Chapter 1

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Looking through the window of the penthouse that her parents rented, nearly 10 years old Momo Yaoyorozu blew a raspberry out of frustration. This whole journey to the Los Angeles was her mother's idea, to spent more time with their daughter, but the Yaoyorozu Enterprises never rests and the two adults had to return to work.

In only 4 days the raven haired girl would be 10 year old and the only thing she wanted was to spend her birthday with her family, instead she was like a prisoner in the high end suit, under the watchful eye of the old butler of the family.

Old Edward had a set of white hair, a nicely trimmed beard, and was now napping in the corner of the room, probably from jet lag.

Taking the opportunity that presented itself, the young girl silently made her way to the doors of the apartment. Taking her boots in one hand and her small purse in the other, not making to much sound Momo slowly opened the door and sneaked out with a mischievous smile on her face.

Putting on her shoes in the elevator, she made sure that her small black purse had her credit card, a present on her 9 birthday. She never had any occasion to use it really, always going with her parent's employees and with bodyguards. With a beaming smile she started making her way out of the building.

"Excuse me, young lady. Do you have any guardians with you? You shouldn't go around by yourself." One of the hotel workers called out to her, causing the raven haired girl to stiffen under the gaze of the adult.

"My father is waiting for me in the limousine, I just forgot my purse." She said, lifting the small pouch showing it as a proof. A bit of cold sweat started to go down her back for laying to the man, but after few seconds he just smiled to her and wished her good day.

With a smidgen of guilt for laying, she strode of into the bustling city with wonder and happiness in her eyes.

Slowly making her way thru a promenade with a lot of shops and stand she didn't even know what to start with. After an hour of looking around the colorful displays the raven haired girl went into one of the bakeries that caught her eyes. She quickly scanned the confectioneries and decided on a simple but tasty looking strawberry cake. The man behind the counter had to ask three times if she really wanted the whole thing. With a big mug of tea and a look of bliss, she nearly inhaled the whole pastry causing the people around to look at her with disbelief.

Her quirk was something she deeply loved, it enabled her to create whatever she could imagine and knew how it was made. But the other side was something that not a lot of people would know about. Needing a lot of fuel, in this case the lipids, her body adapted and modified, causing it to compress more weight into a smaller package. Even with her slim body and the proper height of around 140 cm, she was weighting around 90 kg, nearly triple the normal weight of a girl her age. Going with that, her skeletal structure was stronger to support all of it, and her muscles were much stronger causing her to look like a normal girl her age to a normal bystander.

Wiping her lips with a napkin, She drank her tea with a smile so bright it made the rest of the people present smile as well. Exiting the bakery with a happy skip in her step she decided that it would be wise to go back to the penthouse, if she was lucky the old Edward would still be asleep and her little excursion would go unnoticed by anyone.

Humming a melody from one of the cartoons she watched a few days ago, Momo Yaoyorozu strode in the direction of her rented home, not knowing about the events unfolding around her.


Observing the little girl go about from afar, a man in casual attire reported to his leader. "The little Missy is going back in the direction of her home, it's our window to capture her now." He whispered to a cellphone he was using.

"A team is on its way, contact in 20 seconds. Blend in and report." A raspy voice sounded from the other side of the phone.

The man didn't respond, just watched the events unfolding before him. When the raven haired girl stopped at a crossroad to wait for the green light, a non-descriptive grey van skidded to a halt before her, two men with mutation quirks jumped out and snagged her from the shocked group of people. The small girl resisted with surprising amount of strength, screaming for help and trying to escape her captors. They jumped back into the car, with tires smoking and squealing as they speed off. A commotion broke out, people dialing police and some of them even started to call for a hero.

Turning around, the man smiled and started to casually walk away. " The package was sent without a problem, all of the spectators didn't do anything to stop it." He said to the person on the other side of his phone.

"Typical, with the brainwashing they receive every day it was to be expected that they would just wait for a hero. So many powerful people shackled with the laws of the weak. You did good, return to your normal life for now, the M.L.A. will call for you when needed." With those words, the telephone disconnected. Happy that he managed to do his part, the man walked back home to his wife and kids feeling as if he secured their futures a little bit more.


Kicking and calling for help, little Momo tried her best to resist her captors, but soon after she was dragged into the car a stinging pain ran thru her face. Getting slapped so hard that her vision swam she stopped her fight for a few seconds, but that was all her captors needed to restrain her with heavy and thick cuffs, simultaneously silencing her with a piece of tape.

A sudden feeling of wrongness encompassed the young girl, when the heavy bracelets clicked shut on her arms. Trying to use her quirk to fight back, an electric shock ran thru her body. She started to sob and cry from the pain and fear, curling into a ball on the floor.

"Damn that little bitch is heavier and stronger than she looks. I'm gone need some ice packs when we get to the base." One of the two men that captured her spoke in a heavy accent, not familiar to the raven haired girl.

"Shame she's so young, we could have some fun on the way back." The other one said, seating himself opposite Momo and looking at her in a way that sent only more shivers down her spine, causing her to back up into the corner and cry more.

"Your do anytime funny and I'm gonna to rip your head off myself." The driver suddenly said, getting the attention of everyone. "The top wants her unscathed, and I'm not gonna let it slide personally too. If you want to stick a dick into soemthing i suggest a blender you pedophile." A dangerous glint could be seen in the eyes of the woman driving the vehicle.

"Don't be so rough on him babe, I'm sure he will behave." The guy from before said, visibly starting to sweat. He started to gesture to the man beside him to follow with something.

"Yea, I said that i would want her older. I may be fucked up but not in that way, jeez..." The man relented, seating himself more comfortable.

"That's good. Give her this, we don't need her to make a scene on the way." Saying that, the woman reached back to them with an automatic syringe.

Seeing that, Momo tried to resist with even more fear in her eyes. With the two men holding her down, she couldn't do anything as she felt a slight stinging sensation on her arm and everything went dark.


"What do you mean you can't find her!" Pacing around the penthouse, Takahashi Yaoyorozu was boiling in rage and fear. His wife was crying a river on the coach and the old butler was prostrating himself before them both from shame that he allowed for the small Yaoyorozu to sneak out.

"I'm sorry sir, but the trail ended a few blocks from the place she was kidnapped. The van they were driving just disappeared into an underground garage, we sent a team but it was empty when they arrived." A male voice from the other side of the phone reported.

"We shouldn't go to that meeting, this trip was for her. We should have stayed with her when she asked us to." Meiya Yaoyorozu said weeping into a tissue, a box of them already nearly empty beside her.

"We came here for her 10 birthday, and instead we went to a last minute business deal. We are terrible parents!" The downward spiral of the distressed mother continued until a bell to their penthouse sounded.

Their butler shot to his feet and went to open the door. After a few seconds the older man returned with their guests in tow.

"Takahashi, Meiya how can I help?" David Shield, a man in his thirties with short brown hair and a goatee asked immediately after entering the room. His daughter, Melissa in tow behind him with a distressed look immediately went to her Aunt who started to cling to the young girl, silently sobbing.

"David... I don't know what to do, they just disappeared into thin air. Trackers on her are inactive otherwise we would find her immediately." Takahashi said to his college friend.

"They either knew about them and destroyed every single one of them, are shielded with a quirk or are somewhere underground where the transceivers can't send out a signal." The world class scientist analyzed the situation in a blink of an eye. He would call for his friend Toshinori but it wasn't possible right now. The strongest hero on earth was investigating something in the Death Valley National Park together with his mentor and sidekick.

"Don't worry, we will think something out." The brown haired man said, gripping his black haired friend's shoulder reassuringly.


"Wake up Sunshine. It's time to work." A gruff voice woke Momo up from her slumber. She groggily lifted her head from her arms feeling the unnatural stiffness in her limbs. Blinking a few times she felt the fear and panic crawling back up her spine, seeing she was in a concrete room taken straight out from a pre-quirk era war movie that her father liked to watch.

A rather short man with a messy blond head and a lot of piercings on his face was glaring at her. "Get the fuck up you little shit, Boss wants to meet you." He barked at her, ordering her to move.

Still scared she tried to stand up, but her hands were still bound by the massive cuffs, now taking a glance at them, the little girl nearly gasped seeing a Yaoyorozu Enterprises logo on them. It was one of the older model of her parent's quirk suppressing handcuffs for prisoner transport.

"I said, move!" Her captor shouted causing the raven haired child to flinch.

" I... I can't, those are to heavy..." She half lied, trying to get out of the device.

Eyeing her for a few seconds, the blonde man clicked his tongue and took out a key-ring flicking thru a few of the keys. "If you try anything i will beat you up brat. I know your meta ability produces light when activated so don't even think of anything funny." He said taking the big bracelets from her hands.

Momo massaged her stiff arms a bit, walking out of her cell room directed by her gruff guard. The man followed after her, barking a few orders when she had to take a turn. Her gaze wandered all around taking in her surrounding, looking for a way to escape.

They walked thru the corridors for a few minutes. There were no windows or doors to the outside, only concrete walls and passages. The raven haired girl quickly came to a conclusion that she was underground, probably in some old military installation. With the corner of her eye she saw an opportunity, a caved in tunnel with a small opening just enough for her to squeeze thru.

After walking for a couple minutes more, the two arrived in a big room with a lot of old fashioned monitors, some of them even still working. In the middle of the room sat a stout, bald man smoking a cigar. Spotting the young girl his face twisted into an ugly smile, sending another shiver down her spine.

"Ah the young princess of creation, Momo Yaoyorozu herself. I hope that the accommodation are to your liking? You will be spending there quite a lot of time." He said laughing from his own joke. Momo stayed silent, playing with her hands in front of herself visibly stressed and uncomfortable.

"Come seat with me, my name is Raza and I'm the leader here. I know your quirk needs you to eat a lot, you will be using it on a large scale in the near future so best for you if you stock up." He said, still with this sick smile of his, in a tone not ulike an uncle to his niece.

The young girl meekly sat opposite the man, and slowly started to eat. She didn't intend to play by the rules set for her, but if her captors wanted to give her more means of escape then she wouldn't complain. They didn't need to know that her body was much more efficient than others thanks to her quirk, when she would escape into that tunnel she would be able to survive for weeks without food.

"Good girl. Do you know what palladium is?" Raza complemented her like a dog, asking a question. The young girl shook her head, but she did in fact know about it, she created the radioactive isotope a few times on I-island for uncle David, but that vile man didn't need to know that.

"We can do something about that, one of our scientists will teach you everything you will need. For now eat and rest, you will help make the future of every meta human in the world." Saying his piece, Raza stood up and went out of the room leaving the raven haired girl to eat.

After half an hour, feeling that her stomach was full even with her incredible metabolism, Momo asked to go to the toilet. Her guard clearly wasn't the brightest, allowing her to go by herself. With luck being on her side, the restrooms were only a few meters away from the collapsed tunnel, making her plan even easier to execute.

Exiting the bathroom, the raven haired girl saw her guard who was impatiently waiting for her. "What took you so fucking long? Hurry up!" He said turning his back to her and stating to lead back to the cell.

The young girl couldn't believe her luck with how stupid and incompetent that man was. Sneaking up to him, not hesitating for even a second she did what her mother instructed her to do in such situations. With all her strength that the small augmented body could produce she kicked her guard in the groin, causing him to freeze up and crumble to the ground with foam going out of his mouth. Just for a good measure she jabbed the small taser into his side and relesed the electrical current, making the man spasm about. If that man was still conscious after the kick, now he was out cold.

Not wasting a second, Momo immediately ran to the caved in passage and started to crawl on her belly to squeeze thru. A bit of fear started to make it's way into her mind that it was a dead end, when at last ,after around 15 minutes she managed to get to the other side.

There was no power in the passage ahead, causing everything to be bathed in darkness. Using her power, the ravenette created a high powered flashlight and started to swiftly move forward, trying to create as much distance between herself and her kidnappers as it was possible.

Walking for what felt like hours, she arrived at the end of the tunnel. Massive blast doors with a warning to not bring any electrical equipment inside greeted her. Not to keen on leaving her only source of light behind, she decided to ignore the signs and squeezed through the gap that was at the side. Whoever left this place clearly did that in a hurry because the giant door was left slight open.

Beyond the surprisingly thick gate there was only a few things. A big area with tables and an ancient looking computer with a power generator to the side of it, a few blackboards with scribbles on them, and in the center was a huge orange cage. When she walked a bit closer she recognized the contraption as something she learned about in physics lessons. A Faraday Cage big enough to fit a small house inside was before her, on the doors to it again was a warning to remove any electrical devices or their power sources from the bunker before opening the cage.

As a really responsible nearly 10 year old young lady, Momo decided to totally ignore the warnings wanting to find a way out of underground bunker. Finding a wheel near the doors she gave it a spin, slowly the big gate to the cage opened revealing... Another set of doors and even more aggressive warnings about any form of electrical radiation and radio waves to not be used inside. Grumbling to herself about stupid adults and their paranoia about everything, the young girl decided to just open the second set of doors.

After opening them a third of the way, her flashlight suddenly started to dim down and after few seconds died out entirely. Feeling that the whole thing heated up she just tossed it away. Things like that happened from time to time, making a perfect battery was rather difficult for her and she still tried to master that art. Making another one and this time making sure that it was made properly she switched it on and went inside, not bothering to open the door fully.

After only a few seconds she saw something in the middle of the room, gasping in fright. After a few seconds passed and nothing has happened, she let out the breath she subconsciously withheld. With small steps she neared the pedestal in the middle, looking at the form of the person on it.

A young man, boy even, was suspended by chains that were hooked under his arms. At first she thought that he was in a green and black suit of armor, but looking closer the limbs were to narrow to fit anything inside. He had short green hair that were starting to curl and his face was unnaturally smooth, as if made out of porcelain or plastic. His dull green eyes were staring blankly ahead, and instead of ears he had two antennas on the sides of his head. In the center of his chest was a triangular window, with something inside but she couldn't discern what it was. Just as she was starting to inspect intakes on the sides of his torso the flashlight she made started to dim again.

In the darkness of the room a groan of frustration could be heard, and going after the advice of her quirk instructors, she scaled up her creation to make it a bit easier for herself to produce it properly. Just as the light of Creation died out and she was about to switch her new flashlight on, a faint green, irregular flashing caught her eye. Turning to the source, she saw that the eyes of the young man we're dimly flashing green. After few seconds they stopped flashing and stayed on this time, she clearly saw the camera shutter like irises of his expanding to catch more light, and then they snapped to her.

Screaming in fright she switched the over-sized lamp in her hands on, flashing the intense light in his face. The big green eyes looking at her immediately changed to green pinpricks when they reacted to the change in lighting, causing her to be frightened even more. Dropping her light to the ground she sprinted out of the room scared and still screaming her head of in fear.


=Warning! Emergency power only!=

=Hibernation Mode active.=

With this text before him, the young man was encompassed by darkness for a long time now. He didn't remember how he ended up there, or why. He didn't even remember who he was or what the symbols before him meant. His thoughts painfully slow and sluggish, he wasn't able to recall anything. He didn't even know what he was trying to remember, was there something he forgot? Was there anything beyond the darkness anyway?

=Low level energy source detected!=

=Beginning siphoning process. =

Oh, the symbols changed. Was something happening?

=Error. Energy source insufficient for startup.=

=Organic energy source found, do you want to siphon energy from it? =

'No! I can't do that, it will hurt them!' Those words were the first active thought he had. To his relief another set of symbols appeared.

=Another low level energy source detected!=

=Beginning siphoning process.=

With his thoughts clearing up, he now started to recognize the prompts from his meta ability. With more power to spare, his logical circuits started coming to life giving him more processing power than he had in a long time.

=Error! Energy source insufficient for startup.=

=Returning to standby mode. =

Well that sucked, it would be nice to see or hear what was going on around him.

=Orders recognized.=

=Analyze-Adapt-Overcome protocol initiated. =

=Redirecting emergency power. =

=Activating Audio-Visual receptors. =

The first thing he heard was grumbling of a young girl, judging from the higher pitched voice. His eyesight was blurry at the start but after few seconds it regained it's focus. Looking down a bit he saw the face of a young, black haired girl dressed in a red summer dress and black shoes. She was holding an over-sized flashlight, which she proceeded to flash straight into his face. His eyes didn't get blinded thou as they reacted in nanoseconds, the young girl screamed as if she met a madman with an axe in the middle of the woods and ran away, out of his field of vision.

He would follow her further but his main power source was offline, it was a small miracle her was able to use the actuators that moved his eyes. He really hoped that the girl would return, he needed to get moving and... And what?

What was he supposed to do? What was his goal to achieve? He knew it was something extremely important but what it was?

=Warning! Damage to the Central Cortex detected. =

=Atempting to restore. =

=Operation failed. =

=Compensating. =

He saw a few flashes, a woman with long green hair and slim physique. She was telling him something, his mission, his goal. Her form was a bit withered, a few grey hairson her head, her face marred by wrinkles. She was having problems with breathing, nasal cannula was delivering pure oxygen to help her with that.

"... Protect her... Keep her safe..." It was all that he could understand. It was that woman's last words before the heart monitor beside her started to emit a high pitched continuous sound.

The man was certain that if his physiology allowed for it, his eyes would flow with tears of sadness. He felt strange, he didn't remember who this woman was, but he knew that she was one of the most important people in the world.

Who was 'her'? Was she talking about the girl he saw 1 minute 19 seconds ago? He could do that. He only needs to restart his power source and he would be able to keep that girl safe.

= Warning! Arc Reactor core depleted. =

=Backup power depleted. =

=Emergency power at 78%. =

=Nanite storage at 17%. =

Well that didn't look good... Maybe he could use the things that girl left behind...

= Analyzing. =

=Nanite replication possible from the resources found, do you wish to proceed? =

'Well that's a start i guess...'

Looking at the still glowing flashlight, he felt the little robots leave his body and float down to the device on the ground. Like a microscopic locust, the small machines started to disassemble the lamp on a scale much smaller that any technology should allow to, slowly creating more of their brethren and speeding up the process.

Not being able to look around, the green haired bionic man didn't see the young girl peeking from behind the doors to his cell, with a bit of apprehension and a mountain of curiosity at what was happening.


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