I wanted to curse at myself and my naive view of this girl.

"Don't tell me! He did that?!"

"YES! That asshole just stood me up!"

She is close to her stylist. To the degree that they're talking about their romantic life, not paying attention to anyone who could listen.

That anyone being me, and I didn't get a word of what they were saying.

"Well, it's his loss" the stylist said with a huff, not allowing any word to contradict that statement.

"Thanks, Kakyu-nee, you do get me" Ramen-chan nodded sagely.

This is getting stupid.

"I don't want to interrupt but—"

"—You are" Ramen-chan glared at me.

Oi! If you want to have your girl-to-girl talk, then don't bring me here!

"Then I may as well leave" I said nodding at her.

Good, with this I can get out of this 'makeover' business.

But nothing can be that easy, as soon as I take one step at the direction of the door, a hand grabs my arm. I was expecting Ramen-chan, but it was her stylist instead.

"Now now, don't be so grumpy, why don't you have a sit"

"I'm not grumpy" I'm just not comfortable right now with your touch, lady.

Please let go.

"C'mon Dead Eyes-kun, you gotta give a girl some space for chitchat" Ramen-chan adds "You just had to wait"

You're really pushing it.

"You've been talking for half an hour"

"Yeah, we were keeping it short" she states.

Just kill me already.

By the way, stylist-san, please let go.

"Mmm" yet the woman, Kakyu-san, looks at me innocently.

I sigh, they got me cornered at the moment.

"So…what now?"

"Now you sit ~" the stylist—Kakyu-san sings while spinning and putting a hand on the top of a chair.

"I don't feel safe right now"

While complaining and trying to establish my firm opinion in not being comfortable at the moment, the girls didn't relent. So, I found myself sitting, looking at my reflection in the mirror, Kakyu-san's soft and dainty fingers running across my scalp, gently massaging my insecurities and driving away my fears.

What the hell! This felt too good.

It was almost therapeutic.

"Okay handsome, what do you want?"

Such a profound question, and please don't say 'handsome', with me being the only guy here, I may think you're referring to me.

"I-I don't know"

I was in a mere state of nirvana.

"How about you just stylized a little? Not too much, just enough to draw attention, but adequate for working in public" Ramen-chan intervened on my behalf. But I found her argument quite offensive.

"You're saying it like as if I was a walking shame"

"But you are! Do you even comb your hair?!"

"Guh!" it hurts that I can't refute that, "Tch" I clicked my tongue at her.

"Now don't give me that attitude…haaandsomeee~"


So, she noticed the effect that compliment had on me.

This isn't good.

"If you were cuter, I would be blushing" I tell her with a smug smile.


Double damage!

"Now now ~ you two, stop flirting and let me do my work!"

With those words from Kakyu-san I went to heaven.

How can this woman have these hands, so soft, practically an expert on her art. I zoned out, I could hear the muffle voice of Ramen-chan and a few giggles coming from Kakyu-san, she would incline my head from time to time, always sliding her fingers, almost seductively, through my hair.

I don't know how much passed, I just let my mind drift away. That was until I started to hear some giggles at my side, being too comfortable I could only manage to slightly open one of my eyelids, and there, in the corner of my vision, I see Ramen-chan giggling like a little girl who just pulled out a prank.

That's when my senses came back to me and my eyes shot open.

In the mirror, I see an average teen, hair well groomed to the side, though an ahoge could be seen standing in the middle of his well-brushed dark hair.

It's the eyes that tip me off that the idiot in front of me is actually myself.

"What have you done"

I give a disbelieving glare at Ramen-chan, who is enjoying the scene too much for my taste.

"C'mon handsome ~ you're looking really good there"

Kakyu-san tries to not give much importance to the scene that's being displayed in her shop, and I'm in too deep to be able to react in any way possible.

"You know Dead eyes-kun? This is better than I expected!" Ramen-chan says with a bright smile, I give her a look that says 'you better take responsibility' "I really only wanted for you to have a normal look, but who would have thought that you could actually pull off that hair cut!"

I blush violently at her comment, I don't even know why I'm embarrassed.

"So why's it so funny then?!"

"Oh, it's just your reaction actually" Ramen-chan informs me in a deadpanned tone "I told you already, it's just a haircut, I don't know why you're making a big deal out of this" she ends with a mischievous smile.

"I just don't like the attention" I tell her, trying not to bite my lower lips.

"Well, I say you look good! Come again handsome~" Kakyu-san says when I stood up and paid for her work.

I might come back, her hands are quite something out of this world.

I just can't deny that.

"What are you doing here Komachi?"

It was the next day at work when I realized what my precious little sister had in mind. Of course she would visit my workplace, and as a client nonetheless, not as my sister, so I couldn't avoid her.

"Why Onii-chan, Komachi missed you, she feels lonely, sniff sniff" She cleaned her fake tears with her fingers then gave me a huge smile "Where is Nee-chan?"

"I have no idea who this 'Nee-chan' is...now, what would you eat, dear customer?"

Komachi doesn't really look amused by my comeback, but hey, I'm tired, 34and I'm working right now.

"Onii-chan, pay for my meal!"

I gave her a blank glare.


"It's your punishment for not telling me that you had a date yesterday" she nodded, convinced of her own justice, and I didn't have the time to argue with her.

"Ok...sooo, what do you want to order, Komachi-hime?"

At least she has the shame to blush at the teasing that I was giving.

"Whatever you deem worthy for Komachi, Onii-chan" she answers, smiling to herself, but still red as a beet.

I smiled at my dear imouto shenanigans and turned to give Ojichiro-san her order.

"That's your sister?"

Well, apparently eavesdropping is part of his profession.

"Yeah, so, please prepare her the best ramen that you could make in your whole life" I say with a serious expression.

"Is that the way you want to talk to your boss?"

"If it is for my sister? yes"

Ojichiro-san looks at me for a moment, calculative and contemplative at the same time. Then burst out laughing, and started patting my shoulder with a bit of too much strength.

"You know what kid? I'm liking you even more by the second"

"Please don't fall in love"

He shakes his head with an amused smile planted on his mouth.

"How about I prepare some ramen for both you and your sister, and take the next hour off"

I raised an eyebrow in surprise...I guess Ojichiro-san does recognize the importance of a little sister.

Saying my thanks, I do as he says and go to Komachi with two bowls of ramen, without saying a word I sit next to her and start eating.

"Sooo...Onii-chan" she looks at me with squinted eyes, a suspiciously cute expression on her face "What's up with the haircut?"

Right. Now, I know I said that I would tell Komachi everything, but yesterday she was relentless when I arrived home, especially about the haircut. So, we compromised. I told her she could ask anything and I would answer, but I would not elaborate nor would I say anything else besides what she asked for.

To say that tried very vehemently to suck every detail out of me would be an understatement.

"What do you mean?"

The reason why I asked is because of the scream that Komachi gave to heavens the moment she saw my new haircut was all the reaction I would get out of her.

"You combed yourself"

"Oh...well, that's because—"

"—I told him I would punch him if he didn't do that at least"

A smooth voice came from behind us, turning our heads slightly, we came face to face with the beauty that is Ramen-chan.

"Nee-chan?" Komachi asked with a melancholic tone and tears on her eyes.

"Imouto?" Ramen-chan said with trembling lips.

Then they ran into each other's arms, embracing as if they were long lost siblings separated by a cruel fate.



"Oi! What's going on?!"

I felt a chill running through my back the moment I heard them giggling.

I have a bad feeling about this meeting.

"Maa maa, don't worry about the details Dead Eyes-kun, just some familiar bonding here"


"Onii-chan, this is girl stuff, you should understand" Komachi said in a disappointing tone.

If it's girl stuff, how am I supposed to understand?!

Suddenly, Ramen-chan's face brightens up, gives me a mischievous smile while grabbing Komachi by the shoulder and starts whispering sweet nothings to her ears.

Though, the last part may just be my jealousy.

After a while, Komachi looks at Ramen-chan with an incredulous face, her small lips forming an 'o' form. She recovers nonetheless and gives her a firm nod.

What's happening?

"Well, Nee-chan, nice to meet you, Komachi is Onii-chan's little sister!"

Komachi gives a military salute with a cute smile adorning her face.

"My pleasure Imouto-chan!"

Ramen-chan responds with the same expression, yet...What's up with their smile, it's like they made the scam of the century.

Komachi the bows respectfully "Please take care of my Onii-chan, he's quite hopeless, but he means well"

Oi, Komachi...are you giving your Onii-chan away or something?

"Of course Imouto-chan, I will use him well!"

I'm not an object!

"By the way, Ramen-chan—" I sa-wait no...Komachi called her Ramen-chan just now, not me "—Do you have something to do later? How about we hang out together?"

Ramen-chan gives Komachi an amused look "Sure Imouto-chan, it will be my pleasure" she ends with an excited nod.

Wait, now I get it…

Komachi, you wouldn't "Now...Ra-men-chan...why don't you introduce yourself to my sister first?" I said, probing my theory.

"Why, Dead Eyes-kun...I~already~did!"


I look at Komachi, hoping that my cute little sister hasn't betrayed me. Yet...all I recieve from Komachi is a sweet and cruel smile.

So...that was what they were whispering.

"Ramen-chan...what's my name?"

I have to know, I have to confirm if we are still in the same playing field.

"My...Dead Eyes-kun...you hurt me, of course I know you're Hi-ki-ga-ya Ha-chi-man"

Ah...I'm screwed.

No! not yet, I have an alternative.

"Say, Ramen-chan, I never caught your name" my voice comes out trembling for some reason.

"Well" She smiles sadistically "Why don't you find out?"


Wait, I have no reason to find out...yeah, this doesn't concern me at al— "If you learn my name, I will invite you to the fanciest ramen restaurant that I know"

God damnit.

She doesn't know, but free food is one of the few things that I can't say 'no' to.

I growl, giving up, hitting my head on the table, waiting for the butcher. But this isn't over Ramen-chan.

"I will find out your name, and you will pay the most expensive ramen of your life" I grumble in defeat.

"I will be waiting~" she responded with a smile too sweet.

"Ne...Nee-chan, don't bully him too much"

To that, Ramen-chan only laughed.

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