My Little Pony: Guardians of the Sea

Chapter 1: A Brother and Two Sisters

The wisest among the ponies will tell the young ones that one must not disturb the water. There are greater things that lurk in the deep of the sea. I am one of them. Though my appearance is frightening, do not be frightened. I am Umo. I am a Leviathan, and I share the guardianship of the Celestial Sea with my two sisters named Kanna and Urakan

As I am a Leviathan, I am a Sea Dragon. My head is like that of a dragon with a long snout and four golden, pupil-less eyes that blink and function as one. My two pairs of horns are shaped like tube sponges though they are solid, not hollow. My body is like that of a sea krait with long flippers in the front, and smaller ones at the rear with a balanced tail.

My teeth are sharp, and are as big as a pony. My front flippers are bigger than ships, and I am as long as five cruise ships in a row. My roar is a typhoon, and those who seek to harm the seas are in for a nightmare if they survive. My blue and grey scales help with camouflage among the waters. Come in peace and ask for me, I'm as peaceful as a whale

"The peace is calm," I said,

"That is what we strive for," said Kanna

"The ponies will make mistakes," said Urakan

"Then it is up to us to teach them a lesson," I replied, my sisters are 'Kanna the Mountain Strong' and 'Urakan the Graceful'. Kanna is a Giant Crab as big as an island. Her eyes are as dark as the night. Her black-tipped pincers are bigger than the largest of ships, and can create whirlpools with ease. She has large spikes on her shell as big as mountains

Urakan is the Guardian of the Eight Points. She is a Kraken. She has eight tentacles with two large ones that are as long as barrier islands with suction cups as big as ponies. Her eyes are as big as a house. She shares traits with octopus, squid, and cuttlefish. Our home is the trenches deep below the waters of Capricorn Reef as decreed by Queen Galaxia

The waters of Capricorn Reef are peaceful and tranquil as are the ponies that call it home. We are responsible for the protection of all that call the ocean home. We are as old as Equestria. We can be summoned. To summon me, your heart and mind must be in balanced peace or are in peril. One must say: 'I call on the Serpent whose aid I am in need of'

"These modern times come swiftly," said Urakan

"But some ponies still hold fast to old traditions," said Kanna

To summon Urakan, your heart and mind must be at a harmonious tranquility, and with eyes closed you must recite the eight cardinal directions. To summon Kanna, be at peace and close your eyes and say: 'I summon Kanna, whose strength knows no bounds, I ask for you as I am in need of you'. Many sailor-ponies lives were saved by the sacred word

"The ponies are imperfect," said Kanna

"As are we," said Urakan

"Still, we have our duties to perform," I replied

We are the tides. In conjunction with the Princess of the Sun, and the Princess of the Moon, our movements help with the coming of the low tide and the rising of the high tide. To the Seaponies, we are sacred and to be protected as we protect them. We do not, and never will ask for sacrifices. As long as you respect the ocean, then we are your friends.

Their will is as free as the smallest fish swimming in the deep. In my time, I swim along the pods of whales, dolphins, and seals. Kanna and Urakan live in the Great Seamount near the deepest part of the Celestial Trench. I will it most fascinating when ponies find a way to reach this far under the waters. I have no doubts about their technological ways

All those that live upon the sea from the pony to the griffon will give a gesture of prayer and a bow of closed eyes in our presence when they come across us. We will always bow back to accept their show of respect. You see? Not all beasts that come from the deep harbor a hatred for those that sail upon it, "The afternoon sun will come soon," said Kanna

"So will come the high tide," I said,

"Have you heard from Celestia and Luna?" asked Urakan

"Not recently, she has not asked for our summons," said Kanna

For all the coastlines of Equestria, the high tides will come. For some of the ponies of Capricorn Reef, it's surf's up. Among the fisher-griffons that make a living off the bounty of the sea, three of their catch must be set free from their nets. Do not downplay our mercy. If a sea-pony, whale, dolphin, or seal is hurt with malicious intent, our wrath will come

In modern times as the cities grow as the pony population swells, we are not forgotten. Some say we are a myth, while some believe that we exist, still acting as protectors of the deep. There are times that the swelling of pride, and the reliance on magic by ponykind has made them arrogant. Has a time come where ponies see themselves as master?

Still, we keep to our task as decreed by Queen Galaxia, generations before the modern times. We will still be here for more generations to come. I wonder if among the ponies of Capricorn Reef that mothers tell their young ones the legend of the 'Three Guardians'? There is a thing one must must know about legends. It is said that some legends are true