I stared at my phone as I watch Issei and his friends fight against Sairaorg and his peerage in the rating game. Right now I am on the part where Issei gains a new power to beat Sairaorg, Well this is getting exciting but I have to stop now since it is 10 pm right now, and if I extend more mom will surely be angry at me again... "sigh" well... I still have my phone so I can continue to watch it but... fuck it, I am going to watch it even though I can't read the stories I plan to read later.

As I stand up from my chair to plug out the chords of my computer I suddenly feel a headache all of the sudden.

"I think I stared at my computer too much and now I have to deal with this. Just great!", I just sit down again and rub my eyes, Maybe I can take a nap for a while and I laid my arms on the computer and put my head there.

Why I suddenly feel like I am floating on something? I try to wake up but... my eyes... doesn't feel right and it won't open up! I am now starting to panic now, so I calm myself down and think logically maybe I have an eye booger again that prevents on opening my eyes so I tried to move my hands to forcefully open it and... it doesn't feel right to and it is harder to move!

I also feel a strange liquid in my surroundings maybe it's water? but... how the hell happened to me? I am just previously sleeping in my computer and this happens! ahh! I try again to move my body but this time all the parts I can move but in the end it is still the same result, it is harder to move and strange...

After this moment I tried everything I can think on and tried and tried and tried until I just gave up since as it continues on, I am started to felt emotions such as panic, fear, sadness, and new emotions like hopelessness. It didn't last long though but most of the time now I feel bored to death.

Thankfully, I have my mind and creativity so I started to think of ideas for a story or recall memories of the past to distract myself but alas I can't think of anything now, so I just don't do anything and clear my mind and just do nothing for a long amount of time. I just stared at the darkness that surrounds me as I float to his strange liquid.

It is a unique experience for me as I couldn't imagine that I can even do this since I am always being distracted by something or think in my mind. Until something happened that broke my ignorance, the place I am in is shaking but it is a very short one like it was here ad then gone as it started but it is enough for me to start to think again.

what was that? I question myself and so my mind started to think of answers and questions again after being not used for so long.

After that, I slowly regain myself since I am just doing nothing and try to do something again so after a long time of not moving my limbs and failing so many times in the past this times I am going to make sure that I will try my hardest to at least find a clue what going on and I am filled with hope. After some time of moving my arms and legs, I feel something touching one of my hands so I try to locate it and place my other hand in the strange object I am touching.

It feels slimy, yuck. well, I tried to where it is connected but it seems like I can't feel its starting point but I tried to shake, wiggle, and other things but I just stop and tried to find the other end of it. I feel something touching my hands on the bottom and I let go of the thing. I touch it and it seems like that weird rope thing is attached to me so if that true then I try to move my hands on myself now...

I have a suspicion so I tried to swim and I felt something on my back a... thing! I want to move around but I can't so I just use my hands to touch it and now I am having a question that I didn't think about... Am I reincarnated as a baby?!

Now that I have evidenced I just have to wait until I'm born but I am also feeling worried about many things like what happened to me when I am sleeping in the past that reincarnated as a baby? what is the cause of my death? what is my gender now? what I will gonna do in the future? what happens to my parents in my past life now? and etc.

... after those questions, I try to calm myself and try to be optimistic. So as wait I try to count the time to distract myself as I wait for my birth

Authors note

this story is the remake of the original one which let's just say... a mess. Also I have a terrible grammar and such, so that all for now and have a good day