Note, parts of the serious when Knuckles rejoins Eggman (except for good reasons) he's going to act and feel like his old self. The episode where he has two plans at once he's going to be with Amy. And won't have a lot of a difference but I'll play around and such. Sonic is going to have a bit of a connection with the Chaos Emeralds to. When they look for them he'll feel them and pain. Only he and Shadow have used them together so I'm having Sonic being a Knuckles repeat, the Guardian of the Seven Chaos Emeralds. I have no idea where this came from but as you can see, a Sonic X rewrite.

New world

1 Chaos Control Freak

Supersonic Hero Appears!

Big and Froggy were asleep under a tree, fishing by a lake. Suddenly he was roused by the sound of an alarm coming from Dr. Eggman's base, which was not too far away.

The tower's floodlights switched on, and several E-30 Laser Tanks made moves to protect the base from Sonic dashing their way. The treaded robots moved outside the gates, promptly closed. As soon as Sonic came into range, the Laser Tanks opened fire. As he nimbly outran the lasers, several turrets fired a hail of rockets at him. The rockets exploded on the ground behind him, who used the Laser Tanks as leverage to leap inside the perimeter of Eggman's base, evading their laser fire as he ran. Several E-12 Behemoth robots activated themselves and, leaping up, cut him off, forcing him to break left. One Behemoth began to chase him.

The Behemoth chased him down a tunnel. There was another Behemoth further down the tunnel, but he ran to the left, causing the two Behemoths to run into each other and explode. On his way out, he accidentally stepped on a spring pad, bouncing him into the air. His body met the fist of a Behemoth sending him flying. Tails and Amy were in the Tornado 2, watching this.

"Sonic!" Tails said.

The Tornado swooped down, but took a few hits by the turrets. Amy cringed at the hits, then saw the Tornado was on fire.

"What are we gonna do?!" she asked.

"We're gonna save Sonic!" he said and pulled a lever next to him.

Then the Tornado launched a rocket then sped toward the falling Sonic, and its tip broke off with a Power Ring. It fell in the same area that Sonic was falling. A moment later, there was a bright flash, and Sonic barreled back toward the base. Then he spun right into the Laser Tanks, destroying them on the spot and sliced through two Behemoths. A third Behemoth tried to pin him down, but was uppercut when he flew up from underneath it. He broke through one of the tower's lights and entered the base. Meanwhile, Tails prepared for a crash landing.

"Hang on, Amy!" he said and the Tornado bounced a few times.

Amy's eyes widened in horror, as there was a massive rock in their path.

"We're gonna crash!" she said.

"I know!"

Suddenly a spiked fist punched through the rock, shattering it completely. The plane safely skid to a stop and Tails looked up to see who saved them and gasped.


"Hmph." Knuckles said.


"What's the matter with him?" Amy asked.

Knuckles' gaze was fixed on Eggman's base. Smoke rose from the robots that Sonic had destroyed.

"Overkill, just like always." he said.

'What is he doing?' he wondered.

At Eggman's base the base was undergoing lock down and all of the interior doors were closing.

At the control room Decoe and Bocoe were looking at a radar. Decoe then turned toward him.

"Dr. Eggman, the facility is on 100% lock down." he said.

"Why does that cursed Sonic always get in my way?" Eggman asked.

Cream was trapped inside a glass sphere with her friend Cheese.

"He doesn't get in your way, Dr. Eggman. Sonic just tries to stop you from doing all the bad things you like to do." Cream said.

"Chao chao..." Cheese said.

"Oh, is that so?" he asked and held up a red Chaos Emerald. "When I put this last Chaos Emerald into this machine, my machine will have limitless power! Well, it's too late to stop me this time. Once I insert the last Chaos Emerald, my energy amplifier will be invincible."

"But you can't do that!" Cream he said. "You know it can hurt Sonic!"

"Chao chao chao!" Cheese said.

Rouge was perched on an overhead ledge, taking in the scene.

"That's right! Sonic won't let you get away with this!" Cream said.

"Hahahahaha! You're wrong, Creamy-dreamy! Hahahahaha! He can't stop- Gah!" Eggman said.

Then Sonic broke through the wall, startling Eggman.

"Sonic!" Cream said.

"Chao!" Cheese said.

"Sonic..." Eggman said and look of surprise changed to an evil grin. "Too late."

Then he placed the Chaos Emerald into a slot in the machine, closed the hatch, and pressed various buttons. Then he held up an activation button.

"Hahaha! All I have to do is push this little button. Hahahaha!"

"Yeah. If you can push it before I grab it." Sonic said.

Eggman cringed, then smiled in delight as an E-13 Guardbot appeared behind Sonic.

"Why don't you give it a try?"

The Guardbot fired at Sonic, who escaped its lasers with ease.

"Catch me! Heheheh!" he said.

"Get him! Get him! Don't let him get away!"

Rouge cringed as stray lasers hit near her hiding spot.

"That's it! Fire, fire, fire! Stop him no matter what!"

But Sonic landed right in front of Eggman just as Guardbot was turning towards them.

"Whaaa! No! Hold your fire!" Eggman said.

Sonic leaped out of the way just as Guardbot began firing, forcing Eggman to duck. When the torrent of firepower ended, he stood up and reached for the switch.

"I'm pushing the switch! Ha! Here we go!" Eggman said and pressed the button, but the machine was crackling and riddled with laser holes. "Whaa? What have you done?!" he asked surprised.

"What the...?!" Decoe started.

Everyone looked on as a strange energy build inside the machine. Then suddenly, a massive field of light spawned from the machine and pulsated outward, enveloping everything and everyone in its brightness. It escaped the base and kept growing outward. Even Tails, Amy, and Knuckles noticed it.

"What... is that?" Amy asked.

"It used to be Chaos Control." Knuckles said.

The light continued to move outward, enveloping the three onlookers and even Big.

Somewhere else Sonic woke up in complete darkness. Then he sat up and rubbed his head.

"Man, I must have passed out or something..." Sonic said then saw two bright lights heading right toward him. "Whoa!" he said and fled just as the lights were about to collide with him.

Then he noticed another pair of lights coming his way and realized his surroundings. There was a car right in front of him, complete with a surprised driver. Sonic gaped realizing he was surrounded by vehicles in the center of a four-way intersection. Then he realized he was in the midst of a city.

'Where am I?' he wondered.

Even the people couldn't help but stare.

"What are they? What are they all starin' at?"

The drivers began to get impatient.

"What is this, Halloween?!" a truck driver asked.

Two police officers began approaching Sonic.

"So they can talk..." Sonic said.

"What is that thing?" Police officer 1 asked.

"Looks like a big hedgehog!" Police officer 2 said.

"Too big. A blue hedgehog?"

"Of all darn things to throw it out in a place like this. Well, whatever it is, we'd better get it out of here." Police Officer 2 said and bent down to Sonic's level. "Hey, buddy, want a ride with us down to the station?"

"Won't it bite? Should I call for backup?"

"I have three kitty cats at home. I think I can handle this little fella." Police Officer 2 said and began coaxing Sonic. "Come on..."

"See that? That thing's got an attitude. A bad one!"

Then Police Officer 2 got serious.

"Yeah? Well he won't get away from me!" he said and tried to pounce on Sonic, but he quickly sidestepped. "Wha? Huh?"

Police Officer 1 reached for his billy club.

"Why you little-" he said but a third officer stopped him.

"I tink we can handle this without gettin' rough." officer 3 said.

"Yes, but sir-" officer 1 said.

"Duffy, get behind him." officer 3 said to another officer.

"Yes, sir!" another officer said.

Sonic found himself surrounded by police officers.

"All right, den, is everybody ready? ... Let's do it!"

All the officers pounced on Sonic's location.

"Okay, Sarge, I think I got his leg!" officer 2 said.

"I got him around the neck, Sarge!" another police officer said.

"All right, let's pull him out at the count of three. One, two, three!" officer 3 said.

All the officers pulled in reality pulling on each other, sending them into a spin, making them dizzy. Sonic, was sitting on top of a car, watching them.

"You idiot! That's my leg... Let go of me." a police officer said.

Sonic shrugged then a net was plopped over his head.

"Don't worry, Sarge, I got him!" a police officer said and Sonic took off running, dragging him with him. "Get him!"

All the officers grabbed the net, and were dragged. Pedestrians and drivers stared in shock. Then a police car drove up.

"What?" he said.

The police car screeched to a halt as Sonic leapt over it, freeing himself of the net. With nowhere else to go, the officers grabbing the net were slammed and squeezed into the car. Police Officer 3 picked up a radio.

"Attention all units! Attention all units! A blue hedgehog is headed north on Central Street. Shut down all thoroughfares leading into and out of Station Square, and set up a roadblock just before the onramp to 101!" he said.

Sonic sped off down the road.

Elsewhere adifferent police car was driving down the highway.

"I've never seen a blue hedgehog before, have you?" a driving police officer said

"Heheheh! It must have been one of them fancy new sports cars from overseas. Hey, if we catch it, maybe the captain will let us drive it!" a police officer said.

"Ibet it has one of those cute little hood ornaments that looks like a hedgehog."

Their attention was diverted to something on their car's hood. Sonic was standing on the hood of their car, hands on hips.

"I've been blown somewhere... There's no doubt about that... I don't know how I got here, but I gotta find a way to get out. And find the Chaos Emeralds or my Chaos is gonna start hurting like last time he got them." he said and leapt off the hood and teared off down the road ahead of the car.

The officers were stunned.

"Hey... did you see... what I just saw?" a police officer asked.

"120 kilometers an hour... I think I did, but I wish I didn't." police car driver said.

"I see..."

Even a police helicopter was on the move.

"What? Even a police car can't catch up to it? Isn't it running on the road? They were in hot pursuit and it got away? Can't those clowns even catch a hedgehog?!" a helicopter pilot asked.

"Is that it? There he is." helicopter co-pilot said.

The helicopter's searchlight shone on Sonic still running on the highway.

"We've found the target! It is headed up north along Central Street and is going into Highway 101! Visual contact. Subject's headed north on the Central Street extension about a mile and a half from the entrance to 101." helicopter pilot said.

Later at the police station.

"Roger! Patrol 85, the target is headed your way. Are you ready? Roger, Delta 1. Unit 3, subject is headed your way. Repeat, subject is headed your way." the police dispatcher said.

On the highway a roadblock was set up consisting of several barriers, police cars, and front loaders and a large truck.

"We're in position!" a police officer said. "To get through this, you'd either have to dig through the ground or fly!" he said to himself. "Don't you worry. This hedgehog can't get under us, around us, or through us. We'll stop him."

Sonic wasn't fooled then saw the roadblock and easily cleared it with one big jump.

"Well, he didn't get under us or around us or through us, heheheh..." a police officer said.

A different police helicopter was on there.

"Ah, Helicopter No. 3 here, this is Helicopter No. 3. Ah, they're gonna love this down at headquarters..." helicopter piolet said.

At th police station.

"Uh, Delta 1 to base. I'm afraid that roadblock didn't work. " the helicopter pilot said over radio.

"No! Don't tell me it got through!" the police dispatcher said on radio.

"Okay." helicopter pilot said over radio.

The Police Dispatcher turned to Sam Speed, seated behind him.

"Leader! Bad news!" he said.

"This is great. It's been a while since we've had some excitement. S-Team, let's go! Hahahaha. Don't worry. I think we got what it takes to round up our furry little friend. Speed Team, get ready to roll!" Sam said.

Lights displayed the status of the S-Team changed its display from "Stand By" to "Called Out". The five members of the S-Team, led by Sam Speed, calmly, and yet dramatically, walk to their vehicles. As the vehicles were being prepared, Sam walked to one of his mechanics.

"What's the temperature of the road surface tonight?" Sam asked.

"The highway is 15 degrees. It's completely dry! It's about 70 degrees and dry as a bone. " Mechanic said.

"Light breeze from the west?"

"Almost nothing."

"Road. Pitted or smooth?"

"No, sir! Nice and smooth!"

Sam slipped on his racing mask.

"Then let's see... Give me the five groove medium soft."

"Here you go!"

New tires were installed on his car while he put on his racing suit and helmet.

"Okay! Everybody to your vehicles!" he said and climbed inside his car.

His seat belt was buckled, a new steering wheel was installed, and he went through the safety check.

"I programmed gears 5 and 6 to freeway speed." Hector said.


"Oh, and I filled that secret fuel tank on your car just like you asked me to." Hector said.

"Good work!"

A new engine was installed, and Sam's vehicle roared to life. After lowering the door, Sam lowered his visor.

"Chief, they last spotted the subject on Mile 79 on 101 north." police officer said over radio.

"Okay, I got you." he said. "All right, team, let's move out!" he told the team.

Then he turned on his vehicle's lights, and the S-Team pulled out of the garage. A neon sign with three red lights was up ahead. Its lights started changing to green. Soon, all three lights were green.


The S-Team headed out of the starting lane and into the night. They tore down the highway in search of Sonic.

Elsewhere Sonic was sitting on top of a street light, looking up at the moon.

"The sky looks the same... So do the stars and the moon." Sonic said.

Then he thought about the Chaos Control burst and looked down at the scenery and frowned.

"I guess Chaos Control must have sent me here. I traveled through space, and I traveled through time, too. Am I the only one here? Are all the others... gone?" he wondered and closed his eyes then stood up. "Well, guess I'll find out soon enough!" he said and jumped down onto the road.

The S-Team came and stopped in front of him. Then he raised the door and climbed out of his vehicle.

"Hi there. You're a hard hog to keep up with." he said.

Sonic turned to leave, but was stopped by Sam's voice.

"Hey, hold on!" he said and removed his helmet and mask. "Listen till I'm finished talking, will you. This town is so peaceful that we weren't getting enough stimulation. The only arrest we've had this whole year was just one person... The idiot brought his formula racer here and acted out being a race driver. I was thinking of having some fun with him, but it was only about two minutes or so... that the guy managed to run around. A mere two minutes is not even enough time to make instant ramen. ... Hey, you're supposed to laugh! We don't get such fast company very often. In fact, I'm glad you showed up. This place is way too peaceful. Over the last twelve months, I've only made one arrest. Some joker got it into his head that he was a hotshot driver. Had his own Formula One car and everything. I guess he thought he'd give me a run for my money. But it was all over in a minute. Took me longer than that to suit up."

Sonic smirked.

"Close enough. Well, this town became a boring town as it is now... mainly because of us, the special highway high speed squad, the S-Team! I am the leader. They call me Highway Star! It turned out to be a long introduction. From now on, it's going to be fast! He never had a chance. Of course, it's our own fault. This town's dull mainly because of us. You see, we're the high speed pursuit unit - the S-Team. And I'm the leader of the team. They call me the Highway Star! So even if you think you're the fastest thing around... think again."

Sonic gasped and took off. The rest of the S-Team followed except for Sam, who picked up his helmet.

"Run fast, hedgehog. I want to be the one to catch you." He said to himself.

The chase was on and Sonic was just able to stay one step ahead of the S-Team.

"Heh. The S-Team, eh? The "S" must stand for "slow motion!" Ha ha!" Sonic said and started running laps around one of the cars.

"I'll align! It's accelerating. Boost your rear wind angle to 20 degrees!" S-Team member 1 said.

"Roger!" S-Team member said and increased his speed soon driving next to Sonic.

"Well, well, well! It's startin' to look like the rush hour!" Sonic said.

The other S-Team vehicles drove up, and soon had him boxed in.

"Oh, no! How will I ever escape! Ha ha!" he said and leapt out from among the cars.

"Where is he? Did I run him over?" S-Team member 2 asked.

Sonic appeared next to him and knocked on the door.


Sonic dashed off and leaped on top of Hector's car, peeking in.

"Hey, you! This is dangerous! It's irresponsible! What happens if kids start trying this?!" Hector said.

Then Sonic turned to face the viewer.

"Kids, don't use Formula One racecars to chase hedgehogs!" he said then leapt off the car and took off down the road.

"You're not gonna treat the S-Team like chumps! We'll teach you a lesson! Boost all wings .5 degrees and let's get this guy!"

"Roger!" S-Team member said.

The wings on each car adjusted, allowing the cars to drive faster, nearing 300 mph.

"Full throttle!" Hector said and his eyes widened at the next thing he saw. "Wha...?"

Sonic was running backward in front of him.

"What the?! How can... It's playing with us!"

"He's playing with us. What is he anyway? Where'd this thing come from?!" S-Team Member said.

"Chief! You gotta do something!" Hector said.

But Sam was already on the way.

"Playtime is now officially over. Attention all units! Open the center line!" he said.

The S-Team members moved to either side of the highway to allow him to drive through.

"I didn't think that I would have to be using this. However... I will not have anybody speeding in front of me on my highway! Super Nitro, on! I didn't think I'd have to do this, but I have no choice. I will not have anybody faster than me on my highway!" he said.

He pressed the corresponding button, and his car teared past the rest of the S-Team at about 400 mph. He passed a surprised Sonic, who started running forward again.

"I won't ever have anyone being faster than me here! If anyone wants to be faster, he'd have to be faster than the speed of sound! Hahaha! The only way you can beat me now if he goes supersonic! Hahaha!" he said.

As if on cue, Sonic ran right up to Sam's car and teared off at the speed of sound, creating a sonic boom in the process.

"A sonic boom?!" Sam said.

The shock waved that results when a jet plane or such surpasses the speed of sound.

"This is on the ground... He's moving faster than the speed of sound!"

"Chief! Point D! Chief! You're running out of road!" S-Team member said.

Sam blinked in surprise and deployed parachutes to slow him down, and slammed on the brakes. Sonic saw the end of the road as well, but it was too late. He zoomed off the edge of the cliff and flew by a wind farm, making the turbines spin wildly, making the city glow more brightly than usual. He took in the sight.

"I guess I'll have quite a lot to amuse myself with. Maybe this place isn't so bad. At least I know somebody I can have fun with." he said.

Sam was standing at the edge of the cliff.

Suddenly Sonic realized where he was about to land.

"A... A pool?!" he said and grinned sheepishly.


"Uh... oh..."

He tried to run in midair to land elsewhere, but couldn't.

'Where's Tails or Super Sonic when you need it!' he thought and landed in the water with a tremendous splash, waking a boy inside the house.

Then he tried to leap out of the water, but couldn't. Then he spotted a ladder on the pool's wall and tried to run to it, but found it impossible.

The boy turned on the light and looked out the window. Then he raced out of his room, down the hall, down the stairs, and out the door en route to the pool.

Sonic was still running, but finally gave up. Suddenly, the figure of the boy broke through the surface and stretched out his hand. He took Sonic's hand and pulled him to the surface. Sonic coughed violently.

"That was close! Are you okay?" a boy asked.

"Uh... Yeah. Thanks a lot." Sonic said.

The boy blinked in surprise.

"I didn't think you could talk." he said.

"I can do a lot of things."

"Do you have a name?"

"My name is Sonic the Hedgehog!"