Cuba's sun

Chapter 1 : Distance

Calleigh was walking through the lab when Eric noticed her. She was so beautiful, as she always was. Eric knew it was wrong to look at her like that but he couldn't help it. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She noticed him from afar and looked away. How he wished she would give him that splendid smile of hers… But lately Calleigh had been distant. Cold. Not only towards him but with the all team. She would barely speak to them, limiting her discussions to work. He was still watching her when she left the room she was in. Through the glass walls Eric watched her walk. He definitely wasn't getting over her beauty.

Couple days later

Eric was walking in firearms when he realised that he hadn't seen Calleigh in a couple of days. Last time was when he was looking at her walking around the lab.

Hey Cal. He said softly.

She had standing in front of him, her back turned to him.


He walked up and stood next to her.

Did you find anything new ?

Not yet.

That was about how long conversations were now lasting with Calleigh.

Hey it's been a while since we went for a drink. Do you want to go to that new bar down the street ?

Eric asked with a bright smile. He knew chances of her accepting were low, but she was full of surprises after all.

No sorry. She said without lifting her head from her work.

Eric's smile slowly faded away.

Cal… It's been so long since we've talked. What's going on ?

She didn't respond.

Calleigh… I can't see something's bothering you. Did I say something ? Do something ?

My boyfriend wouldn't appreciate me hanging out with you. Sorry. It is no.

Boyfriend ? What the hell was she talking about.

Wait a second… Boyfriend ?

Calleigh stayed silent.

Boyfriend ? Really ?

Eric was fuming.

I'm glad to learn that we have absolutely no hope anymore.

We ?

Calleigh was now looking at him. Her face was pale, the dark circles under her eyes showed how bad she had been sleeping and the red in her eyes could say she had been crying too.

I wasn't aware there was a "we". She said looking away.

Right… I must have dreamt it.

Eric left the room, furious. How could she say things like that ? They hadn't officially decided what they were, if they were something but he had made love to her. Multiple times. They would see each other, miss each other. How could she pretend that there was not some kind of them. As he left the room, Calleigh looked down at her work again, fighting the tears and the need to turn around to keep him near her. She wanted to tell him the truth. She wanted to kiss him, to apologise and fix everything. But she knew it was impossible. He had to hate her. It would make everything easier for him. For her… it would probably end up destroying her. But she knew she did not really have a choice there.