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Episode 1: To you, in 2,000 Years/The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 1

In the flash of light, Remnant and Voyager's two teams appeared in what looks like a cinema room.

"Where are we?" Ruby asked as she and her friends looked around.

"This is the cinema room where you will be watching the other universe." Voyager explains. "Now, please get seated before we begin."

Doing as he says, the young teens all sat down on the row of seats while Voyager was sat few seats behind.

"As I said before, what you all will watch will not be pleasant but note that not all of it is as bad as I have mentioned. So please enjoy the viewing the best you can." The young child said with a sad smile making the viewers brace themselves to what they all agreed on.

And with that, Voyager snaps his fingers, making the screen started playing.

The scene opens, seeing a flock of geese flying in the sky over a giant fifty-meter wall.

"Whoa! That wall is huge!" Jaune says his eyes widen at sight, followed by his friends. "Are we seeing the inside of a Kingdom?"

"How tall do you think it is?" Ruby innocently asks.

"It's fifty meters tall." Voyager answers, shocking everyone.

"Fifty-meters?!" Weiss shouts in disbelief. "Not even the walls of any of our Kingdoms are that high!"

"Why would anyone build something that high? I can understand for protection, isn't that going overboard?" Ren asked.

"It's all to keep them out." Voyager cryptically emphasized, making the viewers confused.

'Them?' They all thought in unison.

"On that day, mankind remembered..." A young narrative voice said as three young children looked upon the wall, all stunned. This was followed by many other civilians as well.

"W-What's going on?" Blake slowly asked why those people are looking above the walls.

"The fear of oppression under them and the humiliation of being caged like birds."

This made the audience silent in both confusion and slight fear.

"What was that about?" Yang broke the silence.

"All will be explained later." Voyager simply said.

The scene now changes at night in a forest while it rains.

"Where's this now?" Pyrrha asked, a bit glad of a change of scenery.

"It looks like a forest." Nora said, stating the obvious.

Then a group of people riding on horses wearing matching uniforms that consist of a short, light brown jacket with a badge on both on their shoulders, on the front left pocket, and on the center of their backs representing a pair of wings a whitewing overlapping a blue one, a light-colored shirt, a dark brown sash around the waist covering the hips, white pants, dark brown knee-high leather boots and wearing a heavy, green, hip-length hooded cloak with the same symbol on its back. The Wings of Freedom.

"Whoa! Who are these guys?" Ruby asked in amazement.

"This one of this world's military branch, the Survey Corps or better known as the Wings of Freedom." Voyager answers, earning an awed expression from the others.

"The Wings of Freedom…" Ruby whispered in awe, liking the title of the Survey Corps.

"Hey, Weiss, does the Atlas military have a cool nickname for themselves?" Yang grinned towards the heiress.

"Quite, you brute." Weiss turned her head around whit a slight hint of red on her cheek, not wanting to admit that the Military doesn't have a cool nickname.

"All hands, prepare for battle!" A man shouted as they charged in the forest with their horses. "The target is alone! Eliminate it at all costs, and make this mankind's first base on the outside!"

"They're so organized." Blake says in an impressed tone but realized something that the soldier said. "What did he mean the first base on the outside."

"Best to hold those questions later." Voyager. said Blake slightly, narrowed her eyes, not liking the answer bit decided to wait for the answers.

They are shown to all wear unique equipment around the back of their waist and with wires connected to two large metal boxes hanging by their hips.

"Ooh! What's that? Is it some kind of weapon?" Ruby giddily says as she eyed the equipment.

Voyager just chuckled and stayed quiet.

Three people riding their horses followed him until one of them gasped. "Approaching target!" He shouted, alerting the others.

The viewers perked up, curious about what these soldiers are facing against.

Up ahead, they see their target, one of them, as they hear giant footsteps approaching them.

The moment they saw the thing the soldiers are hunting, they immediately shuddered.

"W-w-w-w-what is that?! That's no Grimm!" Nora stuttered, not expecting to see something like that.

"It looks human…" Ren muttered with eyes widen.

"That's right. in this universe, Grimm does not exist as well as Dust, Faunus, Semblance and Aura plus their technological advances are way behind." Voyager explains shocking the people of Remnant even more.

"There are no Faunus…?" Blake muttered in disbelief.

"Not all universes have Faunus Blake don't let that fact bring you down." The young boy says with a reassuring smile which helped a bit for the Faunus in hiding.

"No Aura or Semblance?!" Weiss shouts in shock. "Then how are these people going to fight that thing and without Dust included?"

"You'll see." Voyager simply smiled.

In a swift action, the man who shouted earlier raised his left hand. "Split up into five groups, just like in training!" The entire group quickly responded and began to do as he ordered.

"My group will act as the decoys!" The leader shouts as he continued making orders. "Assault squads, switch to Omni-directional gear!"

"Omni-directional gear?" Ruby perked up, wanting to know what it is.

One of the soldiers pulled two handgrips out from the metal boxes, both wired to the equipment on their backs. He then pressed a switch on both handgrips, which powerfully shot a grapple-hook from their hips.

The hook pieced right on a tree, securing its position. Omni-directional gear's main body gear on their back began to make a reeling noise pulling the wire connected to the hook. This causes the soldiers and the ones behind him to be pulled upwards as they leave behind their horses. As they sour in the air, they retracted their hooks and reshot them on different trees so they could move, and additionally, a gas-powered mechanism on the leading equipment helps keeps them airborne for a short time. They achieved all these as they acrobatically swung through the trees with such skills.

"Whoa!" The viewers shouted in awe.

"OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHTHATISSOCOOLWHATISTHAT?!" Ruby squealed while her eyes sparkled at the pure awesomeness that she and her friends have witnessed.

"Look at the way they move! It's remarkable!" Pyrrha says in pure awe at their acrobatic feet.

"How are they managing to stay airborne like that?" Weiss questions while she was in complete awe.

"The Omni-directional gear." Voyager answers. "A unique device all military personal use not only for fast pace travel and perfectly designed to face against them."

"What exactly are these 'them' you're talking about?" Ren asked.

"You'll find out in the end."

They all charged straight towards their target. "We'll attack simultaneously from every direction!"

One airborne soldier swingled close to the target. He pulled his handgrips and attached something from the boxes hanging from his legs. He pulled them out to reveal long blades attached handgrip.

Ruby gasped with glee. "It even comes with swords?!"

"Yup!" Voyager chuckled. "Super strong, sharp steel blades for cutting them down."

The soldier roared as his grapple-hooks pulled him towards his target and swung down his blades. "Behold the power… of mankind!"

Everyone watching was excited seeing such a versatile way of fighting but was even more on edge about how they will kill that monster, but alas, they never got to see it.

The scene now cuts.

"WHAT?!" Yang shouted, not believing that it just ended like that while everyone agreed with her. "Now that's just bull! Where's the fight?"

"Yeah! I wanted to watch them break that monster's legs!" Nora complained.

"You'll get your chance." Voyager chuckled.

To You, in 2000 Years -The Fall of Shiganshina Part 1

The audience was curious and worried about what the title meant.

"What does that title mean?" Ruby asked.

"Again, you just have to wait." Voyager said.

The scene opens showing a field of flowers.

"Oh, that looks lovely." Weiss smiled at the field of flowers.

Suddenly in a flash, blood spilled over them, a dead body was being lifted, and one of Them was widening its mouth open.

Everyone flinched at the sudden scenes scaring them.

"What the…!" Jaune shouted as he jumped in his seat and unintentionally held Pyrrha's hand. She slightly blushed but was also troubled by the scene.

"What the hell is this?!" Yang shouted as she held her trembling sister.

Then a field with a windmill showed, then They surrounded the area. Then in a flash, images appeared, one showing a room with a noble uniform by the fireplace, a table with different stuffed toys, dead soldiers in the forest, one of Them smiling, and finally a very blurred image that something was being lifted.

"Make it stop…" Even the hyperactive Nora whimpered as she held her partner as he comforts her.

A young boy gasps as he wakes up from his nightmare. He was lying on the ground under a tree's shade and was accompanied by a girl wearing a red scarf sitting next to him.

"Oh… it was just a nightmare." Blake sighed in relief while the others began to relax.

"One helluva nightmare if you tell me." Yang said as she let go of her sister.

"How could a little boy like him have that?" Ruby wondered as she calmed down.

The young boy slowly breathed in and out until he finally noticed the girl who is looking down on him. "Huh? Mikasa?"

"Mikasa… that's a unique name for a girl." Blake comments, then turn to Voyager. "I take it these two are the protagonists of this universe we are watching."

The boy nodded. "That's right." The audience sighed in relief, glad that there was one answer that could be answered.

"Let's start heading back." The now named girl blankly said.

"Why am I here?" The young boy whispered, asking the girl.

"Where are they?" Pyrrha asked.

"I think they are inside the walls of their kingdom." Jaune answered, noticing the wall far ahead of the children.

"You were sleeping that soundly?" Mikasa asked as she stood up and picked up a tumpline that was filled with branches of wood.

"It did appear that he wasn't having any problems sleeping." Ren points out. "Him waking up the way he did showed it."

"But he was having a nightmare." Jaune points out. "If it were me, I would definitely not have slept well. So how is he so calm?"

"No… it just feels like I was having a really long dream." The boy sat up as he tried to remember while rubbing his eyes. "What was it again? I don't remember a thing…"

"That's normal. Most people wouldn't remember what they dream of." Blake comments, glad that the young boy doesn't need to member it all.

"I remember my dreams!" Nora chimed while the others rolled their eyes but glad to hear something cheerful.

Mikasa carried the tumpline on her back then turned to the boy only to be surprised at what she's seeing. "Eren? Why are you crying?"

"Huh?" The now named Eren muttered as he touched his face, now noticing tears are falling from his eyes.

Everyone blinked, not expecting the boy to cry like that.

"He remembered?" Ruby titled her head.

"Look like it." Yang said.

"But why is he crying?" Weiss questioned. "Did he see something we didn't?"

Year 845, Shiganshina District

"Shiganshina District?" Pyrrha reads out. "Is that where the kids are?"

The scene now opens, showing a giant wall that is fifty meters tall and on top of them holds cannons. Inside is a settlement that the walls circle around it.

"Such outdated cannons…" Ruby comments. "But I like the designs."

"As I said, this world is way behind in their technology aside from their Omni-directional gear." Voyager comments.

"At least they are kept away from the civilians." Blake comments.

"I haven't seen their faces." Jaune comments. "Aside from looking like giant butt naked humans." That last comment made a few of the girls blush.

"Don't worry girls, they may look naked, but they don't have any junk to show." Voyager comments.

"Listen!" A male voice yelled out inside the settlement. "The walls were made with the wisdom of God!" The man looked like a priest called out to people who minded their business and their lives inside the walls. "The walls are the works of God! No matter the person, none may desecrate the walls!"

"Who's this guy?" Yang raised a brow.

"Must be some priest." Ren answered. "Is he referring that the walls are made from a god?"

"That's ridiculous." Weiss shakes her head in denial. "Granted that it is remarkable that there is a fifty-meter wall surrounding them, but I'm not going to accept that a god built it."

"Then what about me?" Voyager asks with a slight smirk on his face.

"You're different. I want solid proof for this case." Weiss huffed, making the small boy chuckle.

In another part of the wall, a district is mainly surrounded by trees and forests. Eren and Mikasa are walking on a path through a few people.

"Don't tell anyone about me crying." Eren said to Mikasa as they walked with their tumplines.

"Looks like we got ourselves a tough guy." Yang chuckled.

"I won't…" Mikasa answered as the two entered the entrance of another district. "But for you to start crying for no reason... Why not ask Uncle to take a look at you?"

"Don't be stupid!" Eren narrowed his eyes. "As if I could tell Dad."

"And what's wrong with that?" Ruby innocently asks.

"I guess he doesn't want to worry his family?" Pyrrha guessed.

"What're you crying over, Eren?" A new voice asked, making the two look up to see a short-haired blond wearing a military uniform who seems to be in his thirties. The only difference is that the emblem has two roses on it. And what looks like he's a bit drunk.

"Another member of the Survey Corps?" Nora tilted her head.

"No… the symbol this guy is wearing is different." Blake points out.

"That's right. He works in another division of the Military, the Garrison. Their job is to protect and maintain order within the walls." Voyager explains

"So, they're on guard duty?" Weiss says skeptically as she narrowed her eyes at the soldier. "Then why does that look like he's drunk?"

"Hannes-san." Eren said to the now named soldier.

"Did you get scolded by Mikasa?" Hannes asked.

"Huh? What makes you think I'd cry?" Eren said incredulously before covering his nose and disgust. "You reek of booze!"

"So he has been drinking!" Weiss shouted in disapproval.

"Take it easy, Weiss Cream." Yang says to her teammates, not really bothered since her uncle always drinks.

"Quite you! What this man is doing is clearly irresponsible! He's supposed to do his job! I'm just glad that there is no one else that is being irresponsible."

The three hear laughter behind them and turns around to see three more soldiers sitting down, playing cards, and having drinks. "Come on. It's cool." One of them said as they drink.

Everyone except Weiss, whose eyes twitched in annoyance as she deadpans, laughed at the irony

"You're drinking again?" Eren deadpans at the sight of them messing around.

"I'm amazed how mature Eren is." Ren widens his eyes. A bit impressed how someone as young as Eren looks about ten.

"Why don't you two join us?" Hannes asked the two young children.

"They're underage, you drunk!" Weiss shouts in disapproval.

"So glad that I don't know anyone who acts like that in our line of work." Pyrrha smiles nervously, not noticing Ruby and Yang shifting nervously.

"Well, uh... What about work?" Eren slowly asked.

"Ah, we're wall guards today." Hannes proudly said. "Having been here all day, hunger and thirst were bound to catch up to us. The fact that alcohol happened to be in our drinks is but a trivial matter."

"That… is so irresponsible." Blake says narrowed her eyes in disappointment.

"If they are in Atlas, they would be greatly be punished for it." Weiss narrowed her arms as she crossed her arms.

Eren growled in disappointment at the adult's claim. "But will you be able to fight when you need to?"

"I agree. How will be ready if you act like that?" Pyrrha says with a frown.

Hannes blinked in confusion. "And when would that be?"

"Isn't that obvious?!" Eren shouted. "When they break down the wall and storm the city!"

The boy's yell was loud but fortunately since they were near the district's shopping area so they no one paid attention.

Everyone blinked in surprise while Blake slightly cringed at the yelling, not expecting to hear him says that.

"I… won't deny of that kind of possibility, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be prepared." Jaune said while everyone nodded in agreement.

"Ow…" Hannes winced at Eren's voice. "Hey, Eren, don't start yelling so suddenly."

"The do your job properly." Nora huffed as she crossed her arms.

"You're real lively, doctor's son." One of the soldiers laughed as he stood up and walked up to Hannes. "If they ever manage to do that, you bet we'll get the job done. Then again, it's been nothing but peace and quiet these past one hundred years."

"One hundred years of peace?!" Ruby shouts in shock along with her friends.

"Is that why they are lazy?" Ren questioned.

"That doesn't make sense." Weiss raised a brow. "That didn't seem like it when the Survey Corps was fighting… whatever that thing was."

"Maybe because they were outside the walls of their kingdom?" Ruby pointed out. "Maybe because they're all safe inside."

"Even so, my dad said it's the most dangerous when everyone lets their guard down like that!" Eren rebukes.

"Right, they mentioned his dad being a doctor." Yang comments.

"His dad is smart to say that." Blake adds.

"Dr. Jaegar, huh?" Hannes hummed. "Come to think of it, Doc was the one who saved this town from an epidemic, and we're all greatly indebted to him.

"He's that good in being a doctor?" Ren widens his eyes amazed that Eren's father a town from an epidemic.

"That's so cool!" Ruby's eyes sparkled. She may not know much about medicine but hearing someone saving people from a disease is a hero in her book.

"However, they're an entirely different matter." He continues as he looks towards the wall. "If you're a soldier, there'll be times when you see them wandering outside while reinforcing the wall. Still, I can't imagine them being able to do anything about this fifty-meter-tall wall."

Ruby narrowed her eyes at that comments. "It sounded like he's not willing to fight them." The others did not miss this.

"W-Wait..." Eren stuttered as he realized something. "So you're saying you don't even have the resolve to fight them to begin with?"

"Pretty much." Hannes shrugged.

"Then why are you in the Military then?" Yang questions with a disappointed look.

"I bet it's just good pay." Blake frowns.

Weiss also frowns at that. She knows that those who work in the Atlas Military are paid well for their service, but she would be downright disappointed if anyone in the military was in it for the money. She just glad that her sister is nothing like that.

"Seriously?!" Eren gasped in disbelief. "Quit calling yourselves the Garrison, and become the Wall Repair Corps.

"Yeah! What he said." Nora shouted

"That doesn't sound half bad." Hannes chuckled, knowing that there's no such Corps in the army.

"This guy…" Yang deadpans as she starts not to like his attitude. Granted, she knows a specific drunk who can be laid back, but she knows that he takes his job seriously.

"But you know, Eren…" Hannes smiled towards the young boy. "To see soldiers working wouldn't bode well for us all. It's when we're criticized by people who call us useless freeloaders that everyone's living in peace."

Jaune blinked a couple of times, hearing that. "Is… is that true?"

"I… I'm not sure?" Pyrrha titled her head confused even the others are confused. Was that true just because that there are lazy soldiers mean that they are living in peace?

"It's not." Everyone turned to Ruby, who narrowed her eyes with a frown. "Just because you're in a time of peace doesn't mean you can't take your job seriously."

"Ruby?" Yang says, a bit concerned for her sister.

"At first, since we are in a time of peace, I thought that everything would be ok as long as Huntsman would be there to keep it that way…" The young rose looked down at her hand, then slowly grips it like how she holds her Crescent Rose and remembers what Penny said to her after discovering she is a robot. "But after everything that happened during the Breach… I'm not so sure anymore."

Everyone slightly gasped and widened their eyes at what the young girl said. They are all shocked to hear something like this from their innocent little reaper, and what's worse, they all slowly started to believe what she said. How can they not? Torchwick, the White Fang, and the Grimm. How can they indeed be in peace as long those threats continue?

Without a second thought, Yang hugged her sister slightly, surprising her. "Ya–"

"Why didn't you say anything?" Her sister cut her off. "Why didn't you tell me that you were thinking this way?"

Ruby slightly shifted nervously. "I… I didn't want you to worry…" She whispered loud enough for everyone to hear.

"You dolt." Weiss shook her head but with a gentle voice. "You should have told us this sooner."

Blake nodded in agreement. "I… might not be the best person to say this… but keeping something like this isn't good for you, especially since you're the youngest out of us." The Faunus admits since she made the mistake of hiding her traits and her past affiliation with the White Fang, which caused her argument with Weiss.

"Yeah. Where her to listen too." Jaune smiled along with his teammates.

Ruby smiled as she hugged her sister, making her smile, and looked up at everyone. "Thanks, everyone."

Voyager smiled at the scene. "Good. You're beginning to understand that your world is more troubled than you believe." He thoughts then make a sad frown. "I am sorry, though, for what you're about to see next."

After calming down, they continued watching.

Eren, however, did not like it as he gripped his fist-shaking, getting everyone's attention. "Even if we're confined within these walls, we can keep on living, just eating and sleeping. But... That would be as if... As if we're just cattle."

Hearing this completely stunned the teens' none of them expecting such a young boy to say that.

"What… the hell?" Jaune muttered. "This kid is like, what? Ten? How can he know something like that?"

"I… I honestly don't know." Pyrrha slowly said, still stunned by Eren's speech.

Blake's eyes slightly widened, knowing that there was something off about the boy after that dream incident. "Eren… just who are you?"

This stunned Hannes, never expecting to hear this from a ten-year-old boy. Snapping from his stupor, he suddenly hears laughter from behind him and turns around to see the other two soldiers.

"What a valiant little brat!"

"Even though he can't do anything himself, right, Hannes?"

This also got the teens to snap back from their shock.

"That wasn't nice!" Ruby pouted, not liking how the other soldiers treated him like that.

"People like those don't pay attention to those kinds of things." Weiss huffed as she crossed her arms.

"Huh? Y-Yeah." Hannes nervously said with a stiff smile, then blinks, seeing that Eren quietly walked away, followed by Mikasa.

"…Wow. You just had to lie like that." Yang deadpanned disapprovingly.

"Bet that hurt Eren's feelings." Ruby agreed with her sister.

"Hey, Eren!" Hannes called him, but he and Misaka just continue to walk away.

"What a queer kid." One of the soldiers said as they watch the two leave.

"Now that's just mean!" Ruby pouted again.

"I don't know…" Everyone turned to Blake with a surprised look, who was shifting a bit uncomfortably. "I mean… he's just a child! How can a young boy much younger than us learn something big like that?"

This got everyone quiet as well as they wondered themselves. How can Eren be this mature for his age?

"My only guess is that something happened to him that forced him to mature that way." Ren said while slightly frowning as he recalled his past with Nora during their time in Kuroyuri. Nora felt the same with her childhood friend.

"What could have happened to him?" Ruby wondered.

"Don't tell me..." Hannes muttered in the realization of Eren's behavior. "Does he want to join the Survey Corps?"

"He wants to join the Survey Corps?" Nora asked.

"Looks like it with how he's acting." Yang answered.

The scene now cuts showing Eren and Mikasa walking uphill of passing by countless houses.

"Eren, you should give up on joining the Survey Corps." Mikasa bluntly said.

"Why would she say that?" Ruby curiously asked.

"It's a dangerous line of work." Ren answered, understanding Mikasa's reason against Eren's decision. "We may not know how dangerous they are compared to the Grimm, but with the lack of certain aspects of this world compared to ours, I can only imagine how truly life-threatening it can be."

This made everyone grimace at the thought of it.

Eren blinked in surprise and turned to the girl. "What? You're gonna look down on them too?"

"That's not what she means, you dolt." Weiss chastises.

"It doesn't have anything to do with how I see them—" Mikasa was suddenly cut off from the sound of the large bell from the tower by the entrance of the district wall.

"What's happening now!" Blake winced at the sudden sound of the bells.

"The Survey Corps is back!" Eren cheered. "The front gate is gonna open! Let's go, Mikasa! It's the triumphant return of the heroes!" He said to her as he took her hand and quickly rushed towards the gate to greet the Survey Corps.

"The Survey Corps is back!" Ruby shouts in excitement while the others are also curious. "I can't wait to see them again."

The scene cuts showing the Survey Corps marching with their horses and wagons on the streets while a crowd was watching them. With unimpressed impressions on their faces.

The excitement slowly died down from the viewers seeing the reaction from the crowd. They all that something was wrong.

"W-What's wrong?" Jaune asked but was growing a bit afraid.

"Shoot, I can't see." Eren ran from behind the crowd as he tried to look through them until he and Mikasa found boxes for them to stand on, making them look over the group.

The Survey Corps marched down the road. All are looking exhausted and dirty. Some even have bloodstains on their uniform.

"They look like they've been through a lot." Pyrrha muttered as she gazed a worried look towards the Survey Corps.

"They are fighting monsters. It is part of the job." Yang answered but was also concerned for the soldiers.

One soldier (the same soldier who discovered the titan first) notices Eren and Mikasa. Eren is eagerly smiling to see them, while Mikasa didn't seem interested at all.

"Hey, that's the same soldier from the beginning." Jaune points out.

However, the solder looks away in shame.

Eren's smile turns into confusion as he looked around, and to his horror, he understood why the solder was like that.

Most soldiers are significantly injured, covered in bandages, and depressed as they all marched back home.

Everyone gasped in horror at the sight of the soldiers seeing the horrid state they are in.

"What… happened to them?" Weiss mutters as she covered her mouth with her eyes widened in shock.

"Only this many of them made it back?" One of the civilians said, noticing how little the Survey Corps has returned.

"They must've all been eaten."

"Eaten!" Blake gasped in horror.

"They eat humans…?" Jaune muttered in horror as he held himself from throwing up. Heck, everyone was doing their best not to.

"This is what happens when you go outside the walls."

Eren watched eyes widen in shock and disbelief. Even Mikasa looked with concern.

"Moses? Moses!" The voice of an elderly called out, catching the two children's attention seeing that it's an older woman who rushed up to the Survey Corps leader who looked frantic. "Excuse me, I don't see my son, Moses... Where can I find him?"

"Oh no…" Pyrrha whispers, hoping that what she's thinking is wrong.

"It's Moses's mother." The leader said, then turned to one of his injured soldiers. "Bring it over."

"Bring… what over?" Nora questioned but was slowly shaking. Ren held her but was doing little help.

The said soldier nodded while the mother silently gasped, slowly realizing what he was implying.

The said soldier approaches the woman and hands something to her. She takes it absentmindedly and slowly looks down on what's on her hands. She couldn't tell what she was holding, but it was covered in cloth with bloodstains. She looked at it, horror-struck knowing very well what she is holding.

"Oum…" Blakes' muttered as her eyes widened in horror. "Please tell that isn't what I think it is."

Yang quickly understood what her partner met and promptly turned to her sister. "Ruby, look away."


"Please! Do what I say." Yang shouted in desperation, cutting off her sister, who looked nervous and scared but did what her older half-sister said.

She looks up to the leader as if she was pleading that this was a sick joke but said nothing. She quickly unwraps the cloth. What she found was the severed right arm of his dead son.

All of the viewers, aside from Ruby and Voyager, all turned green, horrified and disgusted at the severed arm, but thankfully they didn't need to look at it for long.

Not wanting to look at it anymore, she quickly wraps it back and begins to sob.

"Is… is it over?" Ruby asked while still looking away from the screen.

"…Yes, Ruby, it's over." Weiss sighed as she and the others calmed down. Ruby turned back to the screen seeing the looks on her friends' faces. It didn't take a genius to tell that she knew that what they saw was gruesome.

"That's all we were able to recover." The commander says to her while the other soldiers looked away in sadness.

She continued to cry as she held her son's remains like a lifeline as she fell on her knees. Eren could only watch in disbelief, and Mikasa looked in sadness.

Everyone felt sad for the woman. Most of them understand what it's like to lose a loved one.

The leader wen on his knee close to the mother's level. "But my son... carried out his duty, right?" The mother whispered, making the leader gasp at her question. "Although it may not have been anything significant…" She looks up to him with a pleading look as tears continue to fall. "He contributed to mankind's retaliation somehow, didn't he?!"

The viewers unknowingly held their breaths at the unexpected question—all of them remaining silent as they wondered how the leader of the Survey Corps would respond.

The commander looked back at her with wide eyes, shocked too but quickly snapped out of it began to answer. "Of course!" But he gasped as he stopped himself from saying anything else.

He took a deep breath and calmly answered again but with his voice slightly shaking. "No... Through this mission, we..." He continued while the rest of the Survey Corps look down in shame. "No, through all of our missions..." The commander gritted his teeth and began to shout in shame as tears fell from his eyes. "We've failed to achieve anything!"

His confession shocked the mourning mother and the civilians and especially Eren. "Because of my incompetence, I've gotten soldiers killed for nothing and failed to learn the slightest thing about them!

The viewers were all stunned, silent as their eyes widen like saucers, shocked hearing that the leader would confess like that.

"Why… why would he say that?" Ruby broke the silence, still shocked by the sudden confession.

"I… I honestly don't know." Weiss slowly shook her head, still shocked by the leader's confessional outburst.

"Maybe… maybe he's taking responsibility?" Jaune guessed as he was beginning to recover from his shock. "I mean… I would do the same."

Pyrrha snapped out from her shock and turned to her partner and leader. "Jaune?!"

"If anything were to happen to you or my teammates… I will take full responsibility for it." The leader of JNPR confidently said with a sigh.

"Jaune…" Pyrrha muttered, being touched and concerned for her leader, while the rest of JNPR felt the same.

"I'd do the same." Ruby said with a smile while her team looks at her. "But I'll make sure that something terrible never happens to any of you."

"Ruby…" Yang smiled towards her sister, followed by her fellow teammates. "Just don't push yourself. We're here for you."

After that episode finished, the crowd watches the Survey Corps leave. Leaving the public to themselves.

"Well… that ended well." Yang sarcastically said.

"I guess we should be happy not to see the outcome of that confession." Blake points out.

"What a real mess." One civilian man said, conversing with another person.

"Tell me about it."

"All this shows is that our taxes are being spent fattening them up for nothing."

"What does he mean by that?" Nora innocently asks.

"When we pay our taxes, the government would divide the pay to institutions, the Huntsman Academies being one of the primary examples." Weiss explains.

"So what? That jerk is saying the Survey Corps are wasting their time?" Nora narrowed her eyes.

"Well… some people don't like paying taxes." Pyrrha carefully said but also agreed that what the civilian said was inappropriate.

He suddenly flinched in pain when he felt a stick stuck the back of his head. He turns around to see that it was Eren who threw it at him.

"Yeah, Eren! Show him who's boss!" Ruby cheered.

"You do realize that man can easily hurt him, right?" Blake deadpans, asking Ruby to stop cheering.

"What's your problem, you damn brat?!" The man angrily shouts at him, but Misaka quickly took Eren's collar and ran before the civilian could catch him.

"H-Hey! What're you doing, Mikasa?!" Eren shouts in confusion, but in the process, was dragged away.

"She's surprisingly strong for her age." Jaune blinked.

"Hey, get your ass back here!" The man shouts in rage but does not follow them.

"At least they're away from unnecessary violence." Weiss comments.

Away from a safe distance from the crowd, the girl continues to drag the boy, much to his annoyance. "Mikasa! This is far enough, isn't it?!"

But instead of answering, Mikasa threw Eren against the wall with great strength, causing the woods in his tumpline to fall out as he this the ground.

"Whoa!" Everyone shouts in surprise while Voyager just chuckles in amusement at their reactions.

"Did that girl just throw Eren like a ragdoll?" Jaune asks, making sure what he saw was real.

"She did." Ren slowly nodded, confirming that he also saw it.

"First Eren being charismatic for his young age now Mikasa being this strong? Just who are these kids?" Blake questions even she had a hard time believing what she is seeing. If Mikasa unlocked her Aura, it would be normal to them, but they know that it doesn't so that the fact would mean she's just that strong.

"They're the protagonists. That's what they are." Voyager mused, earning deadpan looks.

"What was that for?" Eren winces in pain but shouted at her. "The wood's all over the place now!"

"That's what you're concerned about?" Weiss raised a brow.

"I guess he's used to Mikasa's strength." Pyrrha points out.

"Eren," Mikasa said, not caring about what Eren is saying. "did that change your mind about joining the Survey Corps?"

This earned a surprised look from everyone. "That's… a heavy question." Ren admitted.

Eren gasps as he looks at her with wide eyes as Mikasa waited for an answer.

Eren looked away and faced the grown. "Help me pick them up." He muttered, not answering her question.

"Not even going to bother to answer. Are you now, kid?" Yang hummed, totally getting why Eren dodged the question. He respects and admires the Survey Corps as much as Ruby does towards Huntsmen.

"There isn't much, to begin with." Mikasa said as she started helping Eren picked up the scattered wood.

Currently Disclosable Information:

About the Walls (1)

Mankind lives enclosed within three walls.

The outermost wall is Wall Maria, the middle wall is Wall Rose, and the final, innermost wall is Wall Sina.

"What's this?" Ruby asked, not expecting this to pop out.

"Pieces of information from the world you're watching." Voyager answers.

"Interesting." Weiss said as she took notes with her Scroll.

Currently Disclosable Information:

About the Walls (2)

The area between the walls are approximately equal.

There's about 100km between Maria and Rose, about 130km between Rose and Sina, and about 250km between Sina and the center.

"How much information is there?" Ren asked as he learned a bit more about the walls.

"Two for each episode." The young boy answered.

"So, their kingdom is surrounded by three layers of walls?" Blake asked.

"That's right." Voyager nodded. "And there are numerous districts throughout the walls."

"Like the one Eren and Mikasa are in?" Pyrrha asked, earning a nod from the boy.

The scene opens, showing Eren and Mikasa entering their home.

"We're back." Eren said as he opened the door of his house as the two entered.

"Home sweet home." Jaune sighed gladly that the two are now safe at home.

Inside they are greeted by two people Eren's mother, Carla Jaeger, who was working in the kitchen, and father, Grisha Jaeger, who was sitting by the table writing down notes.

"Are those Eren and Mikasa's parents?" Ruby innocently asks.

"Carla and Grisha Jaeger." Voyager answers. "Eren's biological parents and Mikasa's foster parents."

"Foster parents?" Yang points out. "Mikasa is adopted?"

"She is." Voyager answered, making the teens wonder how that happened.

"Welcome home." The mother greeted the kids with a kind smile, and the father didn't say anything but smiled.

Ruby, Yang, Weiss, and Ren slightly cringed at the sight of the mother. Ruby and Yang smiled sadly as they recall their mother, Summer Rose. Weiss frowned as she wondered what her life would have been like if her mother was not a depressed alcoholic. And Ren simply sighed in sadness as he couldn't help but compare Carla's smile with her late mother's An Ren. Oh, how much he misses her and his father.

Eren quickly placed all the wood inside a crate while Mikasa was using an indoor water pump. "My, Eren, I see you've worked harder than usual." The mother said as she walked up to his son.

"What about Mikasa?" Ruby titled her head. "Didn't she do as much as gathering firewood?"

"Y-Yeah." Eren muttered, not looking away from his mother. Noticing that something was wrong, she pinches his ears, making him flinch slightly as he rubbed them. "What?"

"Your ears are warm. I can tell you're lying. Mikasa helped you out, didn't she?" Carla gave a teasing smile. Eren didn't say anything but just looked away.

The boys chuckled while the girls cooed at the cute motherly scene.

"Oh, are you heading out, Dad?" Eren said as he and Mikasa were having lunch and Carla was washing the dishes. "Work?"

"That's right, Hannes did mention that Eren's dad is a doctor." Yang points out.

"Yes." Grisha nodded as he was packing his books in his bag. "Medical examinations within the inner walls. It should take around two to three days."

"Little fact, most wealthy folks live in the inner walls." Voyager comments. "The closer the inside, the wealthier you are."

"So, like Atlas above Mantle." Weiss comments with a slight frown at that comparison.

"He must be well accomplished to be called in the inner walls." Blake says, impressed by this fact.

"Oh." Eren answered as he continued to eat his meal. However, Mikasa was not eating her meal.

"…she's going to fib on him, isn't she?" Nora grinned.

"She's going to fib." Everyone answered.

She took a deep breath and said the words. "Eren says he wants to join the Survey Corps."

"Called it~!" Nora singed.

"You do know he's now in trouble, right?" Pyrrha raised a brow while Nora just shrugged.

Carla gasped as she turned around while Grisha simply flinched at the revelation.

"That's a normal reaction for any parents." Blake points out as her hidden cat ears in her bow slightly dropped down, thinking back at how her parents were against her continuing to work with the White Fang after what it has now become. How she regrets not listening to them.

"Yeah… I suppose it does." Jaune mutters as he sighed, recalling how his parent was entirely against the idea of him becoming a Huntsman. He never knew why they were against it, but he wanted to prove himself so badly he even went as far as cheating his way to Beacon.

Eren looks at Mikasa in shock, not before he narrowed his eyes and slammed his spoon on the table. "M-Mikasa, I told you that's a secret!"

"Eren!" His mother snapped as she quickly rushes to her son and places both her hands on his shoulders. "What are you thinking? Do you know how many people have died outside the walls?"

"We saw." Ren cringed at the memory.

"How many people do you think would come back if they had Aura?" Ruby innocently asks.

"A lot more and with fewer injuries." Weiss frowned.

"I do!" Eren shouted, slightly surprising her mother but made her angry.

"Then why—"

"Eren." Grisha cut in with a calm tone making the two look at him. "Why do you wish to venture outside?"

"His dad is taking it more calmly." Yang points out.

"One of the parents probably should." Pyrrha adds.

Eren was surprised to hear this question from his father with such calmness but answered while everyone listened. "I want to know... what's become of the outside world. I don't want to simply live out my life within the walls like this! Besides, if nobody follows in their footsteps... the sacrifice of all those who lost their lives would be in vain!"

"That's… very honorable." Weiss blinked in surprise, no expecting Eren to repeat something like this. Heck, even everyone was surprised again.

"How can a child of his age be so charismatic?" Pyrrha muttered as she and her friends begin to wonder who this boy really is.

"I wonder what will Eren's dad's response be." Ruby asked as she began to grow in awe of Eren's determination to become a Survey Corps member.

"I see." Grisha simply said, then stood up from the table and was prepared to leave. "The ferry will depart soon. I'll be off now."

"He's taking it rather well." Nora blinked.

"Wait, dear!" Carla quickly said as she rushes up to her husband, who stopped by the door. "Say something to Eren!"

"Carla, a human's spirit of inquiry isn't something that can be talked down." Grisha simply said to his wife, who dropped her shoulders at that fact. He then turns to his son. "Eren."

"That's a good saying." Ren smiled, liking what Eren's father said, followed along with his friends.

The son stood up from his seat and listened to his father. "When I return, I'll show you the basement that I've always kept a secret." He said as he pulled out a key that was hanging from his neck.

Eren gasped in excitement. "Really?!" He eyed the key before his father gripped it.

"What's so special about their basement?" Ruby curiously asks.

"Don't know." Yang shrugged. "But it's sure getting Eren excited."

"Is there something special about it?" Weiss asked Voyager, but he simply smiled.

"That's a secret you need to wait for." He simply said, earning an annoyed frown from the heiress.

"Have a safe trip!" Eren shouts as he waves his father goodbye while Carla and Mikasa watch him off.

"I'm still against it." Carla said to her son, catching his attention. "Only fools would consider joining the Survey Corps."

"People do die if they join that kind of work." Ren points out.

"Like ours?" Ruby innocently asks, making the teen slightly blanch at his mistake, but she shook off his worry. "Don't worry, Ren. I get it. Most family and friends would be against that idea when we face Grimm. I mean, our dad was hesitant at first when Yang and I decided to become Huntresses."

"Now that was a memory." Yang chuckled as she recalled that her father nearly went down on his knees, begging the two to reconsider.

"What? Fools?!" Eren said, feeling offended by his mother's words. "To me, people that are content with living like cattle seem way more stupid!"

Before his mother could say anything, Eren ran off. "Eren!" She called her son but was ignored.

"How childish." Weiss crossed her arms.

"You do know he's just a kid, right?" Blake raised a brow.

Weiss blinked and lightly blushed. "I… nearly forgot, I mean for the past few minutes, he's been acting like a mature person."

"I know, right! just how is he so mature?" Jaune questioned.

She quickly turns to her surrogate daughter and places both her hands on her shoulder, slightly shocking her. "Mikasa, that boy has a habit of getting into trouble, so when something happens, be there for each other."

"Okay." Mikasa nodded.

"That's sweet of her." Pyrrha smiled at the scene.

"Which of the two is older?" Nora asked Voyager.

"Eren is older." He answered.

"Isn't that supposed to be the older sibling's job?" Yang joked.

"I can be just as responsible!" Ruby pouted.

In other parts of the district, there was the sound of children arguing with one another.

"What's going on here?" Jaune asked.

"What's wrong, heretic?" A cocky-sounding young boy accompanied by two others questioned while he slammed a young blond boy against the wall while looking a bit injured. "If you don't like it, why don't you fight back?"

"Oh… someone's getting bullied." The leader for JNPR frowned as he recalled the times Cardin bullied him.

"Why are these brats calling him a heretic?" Blake frowned, not liking the word very much.

"C'mon, kid! Fight back! You got this!" Nora cheered for the young blond boy.

"As if I'd ever do that." The young boy grunted in pain. "The last thing I'd do is stoop to your level."

"He's got spirit." Blake smiled, liking how such a young boy like him is strong-willed.

"But I doubt that's going to stop them from hurting him." Jaune frowned at that fact.

"What was that?!" The bully snarled.

"You're only resorting to physical abuse because you can't prove that I'm wrong." Despite the bullied boy's pain, his eyes did not waver, making the three bullies flinch at his comment. "Doesn't that mean you admit I'm right?!"

"That's…!" Blake gasped at what the young boy just said.

"Blake?" Yang looked at her partner in worry.

The Faunas in hiding looked down. "Why haven't I ever thought about it before? All that racist abuse and crap… it's all just proof they don't have anything to prove that there right."

Weiss began to see what her friend is saying. "Are you… going to use this idea for something?"

Blake looks up to her friend. "I… I'm honestly not sure, but I know that what the boy just said is a step that… I can probably use for my people use if for peaceful topics."

Everyone smiled at her, glad that she found something that could hold potential for the Faunas.

Not wanting to admit him right, he snarled at him and raised his fist. "Shut your trap, you rambling nitwit!"

But before he could punch him, someone shouted. "Stop right there!" They looked in the direction to see Eren running towards them. With an angry expression.

"Eren's come to the rescue!" Ruby cheered.

"But it's three against one!" Pyrrha said, concerned for Eren's safety.

"It's Eren!" One of the bullies shouted, but they smirked as they all got ready to beat him up. "What an idiot. He came back for more."

"Itching for a beating, huh?"

"We'll make you our sandbag!"

But before they could do that, one of them saw something behind Eren, and to his horror, they saw Misaka rushing behind Eren, giving them a death glare.

"It's Mikasa!" Nora cheered. "And that's one awesome death glare!"

"Mi-Mikasa's right behind him!" one of them said in fear showing all their bravado gone.

"W-We're screwed! Run!" They packed, and they began to run away with their tails tucked behind their backs, leaving the injured boy sitting on the ground.

"Ha! They ran away the moment they saw her." Yang laughed.

"Given what we have seen at how she was able to throw Eren, it wouldn't be surprising that she can easily beat them."

Eren stops running as he was next to the boy. "Hey, they took off after seeing me!" He pants with a smile on his face.

The viewers laughed at the misunderstanding.

"No, they probably ran because of Mikasa." The injured boy muttered as he tied to get up only to fall down. "O-Ow."

Eren gasps and Misaka looks at the boy in concern. "Hey, you okay, Armin?" he approached the now-named boy and offered his hand to him.

"So his name is Armin, and the two know him." Ren points out.

Armin looked at the hand, but he gritted his teeth and looked down. "I can stand up on my own." He muttered as he slowly stood up.

"Oh, all right." Eren said, not asking anything else.

"What's his problem?" Ruby asked, wondering why he didn't take Eren's hand.

"My guess is it's about his pride." Yang said.

Both Jaune and Pyrrha cringed at that as they both remembered an unpleasant memory when Jaune was pridefully stubborn from taking his partner's offer to train him, which caused many problems after. They're just glad that it's now behind them.

The day turned into dawn while three sat together near the waterside of the district.

"So, when I said mankind would eventually need to go outside, they hit me, saying I was a heretic." Armin finishes the reason why he was being bullied.

"What?" Weiss frowned at that thought. "That's why he's being bullied? That's so stupid."

"With how long they've been isolated and with the cult that worships the walls, that kind of mindset would be the reason to it." Ren theorized.

"Yeash… talk about close-quarters." Yang punned, earning a groan from everyone.

"Damn it." Eren muttered as he threw a rock on the water. "Why does simply wanting to go outside turn everyone against us?"

"Well, it's because it's been peaceful within the walls for the past 100 years." Armin answered. "In order to prevent inviting them in through a reckless attempt to go outside, the king's government created a policy that made holding interest in the outside world taboo."

"What kind of policy is that?" Yang narrowed her eyes, not liking when people's freedom is being taken away.

"Then what about the Survey Corps? They're risking their lives for the people in the wall." Ruby narrowed, not liking how they are risking it all for people like these.

"We're risking our own lives." Eren counters. "It's our choice to make."

"Yeah! They don't have the right to do that!"

"It's to prevent people from getting… eaten from them, Ruby." Weiss reminded her partner.

Ruby slightly flinched at that but shook her head and huffed. "Then their government should help them more than getting killed out there."

"I won't let you." Misaka said, making the two look towards the girl. "You can't."

"She really doesn't want him to go." Pyrrha smiled a bit, understanding Mikasa's concern.

"Oh yeah, I can't believe you ratted me out!" Eren said in annoyance, making Armin confused but quickly realized what Eren was talking about.

"Yeah! That was mean." Ruby pouted.

"I don't remember saying I'd help." Misaka looked away.

"We never did hear her agree with him." Blake chuckled at that fact.

"Wh-What'd they say?" Armin innocently asks.

"Well… they weren't happy about it." Armin sighed at Eren's answer.

"A normal reaction." Jaune sighed.

"I figured." The boy said as everyone around them as many civilians were going about their lives. A child hugging her mother, and the father watches happily. Children are playing with one another. A mother who is at home holding her baby. "True, I think those who believe the walls will forever provide a life of peace need to face reality. Just because the wall has done its job for the past 100 years, it doesn't guarantee that it won't be breached today..."

The scene now shows up to the sky where the walls are. All was peaceful.

At that very moment. The Huntsman and Huntresses in training immediately knew that something terrible was going to happen.

Until lightning suddenly struck from outside the walls causing a powerful shockwave making not only the three kids jump from their seats, but everyone stumbled and fell over from the powerful impact. While everyone recovered, they all see smoke coming from the outside of the walls.

Even the audience, aside from Voyager, all jumped from the sudden explosion sound.

"What was that!?" Yang shouts.

"Are they under attack!?" Blake shouts.

"Wh-What the...?" Armin stuttered as he slowly stood up along with his friends. "An explosion?"

"It came from there!" They turned to the sound of civilians heading to where the noise came from.

"Seems like something fell."

"I have no idea."

Not wasting any time, Armin quickly rushed to where the civilians are heading.

"What are you doing!? Don't go to where the explosion is!" Weiss shouts.

"Hey, Armin!" Eren called his friend as he and Mikasa followed him.

Finally catching up to his friend, who stood frozen as he looked up at the sky along with the other civilians. "What's wrong? Just what are you staring at?"

"Wait… this scene!" Ruby widened her eyes. "This is from the opening!"

But when he and Mikasa looked in the direction where Armin is looking at he finds himself widening his eyes in pure horror at what he is seeing.

The thought was the same for the viewers in what they are witnessing.

They saw a giant red hand clutching on the top of the wall, strong enough to break parts of it with its hand.

"It's… it's a giant hand…" Ruby stuttered while she shook in her seat. No one can blame her. Everyone was growing afraid.

"No way..." Armin mutters in horror. "That wall is fifty meters tall!"

"It's them." Eren whispers as his eyes widen as the very creature now reveals its face to them. Steam came out from its body, and its face shows that it has no skin at all. Just entirely of muscles in what you find under human skin. "A Titan!"

Everyone dropped their jaws, and their eyes widened at the sight of the now-named monsters that are plaguing this world. But none of them would expect such a monster of such size and stature. It honestly terrifies them so much that they can't speak.

The Titan began to move. It slowly raises its right leg in the air backward.

With slow yet great force, it swung down. It kicked the gates of the wall, creating a powerful impact not only destroying the gate but it blew away people close to the entrance and the debris scattered around, destroying houses and crushing the people around them.

As the dust cleared, there was now a massive hole in the wall. Large enough for an army of smaller Titans to enter.

Then the giant Titan hid away behind the walls.

"Oum…" Weiss was the first to break the silence as she covered her mouth wither hands. "It made a hole in the wall…"

"All those people…" Jaune slowly shook his head in horror.

Ruby's pupils shrunk at the sheer horror of it all. "No…"

"Th-They…" Back with the children, Armin stuttered in fear in what they have witnessed. "Blew a h-hole into the wall."

And on cue, a Titan entered the district and looked down on its prey. The civilians saw the monstrosity and began to panic and ran away.

"One of them is now inside!" Yang shouts in horror.

"They're coming inside!"

"The Titans are coming!"

Armin began to panic but was doing his best to calm down along with Mikasa. "We need to— Eren!" Armin shouts, seeing that Eren was walking where the destructing was caused

"W-where is Eren going?!" Jaune shouts.

"Our house is..." Eren said as he ignored a few people bumping on him. "Mom is..."

The audience gasped in horror. As they almost forgot about Eren's mother.

"His mother…" Ren muttered as he trembled as he began to recall what had happened in Kuroyuri. Nora notices this and quickly hugs her childhood friend to calm him down as well as herself.

Realizing what he meant, Mikasa ran to join Eren. "Mikasa!" Armin reached out for her friend, but his arm froze and trembled. Seeing the state it was, he used his free hand to calm it down, but it was still shaking. "It's all over. This town is... going to be overrun by Titans!"

Eren and Mikasa ran towards their home as they ignored a few civilians bumping at them and seeing the bodies that were crushed by the debris.

Eren saw the bodies but kept running. "There's no way our house got hit." He thought as he and Mikasa continued to run and were about to turn against a street corner. "Once I turn that corner, our house will... like always..."

"Please be safe…" Pyrrha muttered as she prayed for the mother's safety.

He and Mikasa turned through the corner, but their eyes widen in shock at the sight before them. He quickly rushes ahead to his home with a large boulder crushing it. "Mom!"

"No…" Blake gasped as she covered her mouth with her hands in horror.

Fortunately, he sees his mother trapped under the pillar of the house. "Mom!"

Carla slowly opens her eyes to hear her son's voice. "Eren."

"Yes! She's alive!" Ruby cried out in joy.

The two reached for their mother and tried to lift the pillar off of her "Mikasa, hold that side! We'll lift the pillar!" Mikasa nodded as they tried to lift it off.

"Quickly! Pull her out!" Weiss shouts, hoping that they can save her.

The sound of giant footsteps could be heard. Eren looks towards the source, and to his growing horror, more Titans appeared walking in the distance.

"There this close already?!" Jaune shouts in horror, not excepting them to be this fast despite how casual the Titans are walking.

Snapping out of it, he continues to try and save his mother. "Hurry, Mikasa!"

"I'm trying!" Mikasa cried as she tried to get the pillar off.

"It's no good… it's too heavy!" Pyrrha said.

"Don't give up! You can do it!" Nora shouted, still holding Ren.

Carla began to piece together what was going on. "The Titans have come inside, haven't they?" She whispered, then looks up to his son. "Eren, take Mikasa and run away. Hurry!"

"WHAT?!" Everyone shouted in disbelief.

"Don't say that! Just give them time!" Yang's eyes turned red angry that the mother would say that while understanding why she said it.

"I want to run away! Get up already!" Eren shouted as he tried to pull off the pillar to the point that his fingers are bleeding.

"His fingers…" Ruby muttered, seeing how far Eren would go to save his mother.

"My legs are crushed by the rubble. Even if I get out of here, I can't run." Clara says to her son as Eren begins to cry in horror. "You understand, right?"

"I'll run away carrying you!" Eren shouted as he denied those facts.

"Why don't you ever listen to what I tell you?!" Carla shouts as she begins to cry even Mikasa was starting to cry. "At least listen to my final request!" She turns to her adoptive daughter, pleading to do the same. "Mikasa!"

Mikasa sobbed but shook her head. "No... No!" She denies what she said and continues to try and save her.

"This… this too much…" Pyrrha muttered as she was close to crying.

A Titan began to approach them.

"No…!" Blake gasped as her brow went straight up, knowing what that sound means.

Carla heard the sounds of its footsteps. "At this rate, the three of us will..." But then she hears the sound of wires being retracted. She looks up to see Hannes using his Omni-directional gear as he approaches them and checks Carla's condition. "Hannes! Take the children and run!"

"Yes! Hannes is here!" Ruby shouted that someone is there to save the day.

"Please do something!" Jaune shouts in a pleading voice.

Hannes was shocked at what he heard. He took a deep breath and smiled at her. "I can't have you thinking I'm that small a man, Carla." He then turned serious. "I'll butcher the giant and make sure to save all three of you!"

"Yes! Break that monster's legs!" Nora cheered.

"Wait! He should at least take the kids somewhere safe!" Ren points out.

He rushes towards the Titan as he draws out his blades. "Wait!" Carla shouts. "Don't fight it!"

"She's right. If it's just the two of them, we can get away." Hannes thoughts as he continues his charge. "But this is the time for me to make good on my debt!"

"You can do it, Hannes! Show them how much of a man you are!" Yang shouts, hoping for an ass-kicking.

However, the moment he had a good look at the Titan. He froze. Who could blame him? After seeing the face of a wickedly smiling Titan is looking down on him.

The audience did not fair either. The moment they saw the face of the Titan, they all froze. Nothing in their imaginations could prepare them to see such a heinous face in their lives. None of them move or even spoke. They just watched.

Without a second thought, he returned his weapon back and quickly rushed back for the children as he took a surprised Eren in his arms. "Hey, Hannes!" He then promptly did the same to Mikasa. "What're you doing?!"

"H-he's… leaving her…" Ruby mutters as she trembled.

"No…" Pyrrha whispered as she began to cry.

Carla smiled, happy that her children are being taken to safety. "Thank you."

Hannes quickly rushes away with the children, but Eren tried to struggle free as he shouts. "Mom is... She's still..."

Carla cries as he reaches out for them. "Eren, Mikasa! You two need to live on!"

Suddenly she sees an image of herself along with Eren, Mikasa, and her husband, all happy being together.

Carla gasped in realization as the tears continue to fall. She covers her mouth and realizes she made a terrible mistake but holds it in and whispers for the final time. "Don't go."

Everyone's heart felt it was pierced just by that simple scene. None of them could say anything afterward. The only thing that they did was simply crying.

Voyager simply lowered his head for the coming tragedy.

Eren gasps in horror as he helplessly watches the Titan digging through the rubble and picks up her mother with its two hands

"STOP!" Eren shouts as he pleads for it to stop, but to death ears, it continued to carry Carla as she struggles to break free, but the Titan used its freehand and strangled her. Instantly killing her.

Eren gasps in horror while Mikasa watches in horror but looks away, but Eren continued to watch. Watch as the Titan began to eat his mother.

"On that day, mankind remembered..." The young narrative voice from the beginning said. "The fear of oppression under them and the humiliation of being caged like birds."

To be continued…

Even when the episode ended, the viewers still cried in both sadness and horror, never in their lives seeing such a horrific tragedy. Even a few among them who has experienced the pain of loss could never compare to this.

Just as Voyager warn them, this is a hell that none of them had ever seen before.

To be continued…

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