopped within a second of the one-minute mark. "Not bad for being so rusty but I can do better."

"So this is some form of training," Timebomb looked over to see Camo leaning against the doorway. "I was wondering what you needed so many clocks for."

"I'm using them to help train my mental clock, my quirk allows me to turn everything I touch into a bomb with a timer, this is to help me accurately time my bombs so they set off when I want them to," explained Timebomb.

"I see," said Camo as she eyed Timebomb. "It looks like your wounds have healed up quickly."

"I know a good doctor, a bit pricey but worth it I should be fully healed by next week," said Timebomb. "Is there something you wanted to tell me?"

"Yeah, two of my girls found something," said Camo as Kazuri and Julie walked in, "This is Kazuri and Julie, they got something you might want to hear."

Julie just shrugged, "I'm not entirely sure we have something, to be honest, Kazuri just figured out a smell that was on Ant-man."

Timebomb raised an eyebrow. "A smell?"

"Ramen," said Kazuri. "Every location Ant-man was at had the smell of ramen."

Timebomb saw where this was going, "Mr. Ramen's Ramen."

"Yeah how did you-" Julie was cut off by Timebomb.

"Because it's pretty much the only restaurant in the Trash Pit that was able to remain independent. Anyone that tried to screw Mr. Ramen would get the shit kicked out of them by Mr. Ramen himself. Many have tried, all have failed cause of that he's been popular with the locals and now that the secret of the Trash Pit is out he's place has been booming, which makes me guess you haven't been able to find Ant-man." explained Timebomb while also making an educated guess.

Kazuri growled a little at the end, "Kazuri," warned Camo as she didn't want to deal with the other girl at the moment. "Finish your explanation."

Kazuri huffed. "We stayed by the shop, too many people with strong sent of Ramen."

"I see so you couldn't figure out who it was, but if I'm hearing you correctly you were able to get the scent of Ramen off of Ant-man from the locations he's been," said Timebomb as he got an idea. "Is your nose that strong?"

Kazuri was silent but Julie was more than happy to show off her friend, "Oh yeah, Kazuri can smell what you ate last week, she puts bloodhounds to shame."

"Really, perfect." as Timebomb walked past them, grabbing his jacket on the way out, "Follow me."

They followed Timebomb down the hall to a small leaving room area where they saw Flame Elephant, Rad Voltz, and the Shadow man seating around a TV that was showing the local news, Rad Voltz noticed them first. "Please tell me, we're about to move."

"Close," said Timebomb as he reached into his jacket taking out a match. "Flame Elephant ignite this."

Flame Elephant looked at him for a moment before doing as he was told and extended his elephant trunk out, igniting the tip of the tiny match. "Smell this," Timebomb ordered Kazuri.

Now Kazuri wasn't the type of girl to just follow the orders given by Timebomb but the second the match was in her direction, her nose was assaulted by what she could only describe as "Shit fire." As she immediately covered her nose and backed away from the flame. "Get that shit away from me."

Timebomb smirked before blowing out the flame, "How about now, can you still smell?"

Kazuri quickly nodded while keeping her nose covered, "Of course, I can still smell that shit."

"Good. Then this will lead us to Ant-man."

Camo found this idea interesting but left a question, "How did you know that Elephants flame would smell?"

"There was an American hero called Chamber, his mouth was constantly on fire but the thing that people who knew him would constantly mention was that his flames would constantly smell and change depending on what he ate. That's when I learned the very fun fact that people with flame quirks that are produced from inside their bodies, have the worst smelling flames."

Flame Elephant got out of his seat. "So does this mean I get my rematch with Ant-man?"

"Hold it," Yelled Rad Voltz as he stood up and glared at Flame Elephant. "If anyone is going to kill him it's going to be me."

"This won't kill him and Flame Elephant isn't going along," said Timebomb getting their attention. "Ant-man might be the first hero the Trash Pit has seen but he's still from the pit, when push comes to shove he'll run away and he has the perfect power set for that. To truly nail the bastard we need to know who the fuck he is and we're not going to do that by running at him. For this, to work we need someone who can use pyrokinesis."

"I see where you're going with this," said Camo. "And I got good news for you, I have just the girl for the job. Lilly!"

The sound of high heel boots could be heard as a woman with bright red hair, wearing tight skinny combat pants, high-heeled boots, and a tight camo crop top. "You called boss," Lilly spoke with a clear American southern accent.

"You girls sure love your camo," said Timebomb as he size the woman up while the other men just stared at her chest.

Some had the decency to try and hide it while Flame Elephant just kept staring.

"Timebomb allows me to introduce you to our hotshot, Lilly otherwise known as the Phoenix." said Camo as she put her arm around the girl, "I dare you to find a better pyrokinesis user in this country, or in all of Asia."

Timebomb frowned slightly. "That's a big claim, can your girl back it up?"

"Oh, I can do more than that, sugar." as Lilly raised her hand slightly and spun her finger, as she did a small stream of flame was pulled from Flame Elephant's trunk before the flames formed a ring that started spinning around the woman's finger. "Just tell me who I have to burn."

Timebomb smiled, "I guess it's time we light a fire under the pit and smoke this bastard out."

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