"You're just so cute!"

Imouto-chan gave me a grin that could split the heavens

"Mouuu! Nee-chan, you make Komachi blush!"

Obviously not Imouto-chan! you're very not red at the moment. We are at the mall right now, fishing for some clothes...Well more like just trying clothes, though the shop doesn't need to know that.

Hikigaya Komachi, as Imouto-chan calls herself, was a bright middle school girl that you wouldn't suspect in a thousand years whose little sister she actually is.

Except for the ahoge.

Daaaamn the ahoge genes were strong in this family.

"Your nee-chan might start pinching your cheeks if you keep being this cute Imouto-chan!" I couldn't help myself and ended up pampering the girl, she's so bubbly and her giggles are like bells sneaking their way to your heart.


Aww...now I get why Dead Eyes-kun is a sis-con. If I had a little sister like her I would be all over her too. "Want to get some ice cream?" I ask her, even in this cold weather, if you have a sweet tooth, then ice cream is a way of life. To my delight, her eyes practically spark in brilliance. Nodding enthusiastically we march forth. Being the gentleman-lady I'm, I offer my arm for her and she sneaks her hand on to it.

This reminds me of…

"Your brother really has a difficulty with physical contact"

Imouto-chan raises one eyebrow at the comment, a mischievous gleam adorns her eyes.

"Oh, and how would you know this, Nee-chan?"

Not one to shy away, I give her a smirk.

"Well, you see...we were kissing—" she trembles. Good "—and just when I was about to grab his-"

"Wha wa why who what!" her face turns into a tomato, ears practically spitting steam.

You're too easy Imouto-chan, too young.

"Anyways~" I continued with a chirp in my voice "What's up with that?"


"The touching" She makes this odd combination of giving me a deadpan expression while having her cheeks stained with a healthy blush "You know? Don't you give him hugs at home?"

She keeps her eyes on me for a few seconds, finally shaking her head with the remaining red tints that had polluted it.

"I give my Onii-chan lots of hugs" she says puffing up her chest, then winks at me with a lecherous smile and half lidded eyes "Sometimes I even sneak into his room when he's asleep, so I can cuddle with him" she ends with some very concerning nods. So—he's not the only 'con' in the house, Imouto-chan is a brocon too. This is...rather disconcerting.

I shivered, I won't say if it was for her comment or for the cold wind that crept his way through my spine.

"Sooo...why was he uncomfortable with me?"

Imouto-chan gives a pensive look while we keep on a brisk pace. The mall had fewer people than usual, the glass ceiling filtered the strands of light that slightly heated the place and the shops had warm food and beverages to keep the mood for the couples going. I press my lips on a thin line and roll my eyes. From the corner of my eyes Imouto-chan has a finger on her cheek, thumping it rhythmically, this goes on for a few seconds, then she nods to herself, selfasured of her answer.

"I think...it's 'cause you're a girl?"

"You're asking me if I'm a girl?"

I know I'm kind of a tomboy Imouto-chan. But, ouch...that hurts.

"Noo no nononono...Nee-chan is the epitome of beauty and femininity, there's no way you're a guy!"

You try too hard Imouto-chan. I want to believe you, but I can only hear some sarcasm in your words. "Then?"

"Well...Onii-chan is kind of sensitive on this topic...but, he had a hard time with girls when he was younger"

"Oh, yah...he told me a little bit about it"

"What do you know?" she leans a little closer to my shoulder, if we were wearing less clothes, this would be full skin contact.

I pursed my lips, looking up, trying to remember his words exactly. "Something about a classmate of his being friendly, and him interpreting the wrong way?" Imouto-chan listens and nods all the way, her ahoge going up and down to each and every word.

"Yes, yes...that kind of thing happened a lot before"


What does it mean 'a lot'?

"You see...and Komachi's only telling you because Onii-chan kind of trusts you...Onii-chan, he was kind of lonely growing up"

I tip my head to the side slightly, moving my eyes to an empty corner of the mall.


"I could tell from the fact that he doesn't have any friends"

Imouto-chan snorts.

"Is that what he told you?!" she says in an amused tone "Yeah right…" but her countenance sorts itself into a sad grimace "he...he had friends...they're not here just now...and some—" the corner of her mouth go downwards for a moment "a not here anymore" she ends in a whisper.

Maybe it's a sensitive subject...I know Dead Eyes-kun never brought it up, but his sister seems to know about it.

Though, it's a personal matter, and it's not my place to nose around. "Sorry for bringing it up" I keep my pace steady "but at least he has a friend now!" I try to change the subject and the grim atmosphere that was surrounding us.

It seems to have worked.

"Really? Who?!"

Now that really hurts my feelings, Imouto-chan. "I'm talking about me! you cute little gremlin!"

"Sigh" Okay, why is she saying 'sigh'? "So you're not his girlfriend?"

I gave her a deadpan look.

"I don't know what's going on in that little head of yours Imouto-chan, but no. I'm not his girlfriend"

"Sigh" again? "What does a little sister have to do to get her dear Onii-chan a girlfriend?" So that's what this is about.

"Why do you want your brother to have a girlfriend?"

"Mmm" Imouto-chan seemed uncomfortable talking about it, I didn't want to pressure her so I was about to change the subject when she talked "Onii-chan...he's weird" poor Deadeyes-kun, he'd probably cry if he heard you "In a cute way!" she rectifies too quickly, fiddles with her hair for a bit "Komachi only insists on a girlfriend because then he will have someone to love him as much as Komachi loves him!" she ended nodding.

I mull on her words while putting my hands in my jacket's pockets. "I think you have a odd take on what a girlfriend is" I look at her, and she has her cute little brows furrowed in curiosity "I mean...your brother doesn't need a girlfriend right now"

"And what do you think he needs?"

We pull to an ice bendor, picking different flavors I insist on paying for the both of us, to which Imouto-chan accepts reluctantly. Like brother, like sister, I guess.

"Why don't we sit for a bit?" I signal to a bench that was just in the center of the plaza that works as the connection to all the avenues in the mall. We take a sit and I ponder the right words "I think he's find right now"

Imouto-chan still looks worried, "Are you sure?"

I nod. "I don't know exactly what your brother went through, and I'm sure that the fact that he has such a lovely—" I couldn't help myself anymore, I hug her and pat her head to my heart's content "—little sister! worrying about him warms his heart!" By now I'm already comfortable, hugging her tiny body and resting my head on hers, her ahoge moves to and from, side to side. "He's doing his best Komachi-chan, even I, who doesn't know him that much, can tell...so you don't need to worry so much."

I'm just breathing her scent in, a combination of fruity and flowery perfume registers in my mind, it's almost relaxing, she tugs my clothes and comes closer "Hehe, Komachi knew that having an older sister would be nice"

I could only smile at that "Is that actually why you wanted your brother to get a girlfriend?" She doesn't answer, turning her head to the side trying to hide her blush. "My my...isn't Imouto-chan a naughty girl?" Kehe, spoiling her like this, so nice, much fluff.

I'm sorry for all the things I said about you being a siscon Deadeyes-kun! I have seen the light! Truly, with an Imouto like Komachi, loving her is a must!


Imouto-chan takes me out of my thoughts, her peculiar way of addressing me melts my heart and I rub her soft hair a few more times before lifting my head from hers. Her ice cream was already gone, and mine had become just a puddle of liquid. I threw it into the trash can without much thought. "Yes?"

Her eyes twinkled with mischievousness.

"Are you a siscon like Onii-chan~?"

Maa maa, Imouto-chan, that's not fair.

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