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Chapter 17: Recovery

Inko Midoriya was not happy as she entered the ramen shop. "Sarah, Hanah," She called to the girls in a tone that was clearly unhappy, "A word please." as the two followed her to the back.

Sarah and Hanah were a little nervous as they faced Inko. "Is there something wrong Mrs. Midoriya?" asked Sarah.

"Well I stepped out to go give my injured son food, only to find that he's not in his room where he is supposed to be."

"Supposed to be?" asked Hanah, trying to play dumb.

Inko though was having none of it, "Cut the bullshit, you two know that he lied to me. That whole story about accidentally running into a fight between two gangs is bullshit, you know it and I know it, but what I don't know is actually how my son got hurt and I would like to know now."

Both Sarah and Hanah froze as they had no idea how to respond. After learning that Inko was once a sister of the church they have grown a new fear of Inko. They've heard the stories of what the sisters can do and they weren't interested in finding out if those stories were true.

Inko could tell that neither of the girls wanted to speak or didn't know how to say anything without making Inko angry. Inko knew she wasn't going to get anywhere like this and sighed. "Okay you two don't have to tell me, but I want you two to tell Izuku that he better give me some answers soon or there will be hell to pay." she said before making her way back to the kitchen.

Both Sarah and Hanah gave a sigh of relief, "I don't know how to react to her anymore." said Hanah.

"Yeah, I knew she was a stuff woman but a former sister is something else," said Sarah, "Do you think she'll ever find out?"

"Sooner or later," said Hanah, "I think Izuku will have to tell her sometime."

"Yeah and I'm starting to think that will be sooner rather than later." said Sarah as she looked at the clock, "Come on our shift ends in an hour, we can talk to Izuku about this then."


"Seriously this all you have?" said Laura as she looked at the folder, "This is nothing."

Officer Tsukauchi was sweating slightly, "I'm sorry ma'am, but we've been busy dealing with a lot right now. We're spread thin at the moment and because of that we haven't had much time to file anything on new criminals as we're still trying to get this district under control."

Laura groaned as placed her face on the table. She and her brother had come to the police department to see if they had any info on the group her daughter has been running with. Akihiro gave her a small pat on the back. "It's alright sis at least we know she's doing alright."

"Where did I go wrong Akihiro," she groaned, "I was there for her, I raised her. One moment she was my little Honey Badger and the next she ran off with some criminals."

Akihiro was silent for a moment as he tried to think of something to comfort his sister, "I don't sister. Maybe it's genetics. I remember a time when we would run away from dad and raise all sorts of hell."

Laura raised her head and looked at her brother, "Yeah we did didn't we."

"We did and in a way dad never gave up on us."

Laura smiled as she remembered how her father would always come to help whenever they had asked. "That old man never gave up on us. I need to talk to her."

"Then we might be able to help." They all turned to see All Might, Sir Nighteye and Hawks standing at the doorway.

"Toshinori," said Laura as she stood up. "I wasn't expecting you to offer help since you and my daughter have history."

All Might scratched his head, "Well I admit it is awkward after everything we've been through but I would like to see these criminals brought to justice."

"Yeah and we think we can give you guys a hand." said Hawks, "Not to mention helping out the current Wolverine and Dark Wolverine is something I ain't going to miss."

"I don't see how that's important but we do have some information that might help," Said Sir Nighteye, "From what we can tell the group that is led by the criminal Timebomb has a single target in mind."

"You mean Ant-Man, right." said Akihiro.

"Ant-man is that hero everyone keeps talking about right?" asked Laura, "I've been focused on my daughter and not exactly up to date with current events especially those in another country."

"Well then let's get you up to date then." offered All Might.

"And what better way than over food." said Hawks, earning looks from everyone in the room, "What it is around dinner time."

"Right now that isn't exactly a priority," said Sir Nighteye.

"He's right though," said Akihiro, "We can talk over some food and I know a great barbeque place just outside the area."

"I'm in." said Hawks.

Laura couldn't help but smile. "Sure I can go for some meat, it might help calm my nerves."


Sarah and Hanah arrived at the Ant-Hill shortly after they got out of work. As they entered they saw Kenta, Genta and Benta in the garage. "Hey guys." said the girls as they walked in they then noticed what each of them were doing, Benta was working on some computers on a workbench, Kenta was doing something with the Ant-man suit and Genta was working on some sort of car.

"Oh hey," greeted Kenta as the others gave some other sort of small greetings, "What's going on?"

"Uh well we need to talk to Izuku," said Hanah as she looked at the car, "But…

"What the heck is all of this?" finished Sarah.

"Oh Genta had an idea to mash together the RC car and a regular car together," Explained Kenta. "From what Benta had said it's actually working a lot smoother than we had expected."

"How would that work?"

"I'm not entirely sure, but they're running with it."

"And what exactly are you doing?" asked Hanah as she looked back to the Ant-Man suit.

"Oh well I kind of thought I could help Izuku out by cleaning the suit, he showed me how to do it earlier. I don't know exactly how to fix up the tech parts but I can at least help clean off all of the burnt parts." said Kenta as he showed the suit as it was looking more clean. "I'm just, you know, trying to help out where I can."

"Oh nice job." said Sarah as she looked at the suit. "It looks great."

"Yeah, hey did you know where Izuku is?" asked Hanah.

Kenta looked up, "He's in the office. He's been there ever since he hobbled into the Ant-Hill. He's been going over that computer again and again. Been muttering to himself non stop. It's kind of creepy to be honest."

Sarah and Hanah gave each other a look, "He's pushing himself," said Sarah.

"Can you blame him," said Genta as he looked up from his new project, "He got his ass handed to him, ran right into a trap and most likely would have kicked the bucket if All Might and the Wolverines didn't show up. He's the type of guy not to take that well and to try and figure out a way for that to never happen again."

"He needs help." stated Benta from his computer, "And we weren't much help."

That's when the girls realized that the boys were also feeling useless and unable to do anything. "Well that was then and now we can fix that," said Hanah. "We can help take some of the load somehow."

The others all gave nods of agreement. "First things first thought, Izuku is currently having some trouble with his mom, she's not buying anything we told her."

"I could have told you that one." said Kenta, "Even before we found out about the nun stuff, I knew she was a force to be reckoned with."

Hanah then knew what they had to do. "Me and my sister will go up and talk to him about it, since we work with his mom we'll worry about that."

"Maybe even convince him to take a nap or a break at least." said Sarah a little worried, "He needs his rest."

"That sounds good," said Kenta as he looked at the suit, "Then maybe we can grab some stuff he can use to patch up the suit."

"We can do that," said Benta as he remembered something. "Yuyu told me about a place where we can get supplies for hero suits."

"Well let's go on a supply run," said Genta as he began to wipe his hands. "We got the money now don't we?" Genta was referring to the fact that thanks to the sisters quirks evolving they could produce golden hair that Genta has found a way to sell which gave him enough money to buy a few small things of jewelry that thanks to Pym Particles they were able to triple in size and sell them at an increased amount. "Thanks to the system we haven't needed to worry about money for a while."

"I've been keeping track," said Benta as he opened his bank account. "We got plenty to buy new tools and computers. Oh and extra 3D printing material for more disks."

"Then what are we waiting for?" asked Kenta as he grabbed his keys. "Let's go."

Sarah smiled, "Alright you guys go get supplies while me and Hanah talk to Izuku."

"And while you guys are at that hero supply store pick up extra material for some more suits just in case his main suit ever gets damaged beyond repair." said Hanah before remembering something else. "Oh and get it in different colors or shop in bulk so it doesn't come back to us."

"Way ahead of you." said Genta. "We are going to several locations and hit up some pawn shops around town. We'll try to stay out of the more common areas."

"We'd better hurry then," said Benta as he grabbed his stuff, "Those places will close soon."

"Alright let's go," said Kenta as they got into his car. "We'll be back and take care of Izuku."

The two watched as the trio sped off, "Okay what now?" asked Hanah. "How are we going to get Izuku to listen to us?"

"Oh he's going to listen." said Sarah with a smile.


Izuku was typing away at his computers as he kept trying to double check the formulas from the Ant computer. "There has to be something in here I can use, even just a note or something that can help me here." He had been working for nearly as long as he's been awake; he was still wearing his sweatpants and hoodie he fell asleep in.


"Huh?" Izuku turned around as he heard his name to see his girlfriends standing in the doorway. "Oh Hanah, Sarah when did you guys get here?"

The question only made the two a bit more worried, "How long have you been up here looking at this stuff?" asked Hanah as she sniffed the air, "Cause I think it's been too long."

Izuku looked at the clock on the desk that some of his ants were crawling on. "From the looks of it since this morning…but don't worry, I've made sure to eat." said Izuku trying to make his girlfriends less worried but by their faces it wasn't working, "I'm sorry, I just have to keep working a little longer. I'm very close to a break-"

Sarah didn't let him finish as she grabbed Izuku and pulled him to his feet. "We need to talk and you need a break, you can come back to this after you take a bath and get some real food.."
Izuku could tell from the look both girls were giving him that he couldn't say no, "Okay…okay I'll take a break." said Izuku as he quickly shut everything down. He was then dragged out of the room by both girls and took one of his hands each. As they walked out Izuku noticed that the garage was quiet. "Where are the guys?"

"They went out on a supply run." explained Sarah.

"But you can worry about that later." as Hanah opened the door to the tiny mansion room. "Come on."

Soon all three of them shrunk down and entered the tiny mansion and Izuku could instantly tell something was different, "Did you guys redecorate?" he asked as he looked around and saw new furniture, wall decorations and new lighting. "You guys did all of this?"

"We needed something to do while you were out fighting crime," said Sarah as gave a proud smile, "If we're going to use this place then it needs a woman's touch."

"And new stuff," said Hanah, "Don't worry most of this stuff we found in the storage of the motel, others we nabbed earlier from the other gangs, or found for extremely cheap at a second hand shop."

Izuku then noticed the living room that was no longer barren and now had a large sofa and a big flat screen tv. Though what caught his eye the most was what was on the living room coffee table, "'How to be a hero', 'History of heroes', have you guys been reading Hero books," As Izuku lifted one of the books he saw something unexpected and lifted the papers under the books, on the papers were detailed drawings of a superhero suit for a butterfly themed superhero, "Are these super suit designs for you two."

"Yes," said Sarah firmly. "After almost being a sex slave and helping out that one girl who was almost taken again, I don't want to sit on the sideline anymore."

"We've been training, we want to help." said Hanah who was also determined, "We're not just going to be sitting on the sidelines waiting for you to come back. We want to help."

Izuku looked at the two and he knew they were being absolutely serious and he knew they had been training and learning more and more about the tech side of things, but this was proof of how far they wanted to go. Izuku hummed as he looked at the designs. "Butterflies huh?"

"We thought with how beautiful we can change the color of our hair, that butterflies would be the perfect theme for us." said Hanah as she demonstrated changing the color of her hair several times.

"That and we've been practicing with our quirk," said Sarah as she showed some of her hair that turned snow white and then focused causing tiny tiny bits of her hair to cut off at the tips falling down like snow or dust. "Though it does work in a way I still have mixed feelings on the wings, I mean if they're too big they'll just be a hindrance."

"Actually we can work with that," said Izuku as he thought of something. "I think I can turn those into real wings to allow you two to fly."

"REALLY?!" said the two surprised as they thought of the wings as simply an aesthetic choice and not a practical one.

"Yeah," said Izuku as he began to start coming with ideas of how to make this work. 'I actually would feel better if they had wings, they could fly away if needed.'

"Izuku are you okay?" asked Sarah, "You're starting to mutter a lot."

"Sarah, I think we're going in the wrong direction," said Hanah, "We're supposed to be helping him take a break, not give him more work."

Izuku couldn't help but chuckle, "You are, this is simple compared to what I was working on and it's touching in a way." as he smiled at the girls, "I know I'm the one always out there but I have you two and the guys helping me so much, I don't think Ant-man would still be here if it wasn't for everyone helping me. Thank you."

The girls smiled and they both pulled him into a hug. "We love you and that means we want you to be the best you can be," said Sarah.

"That means realizing your not doing this solo, you have friends and family that cares about you," said Hanah before looking him right in the eyes, "That means no going without food, no working yourself to death, you have to take care of yourself and that mean you need a bath…like now."

Izuku blinked for a moment as he loosened the hug a little. "Sorry, I can go clean myself up."

Sarah hummed, "I have a better idea," she said with a sly smile before getting serious, "But before moving on, you need to know your mom isn't exactly happy with you."

"She's not stupid you know." said Hanah.

Izuku smiled, "Oh I know she isn't, we wouldn't have lived this long if it wasn't for her. Let me guess she was wondering where I was and got angry." Both girls nodded, Izuku closed his eyes as he tried to think of something he could do or say to his mom but couldn't think of anything immediately, "I think of something to tell her, I don't know what yet but I'll handle it."

The girls looked at each other a little worried but understood that this was between Izuku and his mother, "Okay, but in the mean just take a moment and relax. How about you head outside and take a look around."

Izuku raised an eyebrow, "Okay…" he could tell that they were up to something, 'Maybe some sort of a surprise.' Izuku then walked outside where the massive back deck was. 'If this was a full sized mansion, this place would cost a fortune.' Izuku was pulled out his thoughts as he saw a fancy full sized hot tub(or full size for their current size) that was now on the patio. "A HOT TUB!" as he went over to it and could feel its warmth. "This is a legit hot tub, when did you guys get a hot-" Izuku brain hit the brakes hard as he turned around and saw the girls. The blood that was going to brain instantly did a 180 and flowed downward as he looked at both girls wearing string bikinis that left nothing to the imagination. He could see every single curve on both girls, he got a clear view of their magnificent breasts and calling them hot, sexy would be an understatement but the one Izuku chose was, "You're both down right gorgeous."

The girls blushed and their smiles became clearly brighter. "You clearly like what you see." stated Sarah.

Izuku gave them a goofy nod that they found down right cute. "Oh yes, I very much do."

"Then how about you join us," said Hanah as she sauntered past Izuku, quickly being joined by her sister as they slowly got in the tub teasing Izuku. "You coming?"

Izuku smiled, "Oh yes," he said as he quickly stripped down and joined his girlfriends in the tub. As he entered he felt the warm water working its magic on his sore muscles making a moan a little, "That's the stuff." he said as he wrapped an arm around each of the girls pulling them both close. "Yep I needed this."

"And we have been waiting to get our hands on you," said Hanah in a flirty voice as she began to rub his chest.

"You really are well built," as Sarah admired his new muscles, "I guess all those hours fighting crime can really give you a workout."

"Thanks, but this definitely makes it all worth it." said Izuku as he began to relax.

"If you like this then wait until we've given you a workout." said Hanah causing Izuku's eyes to widen. "Not right now."

Sarah put a finger on Izuku's lips, "Wait until you've healed up first and the time is right." She then gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "Until then, I look forward to it."

Izuku gave his girls a smile, "I will." as he closed his eyes and leaned back while holding the girls, 'You know life ain't so bad.'


Laura put her silverware down after finishing her steak and thought for a moment about the information she was just given, "So let's see if I can get this straight, this Timebomb guy that's leading the team my daughter is on is a former hero."

"Yep," said Hawks, "I tried asking the hero commission about him but they told me nothing."

"I'm not surprised," said Akihiro as he too finished his food, "I used to be called in by the hero commission, the former president was shady as all hell and not the spy doing secret shit for the greater good kind of shady, more like I'm a businessman stabbing everyone in the back kind of shady, it's one of the reasons I stayed out of the main hero scene."

"Indeed," said Night eye as he adjusted his glasses, "It makes things quite difficult having someone who is as trained as him trying to kill Ant-Man, we need to get to Ant-Man before he does."

"Ant-man has done a lot of good," agreed All Might, "And heroes like Endeavor are hell bent on finding and capturing him. We had hoped with someone of your standings might be able to help, you are associated with several hero teams in the states and know people in Shield."

Akihiro hummed for a moment, "Why are you guys so dead set on helping Ant-Man, I understand he's done some good but I get the feeling that something else is going on here."

"Yeah I've been meaning to ask that as well," said Hawks, "I want to help tic tac as well but you guys seem a bit more desperate."

His words caused both All Might and Night Eye to be silent as they both looked at each other for a moment having a silent conversation only for Laura's words to shock all of them, "He's not the first Ant-Man."

"WHAT?!" yelped All Might while his and everyone aside from Akihiro's eyes widened.

"Years ago when I worked with Shield, I did a job undercover in Russia, they had strange security that was meant for someone the size of an insect. At first I thought they were just being cautious but as I got more intel they were afraid of some sort of spy that could change size. After the mission I asked my superiors about it and the most they could tell me was that it was classified and that the spy worked with dad before. I asked him about it and he said it was an old friend of his who wanted to be left alone. I stopped asking about it afterwards….though dad did have an odd question before I left that day." as she got everyone's attention. "He said I didn't need to answer him but were the Russians looking at any companies in the U.S."

"Were they?" asked Night Eye.

Laura nodded, "Yeah, it was strange but they had their eyes on a relatively obscure company called Pym tech."

"Pym tech?" repeated Akihiro as he remembered something and pulled out his phone, "Hang on a second I've heard of that place." as he quickly looked up something on his phone, "Here it is, that company was robbed a few months back with several items being stolen. What was stolen was never released and the thieves haven't been caught yet."

The information shocked the table, "The Ant-Man mystery is getting deeper by the day." said Night Eye as he tried to think of ways to connect all of this information together.

"Yeah this is getting bigger and bigger." said Laura who didn't like where this was going. 'How big is this rabbit hole?'

"I'll call some contacts from my friends in the US," said All Might as he stood up, "They might be able to help us see how all of this is connected."

Hawks nodded, "In the meantime we should focus here on the trash pit, we have that reservation at the cemetery coming up."

"Cemetery?" questioned Laura as they explained the church to her, "I see, I've heard of places like that in war zones or in areas with little government support. Mind if I tag along?"

"Of course ma'am, we would be happy to bring you both along." said All Might including Akihiro.

Akihiro nodded, "Alright it looks like we got ourselves a short term game plan here." as they all stood up and paid the bill. The group went outside and left, leaving the two wolverines alone in the night, "How are you holding up sis?"

Laura gave a tired sigh, "This whole situation, this whole place is becoming more and more of a mess."

"Yeah it does, doesn't it." said Akihiro agreeing with his sister, "The more I think about all of this the more I believe that something bigger is happening behind the scenes."

"And now Ant-Man and my daughter are somehow in the middle of this," said Laura.

"Ant-man yes, but we might be able to get Kazuri out of this," said Akhiro, "Right now it sounds like she's just a henchman for a mercenary group, so we might be able to get her out with no legal issues."

"Oh no, she fucked up and could use a few years behind bars," said Laura not wanting her daughter to get off the hook, "Or under house arrest."

"If it's your house that might be worse." said Akihiro causing them both to give a light laugh but it was cut off when a strange smell hit their noses, "Oh fuck, what smells like burnt ass?"

Laura covered her nose, "Smells horrible," as she looked around and saw a car with three young men in the car that was stopped at a stop light, "I think one of those boys needs a shower."

"Yeah…or they have one of those quirks that has some sort of gas involved," said Akihiro as they saw the car drive off. "Come on, let's head back to my house and get some shut eye, we've been up for quite a while."

Laura eyed the car as it drove off, "Yeah." she said as she followed her brother but got an uneasy feeling as she watched the car drive away.


Kazuri looked out the window of the van as they drove around the Trash Pit, she was silent but her friend Julie wasn't, "So what was it like growing up in the wolverine family, do you know any of the other big name families from the US, have you ever been on one of those helicarriers before?" asked the girl as she kept asking Kazuri questions which just annoyed the girl and the driver.

"Julie!" said Camo firmly, "You know that in this group we don't care about anyone's past as long as they do their jobs."

Julie nodded, "I understand Camo, but-"

"But nothing," said Camo as they drove down the street, "If Kazuri doesn't want to talk about her past then she doesn't have to." earning a pout from Julie.

"Thank you Camo." said Kazuri simply as she kept her nose up to the tiny crack in the window allowing her to smell the surrounding air.

"I'm sorry, but I'm just curious," said Julie. "Aren't you?"

Camo kept her eyes on the road, "The only question I had is if this family drama would interfere with her work."

"And my answer was no," said Kazuri. "If we run into them again I'll deal with them like everyone else."

"See, case closed," said Camo. "Now just stay focused on the job. The sooner we get our target the sooner we can begin the hunt."

"Okay, what's the job again?" asked Julie.

"We are driving around so Kazuri can get a good whiff of the lingering fire that Lilly used on Ant-Man to track him down."

"Oh..wait why isn't Lilly here?" asked Julie.

"Lilly is with Timebomb and the others following a lead."
"Why is she-" Julie didn't get a chance to finish her question.

"I punched her lights out after she asked me what sex with All Might was like." explained Kazuri.

"Wait you've-"


"Okay I'm sorry!"

"No stop the car!"

Camo immediately hit the breaks. "You got something?"

"Yeah, it's definitely the smell of Flame Elephant's fire." as Kazuri took a big whiff and her eyes narrowed on a car that was driving past the van, "And I have a license plate."

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