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Chapter 14 Back to School


"What up guys," said Kenta as he entered the Ant Hill garage with a bag in hand, "I come bearing the sweet gift of breakfast burritos."

"Sweet," said Izuku as he raised his hand to catch the burrito. "Thanks for food, man"

"No sweat, I'm just happy I won a bet for once," said Kenta.

Genta came and snagged a burrito. "Wasn't much of a bet, Benta was bound to break eventually."

Benta looked up from his phone, "Hey, I did pretty well, I just made a small miscalculation."

"Uh-huh, right." said Kenta as he grabbed a burrito from himself and sat down, "So you trying to set up Izuku with Endeavor's daughter was a misstep."

"It was the best I could come up with okay," said Benta before his phone went off again.

"Who are you texting?" asked Genta.

"He's talking to one of the girls we met yesterday," said Izuku as he took a bite out of his burrito. "Her name is Yuyu."

"Oh shit, Benta got a girl's number last night," said Kenta somewhat surprised.

"Damn dude, nice job." said Genta as he took a bite out of his burrito, "So aside from getting Benta a girl what else did you get out of last night?"

Izuku swallowed the food, "Learned Dabi's real name."

Kenta froze mid-bite while Genta quickly had to hit his own chest to unclog the food in his throat, "WHAT!"

Izuku smiled turning his laptop on the workbench towards the guys, "Allow me to introduce Dabi aka Touya Todoroki, the eldest son of Endeavor." as he showed the profile.

Both Kenta and Genta went up close to the screen looking at the picture. "No fucking way," said Kenta

"You've got to be shittin me," said Genta

"Holy shit!"

"You have got to be shittin me."

"Yeah, crazy ain't it," said Izuku.

"This is legit right, you ain't screwing with us," asked Kenta still somewhat freaking out about the situation.

"Yep all the info matches, I haven't spoken with Dabi yet, but I'm ninety-nine percent sure it's accurate."

"Spoken? What Izuku, you're not planning on talking to that guy are you?" asked Kenta as he was now worried about his friend.

"Relax, I'll be fine and I need to confirm this so I know exactly how to use this against Endeavor."

"Against Endeavor?" asked Kenta confused.

"Oh shit," said Genta understanding the situation, "Think about it man, can you imagine if people found out that the number two hero was related to Dabi the human crematory. Now that would do some shit to Endeavor."

"Exactly, we play this right and we can have Endeavor by the balls, might even get the other heroes to back off us for a bit until we can go legit," said Izuku.

"That could work," said Benta. "Get Endeavor to back off under the table and gain legitimacy over the table with some other heroes."

"It would make life easier knowing we didn't have that flaming a hole off our backs," said Genta earning some nods.

"Yeah but is it worth it to work with Dabi," stated Kenta. "I'm sorry but that guy gives me the creeps."

"Don't worry about him, I can handle him." said Izuku right before his phone went off, "Hel-" Izuku quickly moved his phone away from his ear as he heard Sarah and Hanah talking really loud through. "Whoa whoa slow down what's...wait they're the school!"


(Saint Grace)

Sarah and Hanah looked out the window, "This is bad."

"Relax, they aren't here for us," said Sarah. "The chances of us getting arrested are slim."

"Yeah but who here isn't at a chance of getting arrested," said Hanah.

"Good point." said Sarah as they saw more heroes show up, "This is bad."

Then suddenly the group of heroes were joined by All Might and Endeavor. "And it just got worse."

Outside the heroes were looking at the school. "So this is the school huh?" said Hawks. He along with several heroes, including All Might, Endeavor, his Burnin sidekicks, Night Eye, and his sidekicks along with his intern. "You think we'll find any of those nuns here?"

"I'm not sure but I do believe that this excursion will be very enlightening." said All Might as he made his way to the entrance of the school as they approached the building several students froze and looked at All Might. "Greetings"

"SCATTER!" yelled a student as almost all of them ran in each direction, leaving only one of them behind.

"Well I wasn't expecting that." admitted All Might before turning to the last student. "Hello, there would you mind answering some questions for us." The student looked up at All Might before their eyes rolled in the back of their head and fell into All Might's hand as he caught them. "Okay, this isn't working."

"This place is clearly filled with criminals," said Endeavor.

Burnin saluted, "Should we go and round all the runners up?"

"Whoa there slow down," said Hawks. "How about we find a teacher first."

"That would be me," they all turned to see a man in a dark blue jacket and slacks coming towards them from the entrance of the school, he had brownish hair with a faint 5 o'clock shadow that got thicker around the chin, with round glasses on his face. "Hello, I am Gregory Smith, I am a teacher here at Saint Grace, I also double as the principal sometimes as well."

Night Eye raised an eyebrow. "You're an American?"

"I am, or that is my birth country," said Mr. Smith. "I guess you didn't know that a good chunk of people here are foreigners. My parents were small-time bank thieves that ran our family to Japan to hide from authorities."

"Wait are you even a legal immigrant?" asked Hawks.

Smith thought about it for a moment before laughing. "You know I have never thought about that, I've been living here since I was ten but to be honest I don't think either me or my brother actually have ever become citizens of Japan, then again I doubt many people here in the trash pit even exists on record."

"You seem quite forward and willing to answer our questions," said Night Eye.

"Well I don't have much to hide but," Greg bowed at the heroes, "Please don't arrest any of the kids, there are very few people that live in this area that haven't committed some crime or another but these kids are trying to be better, please don't arrest any of them, if you do they will lose any chance at living a normal life."

"Don't be absurd," said Endeavor. "If they have committed a crime the-"

"We won't arrest any students today," said All Might surprising the other heroes, "As long as they don't attack or commit any major crimes we won't cause them any trouble."

Gregory looked up at the number one hero in surprise while Endeavor looked as if he was going mad, "You can't be serious?"

"We are here for information, not here to arrest kids." said All Might before Endeavor was about to protest. "This place is our fault. If I had known such a place like this existed in Japan then I would have done something so would the rest of you, if that would have happened then these kids wouldn't have to go to such extremes to survive here."

The other heroes were silent for a moment, some wanted to argue but couldn't, and begrudge agreed. "Thank you, All Might," said Gregory before turning back to the school. "Come and let me show you the only school in the Trash Pit."


"This school, is old but thanks to the quirk of one of the previous teachers, we've managed to keep it in tacked," said Mr. Smith as they walked through the halls of the school, which looked like it was falling apart and had several graffiti and other drawings on the wall. As they walked several students saw the heroes in shock, some would run away while others hide. A group of students quickly put out their cigarettes and hide them as they try to look natural. Leaving only a few of the younger students to watch as they walked by. "Despite the Trash pit being the size of a small city or big town, a majority of kids don't come to class it's only recently that so many of the students have actually decided to return, due to that fact we're actually holding class in the gymnasium."

"In the gym? How understaffed are you guys?" asked Bubble girl.

"Very understaffed," said Greg with a sigh, "Here let me show you-" He didn't finish as a student came out of the bathroom almost running into him. "Ah hello Mr. Saia, watch where you are going."

The boy didn't respond as he saw the heroes and quickly turned and ran away. "HEY!" yelled a voice from the bathroom as a girl came out. "You still owe me money for the bbbeeeeee..." she then saw the heroes and they in turn noticed something on her cheek. "Excuse me I'm late for class." as she quickly walked away.

"Make sure you clean your face before class," yelled Gregory as the girl walked away.

"Uh is that normal?" asked Burnin who along with a few other heroes were put off by what they had just seen.

"Unfortunately," said Mr. Smith sounding neutral, "Many of our students while they have started coming back to school they have also brought some of their outside habits in as well."

As they walked through the school the heroes noticed several things, one was that several students were outside of uniform or had altered uniforms that showed more, especially on females. The boys on the other hand showed more tattoos and symbols that several could tell were gang-related, but none of them were dumb enough to try anything against the heroes, especially the top heroes. When they see the heroes they quickly try to hide whatever they were doing and cover themselves up, which just made Greg smile.

"You're doing this on purpose," said Nighteye as he noticed what the teacher was trying to do.

"Well back in the day we had so few students show up controlling them was easy, now all the students are here trying to avoid the heroes and are starting to become a bit whiley. So this should hopefully remind them to keep on the straight and narrow." said Smith before his smile faded, "I don't want any of them to go to jail or make the same mistake as quite a few of the adults in this town so I hope this might discourage them from trying anything. Hopefully, now we can get more than just one student to get into a college every other year."

"We came here because we have questions," stated Endeavor.

"Don't worry I'll answer all of them, just indulged me for a moment and I'll tell you anything you would like to know," said Smith as they entered the gymnasium. As they did all the noise and talking ceased as several students turned and saw the heroes, many of the students froze, those that didn't quickly put their phones, games, drinks, and drugs away. In the corner, the heroes saw one boy take a combat knife that was on the desk and slowly put the blade away. They noticed several things, that the gym was filled with students of all ages, from young adults to pre-teens. Also that there were more girls than boys in the class. "Morning class, Morning Nissa," he said greeting his fellow teacher.

Nissa a dark-skinned woman with her dark hair in a ponytail, was wearing a standard dress suitable for a teacher. She eyed her co-worker before her eyes darted to the heroes and back to Greg several times, "Greg."

"Yes, Nissa."

"What the hell?"

"Oh don't worry, they're with me, and..." Greg trailed off as he looked at one of the students the one that every hero noticed that second they walked in, in the front row of the classroom with his headphones in his ear was a young man with reptilian features who was cleaning an AK-47 in the middle of all of this, it was clear that he was oblivious to the heroes in the room. "Please don't arrest him."

All Might stepped forward. "Don't worry we won't but I'm not letting him keep the rifle."

As he got closer, the students behind him started tapping his should. "Yeah yeah one second," said the young man not taking his eyes off his rifle, The kids started tapping harder, "I said one second I'm almost done cleaning my rifle, I'll get it done before class starts." The student behind him then stood up and slapped him in the back of the head knocking his headphones off. "OW, WHAT!?" as he turned to everyone behind him before noticing they were all pointing forward, he turned around only to have to look up again at the massive figure of All Might.

"Hello there, young man." said All Might in a normal voice none the less causing the student's eyes to pop out of his head.

The student thought quickly and jumped onto his desk laying on top of the gun parts, knocking over his cleaning supplies before using his arm to hold his head up trying to look natural. "All Might, what's up?" All Might raised an eyebrow. "Not working?"

"No," said All Might before holding his hand out, "Hand it over."

He got off of his desk and quickly but expertly reassembled the gun and handed it over to All Might you made the rifle look small in his hands.

"Do students regularly bring in weapons like that?" asked Hawks.

"GUYS!" they all looked towards the door as they heard a voice running through the halls as a student ran into the gym with a large tube. "I saw two gangs fighting today and one of them dropped this...Rocket... launcher..."His words died in his mouth as he saw the heroes, after a solid few seconds before slowly walking backward out of the doorway and proceeding to walk backward around the corner.

"Does that answer your question," said Nissa totally unfazed by the student carrying the weapon, clearly showing that this wasn't the first time.

"Many students bring in...souvenirs from battles around town," explained Greg. "So it's not really surprising that they would bring it to school to show off."

"Kido, please go and get that idiot's rocket launcher before he kills himself." ordered Endeavor.

Kido saluted. "Yes sir."

"Tool." came a voice from one of the students that caused some snickering but a quick glare from Endeavor silenced everyone.

"Go," Said Endeavor to his sidekick who ran after the student with the rocket launcher, Endeavor then stared over the students of Saint Grace, "Now I may have agreed not to arrest anyone here today, but let me warn you that ends the second we step outside, the second I see anyone committing a crime I will not hesitate, no matter the gender or age so please think very carefully because I assure all of your actions on these streets aren't going to be overlooked anymore."

His words backed up by his glare sent chills down the spine of every student, some of them wanted to talk back, say something against the heroes but they were all too scared. They didn't know how the heroes would react, the former 'heroes' of the trash pit would beat them up on the spot and leave them to die, these heroes might ruff them up a little but would most likely send them to prison which wasn't all that more appealing. So they all made the obvious move and stayed silent.

"Um Excuse me," said Nissa getting their attention, "What's going on?"

"Oh they came by to ask a few questions," explained Smith, "So I wanted to let you know I'm most likely going to be busy for a bit unless you wanted to answer their questions."

"No," she said quickly.

"Great now before I leave where is Sharla?"

"Knowing her hungover." said Nissa bluntly, "Chances are she's going to come in wearing her clothes from yesterday."

"I'll take those odds." said Greg pulling out his wallet, "Bet you 2000 Yen she comes in wearing her pajamas."

"Deal." As they shook on it.

"Are you two making a bet?" Asked Hawks, "I thought you said you wanted to be a positive influence on your students, doesn't gambling go against that?"

Nissa laughed, "By Trash Pit standards we are the golden example."

"So you got all the kids until Sharla comes in?" asked Smith receiving a nod from Nissa. "Excellent, with that taken care of how about we talk in the office, just down the hall."

"Yes I think we would like to get to that," said Nighteye as he adjusted his glasses, "but spread the word to other students that we will be patrolling this area a lot more frequently." as they left them with their words.

When they were gone Nissa turned to the class, "I would highly recommend you all hide your shit quick when you get home because it's clear that ain't going to fly here anymore." This caused several nervous whispers amongst the students as several of them started making plans to hide several of their illegal possessions. 'Now this should hopefully clean some shit up around here.' thought Nissa before she saw a woman walk through the doors with a mug full of coffee, wearing a wrinkled t-shirt and pink pajama pants, and fuzzy pink slippers, "Damn, I just lost 2000 yen, morning Sharla."

"Morning Nissa," She said with a smile before turning to the class in anger, "Now which one of you little shits drugged our coffee, cause I just saw several heroes walking through the hall, HEROES!"

"Sharla, that wasn't drugs, those heroes were real."

Sharla turned Pale, "Oh shit."

"Oh, Shit indeed."


Gregory brought all the heroes to an open office that was mostly empty. "This was supposed to be the teacher's office but since there are so few of us, we each have our own private office kind of like how they do it in the states." he said as he pushed some chairs towards the heroes and stacked two boxes to make a makeshift chair for himself, "So ask away, what do you want to know?"

"This place, it's connected to the nuns, is it," said Hawks opening up the questions.

"Yes, the church is the one that set up this school years ago as a way to try and protect the kids when they become adults."

"When they become an adult? What are you talking about?" asked All Might.

Greg thought for a second about how to properly explain, "Well to start with I guess I should explain a few things, first off as you know several things are different here, even though we are so close to the rest of the city, there are many rules that have separated us from all of you. One of such rules is that once someone turns thirteen they are considered an adult here in the Trash Pit, this is due to the Church's protection."


"Please explain?" asked Night Eye, "What do you mean by the church's protection?"

"The church wasn't always a part of the pit, but years ago a nun showed up and somehow, no one knows the full story but she was able to get every gang to back off a bit by killing quite a few people, it was a small war, so the heads decided to make a deal with the nun, even though she was powerful she couldn't protect everyone and with her body count, she did have many options, so she agreed, she would stop killing the gangs in exchange they would give the people of the trash pit some breathing room. She formed the church, became the Mother, and made some rules for all the gangs, kids 12 and younger were absolutely off-limits, if the nuns heard of any kids getting harmed then they would bring the wrath of god down upon them, but of course, there would be exceptions if the child crossed one of the gangs," explained Gregory.

"So they're like the police force of the pit?" asked Hawks.

Greg shook his head, "Not quite, they made sure that the rules were upheld, they made it so people could live better lives here and it worked, for the most part, this school is one place that provides some form of protection for the people of the pit but the church couldn't fix it. In fact, the ones in control of the pit loved it, for the most part, kept things calm so no one would be suspicious of the area. Though that doesn't mean the big groups were backing the church at all they've still had several issues with the smaller gangs but won and beaten so many gangs for the past twenty years no one has really dared to fuck with them, some see them as boogie men or women in this case. They even say that if a nun even looks into your eye you are as good as dead."

"That's why there are a lot more girls here," said Bubble girl, "To become nuns."

Greg nodded, "Yep becoming a nun does provide protection but it does put a big target on your back, small gangs might not try and fuck with the church but they will target a single nun if they can. That a few rumors turn some girls away."

"Why don't people just leave? From what I've seen this place is hell, why stay?" asked Burnin.

"Same reason why I'm here, Nissa and so many other foreigners," said Greg getting confused looks, "If you haven't noticed, this place is full of foreigners and people who are from other countries. This place was such a good kept secret it became the perfect place if you wanted to hide or make a deal, the second you step in here, you are surrounded by fake heroes and cops and a system so carefully made that no one was able to utter a single word about this place in nearly a century. Many organizations use this place, leaving people behind left and right or deciding to indulge themselves at the many brothels around town. This place like many people here do not exist and many organizations tried their damndest to make sure it was kept that way and for a long time it was until Ant-man showed up." At the mention of his name Endeavor growled in anger, "You can have your own opinion about the man but he was able to do what people have tried to do for years, coded messages, drones, paint, internet new feeds, heroes. None of them have worked and everyone who is tired has been hunted down and killed, usually used as an example. Ant-man was the first to ever be able to break that cycle, I don't know how he broke it and I don't know how the system worked to keep everyone down all I know is that it worked really fucking well."

The room was silent for a moment as they felt for a moment the daunting weight that the citizens of the pit felt. Though they could do something about it, "We can figure out how later but who is the one running the system, do you know?" asked Night eye.

"No, no one knows, all we know is that they have close ties to the big boys in the pit."

"We need names," stated Endeavor.

"I have several names but none of them are going to be the ones running the show, the gangs around here have a hierarchy, the ones above that watch everything and the ones that run around the streets and I know the street, the purple dragons, the tracksuit mafia, the Canadian ninjas."

"The what?"

"They're fucking weird." stated Greg, "Point is I'm more than willing to give you names but I have no idea who truly runs this town."

"Do you know anyone who might know?" asked All Might.

Greg thought for a moment, "Well gang wise would just lead to dead ends as all of them report to one of the bigger groups, so you would be following up the ladder, your best bet would be talking to one of the independent groups."

"Independent groups?"

"It's rare, but there are criminal groups that have nothing to do with the bigger system of the Trash Pit, The church is the big one, but I doubt they would be willing to just tell you anything, the second and your best bet would be the Turk. He's the one that runs the information networks, he's been able to protect several orphans and families by blackmailing gangs around town."

"How do we find this Turk?" asked All Might.

"No idea, he's not someone you find he comes to you," said Greg giving an apologetic shrug.

Endeavor was getting angry. "Do you have anything we can use?"

"I know the location of the cemetery," said Greg causing Endeavor to get angrier, but he was unfazed. "It's run by the church."

This got their attention. "Cemetery? There is no cemetery in this city," stated Night Eye before coming to the correct conclusion.

"There is, it's not out in the open like a normal cemetery but many people before the church existed many people got in trouble with the big gangs trying to give their loved ones proper burials, they didn't want the government asking how some people died. The church's fix for that was a hidden cemetery, one where the residents of the Trash Pit could bury their loved ones and in most cases is the only record for many of their existence. If you want to speak with one of the nuns I suggest going there."

"Where is it?" asked All Might.

Greg shook his head, "Fraid I can't just tell you that, you need a reservation."

Bubble girl tilted her head. "A reservation for the cemetery?"

"What type of cemetery needs reservations?" asked Mirio.

"The kind that houses the dead of several rival gangs, am I correct?" asked Night Eye.

Greg nodded, "Yep there's a lot of dead people with bad blood and because of that there have been issues with people visiting the dead at the same time so now the only way to get into the cemetery is via reservations, I can schedule you a trip but I can't just tell you the location outright."

"Why can't you tell us right now?" asked Burnin.

Greg looked at her as if she was serious, "That is not a risk I'm willing to take especially in a place for the dead to rest, I told you I'm more than willing to tell you anything but I'm not going to let you guys just run wild in a place where people actually have some respect for the dead, which is something quite rare here."

"How soon can you get us a reservation?" asked All Might before noticing Endeavor's look, "While I don't want to wait either I say we wait, we might be able to talk to the church without fighting them and like Mr. Smith here I'm not comfortable fighting in a graveyard." He then turned to Greg, "So how soon can you set us up for a meeting at the cemetery?"

Greg took out his cell phone, "Give me a minute, I'll reach out to our head contact with the nuns she should be able to help with a quick reservation." As he made a phone call none of them knew of the ant with a man watching them from the wall.


(The Ant-Hill)

"So what do we do?" asked Sarah, "If the heroes take down the church that might make things worse around here."

"It might be worse if they take down Turk," Pointed out Genta, "That guy knows everyone and Izuku's roped in with him."

"Loosing either of them will be bad," said Kenta. "Both of them have kept the little guys out of the gunfights and gang wars."

"But they also started quite a few themselves," said Benta earning a few looks, "Hey I'm just saying both have a hell of a body count that would put some villains to shame."

Hanah looked over at Izuku, "Izuku what should we do?"

Izuku looked at everyone before groaning slightly while rubbing his face as he stood up. "This one isn't a decision I can make, on one hand, the heroes are making the correct moves trying to find the people who've kept this place in hell for years but the church moved this place a little bit up in limbo, but the church is also guilty of killing and providing weapons slash support gear to civilians, even if it was for protection that still makes them arms dealers. Though they used that money to set up a school and to keep the gangs from painting the town red in blood. As Ant-man I would side with the heroes as Izuku I would side with the church, I can't do both so I'm going to do neither."

His words left them silent, "You would side with the church?" asked Kenta confused, "Why?"

"Yeah, come on," said Izuku as he walked out of the garage the group quickly followed him as he walked down the street.

They all walked in silence as they wondered where Izuku was bringing them but quickly realized that he was walking to the Ramen shop. "Izuku what are you doing?" asked Genta.

"We did miss lunch," said Kenta.

"I doubt that it," said Sarah with her sister nodding in agreement.

Izuku opened the door of the restaurant causing the little bell to ring getting the attention of his mother who was clearing off a table of dishes. "Hey, mom."

"Oh Izuku, you just missed the lunch rush," said Inko before noticing Sarah and Hanah. "Shouldn't you two be in school?"

The sisters looked nervous for a second before Izuku stepped forward, "They called me earlier when the school had some unexpected guests." he said in a very calm tone.

Inko looked at the group as she started to get slightly nervous about Izuku's tone, "You're not talking about gangsters are you?"

Izuku shook his head, "Heroes, mom."

This just made Inko, "Oh Okay why-"

"When I went to the school, I overheard them talking to Mr. Smith, he agreed to help the heroes set up a reservation."

Inko's expression turned serious, "To the cemetery?" Izuku nodded while mouthing 'Yes'. Inko started to breathe heavily as she put her hand over her mouth as his eyes darted left and right before landing on Izuku.

"This is your call mom," said Izuku still in a very calm voice.

Inko looked around the restaurant as she saw no one else was inside before quickly reaching down her shirt and pulling out a necklace with a locket.

"Ms. Midoryia wears a necklace?" said Sarah somewhat surprised

"I don't remember seeing that," said Hanah before Inko opened the locket for only a piece of folded paper before unfolding it revealing a small flip phone with a cross on it. "THE FUCK!"

Inko flipped the phone open and hit call, "Hello sister Sakia I need to speak with the Mother please."

Kenta grabbed the back of Izuku's shirt and turned him to the group as all of them looked at him with shocked expressions as if they just learned the secret of the century, "Izuku man, call me crazy but your mom just called the church and asked to speak with the mother."

Izuku looked over at his mother who was still on the phone but gave him a nod giving him permission. "That's because my mom used to be one of the sisters."


(The Church)

A nun wearing the clothing of the sisters with pure blue eyes and green skin walked through the halls into the indoor garden of the church, to wear an elderly woman who was also wearing the robes with a cane was looking at the flower, "Yes, Ina, what is it?" asked the Mother.

Ina gave a slight bow, "We have just received a message from our distant sister Inko, apparently the school head has called for a reservation at the cemetery for a group of heroes."

"Really," said the Mother not taking her eyes off the flowers, "It has been a while since we've heard from her, I was hoping to hear from her sooner and not a warning, Sigh, I had such high hopes for her, but that aside can we confirm her woes?"

"We sure can, boss," came a young loud voice as Ina turned to see a Nun with blond hair, with the front of her robe, open slightly to show a bit of skin, and a short skirt walk into the room followed by a sister with red hair in braids that looped back up and another sister with a book and glasses, "Just got off the phone, he just sent the reservation request and just stated he was bringing guests, didn't say who. Should we put a smacking on his ass?"

"Christina," hissed Ina. "Language and show some respect to the Mother." only for Christina to stick her tongue out at Ina.

This earned Christina an elbow from the nun with glasses, "Ow Libra."

Libra sighed, "Don't stick your tongue out." This caused the red-headed girl to giggle. "Aria stop giggling."

"I'm sorry buts your face twitch's funny." laughed Aria.

"Shut up!"

Christina gave her a blank look. "You really got to get over your weird mouth phobia."

"It's not a phobia, people just need to brush their goddamn teeth!" yelled Libra.

"CHILDREN!" shouted Ina who was getting angry.

The mother chuckled, "It's fine Ina, so those young brats have finally arrived in our neck of the woods to say hello to little old us." her words calming the room with a hint of chill. "A little late if you ask me."

"Should we refuse the reservation ma'am?" asked Ina now calm.

The mother shook her head, "No, Ina, we should invite them in and greet them properly, show them that they have been fighting nothing but puppies," as she turned to the other nuns revealing two black hole voids of pure light sucking darkness where her eyes should be, "And that the real wolves have yet to show their fangs."

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