Chapter 1


They hadn't been travelling in the skiff for long, they had barely escaped the M-344/G solar system when it happened.

The skiff was flying using the auto-pilot, barely drifting really, because the Doctor had insisted on treating Riddick's wounds no matter how minor the cuts were. "We have to at least disinfect them. Heaven only knows what types of bacteria could have been on that planet!" was his excuse, but really he just wanted a quiet minute with the man who'd saved his life multiple times over the last 24 hours. Going against his very nature to save the others just because the Doctor asked him to. And the Doctor wanted to know why.

"If you wanted to get me alone, Doc, you should of just asked" Riddick purred as the thin man lead him to the back of the small ship and had him sit on the bench "Now ain't really the best time for that sort of thing though, especially with the kid around"

"Don't. None of that" the Doctor scolded the smirking convict as he tried to suppress a blush trying to fight its way onto his face "I need to make sure non of your wounds get infected. Most of them are my fault after all"

"Ahh… So that's what this is all about" Riddick nodded as the Doctor waved his sonic screwdriver over his injuries, catching on to why the smaller man really wanted him away from the others.

"Why did you help us really?" the Doctor asked bluntly in a quiet tone so the others wouldn't hear "You could have left us. You were going to but changed your mind. Why?"

"I didn't do it for them" Riddick smirked "I did it because you begged me so prettily"

"So you did it for me? Why?" the Doctor demanded, not even trying to fight the shiver that ran down his spine at the convict's purring tone while calling him 'pretty'. Seriously, what was it with everyone referring to this regeneration as a 'Pretty boy'?! He was an over 900-year-old man, damn it!

"You might be a mystery, but there is one thing I do know about you" Riddick growled, leaning over the shorter man, into his personal space.

"What's that then?…"

"You're m-" Riddick began in a deep rumble only to be abruptly interrupted when the skiff shook violently and the sound of an alarm blaring loudly through the ship.

"What the bloody hell's going on now?!" the Doctor shouted in surprise as the skiff jolted to a sudden jolting stop, sending him stumbling into one of the walls.

"We've been hooked" Riddick grunted in irritation at being cut-off as he quickly made his way back up to the pilot's seat.

"Hull Breach Contained" the ship's computer stated "Engines Operating at 170% Capacity. Engine and Hull Failure Imminent Under Parameters" it informed them as Riddick began flipping switches and the rest of the small group strapped themselves in. the Doctor stumbled his way to the front to sit next to Riddick in the co-pilot's seat and began helping him to turn off all the thrusters before they could lose the hulls integrity.

"First you're a boy, then you're a girl, and now you're a psychic" Riddick scolded Jack sarcastically, referring to her earlier comment about the possibility of running into a merc-ship "Careful what you wished for, Jack"

"Ugh!" the Doctor groaned in frustration; he didn't want to deal with this now! They'd just escaped a deadly desert planet, one adventure per trip was enough! That's it. When he eventually makes it back to the TARDIS he was going to start doing Sundays! They might always be boring, but nothing ever happens on Sundays and he needed a break!

"Unidentified craft, state your purpose and contents" a male voice demanded over their ships com-system from the merc-ship that had hooked them causing its inheritance to fall silent, tension rising as they shared a look, all of them thinking along the same lines of:

'What do we do now?'