The crowd was delighted, cheering for their savior the Seven Princess Knights and their leader Celestine Lucullus. The war had finally ended, the Dark Witch and her army defeated. It had been a long and painful conflict which lasted more than they initially thought, but led by Celestine, they strived against all odds and attained victory.

The High queen, with great compassion, did not want to blame the hasty decisions of the fallen Queen to her subjects. No, they were victims just like any other casualties of war. Brainwashed and led to believe that the rest of the world was against them, just because of Origa's selfish desire to take control of the land of Eostia.

They, as winner of this grim war, had the responsibility to ensure that all would be treated fairly. None of them were responsible for the war, none even participating in the war, Origa's building her army by manipulating monsters of all kinds. Thus, the dark elves should not be treated as the enemy. They should be shown the right way, helping them to forget this painful moment and building a better future together.

So was the story that would spread around the countries: The benevolent Queen forgiving her former enemies and trying her best to help them despite every destruction they have caused.

Waving to the mass in a more measured fashion than her most eccentric princesses, a kind smile on her face, Celestine could not believe how gullible they all were. She and her two accomplices, Claudia and Maia, exchanged knowing looks before the Queen and her right-hand woman discretely stepped out of the castle's balcony, letting the other princess bask in the glory of the moment.

Walking down the hallway of her palace the two of them amiably waved at the passing servants, all looking at them with renewed respect and reverence. They made idle chat with some, reassuring them that the war was well and truly over before finally stepping in the High Queen personal quarters.

Only her most trusted servants were allowed there. They were all hand picked, beautiful women of all species, taking care of her every need, especially the nocturnal kind of services. They were her faithful pets sworn to secrecy. Outside of this place she was the people's Queen, but from here on nobody could know the debauchery that occurs daily.

Most of her retainers were looking at the both of them with lustful eyes, undressing them with blushes on their faces. Some huddling together, whispering and giggling like young girls talking about their crush. Still, none would dare to act without Celestine approval.

Heading towards the blond woman's room, Claudia finally broke the silence while her eyes swept through the hallway, appreciating the scantily clad domestics, particularly eye fucking two of them, a dark haired busty MILF with a red haired futa, who eagerly return her stare.

"This went better than expected."

"True" Celestine retorted in a serene voice " I expected more opposition from the mass regarding the forgiveness of the dark elves, but they were surely too lost in their happiness to really think about it." she continued sparing a side glance at Claudia's pick of the night. "Or they are simply that impressionable"

Humming approvingly Claudia would be more inclined to believe her second guess. Eostia's citizens had complete faith on their Queen, none of them would believe her capable of starting a war for personal gains. Hell, out of the six Princess knights, only her and Maia knew how the war originally began and that was only because Celestine choose to tell them.

Still, if they wanted their scheme to be fulfilled, they need the cooperation of their guest, the missing piece that allowed them to finally emerge victorious. Speaking of which.

"What about our guest, is she ready for her future task?" She questioned

"Almost." Celestine replied. "She just needs a little push in the right direction, and she will be perfect for the role."

Claudia could not help but to smirk back at her devious Queen. This was the reason why she and Maia decided to follow her. Behind her angelic like figure she was a true enchantress who readily used or charm anyone to accomplish her goals. With her voluptuous body no sane person could refuse her advance and the shift in personality, from kind and proper to a pure succubus, was too much for many to resist.

She allowed them to be a part of her plan and for that they were eternally grateful. Since Celestine took them under her wings, they had experienced such pleasure which they never thought possible in this realm and in the near future their hedonism would only expand further. Claudia was, however snapped out of her though by her Queen.

"Don't worry about her and go enjoy yourself." She pointedly looked past Claudia to the two retainers who were throwing her knight sinful stares. "I'm sure that they would give you a breathtaking experience." The two servant's attention was now upon their Queen, one of them sending her a cheeky wink while the other blew her a kiss, "they are two of my best."

Claudia looked at them with renewed intensity, eyeing the busty MILF duo before asking the question that lingered in her mind.

"Better than Maia and me?"

Not hearing any answer at first , she felt a foreign hand groping her armorless butt from behind, one finger on her panty clad vulva, collecting the transparent liquid that has started dripping from her snatch ever since they walked in those quarters. Claudia closed her eyes in delight, shivering with pleasure, a sight of satisfaction escaping her mouth.

"Wouldn't you like to know my dear knight~?" She quipped back.

When her Queen's hand left her core, she opened her eyes to witness green eyes looking straight in her eyes. The juice coated finger founding its way between Celestine plump lips, her tongue swirling around it and tasting her right-hand secretion.

Claudia eyes darkened with desire, as were those of the servants witnessing the shameful display. She restrained herself to not claim her Queen at this instant, but her dripping pussy was not helping in the slightest.

Celestine enjoyed teasing her, building her up, testing her self-control until the knight snapped, ravaging her like a mindless beast with the sole objective of claiming her. Now was one of those times and she knew it.

As if to prove her right, Celestine fingers popped out of her mouth, giving her closed eye smile, she turned her back, marching in the direction of her room, ass swaying with every step taken.

The soldier was left mesmerised by the bubble butt walking away from her. Her core already begging for attention before was now dripping with fem juice. She bit her lips in frustration.

Thankfully, she felt two separate pair of arms wrapping her from each side. The two attendants clinging to her arms and engulfing said members between two sets of heavy chests.

"Claudia-sama" The dark-haired MILF, Roxane, began "Let us take care of you. Just feeling your eyes on me made me so wet." she approached her mouth from the general's ear before whispering in a bedroom voice. "I've been looking forward to sitting on this proper face of yours ever since you walk inside. What do you think? Would you like to be smothered by that phat ass of mine?"

The red haired futa continued in her other ear "Tonight is all about making you cry with pleasure" She paused, pressing her impressive lady cock against, Claudia's tight leaving a trail of pre-cum on said appendage. "I'm so hard right now, I don't think that your sorry excuse of a husband will be able to use that perfect ass of yours after I'm done with it. I want to pull out that perfect hair of yours and treat you like an animal, war-hero~"

At this point Claudia was left panting with need, she had not even recovered from Celestine teasing when those two-succubus accosted her. Her thin panties were now soaked, her pussy throbbing with need, nipple hardening against her breast plate. She did not think that she could take more teasing before succumbing. Still, even she had her standard. She would not be caught fucking in the hallway like a two cents prostitute, like Maia so often did. She had enough decency to at least take them in a room before indulging in her needs.

That was the plan before her two partners shattered any resolved left in her mind. Feeling two wet tongue sliding up her jaws from chin to ears while each minx grabbed a pair of her juicy ass cheeks before whispering as one.

"We are going to break you tonight, slut."

I'm done for. Was Claudia's only thought before she threw herself at the dark haired milf locking their lips in a heated exchange. Decorum forgotten; she was now shamelessly sharing spit with the buxom woman for all servants to see. It was useless after all. From the moment that she took a step inside those quarters she was doomed. No one could resist the call of those sirens, once they took hold of you, none would be able to escape until they suck you dry and fuck you senseless.

The Queen of this place was walking down the corridor, a distance away from them, a grin on her face as she watched her second in command fall to the sirens of her servant, like many others in the past.

The duo held on to their promise, her knight was now stark naked on the floor, the busty MILF with her massive ass resting on her face while the other was making a mess of Claudia's inside, reshaping it to her liking. Their spectators either fingered their pussy or stroked their cock to the display, before long, this place would turn into an orgy, once again.

Turning her gaze away from the show, she resumed her walk to her room, a single drop of love juice running down the length of her long leg.

************Brand new era*************

Entering her luxurious chamber, Celestine was met with the sound of the shower running down her private bathroom. The room was vast but contained only the bare minimum; a large king size bed covered in red satin covers, a luxurious living room, a large dresser filled with lotions of all kinds, and finally two doors, one leading to her closet and the other to the currently used bathroom. Apart from that, an impressive mirror wall was facing the bed and a last door led to a veranda.

Stopping near her bed,she took in the discarded clothes left behind by her guest. Slowly, she walked toward the wall mirror, placing her hand upon it. She seemed to look at her reflection for a long time, eyes half lidded with a small smirk. The sound of running water stopped, she spared a side glance to the bathroom door, footstep nearing the door. Prior to her guest exiting the shower, she returned her eyes to the mirror, smirk growing in size before returning to a more measured one once a female dark elf walked into the chamber only wearing a towel.

Celestine openly checked out Chloe's athletic body, the latter still not registering the other presence. Here she was, Origa's ever-faithful lapdog, her unaltered love for the Dark Queen known by all except from the recipient of said feelings. When the relationship between the two nations were more cordial in the past, Celestine knew without a doubt that she would be useful in the upcoming event and she had not been wrong.

With the Kuroinu going on a rampage and attacking both parties at war, both Queen decided on a truce until the new menace was dealt with. While Celestine was willing to fight together to annihilate the threat, Origa did not trust her with her back, hence it was decided that while they won't fight together, they also won't attack each other. And that was the dark Queen's first and only mistake.

During the conflict a small group of monsters led by Chloe clashed against the mercenaries who managed to turn the tide against her with the help of a sorcerer, the latter reversing the mind-controlled monster against the half-dark elf.

Luckily for her, Claudia and Maia's group happened to march around the area rescuing her in the nick of time. A coincidence? Surely not, but she did not need to be aware of it.

The exhausted Chloe, once all foes had been slain, collapsed, the adrenaline leaving her body and being replaced by fatigue, her body at the mercy of Celestine's inner circle.

Sneaking her into the High Queen's fortress straight to the Celestine's chamber had sealed her fate. The poor virgin at the time was shown a world of lust and passion that she would have never been able to experience as Origa's charge. The one week that she spent with the High Queen and her servants was a life-changing experience. Day in day out, she had been balls-deep inside the Queen, at first fucking her as if she hated her, which had been the case at the time, and tasting every inch of her body.

Whenever she had been exhausted by their shagging, Celestine would use her magic to replenish her energy, never letting her have a moment of rest, body and mind entirely consumed by Celestine and only her. By the third day she was begging for mercy, the room filled with the stench of their activity, the platinum blond Queen riding the mentally spent soldier, milking her dry.

However, the fourth and fifth day, she had been left alone by the Queen: no touch, no talk, she did not even catch a glimpse of her. She was relieved at first, not having to be subject to what she considered to be "rape". That is.. until the end of the fourth day.

As much as she hated it, she could not sleep a wink, her mind going back to the unworldly experience that she had with the Queen. She hated to admit that despite everything, she liked it, all of it. Her body longed for Celestine, for her luscious lips, bouncy tits and perfect butt. This night marked the first night that she jerked herself off while thinking of someone other than Origa.

Sadly, it was not enough. It was never enough. Having tasted the forbidden fruit there was no turning back, she needed to taste the real thing or else she would go crazy.

The following day she had been a mess, laying on the bed playing with her cock she pitifully looked at the door, desperately hoping for Celestine to walk in the room; but her wish went unanswered as she fell asleep later on the day with her hard on still in place, sweat running down her body.

The morning of the sixth day she groggily woke up, feeling the soft flesh against her neck and a hand caressing her face. As soon as her mind registered her position her eyes were wide opened, gazing up at loving green eyes. Her head was positioned on the lap of the woman that she should hate but could not help but lust after. Tears of joy streamed down her face, as Celestine leaned down, plump lips enlacing her own in a delicate kiss that Chloe tried to deepen in vain as Celestine pulled back.

Days of lust, however would not let it happen. Wrapped her arms around her partner's head, she mashed their lips anew in a heated French kiss, Chloe initiating a kiss on her own for the first time.

At this particular moment, the soldier experienced such passionate feelings, hatred forgotten she filled Celestine's baby chamber to the brim numerous times, marking her territory and leaving love bites wherever she could. Worshiping her body from head to toe like a devoted lover would. She had realised that Celestine had become her drug and she would not be able to live without her.

When she woke up the next day, she felt numerous sensations simultaneously: Lips upon her breast, other trailing kisses upon her body, slurping sound coming from lower on her body. She awoke startled, surrounded by beauty of all kinds all bringing her to a blissful orgasm in no time.

Her first load released, she shakily straightened herself to search for Celestine. If she was at first disturbed by the Queen's attendees feeling her up, the sight that greet her had an unexpected effect on her libido.

There she was, the Queen sitting on the sofa next to the bed, legs spread, a puddle of cum on the floor, Claudia, the esteemed general, on her knees between said legs eating her out. Maia, the last Princess Knight, sitting next to Celestine, a finger tilting her head to the side, feverishly making out with her, a thick boner between her legs coated in juice and saliva.

She had not expected this show to turn her on that much, but she was hypnotized. Her cock, which had just released her seed, throbbed with need, hefty globs of precum falling down from her length to the delight of Celestine's giggling maid.

Celestine, feeling her stare, did not stop the spit exchange. Looking at her sideways, she moved her finger in a come-hither motion which Chloe automatically replied to.

Disengaging from the servant, she crawled to her Queen's position, not seeing anything but the goddess in front of her. Sensing her arrival, Claudia removed herself from Celestine's snatch a smirk on her face as she observed the fallen soldier on all four looking at her Queen with unaltered love in her cloudy eyes.

As Chloe was nearing her destination, Celestine's hand lowered to her dripping cunt, two fingers expertly spreading it open, semen still leaking from it. If it bothered Origa's former right hand it did not show, as she plunge right into it, feverishly eating her out.

Their tool to obtain victory was attained and it was only a matter a time before the war came to an end. Maid and princess knight basked the tainted elf in passion, bringing her to the brink of insanity. By the end of the night there was no more doubt in the dark elf mind. She would be Celestine's spy, her lost love long forgotten. Such was Celestine's charm; years of undying love and blinded devotion shattered in the span of a week.

Following her departure, everything happened quickly: the Kuroinu being defeated, Chloe's leaking information leading to their downfall and there she was now having taken refuge in the Queen's chamber, her dark skin still slightly wet. It was the first time that the two of them had met since the event of the truce.

Advancing into the room, Chloe finally took notice of Celestine's presence, a breathtaking smile appearing on her face, the towel long discarded, she crossed the distance in a flash and had her lips sealed against her Queen in an amorous kiss, Celestia's plump ass resting against the mirror for support.

Chloe was like a possessed woman, her tongue exploring every single corner of Celestine's mouth, unabashedly sucking her tongue with her partner all too happy to let her do as she please.

Yet it was not enough months of pent up lust clouded her mind. While maintaining the kiss, , she freed the massive breast that she so desperately sought after, gripping each one of them to the point of leaving marks.

She was so lost in lust that she did not noticed soft hand seizing her lengthy cock, leisurely jerking her off while the other went straight for her vulva. The surprise assault broke her out of her trance, eyes opened in surprise looking straight at calm green pupils.

Expert hands played with her most sensitive part like a finely tuned instrument. Simultaneous assault promptly heating up her core, backed up semen building up to her balls and sending them straight to her erect phallus. She was close and she would not trade the upcoming release for nothing else in the world.

If she thought that no orgasm could be greater than the one, she experienced during the truce, she was sorely mistaken. With a final jerk from the Queen, she climaxed. Eyes rolled to the back of her head, arms now laid limp by her side, spurt after spurt of thick cum splattered bellow Celestine's chest and stomach for a full minute. The young woman moaned in delight swallowed by her beloved mouth.

The female ruler took pleasure in looking at Chloe's loss of composure and did not release her hold on said cock. Though, her nipples stiffening and cunt twitching in need, her skillful hand job went on even after the cock went flaccid.

The warrior looked up at the female sovereign a blush, a little ashamed by her premature orgasm, until she was addressed, soft penis still between Celestine's hand.

"I was thinking about you today while giving my speech" She began "Thinking of the last time that we met, how hard you made me cum. Nobody has ever fucked me like you do" She pecked her on the cheek before moving to her ears whispering. "I missed your cock so bad; do you know how wet I am right now?"

Chloe's breath hitched at the words, pupils darkening anew, blood pumping in her dick. Small pant of excitement colliding against the ruler bare shoulders. A husky moan echoed right next to her ear, short circuiting all rational thought from her brain at once, only the primal desire to mate remaining

"I love holding your cock and feeling it get hard in my hands." With her unoccupied hand, she took Chloe's bringing it to her honeypot. "This pussy is yours, whenever you want it." A smile on her lips before going for the kill. "Make me your bitch. Give me every single drop, breed me."

As the final words left her mouth, Chloe took hold of one of her legs and shoved the whole length of the futa cock deep inside her tight cunt, a long and throaty moan escaped the Queen's mouth. Celestia's normally refined face nowhere to be found, her eyed closed in bliss, back arching and pressing her massive bust in her lover's face a satisfied smile on her face.

She had no moment to rest before Chloe pulled back, pussy walls tightening against the foreign object like a vice, before hilting herself deep inside the Queen in one go. Celestia's whole body shook from the impact, chest bouncing. At first, the movement was slow but powerful, the knight putting her whole weight behind each thrust. Each pounding taking the breath out of the MILF.

Female juiced dripped down the female sovereign's pussy, creamy glob splattered against the cold floor, toes curling from pleasure.

Yet, Chloe had only begun. Her darkened eyes fixed on her mistress's expression. Her humping builds up in speed, becoming almost frantic the sound of Celestine's cry of pleasure filled her ears, wet smack echoing throughout the room. Looking at the blond-haired woman's visage contorted in pleasure, tongue darting out of her mouth, Chloe could not resist the sight and mashed her lips against the sinful organ sucking it for all it's worth.

Celestine's saliva was like a sweet nectar, an aphrodisiac that you could never get away from.

She could not believe that she managed to live away from this nymph for so long. She was completely smitten and would do anything to be by her side.

This pussy fitted her like a glove, every single fold from the twat massaged her to perfection, each movement a battle against herself to delay the approaching orgasm. A battle that she was currently losing.

The dark elf balls were now swollen, a new fresh load of sperm ready for release. She was lost in passion, completely focused on screwing the hell out of the Queen. While everyone was out celebrating, here she was balls deep inside their hero, ready to impregnate her with their next heir. The thought of it was exhilarating.


So lost in the moment that she did not hear Celestine words the first time. Not stopping in the least, she looked at the well-fucked woman in question.

Celestine usually pale body was now painted with a thin layer of sweat, trying to speak through the violent pounding, green eyes practically dark with lust.

"dee..per, fuck me deeper!"

Taking those words as a challenge to her ability, she reacted as one, dropping down the leg previously held, she pulled back momentarily, her phallus glistening with thick juice. Turning the older woman around who was now faced with her own reflection, her breast smashed against the mirror and leg opened wide.

Chloe was immediately upon her, dark skin against pressed upon lighter one, before resuming the furious paced, each vicious thrust sending a ripple to the Queen's bubble butt.

Her hands now free, she took advantage of the situation, taking a fistful of blond hair with her finger, she harshly pulled it back, Celestine's face now facing the ceiling, a scream of pained mixed with pleasure echoing in the room. Chloe's mouth was immediately upon the long untainted neck, marking it with various hickey and bite marks.

Though, the change in position allows her to last a little longer, this time she feared that she would not be able to restrain herself. Her fem cock swollen, hips putting in the last vicious thrust before her orgasm was ineluctable.

Hilting herself deep onto the throbbing snatch, she tried to pull back for one last final smash when she found herself unable to move. Celestine's wall had wrapped itself like a vacuum around her cock, not letting her move a single inch. As she tried to force her way back, she heard a single sentence, an order, which made her come undone

"Come for me."

Her body was on autopilot, dumping load after load of thick baby batter straight onto the eager hole. Whether she wants it or not she was milked dry by Celestine inner's wall. The latter convulsed with each stream of cum, a throaty howl resounding through the room spurring more and more sperm out of her lover. Sticky cream erupted from the Queen's trap like a waterfall, the creamy substance mixed with semen.

Chloe's orgasm seems to stretch on forever, she lost track on time after a minute. The vice like grip finally uncoiling, she finally pulled back from Celestine's hole, the younger girl panting after the intense effort, falling behind on her ass in exhaustion.

While resting, she did not hear her mistress approaching on all four, only looking at her target who was now laying limply on the dark elf's thigh.

She was pushed to the carpeted floor as the Queen took hold of her member, licking the underside of said appendage.

Craning her neck to look down at Celestine, she had a beautiful mirror view of her fluid leaking down her lover snatch in thick glob, said woman looking at her with a look that she recognized all too well.

"Remember? .drop."

A smile danced across Chloe's face.

It was good to be back.

************Brand new era*************

Hours later, a semen covered Celestine rose from the bed, looking down at a passed-out Chloe. She did not bother cleaning herself up, sperm was like a second skin to her. Nearing the mirror, she placed her hand on the glass channelling her magic onto it as a magical portal opened.

Entering the portal which automatically closed itself, she entered a simple room with a direct view to her chamber. The lone occupant of said chamber glared down at her with all the malice of the world.

Unaffected by the look, she advanced into the room looking straight into the eyes of her esteemed guest, who was attached to many magical chains.

"So, did you enjoy the show?" She began, her voice teasing "My dear Origa"