Chapter 7


Even though he couldn't really see what was happening, the Doctor could hear what was going on below clearly and the flashes of bio-luminescent red and green confirmed his fears of what Riddick was fighting down there in the dark. Skrill. A predatory species that consisted mainly of glowing tentacles that they used to disorientate their prey before injecting them with a corrosive toxin that melted their victims for easier consumption.

Fascinating creatures, and while the Doctor would normally love nothing more than to watch these brilliant examples of evolution at work from a safe distance, he really didn't want his friends becoming their main course!

So the Doctor couldn't waste time worrying when he should be thinking of a plan to help them! Not that he could really do much while chained to the mad woman's chair anyway, but the dark did give him the opportunity to slip his free hand into his coat pocket to look for something useful while everyone was distracted. Chillingsworth obviously hadn't done as much research on him as she'd claimed or she would have known that pockets were a dangerous thing for a Time Lord to have. She hadn't even had her men pat him down after being captured, assuming his non-violent nature meant he was defenseless. Just because he didn't use conventional weapons did not mean he was harmless!

"Beautiful, beautiful creature" he heard her whisper in appreciation behind him as she watched Riddick fight through her opera glasses.

"Skrill are an exquisite species" Junner agreed, confirming the Doctor's previous assumption.

"I'm talking about the man" Antonia stressed, obviously irritation in her voice while the Doctor racked his brain for anything he knew about Skrills that could help Riddick.

"Come on, come on!" he scolded himself, trying to concentrate as his arm went impossibly deep into his pocket, searching for his sonic-screwdriver "Think, think, think… Ah-HA! Take out the gyro-neukulus!" he called out to Riddick through the dark, hoping his voice carried far enough to be heard "The wobbly bit in the middle! It's their weak spot!"

"Very good, Doctor" Antonia praised him as she reached over and patted his head like a dog, not looking away from her binoculars "It does not surprise me that you are aware of such a rare species Achilles-heel"

The Doctor was about to make a sarcastic come-back when he was suddenly cut off by the sound of a pained shrieking from one of the Skrill echoed deafeningly throughout the arena before the red glow faded, confirming that Riddick had heard him and killed one with the information.

But unfortunately, his internal celebration didn't last long as moments later the Doctor was able to make out the faint sound of Riddick's feral struggling with something before Jack cried out 'NO!' from where he assumed she and Imam had been realized from their nooses at some point during the fight.


"Here!" the convict replied in a demanding tone, much to the Doctor's relief before another ear-splitting shriek cried out over the stadium and the lights finally turned back on, hurting the Doctor's eyes at the sudden change, and confirming that the last Skrill was dead.

Standing, Antonia quickly walked past the Doctor to the edge of the balcony, applauding excitedly "Bravo!"

Keeping an eye on his captive, the Doctor finally felt his fingers brush against the cold, cylindrical shape of his sonic screwdriver that had fallen to the very bottom of his coats pocket at some point during the 'adventure'.

"The grace, the expression…" Antonia praised Riddick, who stood below among the Skrills remains, thankfully with Jack and Imam who were behind him looking exhausted, but alive. "The sheer violence of it. Exquisite~!"

Now that he knew they were alive, the Doctor decided to bide his time. Riddick obviously already had a plan or he wouldn't just be standing there, shiv hidden from Antonia and Junner's view behind his back, but just enough in the light for the glint reflecting off it to catch the Doctor's attention. This wasn't a good time for a grand escape on his part, the Doctor realise, giving the convict a subtle nod in understanding. Gripping his sonic tightly before mouthing 'Flight Deck' silently and gesturing to Riddick's left, letting him know which direction to head.

"Such a complete and thorough performance. It leaves only one question" Their captor continues, obviously enjoying the sound of her own voice. She kind of reminded the Doctor of the Master in that regard, and the fact that she was totally bonkers… "How will I ever have you mounted to do it justice?"

"Yep. Completely bonkers" the Doctor muttered to himself as he slowly put his hands behind his back, out of view, readying his sonic against his bound wrist.

Suddenly Riddick brought his shiv into view and held it to his own throat with a dark smirk, much to Antonia's misunderstood horror.

"What are you-!?" she gasped thinking he was about to kill himself and rob her of her masterpiece. "No!" she barked as Riddick pressed the tip of the knife into the skin of his neck.

Realization, however, dawned on her to what he was actually planning a second too late. He wasn't killing himself; he was digging the explosive out of his neck!

Seeing an opportunity as Antonia raced back to the chaise where he was chained for the remote, the Doctor stretched out his long legs causing her to stumble over them before grabbing the detonator, giving Riddick just enough time to finish removing the bomb and throw it at the wall on his left before she could set it off.

"Looks like you'll have to be an abstract piece" she sneered while detonating the explosive, less than a second too late of it being thrown, obviously hoping to at least kill him with the shrapnel.

It didn't go as she'd planned however, she soon realized, as it had only managed to throw them back and scorch their clothes, but completely destroy the far wall. Giving them the perfect escape route.

"NO!" Antonia screeched, running back over and gripping the banister tightly as her three prisoners clambered through the rubble and into the bowls of her ship.

Throwing the now useless detonator in a fit of rage, she froze in horror as she caught sight of the now-empty cuff and chain next to the now shattered device.

The Doctor had also escaped!

"He's gone!" she cried out in utter fury, flushing an unattractive shade of red in anger as she rounded on Junner "Rouse a substantial pursuit force! They cannot be allowed to escape the ship!"


"All of them! Use even the Galls!" she barked right in his face "Any man or thing that can hold a weapon! You need to find the Doctor before he destroys us! Kill Riddick if you must, but find the Doctor NOW!"

Completely unaware of the emergency happening on the lower levels of the ship, Alexander Toombs made his way into the empty command deck, having slipped away from the moody bitch that was his Squad Leader. Some serious shit must be going down if they had to unfreeze him.

Especially after what he'd done the last time they got him out of storage.

Sitting down in one of the piloting seats, Tooms waited for the ship's interface to slot over his head before accessing the most recent activity "Alright. Let's see just what's the big deal…"

It took him a couple of minutes of searching to find what he was looking for, but it didn't disappoint "Oh! Jumping Jesus" he grinned at the bounty for one 'Richard B. Riddick' flashed up on the screen. 1,126,000 credits for one guy? What a haul! "Come to Papa, you beautiful bald bastard~"

Fuck the crazy bitch who employed him, this bounty was his.

Just as he was about to log off when another profile popped up catching his attention with the single word in the crimes committed listing; 'Everything'. "What the…?" he muttered in confusion as he minimized Riddick's profile to bring up the other one onto the main screen. In all his years as a Bounty Hunter, he'd never seen anything so vague in a government-made document before, normally the feds tended to be convoluted, long-winded, and precise. No matter how many crimes a convict committed in the past, the feds had never cut corners listing them before.

So obviously this piqued his interest, and it did not disappoint when multiple files filled the screen when he selected it. Most of the information was redacted and censored, but Tooms didn't need to read them to know who the man was as soon as he saw his name.

Anyone from the Justicia system could tell you stories and myths about 'The Doctor', or 'Destroyer of Worlds' to those who fought in the Darlek Wars.

"He's real…" Tooms grinned as he searching finally brought up a wanted poster covered in multiple different faces "And someone's willing to pay big bucks for him~"