Another week had passed again...

Anyway, we are at some kind of a funeral of someone and it's probably an important person to my mother since I can see her face full of sadness and she is crying.

I can't see the face of the person since I am being carried while I can't rotate my head to see until we get close and my mother changes my position so I can see... her...

She has long blue hair that reaches her waist and brown eyes. she has white skin that is typical in Europe and a body that is both fit and sexy at the same time, Damn, she is beautiful at the same rank as my mother... also I feel strange at her?

Also, rest in peace whatever you are in now.

We stay there until she gets buried and we left as it is getting dark now.

I also see many strange people that are at the funeral like that 2-meter elderly man. He has white hair and his face has wrinkles on it; similar to that of a normal elderly. Although he is already old, his body is that of an extremely muscular man. He has a thick neck, thick chest, thick arms, and legs, and he is also wearing priest clothes too. He is like a Jojo character and I am sure not to mess with him when I meet him up in the future.

also a there handsome young boy with blond hair, green eyes, he is like those handsome boys in the anime that will turn more handsome when they grow up as an adult.

I think I saw a strange figure with white robs talking to someone and when I blink it's gone, it is a weird day for me?

Well, let's stop thinking about it since I am getting sleepy... hmmm weird, I am now seeing that lady in the funeral dressed I white and omitting a strange white aura to her, she looks at me with happiness and content.

She is speaking something but I am getting sleepy now, well whatever I am sleeping with now.

as I fall asleep, I did hear the lady's voice," Goodbye now Xenovia, don't worry I am watching even though I am dead I will watch you and wait for you until we meet again goodbye.", and she kisses me in the forehead.

That night I have a good sleep.

What is special about me, you, or many people in the world? Well, to be honest, I don't know myself because I am just an ordinary person. It is a question most people are curious about to answer, Each of us has our own opinion on that question. Religions and Philosophers tried to answer that but in the end it also just their own opinion.

I mean, to be serious most of our lives are have something in common with them like you probably experience writing your own story in your past or something like that happens to you. There is always something in common between each people either their personalities or their hobbies in life so at the end of it all what is special about you? maybe you're thinking about you are great at something but there is a possibility that other people can do it, if not people in the past can do it that you're great at the beginning with.

Now you're probably thinking that I criticize too much the opinions of others but, in truth, I just criticize that question. Do we have our own opinion on what is special about us? For me... maybe myself being weird... well that was an unexpected answer coming from me but it just one of my aspects that make me special, other than those I am pretty normal.

...But why do I ask the question to you all? well, I am having a right now because my life had been shattered a few moments ago...

When I discover what world I am reincarnated as and who am I now.

I am right now in my room, this past few year is the most laziness experience I have in my whole life. back when I was a baby I was doing nothing I was being taken care of by my mother.

most of the time I find it amusing that some people wanted to be isekai-ed in another world that they didn't even know. They constantly fantasize about themselves as some kind of a prophecy child like those of fiction such as Naruto from Naruto series, Aang from Avatar, or King Arthur Pendragon from the Arthurian legends. When you look at most isekai stories there are always overpowered and nothing in that universe can stop them, but thankfully there are some that never follows this rule like making their character so weak that the protagonist is in constant danger of being dead(Re: zero) or they are just like the normal people from those worlds and have to work hard to be more powerful(Konosuba), If I say so myself I can understand there feeling living in this cruel world of ours.

I am just like them but I accept and embrace the life I was given in this world, even if it is normal and boring. The isekai genre has actually had so much potential for world-building and character development yet it is full of stories that look like badly written fanfics, but I still watch those shows because I am an isekai trash who loves to watch them. It is really hard to find a good one among the bad ones.

Anyway enough of my self-thoughts since I am just really bored and keep talking to myself.

Right now I am planning to explore the surroundings of the house so I could recognize its structure. I can't really do much until I am able to walk but it is still limited in the house and since my mother isn't here and taking care of something I can do whatever I want until she comes back home later and it is Saturday so there is no school.

I found out that I am in Italy in the year 1990. It confirms that I am in the past but the weird thing is that... I have freaking blue hair!

I thought that I am some kind of a protagonist since these kinds of hair are only in fiction but reality disappoints me I don't have any "special power" that is unique to me but... magic is a real thing here immediately.

Also, my mother's name is Griselda Quarta, she is now 27 now and she doesn't really look like me at all which gives me a suspicion that I am adopted or something but I need more information plus there is a possibility that one of my parents ancestor have blue hair too...


You got to be kidding me! I am in Highschool DxD!